"Are you sure you're okay with it, Claire?" Serah came back over bearing hot tea. Lightning had started to detect a trend of it. Summer had brought her tea to ease her too.

"I didn't lose my job," Lightning reminded as Serah set it down. "We were actually lucky Summer was there. They thought Gran Pulse sent her to monitor what's going on with me. That's why they intervened like they did when they did- to save face in front of the Yuns." Lightning ran a hand through her hair, stressed. She wasn't happy with it, but that court date had gone as well as it possibly could've with PSICOM's intervention on her behalf. It didn't mean she had to like it, but at least Serah hadn't had to watch her get fired and jailed for assaulting Noel the way she had.

"Yeah, but therapy…" Serah reminded, bringing up one of the conditions of her staying on. "Are you going to be okay talking to a therapist?"

"It's only for six months," Lightning tried to assure and barely kept from wincing herself to say it. At Serah's doubtful expression, she added, "I'll live."

"I don't know, Claire." Serah seemed more anxious as she wrapped warm fingers around her cup. "I don't like the idea of a PSICOM therapist for half a year. It's like they want to keep watching you; keep their hooks in."

It was exactly what they wanted, Lightning reckoned. She didn't mistake any therapist-confidentiality agreements. Whatever she told the therapist, PSICOM would be sure to know. They were dirty like that. "I'll be careful." Lightning assured her. "You know me, Serah. I'm not going to open up to a stranger and lament everything."

"I know," Serah took a small sip, then put the cup back down when it was too hot. "Just… watch yourself. PSICOM's capable of some pretty horrible stuff. I mean, two of their top executives were obsessed with getting with you, and the other tried to ruin your life. I just don't want to see you go through that again, Claire."

"You won't." Lightning promised. "I'll take care of myself, Serah."

Serah offered a meek smile back. "At least you got to stay with the GC and the assault charges were wiped."

"PSICOM's good for something when they're trying to save their reputation." Lightning pointed out.

"I'm just really glad you're out of it and in the clear." Serah reached across the table and took Lightning's hand in earnest. "You'll tell me if you need me back here after I leave, won't you, Claire?"

Lightning's head and heart both hurt at the question. Serah's life was away now; and she was happy there. Lightning didn't intend to pull her away from that more than she needed to. She had to just cherish the times she had her. But Serah was looking to her in all honesty with her heart, and Lightning didn't lie to her anymore. "If I need you, Serah," Lightning promised, "I'll call."

"Thanks, Claire."


Lightning closed the door behind her gently as the Yun sitting on the bedside facing the wall looked up and back. She smiled at Lightning warmly with the door closing. "Don't forget to lock it."

"I'm not here for that." Lightning interejected quickly, softly. She stared across the room as Summer stood from the bed.

"No?" Summer asked, maybe even sounded disappointed if Lightning wasn't making that up to herself. "What's happening, then? Are we going out somewhere else?"

"Not right now." Lightning paused. A beat passed before Summer cued.

"I get the feeling you're upset about something." Damn, she had good instincts too. Was there anything this woman wasn't good at? "Is it about the PSICOM man? I didn't like the way he laid out terms like he expected you to follow them."

"I am expected to follow them," Lightning said. "That's why they pulled me out of court. To give an alternate, preferable set of rules."

"He was demeaning to you."

"That's how lawyers talk." Lightning shook her head. This wasn't what she came here to talk to Summer about. "You shouldn't have spoken out in court." Lightning re-directed, getting to her point. "You said you wouldn't."

"That was before they started tearing a rape victim apart in front of everyone," Summer's disgust was clear. "Did you see her father abandon her? After almost being raped! And he's more concerned about her sexuality than caring for her. I'm surprised you didn't speak out."

"It's not allowed," Lightning reminded, "I told you that before we went in. You said you could behave."

"Am I hearing this right?" Summer approached with a raised brow until she was in front of Lightning, who's back was to the door. "I'm being reprimanded for calling bullshit when they tried to tear into your victimized friend in public?"

When she put it in her simplified, Yun way, it sounded worse, but Summer had promised she'd be good in court. Lightning couldn't help but be a little miffed she wasn't. "It's a rule. Prosecutors are allowed to do that to a witness."

Summer squinted with a small turn of her chin, looking at Lightning. "Are you angry at me?"

