All I knew this morning when I woke. Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before.-Taylor Swift

Raven's P.O.V

"What is this thing you call a, date?" Asked Starfire laying back on my bed. It wasn't the first time she came in my room to ask me what something meant, but it was one of the very few times I have actually slightly cared.

"Why?" I opened my eyes slowly and landed back on my bed. With Starfire here I wouldn't be able to meditate anyay.

"Well Robin asked me if I wanted to go on one, and he was red in the face. Do you think he is ill?" Replied Starfire. She sat crossed legged now and started to rock back and forth.

"A date is when in this case, a guy likes a girl and asks her to do something together." Starfire nodded as I spoke, she seemed as if she was taking mental notes, which made me feel a little better about wasting my time explaining this.

Starfire got up and twirled around. I was about to tell her to watch the lit candles but she interrupted. "Then that's wonderful! Dear Raven have you ever been asked on this, date?"

"No..." The candle lights blew out and we were in complete darkness. "Stupid wind.." I got up and turned on the lights, I quickly turned to see if Starfire would notice that I had no windows.. but she kept spinning.

Starfire stopped dancing and looked at me quizzingly."Why not? I'm sure someone has asked you if you'd like to go out and do something, perhaps Beast Bo-"

"No Star. No. No one wants to go out with a demon never the less one with purple hair now please leave." I growled as I spoke my hands turned into fist and my nails dug into my skin. Why was I so pissed about this?

"But.." Started Starfire.

"I said get out. NOW!" I pointed to the door and she rushed out mummering a sorry before shutting the door behind her. I unclenched my hand and rubbed my temples. "She deserved getting yelled at, after all she did interrupt my meditation." I spoke out loud trying to calm myself as I levitated in the air. "Maybe now I can get back to concentrating." I muttered a few words and my mirror floated to my hands. I touched the glass and went inside.

"Happy?" I called out.

"Yes Ray Ray?" Replied Happy. She tapped my shoulder and I spun around to look at her.

"I need your help finding someone." I brushed the hair out of my face as I spoke.

Happy raised an eyebrow. "Who ya looking for?"

"I'm looking for Love."

A/N: Yep this is my first chapter. Do ya like? I was watching teen titans again and I was like. "Why haven't I written this yet?" Well better late than never. Anyways I'll update soon but until then comment! I love to hear from all of you, your suggestions welcomed!