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Author's Note: this story will take place in the movie , but will have aspects from the books like characters mentioned or objects and such. Please feel free to critisise to your hearts content but please be proper about it. Flaming does awful things to one's self esteem! Please enjoy the story! Cheers


I remember when I was a little girl. My mother said I would get a toy and play with the box. I never did do anything the typical way. I guess I just saw the world a little differently. My mother would get on to me for it, saying that I should play with the toy when she spent good money on it. Instead of playing with dolls like all little girls should do, I fashioned toy swords and perched in trees to read a book. My dad thought it was just fine and let me be. He had always stood by me in my decisions even against my mom. I was definitely a daddy's girl. It's not that I didn't live in reality; I just knew something else existed. I just didn't expect to be thrown into that world. That the world that only existed in my head and in books would become my reality. I never did what was typical. So instead of going to college, getting a job and becoming my mother. I find family in a mythical race, go on a mission…quest…thing, find love, fight in a war to save the world, and become a Queen! This is my story.