"No," Lightning huffed, "You probably saved my job, just - you shouldn't have. You could've ended up in jail for that."

"Lightning," Summer's hands touched her shoulders, "These rules make no sense; and you're confusing us both. You're stiff as a board and I can almost taste your stress. Lie down with me."

"I don't think sex is going to help." Lightning started to protest softly, though her feet were already walking alongside Summer to the bed.

"I won't have sex with you," Summer said, retreating back to the door a moment. "Not unless you ask me for it."

"You're locking the door." Lightning pointed out.

"I know you like privacy." Summer turned back to her. "Take your shirt off, Light."

Lightning blinked. "...interesting way to start our non-sexual encounter in here."

"You can keep it on if it makes you nervous." Lightning eyed her, a little wary, but reached down for the top button of her GC jacket. Summer wouldn't do anything she said she wouldn't, Lightning trusted. Summer offered her a smile as she started to remove the jacket. "I still like the way that looks on you."

"Thank you." Lightning peeled off the jacket and undershirt, left in her bra before Summer. She quirked an eyebrow at her when the woman sat on the bed ledge, staring with a small smile on the edge of her lips. "My bra too?"

"If you want to," Summer said, smile forming in that specific way that could drive a woman crazy. "I wouldn't object."

Lightning reached back for her bra clasp, eyes staying on Summer. Her smile became even more pleasant with the article's removal, but her eyes didn't waver from Lightning's face. "Are you comfortable?"

"I would be more so if I knew what we're doing, not having sex with my clothes off."

That twinkle touched Summer's eyes which made them glimmer ever so beautifully. "Lay down, Light," Summer kind of asked, but more so told as she nodded to the bed there. "I want to make you comfortable."

"That doesn't sound sexual."

Summer smiled a tad more as Lightning started to lay down on her back, more interested than she cared to show about this offer. "On your stomach, Light." Summer asked, raising a pink eyebrow until she finally clarified. "I want to give you a massage."

"Is that what we're doing?"

"Fang mentioned you liked them in one of her talks."

Lightning bit the inside of her lip as she rolled onto her stomach for Summer, a little tentative. "Fang still talks about me?" she laid her head on the pillow at Summer's first touch. She tried to avoid the initial flinch of contact.

"Mhmm," Summer gently fingered near her shoulders. "Tell me if you're uncomfortable," Summer noted the flinch, not missing a beat.

"It's okay," Lightning mumbled, wishing she weren't so observant. To change the subject, she asked, "What's Fang say?"

Summer's fingers laid into her slowly, but nuzzled into the skin to muscle. Her hands felt almost as strong as Fang's, and when Lightning closed her eyes, she couldn't really notice a difference. Lightning kept her mouth shut, fighting back the groan. Summer's hands were a powerful drug; and they'd only just gotten started. "She remembers the good things," Summer told, voice as relaxing as her fingers dug in deep, loosening the very muscle and tissue of Lightning's back. Eden, that felt good. "Talks about your training sessions, which she loved, and the week you spent here. Sometimes about Jaeger and Anya. Sometimes about how you were with my kids."

Summer rubbed in her thumbs to her shoulderblades on a knot and squeezed firmly, but gentle, massaging the muscle as much as the skin. Lightning's heart pounded strong as those hands worked her well; occasionally stiffening for how good it felt; good and relaxing, God. "I never really apologized for that," Summer went on, lowering just a little, reaching areas Lightning hadn't known could be stiff. "I'm sorry for snatching away my kids that day. I thought you were out to hurt Fang back then, and when I saw you with my little ones… "

"Don't worry about it," Lightning forgave with a little grunt when she spoke. "You were right in the end."

Summer stayed quiet a moment and Lightning steered her mind away from just how right Summer had been - she had to try to get better about these what ifs. There wasn't any changing it now. But when Summer spoke again, she hadn't dropped it just yet. It seemed like she wanted to explain herself from back then. "I was jealous of you, Light." Lightning glanced back over her shoulder. Summer gave her a hapless look, smooth fingers continuing down every smooth contour of Lightning's skin. "And judgemental," Summer said, "You had Fang's love, and Fang's a one-woman girl. I couldn't see how Fang would've wanted an uptight Cocoon woman over me."

"You've got me there," Lightning admitted because it was a sensible thing to wonder. Summer was beautiful, wonderful, and Yun. "Fang's a little weird sometimes."

