StarFire P.O.V

To my surprise Cyborg was actually worked really well with the art of 'fashion'. He explained to me why going out in normal attire wasn't exactly... Ideal as he put it and helped me get some more modern every day clothing instead. He took me to the mall which I've actually grown to like in the past few months and picked out a, casual outfit for breakfast with Robin.

I now stood looking at my reflection in the mirror. The soft blue jeans cloth hugged my legs comfortably as I picked at the fabric with my nails. Would Robin like? Cyborg had tried reassuring me as such by saying I looked, 'adorable' but I still wasn't sure. The fuzzy purple turtle neck pricked me awkwardly under the arms when I moved too quickly but over all I thought I looked good. Maybe I should ask Raven.. No she seemed to be having problems of her own involving Beast Boy which I do not quite understand. Maybe they are like my own? She doesn't seem to want to confide in me, which i'm fine with but I wish she would talk to someone... Oh well.

Nodding at myself in the mirror I walked to the door. Upon opening it I saw Robin standing in front of it. He looked me over, once coming back to my eyes he smiled brightly. "Hey Star."

Raven's P.O.V

I couldn't seem to concentrate.

It was weird because it wasn't the usual feeling of just not being able to focus because Cyborg and Beast boy were playing video games too loud or that Starfire was being annoying it was just because I suppose. Not even reading could get me to focus on one topic. My mind was no where and everywhere at once. It was an unfamiliar feeling to be honest. Maybe i'm trying to hard to read into my feelings or something because it feels to quiet right now for me not to be able to concentrate. I also felt like I wanted to do... Something. But I couldn't figure out what. It wasn't like I was pmsing or anything but I felt the need for something I simply couldn't think of. It was just plain and simple weird for me. I need tea.

I stood slowly from my bed, moving reminded me of the migraine I had almost forgotten about. I leaned back a bit and stretched, my spin popping from sitting in the same position for so long. In short, I felt like crap. I stood straight and walked to my door it's automatic opening making me almost jump. I had forgotten to lock the door. I never did that.

As I walked out of the room I could hear voices yelling. I sighed as I made my way to the kitchen the voices got louder. By this time of day the suns glare streamed through the tower making it almost impossible for me to see. I fumbled towards the kitchen, only as I walked into the room the smell hit me. Oh god.

Apparently more time had passed then I thought, last time I checked it was about... Yesterday. I've made sure not to leave my room on the first Saturday of the mouth for almost the last year. Blaming meditation for not wanting to join the rest of the team but now I had walked right into it. Right int-

"THE TITANS COOK OFFFFF!" Shouted Cyborg excitedly. "Thats right folks! It's that time of month again when titans from all over the world face of in this delicious, battle of the chefs! Judging today will be the sting-tastic, buzz of the nation... Bumble bee! The lovely mistress of magic herself... Zatanna! And last but definitely not least ladies and gents. He's cute, he's slimy, you all know and love him... Silkie!" The crowd burst into applause, making my ears ring loudly. Once the applause died down Cyborg continued. "Ladies and Gents I will be your host this fine morning. First up will be Jericho and Kole vs Kid flash and Jinx. You all know the rules. Best prepared breakfast dish wins, no powers or weapons allowed... BEGIN!"

I turned my attention to the two teams in front of me. Cooking supplies and various foods were laid out on the long counter in front of my. Both of the teams had began rushing around getting whatever supplies they needed for the dishes they had apparently planned before hand. No one had seemed to yet notice me so I turned to leave. The noise and cheering around me made my headache worst, I planned to get dressed in something more casual and leave the tower. Maybe get tea from the local cafe or something...

I felt someone grab onto my wrist before I heard them. I turned on my heel to see who would had snuck up on me so easily.

"Hey Rea! Didn't think you'd make it because... Well you never do..." Beast Boy met my eyes when I turned fully. His goofy grin was as big as ever. I noticed that his regular black and purple suit had been replaced with dark blue jeans and a grey tee shirt... In my defense even a blind person could see he looked good so it wasn't anything personal...

I squinted my eyes so I could see him better, the colliding and clattering of appliances now were noticeably added to the mix of noise. I was beginning to feel nauseous as well. "Um yeah. I was actually just leaving." I said loudly trying to raise my voice over the other sounds.

His grin faded a bit almost as he was hurt by this. I didn't mean to offend him if I did but I needed to get out of hear asap. I saw Beast boy's mouth move quickly. Saying something I couldn't quite make out. I strained my ears to hear him. "Can you repeat that?"

He looked at me oddly as he did what I assumed was repeat himself but I still couldn't here. The voices were just too loud. Too loud. I couldn't even hear myself think anymore. To top it off my eyes stung badly, almost as if I had been staring at the sun too long. I blinked repeatedly but no relief came. The only difference after each blink was that my eyes began to feel heavier. I needed to keep them closed now but I didn't know why. I didn't physically feel tired.

Beast Boy had completely lost his smile now, his expression... Panicked? He kept trying to say something but I couldn't hear him, the noise kept getting louder and louder. I wanted to turn and leave again but I couldn't. I couldn't feel my legs anymore. Infact I couldn't feel much besides the ache in my head and eyes. It was too much for me to handle and I closed my eyes. Once I closed them the sounds went away. Infact everything was silent for a moment. But then I was falling. Falling because the legs I couldn't feel weren't supporting me anymore. But I stopped. I waited for the thump of me hitting the ground but it didn't come. When I stopped falling I could hear again. The loud noise replaced with silent murmurs. I couldn't distinguish any of the words or sounds from each other. Actually, no. I could pick out one voice from the rest.

" Raven..?"