They were riding up to the airport crammed in Morgan's van, the whole office gang.

They wanted to say goodbye to Mindy properly, since she had made no official parting wishes with them after the way the party had ended (sufficient to say there was a lot of alcohol flowing around and it all concluded with a fire hazard caused by a slammed group karaoke performance).

Of course, Morgan was clearly behind this surprise farewell; he adored Mindy just as much as puppies, and had been quite distraught about her leaving those past few days.

As they went along, Danny was looking out the window wondering what the hell he was doing there, being dragged by a bunch of co workers to say goodbye to someone who clearly irritated him.

But the trip turned out to be quite long, and as he begun to think about their whole time together, Danny couldn't help analyzing how he and Mindy had even got around to being friends. When he looked back at all the crazy fights they've had, it was difficult to understand.

The truth was they hadn't asked for it, like he had once said. But nevertheless - slowly and persistently - she had become a part of his life. And now she was going away for a year, and that felt weird. A year. That was extreme. All for this guy who had promised her a marriage and a baby. But promises mean nothing, Danny thought. The bottom line was that she was risking a very promising career, all for love. So he disapproved of this trip, although deep down (not that he would ever admit it) he kind of understood her: She needed the commitment, the certainty of a future family, and his doctor side empathized with the concept.

Despite their feuds, he felt sorry the party had been such a disaster. What was worse, in the midst of all the chaos Mindy had doubted her decision. But when she asked him for advice all he could muster up was a speech of how she was throwing her life away, and how he didn't respect her anymore, etc. She had trusted in his opinion and he had made her, if possible, more confused. Way to go Danny, what a fuckwit you can be sometimes...

So now they weren't on speaking terms, and it kind of hurt him. It also made him feel like an idiot to be there on his way to see her, when she clearly didn't want any part of him. He was much too proud to ask her for forgiveness, yet too weak to keep on the grudge.

On his defense, things with Christina had been weird, and he wasn't really sure where it was all going. His head seemed to be somewhere else, and he was losing his temper really easily. The once so hoped reunion with his ex wife was turning out to be a bit disappointing.

In fact, Christina had practically forced him to go with Morgan that morning. That had been pretty strange. The look on her face resembled almost one of surrender. "It's okay. You should go" she had said, and it seemed to him that there was more meaning behind this than what laid in the surface.