Summer gave a little chuckle. "She is, sometimes." Summer admitted. "But she wasn't wrong that time." Hands pressed into her skin and were warm. "I can see why she fell in love with you, Light."

Lightning's fingers curled into the blankets. Her heart beat something strong at the words. Even if she didn't agree, it reverberated powerfully that Summer would say that. No one had even seen that kind of worth in her but Fang before. "Thank you." Lightning voiced quietly when she could, not glancing back. Her jaw felt too tight to get out more than that. Summer's palms dug into her back, moving skin and muscle both in their thorough grinding.

"It's true, Light."

Lightning bit her lip. The apology and sweet words struck a little too close to home. It was the sweet kind of thing Fang would've said to make her feel wanted and worthy back then. Even her hands felt as good as Fang's on her skin. Feeling a little too close to it, Lightning silently cursed when Summer squeezed into her back again. "Damn," she squeezed her eyes shut. "Are all Yuns this good?"

Summer smiled softly, "I haven't had any that were bad yet."

"Eden," Why did that sound so hot? She was speaking of other bedmates, for fuck's sake. That shouldn't be so damn sexy!

"Lightning," Summer said with a fond smile, fingers working down her back in every tight place on her body. "You can touch me if you want." Oh, God. Lightning practically shivered with it. Summer's fingers glided down her back, "Touch me like you did last night." palms roughed into her skin, "I don't mind letting you top. Yesterday was so pleasurable. I had such a good time. Of course," Summer added, fingers pressing into her sides so luxuriously, "I'm happy to keep touching you too… if you're enjoying it."

"If," Lightning balked in scoffing, but now her mind was on Summer's lips. Her lips, hands, voice, and breasts - everything on this woman felt good. Lightning had even liked licking her out. Eden; how had they gotten to this point again? "I came in here to reprimand you."

"You did," Summer agreed, not pausing for a beat with those godly hands on her. "But this seems like more fun. Your smell is arousing me, Lightning. I think we should take advantage of it." Dammit. Her assumptive knowing - fuck, it was hot. Lightning didn't know anyone else with this much confidence who was also so right. It fit her fine. God.

"Where's Serah?" Lightning got on, the verge of sitting up and grabbing Summer to kiss again.

"Yuns don't usually involve relatives in sex, but if it has a different connotation in Cocoon, I hear her in the living room. Did you want her to join?"

"What? No, that's- no."

"Then, why'd you want to know where she is?" Summer asked, genuinely curious. "Oh. Is this another Cocoon privacy thing? I locked the door if that helps."

"Eden," Lightning shook her head in her pillow. "Just kiss me already."

"As you wish." Lightning lifted her head, but Summer had already lowered hers. Soft lips pressed to the dip in her back above her jean line where Summer had worked down to. Lightning's toes curled. Summer's hand moved down further than that, over her ass. She gently cupped a cheek, then squeezed it, lips moving down closer to her jean line. "Lightning," Summer murmured as fingers started to massage her ass through jeans. She sounded so damn sexy with that voice.

"I'm never going to get my pants off if you keep massaging my ass." Summer lifted her lips from the dip in Lightning's back and smiled. She gave her another amorous squeeze before Lightning rolled onto her back and sat up to kiss the side of Summer's head. "Stop that," she hissed, feeling Summer's fingers under her butt and still squeezing. Summer chuckled.

"But you seem to like it so much."

Lightning grabbed the front of her shirt and re-directed her face to kiss her properly on the lips. Summer was still smiling as she finally slid her hand free to touch Lightning's shoulder and lay the other up against her cheek. Lightning lost herself in kissing Summer. Everything about this woman, from her perfect looks and sexy voice to the way she tasted and even the smell of her, Lightning found undeniable. She was the pure embodiment of sexy and she revved Lightning right up. Her heart already pounding fast, Lightning couldn't get enough.

Summer chuckled and tugged Lightning over by the grip on her arm. She effortlessly rolled to her back, carrying Lightning with her on top. Lightning released a breath and kissed her again, heart pounding in her chest. Summer massaged her arm with those fingers, delighted to receive her. "Light," Summer's second hand moved over her ass again, which she cupped and squeezed, then gave her a breathtaking smile when Lightning lifted her face to her again. "You really like that, don't you?"

