Kanata woke up in what had come to be her bedroom. Thankfully, one of the men thought to unlock it before they all left for the day. As usual, unfortunately, the rest of the locks were firmly in place, even the one on the bathroom door. She had to use a bucket, and one of them would later empty it into the toilet. It wasn't exactly dignified, but it was better than holding it all day.

She'd gotten enough of that at her wedding.

Fifteen years had passed since Kanata had last seen Sojiro or their daughter Konata. She remembered that day like it was yesterday. Konata hadn't even turned one year old, when their house was broken into by a group of men. Whether they came there for her, or just failed to find anything else valuable, she still didn't know. Whatever the case, before she knew what was happening, she was being forced into their car.

She struggled against them the whole way to their hideout, to no avail.

It took less than five years, but Kanata eventually gave up trying to escape, resigning herself to her captivity. Actually, the men weren't treating her all that badly, other than the whole not-letting-her-leave thing. That said, she'd never stopped dreaming of being back home with her family.

She wasn't sure about Sojiro, though. They allowed her to watch TV from the first day, and there were early reports of her abduction and efforts to get her back. This eventually stopped, and over time she began to worry that he'd given her up for dead. For all she knew, he might've had her declared legally dead, and he might even be remarried.

The police had certainly stopped looking for her.

Kanata recently found out through the news that her niece Yui was now a police officer. No doubt Yui was inspired to take this career path by having her aunt taken away.

For now, all Kanata could do about any of that was hope that Sojiro and Konata were carrying on without her.

She did some cleaning around the hideout, then watched the news. As usual, nothing about her, but she did catch a sighting of a now-teenaged Konata on her way to high school.

She was upset at the sight of this. She should be there to see her daughter beginning this chapter of her life.

Kanata didn't cry, though. She'd sworn never to let those men, or her situation, make her cry.

She soon turned off the TV, having had enough of being reminded of the world she'd been cut off from.

The men should be coming back soon, she realized. She went into the kitchen and started on lunch. Apparently, they kept her around largely for her cooking skills.

Skills that she should be using for her family, she thought bitterly. She sighed as she tried to banish such useless thoughts from her mind.

As soon as lunch was prepared, she set it down on the table. She then took a seat as she waited for them.

Despite it all, there was something inside her that refused to give up hope that one day her family would be all together once moreā€¦