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Later that night, I was wide awake. I knew Galadriel was showing Frodo the Mirror, and I was scared of what he would see and how it would affect him. That was what she had to tell me earlier. I had argued; for the first time I had went against Nana. She understood my point, but that changed nothing, and I was angry. Not at her, but at Fate. Frodo was so dear to me and I knew this would scar him forever if he survived.

I looked over to the palette by my own. Aragorn was sleeping peacefully. I envied him, though I knew that if he knew what I did, he too would be awake. But I am glad he can get some rest here. I looked around me, seeing the luminescence of the Elf-lights that lit the winding stairs and talans as I waited.

About ten minutes later I spotted Frodo coming closer to the area were we all were sleeping. Immediately I saw the look on his face and knew that what he saw was not good. I stood and went over to the Hobbit. He looked up at me and stopped. He stared at me with a lost look. I stared back for a fleeting second before opening my arms in a silent invitation.

A moment later I had my arms wrapped around a weeping Hobbit. His legs gave out and I knelt with him. I petted his hair and made hushing sounds trying to comfort him.

"Tell me what you saw." I said softly.

It took a few sobbing breaths before he could answer clearly. "I saw The Eye, then the Shire, but it was a waste land. My home was gone."

He stopped there, more tears spilling over, "I…I saw Sam. He…he was in chains and…and being…tor…tortured. I failed."

He said brokenly, short of breath. Hearing his account of the vision brought tears to my own eyes. I gripped him tighter, rubbing comforting circles into his back.

"That won't happen."

My voice had turned from calm and soothing to steely and determined. I knew I had said it before but this time I believed more than ever, I had too.

"Galadriel told you something else didn't she, about the Fellowship." I stated more than asked. Galadriel had also told me what Frodo would need to do. I decided when I first saw the terror in Frodo's eyes that I would throw a wrench in Fate's plan. He looked up at me in shock, the tears finally drying.

"How do you know?" I smiled down at him.

"I knew what my mother would tell you. And I am telling you now, dear Frodo, that it doesn't have to be thus. You may have to go where all of us cannot follow but that does not mean any at all."

I said staring at him in eye, silently imploring him to understand my meaning. "Now let's get you to bed. It's just past midnight."

He stared at me for a few moments before wiping the remaining tears away and stood. I stood as well and wrapped an arm around his shoulders as I led him over to his palette.

I sat with him till he fell asleep, before I got up and walked to a Mallorn tree that I knew well. I looked up to the small talan. This was my talan.

Haldir and my parents have found me here on occasion, when I had the need to be alone. I knew I would not be getting rest tonight, and I needed to be alone now more than ever. I climbed the thirty feet or so and sat down in the middle of the small space. I did not like crying in front of others; in fact Haldir is the only one to really see me break down, so now with only the heavens to witness, I wept like I had wanted to earlier.

I was by the river, I could hear daily life in the background as I just sat and watched the crystal water flow past; never slowing, occasionally changing course, always moving. My peaceful moment was ruined when I suddenly found myself being lifted up and thrown into the water.

I surfaced, gasping as I wiped the water and my hair from my eyes just to see my dad laughing as he reached down to help me up.

"You lost in your head, sweet pea?"

I glared as I waded over to the bank and took his hand. But as he began to haul me out I dug my feet into the mud and pulled him in. Now I was laughing.

"No I was enjoying the view."

I said mockingly as I stuck my tongue out at him. He just smirked, nodding his head, before splashing me. The next thing I know we are splashing each other, laughing the entire time. Finally he gives up and we make our way to shore.

"You know Galadriel isn't going to be happy you ruined my gown. She made this for me." I complained.

Dad just looked at me as if he was wondering if I was being serious. It took less than a second before I broke out laughing. Just then I heard Haldir call my name. I looked around trying to find him, but I couldn't see him anywhere. I heard him again, and it was closer.

My dad didn't seem to hear him and kept walking. I heard him again, this time his voice was louder and I now noticed a worried edge to it. I was now turning in circles as I looked for him. I noticed my dad had disappeared. He must have walked ahead.

I stopped turning as I felt shaking beneath my feet. I was scared now. Lothlorien didn't have earthquakes. What was going on? Where was Haldir? Where was my dad? Where was Aragorn? The Fellowship?

As if someone put out a torch, my world went black. But I could still hear Haldir, but now I could also hear Aragorn whispering in my ear. I realized that it wasn't dark; my eyes were closed. It was a dream, all of it was a dream.

My eyes flew open at the realization of this. I found myself fighting back tears when reality came back and drove the remnants of the dream away. My dad was long dead, the Fellowship, Frodo and the Ring, Aragorn. I had barely noticed the strong arms hugging me, or the hand that held my head as I wept. At that last thought, the scent of leather and tobacco hit my nose. I knew it was Aragorn. The tears stopped and I just held him back.

I thought back to my dream. It was peaceful; I was home in Lothlorien, with my dad. There was no Quest. No war. But that was the point. There was no war, no Ring, no Fellowship, no Aragorn. A calloused hand cupped my cheek and turned it to face blue eyes that were darkened with worry.

"What's wrong?" Aragorn's voice left no room for argument.

"Nothing anymore. It was a dream…just a dream." I said honestly.

"Is that what it was? You had us all worried. We've been looking for you for hours, and then you wouldn't wake up." Aragorn's voice was quiet and concerned. I was stunned at the revelation that I had slept that long.

"How did you find me?" I asked.

"I brought him here."

I turned my head to see Haldir standing a few feet away, his face hard and emotionless. From years of knowing him I knew that he was upset, severely upset.

"When Aragorn couldn't find you, he came to me. I knew of your little hiding place, since I've had to get you down before."

To anyone else his voice was calm, maybe you would've been able to hear concern, but to me I not only heard the concern but the cutting edge to his voice. I was in trouble with my big brother. I turned back to Aragorn and he just stared, waiting for me to say something.

"I'm sorry, to both of you." I said looking at Haldir again.

"I didn't mean to worry you. I didn't even know I fell asleep." I explained.

I didn't tell them why I was up there in the first place. It wasn't my place to tell Frodo's secrets.

"Alright, as long as you're truly well." Aragorn said.

"Yes." I said as I pulled from his arms and stood, brushing down my clothes. I looked at Haldir and nodded. He seemed to accept this because his face softened a bit.

"Okay enough of the sentimentality. I for one would like to enjoy being home while I can." I said jokingly. Aragorn cracked a grin while Haldir just shook his head.

I knew my words held the seriousness of the situation, but it was true, I was through with the crying and self-pity. Usually I would never show such emotions to anyone, save maybe Haldir. Now it was like I was a weepy juvenile, crying at everything that went wrong. And that has never been me.
No, the time for tears and pity has long passed.

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