Lightning was not an ass woman. She actually would've confessed to liking squeezing Fang's tight butt more than her own being touched, but hell if Summer wasn't making her one right now. "I'd like it more without the jeans."

"So anxious for me to get them off you today." Summer said with a growing smile. "Did you want me to rip them?"

Lightning quirked an eyebrow. "Could you?"


"Damn." Lightning watched her pull off the jeans down the broken back and legs with ease. "I thought that was Fang's thing. That wasn't even down the seam."

"Most Yuns shred clothes," Summer smiled as she discarded the ripped material to the side of the bed. "Being nudists saves a lot of material." Summer's leg wrapped snug around hers and rubbed a perfectly smooth leg up Lightning's. It just made Lightning want the little clothing of her shorts gone. Summer's fingers roved over her ass and fingers inched between her legs from behind. Her forefinger ran along the inner line of her panties. Lightning buried her head in Summer's shoulder and gripped her shirt. Lightning flinched, heart beating fast. There was nothing she wanted more than to feel those experienced fingers inside her, but...


Summer lifted her fingers from the back line of her panties immediately. Lightning almost groaned. Summer's hands moved back up to her shoulders a very safe distance away. "It's okay, Lightning," Summer started to assure. "I'll go as slow as you want."

"It's not that," Lightning cringed, wishing her fingers were back at the seam. Serah would be laughing at her right now. Lightning picked up her head to look at her. "It's…"

"What?" Summer asked, looking into her face earnestly. "You can tell me, Lightning."

Lightning sighed, "Cocoon women have hair," she glanced down her body at herself. "Down there. I haven't had a chance to wax since the GC." When she next met Summer's eye, it was to see the other woman's brow had furrowed as she glimpsed down her body, then back up at Lightning.

"I haven't seen hair on Serah."

"Serah's underdeveloped for her age. The rest of us have it." Lightning bit her tongue at the curious expression Summer kept giving her. "If you want to wait until I'm clean," Lightning followed up with a wince, "I ordered some in yesterday. It should come tonight- "

"Can I see it?" Summer interrupted before she could finish the offer to continue this later.

Lightning winced. This was becoming awkward now. "If Fang's any reference, Yuns don't really like… that kind of hair."

"Fang didn't like it?" Summer asked, seeming surprised. "She said so?"

"She never saw," Lightning corrected. "But she didn't sound like she'd like it; complained a lot about hairy men…"

"Lightning," Summer voiced, and there was a reprimand in there. "Why don't you let me decide if I like it or not?"

Lightning lowered her head with a sigh, "Okay," she glanced up to meet her eyes, "But if you don't like it, tell me. I can get rid of it by the next time we- if there's a next time, I mean."

Summer smiled up at her so pretty. "I hope there's a next time. I'm here for a full week." Lightning offered her a small one back, but didn't feel Summer's enthusiasm when she rolled them to Lightning's back so she was sitting on top this time. Lightning wasn't a self-conscious person, but when paired up next to a flawless beauty in her bed who had absolutely no hair at all, it was just a little intimidating to show herself to the amazon. "You ready?" Summer asked, fingers gently brushing the skin of her hips lovingly.

Lightning laid her head back to the pillow. "Go ahead."

"Lightning," Summer purred her name, leaning over her first to kiss long and passionately in a way that warmed her. "Stay with me, sweetie. Okay?"

"Okay," Lightning agreed, feeling a little better. She closed her eyes and gave a little nod down her body. "Undress me." Summer kissed her cheek.

"That's what I like to hear." Summer moved focus to her neck and licked it. Lightning shivered as Summer lavished her with attention, stroking up her body as she kissed, then bit and chewed the tender spot at her collar. Lightning grunted, then groaned when Summer's fingers touched her chest and started that massaging all over.

"Summer," Lightning groaned, stiffening taut at the nibbling bites, pleasure already frying through her. "Ohhh."

"This is how sexy I find you," Summer whispered, then added pressure to her breasts, enough for Lightning to blank for entire moment. "It's not going to change."

Lightning's eyes fluttered. The only thing that could be sexier right now was to feel her warm skin. "Take off your shirt," Lightning asked, more of a question than a command.

"Is that what you want?" Summer breathed to her neck with a growing smile. She squeezed Lightning's breast one last good one that had her grunting before Summer pushed up into a sitting position. Her hands went to either side of her shirt, crossing over the center. Her smile was one to behold; Lightning would never tire of it. Summer licked her bottom lip. "Like this?" the shirt came off over her head, revealing her perfectly fit stomach under round, wholesome breasts. Lightning was warm just looking at her.

