Sam had just gotten off the phone with Sherlock when Dean came out of the gas station.

" Can you believe it, they didn't have any pie? What is wrong with the world?" Dean slid into the Impala and looked at Sam.

" Yah, you're telling me guess who just asked for our help, the infamous Sherlock Holmes."

"Wow what does he want, and don't tell me he needs us to store body parts or something."

" Worse, he wants us to come to London, John's missing and he thinks that demons are involved." Sam smirked waiting for Dean to take in this news realizing what it meant.

"Woah wait just a minute, he wants us to come to him, as in on a plane? No way! I'm not doing it, I can't leave my baby here all alone." Sam laughed.

" You know that's not why you don't want to go, you're scared to ride on a little plane, come on Dean you kill demons for heaven's sake, but you can't ride on a plane."

" Hey for your information, the last time I was on a plane was in fact to kill demons, so there."

"Oh good then this time it shouldn't be a problem." Sam sat there waiting for Dean to realize that he was going no matter what.

" Fine, but we're sitting next to the emergency exit." Dean started the Impala and they drove to the airport, the whole time they listened to Kansas.

Just next to the airport Dean parked the Impala in some trees, so it wouldn't be seen. After Sam and Dean got out of the car they opened the trunk.

"What do you think we should take?" Sam stared at the trunk full of weapons and various other items.

"I don't know we definitely need the demon knife, and some holy water."

"Yah that'll have to be enough I wonder how many demons we're talking about?" Sam shut the trunk and they started walking towards the airport.

"Well however many we'll deal with 'em." They were almost to the airport doors when they heard the familiar sound of the Tardis behind them. The Doctor stepped out and greeted them.

"Hello boys, do you need a ride?" Dean looked at Sam with a disapproving look, but Sam spoke anyways.

"Yah, actually we do." Dean looked uncomfortable, but walked toward the Tardis.

"This is way worse than an airplane."