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Chapter 3-Bed time

Vegeta carried Goku all the way to her house for she had fallen asleep. As he flew, he noticed her house coming into view.

The door creaked as Vegeta walked into the forest house that belonged to Goku. He carried the female Sayain to her bedroom, and tucked her in her bed.

"Goodnight, Kakarrot."

Vegeta sadly smiled, then began to leave. But just as he was, Goku revealed to be awake. She tiredly rubbed her eyes, and noticed Vegeta was leaving. She was sad he was about to leave, then concocted a plan to convince him to stay.

"Why are you going away?"

Vegeta was surprised at her voice, and turned his head to her.

"Well, I need to go home, right?"

"Please, will you stay here?"

Goku pleaded, and she gave Vegeta the most adorable puppy face ever. It was so adorable, it was practically a lethal weapon.



"But where would I sleep?"

"You could sleep in Gohan's room."

"Fine. I'll stay here."

Vegeta sighed, and Goku bounded over to Vegeta. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and returned to her bed.

"Goodnight, 'Geta…"

She smiled, and fell asleep once again. Vegeta stood there in shock, his face redder than any tomato. He silently trudged over to Gohan's empty room, and got under the covers. Vegeta smiled, and as he lay in Gohan's bed, he replied,

"Goodnight, Kakarrot."

And with that, he fell asleep with no trouble.