"Are you ever less than perfect?"

Summer grinned and kissed her. Those perfectly round breasts smushed to hers and felt so warm, stimulating Lightning as much as those warm lips that dragged against hers. Lightning savored every brush, relishing in the heat that blossomed through her body. Every sensation felt amazing. Lightning could lie here under her till she came, the sensations were so pleasant. Her fingers roughed into Summer's back, squeezing as Summer purposefully scraped her body. It was almost electric, she was so hot on Lightning. "Mmm," Lightning gripped her and rubbed her body back against Summer. Tingles sparked all over, racing through her heart and breasts outward through her body. Lightning closed her eyes, enjoying this. "Summer. Don't stop." Lightning almost begged it. Summer sparked a kindling fire in her she didn't want to go out.

"I'm going to take care of you, Light. And I'm not going to stop." Summer whispered into her ear. She licked it, making Lightning shudder again. "I promise."

"Better not," Lightning's gaze followed her until Summer reached her breasts. "Ohh," Lightning's eyes fluttered again with the circular lick. Like a professional, Summer suckled her right tit just a moment before gently squeezing her sensitive peak between teeth. Electricity buzzed through her from the point of contact as Summer licked over it once more and moved to the second breast to rinse and repeat. "Summer," Lightning moaned, chest heaving. She didn't even have time to twine fingers through the woman's hair before both peaks had hardened. Summer moved down her body and stopped above her hips.

"I love your belly ring." and Lightning was groaning for a whole other reason as that wicked and delightful tongue explored the crevasse of her pierced ring. Lightning's legs twitched in anticipation, heat so warm in its gathering. And Summer's fingers were already there on her right hip, gently sliding down her panties with perfect ease. Her tongue didn't stop. Lightning's body titillated, any and all forms of shyness forgotten. Summer hummed when she lifted from her belly and rose her legs, completely pulling free her panties to discard them.

"Lightning," Summer realized when they were gone and discarded. She sounded delighted. "You're pink!" It took Lightning a full half a minute to realize she meant her curls, even after Summer touched them. Lightning's mind barely registered but for the lack of touching.

"Please lay on me."

Summer smilingly obeyed, but her fingers -thankfully- didn't leave. "Lightning," Summer purred, looking down her body with fond, sparkling eyes as she stroked fingers through the pink hairs. "They're short and curly," Summer observed, stroking down the sensitive skin in her petting. "It's adorable."

"Like it?" Lightning managed.

"It's very cute." Lightning groaned, but as long as Summer kept stroking, she wasn't protesting. "You know," Summer lifted her eyes to smile at her. "The ancient Umbra were said to have hair like that. All the old depictions illustrate them with it. They were some of the most beautiful women you've ever dreamt of or could imagine." Summer finally stopped stroking. Instead, a finger prodded lower, running over wet lips. "Kind of like you." Summer said with a kiss to her cheek. That finger pushed in and found her button effortlessly.

"Uhhll," Lightning groaned, so pleasured she was almost panting. Lightning could barely see; Summer felt so amazing. "Summer…"

"Don't wax it off, Light," Summer said gently, then applied pressure again. Her thumb wormed in and squeezed Lightning between two fingers. She rolled her, driving Lightning half crazy. "I like it."

Lightning was fast falling into a trance of this pleasure. She bit her lip to keep from moaning again, but it escaped anyway under Summer's administrations, "Summer," Lightning breathed, chest heaving with breaths of pleasure as it stirred and mounted within her. "Kiss me."

"As you wish, beautiful." Summer tilted her head to brush lips to her collar. Her fingers didn't falter for an instant. Lightning closed her eyes, loving every second of it. She could feel herself sloshing around Summer's fingers, she was so wet, but nothing beat this rising pleasure beating so strong out of her chest. And Summer wouldn't stop rolling or kissing her, so hot, even the press of her body sparked heat. "Lightning," Summer murmured and it was like verbal sex to Lightning. "Do you like thrusting?"

Lightning tried to answer, but didn't know if it came out right past a sort of mewing. Summer's fingers left her sizzling button to dip deeper, then two of them digging into Lightning. She balked when Summer started to retreat, but Summer shushed her and took up a pace. Lightning arched in seconds. "Summer…!"

