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Gods and Monsters

Chapter 7

My eyes begin to focus as I stare into the car. It's like a dream as I look inside.

Leather and blood. Matted hair and tattered clothes.

A mixture of nightmare and fantasy.

I see her, still as a statue, eyes wide and skin pale as her fingers clutch at the end of her shirt. A shirt that's soaked all the way through in blood.

"Isabella? Look at me." I run my hand over the seat, careful not to scare her. "Listen to my voice. Look at my face. Come on baby." My fingers are inches from her thigh, but I can see she doesn't even know I'm here.

I'm as good as invisible to her.

"She's been like that since I put her in the car." Emmett peeks into the car above me and I watch as my fist clenches.

"You touched her?" I can feel the anger swelling and filling up inside me as my eyes move to her.

My Isabella.

There are no bruises on her arms. She isn't scratched up and nothing looks broken, but I still find it hard to breath, hard to control the rage. The need to make him pay for laying even a single finger on her skin is overwhelming.

"I had no choice. It was either get her in the car, or leave her." I ignore him and move a little closer, trying not to spook her.

"Bella." She flinches and scoots closer to the other door. "I won't hurt you. I promise."

I watch her cheek twitch, the curve of a small dimple peeking out, and then I hear the first sounds of her breaking as laughter bubbles from her chest and out her mouth.

"What the hell happened to her?" I turn to Emmett who is back to his body guard stance, arms crossed, eyes straight ahead.

"Edward." She sings my name, and chills run up my spine as her fingers draw designs on the window with the blood that coats her fingers.

"I couldn't help myself. She was just so pretty. Just your type." She's writing her name on the window, her head turned away from me, but I can hear the smile in her voice. "Isn't she pretty, Edward?"

"Why don't you scoot over here and let me take you inside?" I move my eyes slowly to the other end of the car and watch the rise and fall of the other woman's chest. A brunette.

"Where did she get that?" I tilt my head to the scalpel stuck in the abdomen of the woman.

"Did you see, Edward?" She's giggling and lifting her hand as blood drips to the floor below. "Did you see? Tell me you saw?"

"I do see, baby." And I do. I see the blood and the strands of hair in her tightly fisted fingers.

I see her work. I see her pride.

"I did that for you." She leans up, trying to push herself off the seat and extends her hand for the womans head, just as I reach for her. "Stop!" She swats my hand away. "I need you to see. Let me go, Edward."

"No, Isabella." She fights against me until I grab both her hands, pushing them in her lap, trying to keep her from getting too close.

"Help me with her." I stand slowly, rubbing a hand over my stubbled face as I look around.

I have no idea what the fuck caused this. Not really.

I know how to clean it up, how to fix it. I even know how to start it.

I just don't know how to fix her.

How do you fix something you created?

"What about the other one?" Emmett leans into the car and I can hear Isabella's giggles getting louder as I walk toward the house.

"Leave the whore in the car and stay with Isabella. I need to grab something."

I don't bother to look back as I head for the door, opening it, and going straight for my bag.

I pop out a single syringe, thankful that she didn't grab one of them when she searched through it.

I know for a fact Carlisle would never give her a scalpel, unless he intended her to use it on me. Something his coward ass couldn't do himself.

But she wouldn't, or at least she can't yet.

Isabella is strong, stronger than me even, but she's breaking. Cracking and shattering in places I may not be able to reach.

She might want me dead, and thats fine, I dream of her death on my hands nightly.

I look at the syringe, checking for bubbles and tapping it twice.

She can want me dead all she wants. It's the act that we deny.

I don't kill her because those cracks that are creeping into her heart now are the same ones that creep into mine. They're the same ones that will murder me.

The ones that whisper and whimper with every inch they grow.

Those are why I don't kill her, and why I'm sure she won't kill me, not yet.

Those simple little cracks that remind me of her and why I won't lose her. Why I can't.

"EDWARD!" Emmett screams for me outside, grabbing my attention.

I watch him from the door, arm slung over my head, needle dangling in front of my eyes.

"I could really use your help!" His eyes land on me and I smile.

I can hear the banging inside the car, and curiosity carries me forward until I reach them.

"She bit you."

"I was trying to keep her off that one." His head tilts to the unconscious woman in the car while he hold his forearm.

"It's a good thing I brought this then." I walk around the car to her side and watch as her bloody hand smacks against the tinted glass.

"She won't stop that."

"Always acting like a child." I smile into the window as I lean down and listen. The wet smacking is like music to my ears.



"It's time to go back to being an adult, Isabella." I stick the needle between my lips and watch Emmett on the other side blocking her escape.

She almost falls out of the car, giggling and crying as I open the door. Her smile is wide as she looks at me, and I can't help but brush the sweaty hair away from her eyes.

"You've never been more beautiful to me than in this moment." I kiss her forehead and grab her hand.

"Edward." She sighs my name just as I jam the needle into her arm.

"It's a sedative." I answer Emmett's questioning eyes as she falls into my arms.

Lifting her up, I squeeze her to me as her face lays against the tattoo on my chest.

"I have a list for you, Emmett." I walk around the car to him, eager for his reaction. "Back pocket."

"Is this for her?" He looks down at Isabella in my arms and I laugh.

"Unfortunately, no."

I could never kill Isabella.

I can enjoy the game, though.

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