"Enjoy it, Lightning," Summer kissed her collar and neck warmly. Wet pleasure tripled in Lightning with every thrust. "Let go." Lightning arched with the explosion of hot, dripping pleasure and came all over her fingers. Summer held her with the other arm in her arch as colors streaked across Lightning's closed eyes, so sticky and tight, she could feel Summer's fingers leave her, even in the height of her ecstasy. Lightning whimpered with the pleasure of it all and turned her head on the pillow, her body numbed in a glory Lightning hadn't felt before or since Fang.

Lightning's chest heaved. When she could feel beyond the bliss again, she registered a warm weight hugging to her that wasn't uncomfortable at all. Lightning lifted a hand to it and touched Summer's shoulder. She squeezed and breathed in a little unevenly. "Lightning," Summer's fingers grazed her cheek, directing them down to her. She smiled up at Lightning, positioned just a little lower than her. Before she could say anything else undeniably sexy, Lightning dragged her up and kissed her mouth wistfully. She could feel that smile even through their lips and Summer tongued her like a tease before separating, smiling up at Lightning with gleaming eyes and teeth. "I'm glad you liked it."

"Summer," Lightning breathed heavily, if much less raggedly. Her body still tingled. She couldn't put words to how amazing this woman was, but she had more than a feeling Summer already knew that. The only thing left to do was to show how grateful she was for it. "Grab the dildo and straps."

Summer's eyes widened in true surprise. "You want to use it?"

"You like sex better that way, don't you?"

Summer kissed her, excited and furious, wrapped with passion over it. "Lightning," when she pulled away, her face was practically gleeful. "Thank you!" Lightning let her tired head fall back to the pillow as Summer darted away, quick as a fairy for it.

"You're still going to have to show me how to work with it," Lightning added, taking the moment for some much needed air and rest.

"It's a good thing I don't mind gripping that beautiful ass of yours," Summer replied, unwavered by the challenge of it. "Don't worry, Lightning. I've been with virgin studs before. I'll go easy."

"Virgins as in plural?" Lightning quirked an eyebrow. "How many studs have you slept with?"

"You keep track?"

"I guess it's a different world for the Yuns," Lightning admitted as Summer returned with the long, thick dildo. "Nicer there."

Summer slid into bed beside her and offered Lightning a smile. "Cocoon has its perks." She glanced at the dildo, then back at Lightning with gleaming eyes. "This is making me think of babies."

Lightning smiled back and kissed the side of her head. "One step at a time."

"Let me know when you're ready," Summer said, patient for her, but excitement shining through.

"Can I feel it?" Lightning asked, holding out a hand. Summer passed it over. "Pretty heavy," Lightning remarked, having a hard time picturing it attached around her.

"Like Fang," Summer said with dreamy eyes. She held up the straps. "How do we attach it to you?"

Lightning took the straps and holder piece. She fitted the Jumbo through till it fitted into place. "I think it goes like this." Lightning held up the straps and examined them to figure it out.

"Lie down," Summer asked, taking the fitted jumbo from her. Lightning obeyed and glanced down at herself as Summer knelt at her legs. Her smile twitched with an eyebrow up as she gazed down. "Should I lick you clean?"

"Eden," Lightning cursed. "You're going to make me wet again." Summer only seemed amused by this. Lightning redirected her attention. "The strap on's built to get messy. It'll clean later."

Summer's joy was clear enough. "I can't wait to get this on you."

Lightning was glad to see it. After an orgasm like that, she wanted Summer to have second best to her studs. Summer guided her her legs. Leather and fingers brushed Lightning as Summer gently lifted her legs and slid it up. Lightning lifted herself so she could pull it all the way, then pulled up into a kneeling position so they could adjust the leather straps. Summer's shorts were gone by then. Kneeling in front of Summer so close as she stared down with greedy eyes, Lightning could hear her very slightly quickened breath. Summer pulled the strap tighter on the last side. "How's that?" she asked, eyes finally raising to Lightning, and if Lightning wasn't mistaken, her pupil's looked a little dilated too. "Comfortable?"

"Very," Lightning assured, kind of pleased Summer seemed so affected.

"It looks great on you." Summer complimented, then added, "I can't stop thinking of our children. They'd be adorable with your coloring."

Lightning released a small puff of a laugh. Lightning lifted a hand to her cheek fondly. "Let's take care of your fallow."

"Thank you," Summer breathed with a kiss. As her tongue started to freely twine and play with Lightning's, Summer pulled her friend back down to the bed, cushioning Lightning's body with hers under it. She lavished her mouth with furious attention - a mouth that always made her tingle with anticipation, but this time, she sported a heavy, foreign weight over her sex. As Summer pulled Lightning up against her, the extension laid flat to her and dragged. Lightning parted first because it seemed Summer was too excited to. She brushed back her golden mahogany hair with a hand.

"Ready, Summer?"

"Please," Summer asked, too dignified to be a beg, but close to it. Lightning had to adjust to raise her hips enough and gripped the dildo to position it correctly. She felt Summer's hands on the back of her thighs squeezing, and saw her excited, misted eyes of wist. She squeezed her thighs again. "Slowly, Light," Summer asked. "I like the first entry to be painstaking."

Supported by her own arms above her, Lightning nuzzled the dildo to the tip of her folds and glanced up. Summer was beside herself, so pleased. "Like that. Right there." Lightning started lowering her hips slowly back to her. Summer's eyelids fluttered. Lightning could practically hear her squelching to expand and let the large, foreign body in. "Lightning," Summer cooed as this started, grip becoming much tighter on her thighs with every centimeter and inch. "That is… incredible!" she breathed. "It's warm."

"Thermo heating," Lightning reminded gently, savoring every flicker of pleasure that crossed Summer's face as she dipped deeper inside her. Lightning knew it wasn't actually her body part, but when she'd lowered as far as the dildo went, fully swallowed up by Summer, hip to hip, it just felt so intimate. The flickering signs of her pleasure, Summer's full breaths of happiness and relief when she'd taken her, the press of her warm body to Lightning's, and that slight tremble Lightning felt shivering down Summer's legs- Lightning felt like she'd actually pierced her, and that feeling was incredibly arousing and intimate.

"Lighttt," Summer half moaned in delight. "It feels real. You feel amazing."

"Guide me," Lightning whisperingly asked. Summer's smooth fingers went to her hips. Lightning ducked in her head to kiss her chin and cheek as Summer effortlessly lifted her.

"Lift your hips," Summer managed, doing it for her at first. "Just your hips. Ohh," she cringed with Lightning leaving her, wanting her back. "Only halfway," Summer told, eyes closed with the directions at a more manageable height than fully. "Damn, Light. Oh!"

"And I slide back in?" Lightning asked, doing so as she said it in a way that had Summer moaning in surprise and delight. Lightning could watch that pleasure-tortured face all day.

"Yess," Summer breathed, chest heaving against Lightning's. "Just like that." Her hands stayed with her for the next rise and the one after that, but soon, Summer's hands moved; one went to the center of her back, the other snug over her ass. Fingers gripped Lightning in the best of ways, and Summer's pleasure was infectious. Lightning could get high on that beautiful face alone, but add in her body, the slight rub with every dip, the tremble of Summer's skin and her arousing scent growing more and more, it wasn't hard for Lightning to share her rising pleasure.

"Light," Summer breathed when Lightning had reached a sort of rhythm. It wasn't fast, but at least Summer seemed to be enjoying and savoring it. "You learn… " Summer breathed in deeply with Lightning's next descend. "So fast."

"It's easy when you're the teacher."

Summer's eyes were closed in her laying back. "Oh, Light," she spoke between rhythms. "Kiss me."

Lightning obeyed and tried not to falter the steady rhythm. Summer's hand on her ass still helped guide her when the most delightful lips threatened to break it. Summer squeezed her every dip. The brush of skin was exotic. Lightning's breasts smushed to hers, most times gentle, sometimes a little harder on faster descents. Lightning loved every rub of their flesh. "Summer," she breathed back when their lips were free to breathe. Her fingers traced up a perfectly smooth leg and pushed at it to indicate. Summer's legs curled around her thighs, and legs smoothed against Lightning's. Lightning sweated a bit and readjusted for optimal penetration. Summer seemed even more dazed, and Lightning gained a new respect for Fang being able to do this so long while holding out on her own, high release.

"Amazing," Summer cooed, warm and content. Sliding into her became easier the wetter she became. "You're meant to be a stud, Lightning."

Lightning kissed her cheek. "I don't know about that."

"You are," Summer claimed, so high in her ecstasy. "You're so good… so good… mmm."

"Faster?" Lightning asked, wanting her pace to be good enough for Summer.

"No," Summer inhaled, "Not yet," their bodies scraped with Lightning's descent on the release of her breath. "Just… keep this up. Please."

"Okay," Just watching her pleasured face as Summer tilted back her head was rewarding. With every breath, she could see her efforts heightening her ecstasy. It was incredible to watch Summer getting high off of this. Lightning fingered her hairline where she found small beads of sweat. She brushed a few strands back gently, not faltering in pleasuring the woman.

"Lightning," Summer breathed, wrapped in her comfortable pleasure. Her chest heaved with every breath, but she wasn't ready to go just yet. Summer's eyes opened to Lightning. "You're wet."

"So are you." Lightning gently accused back. Summer smiled up at her between pants.

"I wish… you could feel," she released another breath. "How tight I am." Summer released a gasp and closed her eyes again. Her tightened fingers in Lightning's shoulder told her she'd clamped. "You're so good with a dick!" Summer panted. "Umbra," Summer slightly arched with her withdrawals. "I love this." Summer practically purred. "So good, Light. Ohhh," her features pinched just a tiny bit in her pleasure. "Yesss. Light, yesss."

Lightning couldn't help smiling a little. Summer endeared her, even during sex. She had such an enchanting way about her like this. Lightning leaned close to her ear to whisper. "If I were a stud," Lightning murmured to Summer's sigh or gasp, "I'd give you babies whenever you asked."

"Light!" Summer gripped to her suddenly in a clamp of steel, legs winding around her upper thighs and ass as fingers dug into her skin. She clung to her like a cub as a shudder passed through her body. Hot, sticky lust flushed out and even touched Lightning. But all that was felt second sensory. As soon as Lightning felt her stiffening around her, she lifted her face to take in Summer's as the beauty arched under her and panted.

In ecstasy and bliss, Summer was beautiful as ever she'd been. Brow scrunched and features a little crinkled, Lightning thought her both adorable and sexy as sin, knowing she had done that to her. Summer's breath held a little in her peak. When Lightning had watched enough to renew warmth, she lay her head next to Summer's on that flawless body again. Nothing beat Summer's smooth skin as a place to rest.

Breathing came first in soft pants before the grip on Lightning's back and buns loosened enough for Summer to stroke down her skin. Lightning let her catch her breath, then only when she felt relatively sure Summer could function, she spoke softly to keep from hurting her sensitive hearing in this state. "I didn't know you were that close."

"I wasn't before you mentioned children." Summer gave her shoulder an appreciative squeeze. "Can I take you home?"

Lightning smiled again faintly. "That ship has sailed, I'm afraid," it didn't curb the flattery of the question, though. "But thanks."

"Thank you," Summer corrected, looking down their bodies. "I needed that so bad."

Lightning kissed her soft cheek. "I'm going to pull out now," she warned.

"Not too fast," Summer asked. "I'm practically bleedingly sensitive, thanks to you and that." Lightning did as she requested and removed the long inches slowly to Summer's puff of relief or exhaustion. "You'll cuddle again, won't you?" Summer asked as Lightning started to slip off the strap on.

"I wouldn't miss it." Lightning told her truthfully, putting the strap on aside. She crawled up into bed next to Summer, who already turned on her side to be the little spoon. Lightning gratefully attached at her back and wrapped her arms around Summer's midsection. Summer curled right up against her and tucked in. She glanced back over her shoulder at Lightning.

"That was amazing, Light. Thank you."

Lightning pressed lips to the back of her shoulder and kissed. "You were too," she murmured, "I'm still warm from it."

Summer smiled beautifully. "Me too." she turned back her head and nuzzled Lightning for a long moment, quiet until she asked, "Lightning?"

"Hmm?" Lightning asked, already starting to drift with how warm and comfortable this was. Her hammering heart still pounded, but had started to slow for a rest.

"Did you mean it?" Summer asked, "What you said about if you were a stud. Would you give me children if that were the case?"

Lightning found her even more endearing for asking. There was no lie when she said, "I would."

Summer took her overlaying hand in hers. She moved it up over her heart and breast and held in, quietly smiling in front. "Good night, Lightning."

Lightning squeezed her fingers and went to bed.