The Band of Osric

Author: Kellen

Pairings: Myka Bering/ HG Wells (Eventually) HG Wells/OC. Femslash.

Rating: T to a mild M depends on chapters.

Summary: Someone from Helena's past appears during a mission with news that an artifact believed to be lost forever has resurfaced and this time the fate of mankind and a loved one relies on them successfully recovering said artifact and securing it within the warehouse.

Notes: Slightly AU. Takes some time in season 4; pre Artie completely cracking and killing Leena and post Steve being released from the Metronome. And obviously HG wasn't sent off to hide with the Astrolabe.

Authors Note: I have no one to proof read for me so I do the best I can by myself. Therefore any errors I take full responsibility for. And if there is a grammatical or spelling error or anything that you just cannot live with please just let me know and I will gladly correct it. As always reviews are more than welcome especially since this is my first attempt that this pairing and fandom and my first time writing anything in over 5 years.

Italics indicate thoughts

Secret Service Agent Peter Lattimer maneuvered through the empty alley with an almost cat like grace, his steps as light as possible so not to make a sound that would spook his current target. The sound of water dripping from the roof of a large brown stone next to him sounded like the rhythmic pounding of a drum, it was the only sound that screamed through the ally. His feet carefully scuffled along the pavement as he moved stealthily, his tesula at the ready and barely lit prepared to be used at a moments noticed. As he reached the center of the ally he looked up to see the tesula lit figure of his partner, Myka Bering, coming into view. Her movements just at stealthy and cat like as his, her senses heightened and mind on alert for even the slightest of moves. Even in the darkness her eyes met Pete's questioning ones, unspoken words were exchanged and answered by her mere shake of the head.

Slowly Pete raised his hand to his left ear and spoke in barely a whisper, "HG, you see anything?" His eyes scanned the darkness behind his partner; he always had Myka's back just as he knew she always had his. In his preferable vision he could she Myka doing the exactly same thing for him, he gaze sweeping across the dark alley behind him.

The earwig cracked before a cool yet annoyed English voice answered, "If I'd seen anything I would have spoken up, Peter and since I have not then that must mean that I have yet to see any sign of our lighting fast friend."

Agent Lattimer rolled his eyes and shot Myka an exasperated look, his facial expression spoke volumes to his partner. Why can't she just say no like a normal person, the look on his face said. The female agent merely shook her head and sent Pete a very cool yet sarcastic glare that said; HG Wells is not normal.

The duo stealthily stepped under the dimly light street lamp at the T of the alley ways, they took one last careful sweep of the darkness behind each other's backs before slowly turning, their Teslas slowly dropping, towards the mouth of the alley that HG was slowly walking down. Just as the English woman was stepping up to her fellow teammates the loud sound of a trash can being knocked over with a crash behind HG caused all three agents to whip around, Teslas raised towards the obnoxious noise. Pete fired once causing the alley to light up in a bright white and giving his fellow agents a chance to see where their suspect had gone. HG and Myka caught a quick flash of yellow to their right, their teslas flew in the same direction ready to fire a second shot.

"I'm out for the moment. Anybody see him?" Pete asked quickly his eyes darting frantically around the dark alley.

"Even if it wasn't dark out we still wouldn't be able to see him, Pete cause y'know he's lighting fast!" Myka shot back as she quickly spun around to search the alley behind her.

Next to them Helena stopped, her tesla slowly lowing and the hair on the back of her neck rising. They weren't alone in this alley. Her eyes stopped searching for the lighting fast suspect and began searching the darkness for the new presence. She could feel that it wasn't a threatening one, if anything is was a very familiar presence. Taking a deep breath she closed out all background noise and focused only on listening for the other person in this alley. In the back of her mind she was aware that their lighting fast suspect had made another pass at them effectively making Myka fall on to her back, losing her Tesla in the process, and causing Pete to yell in anger and blindly fire his tesla towards the man. Helena felt their suspect suddenly wiz past her and into the darkness but she didn't attempt to stop him instead her eyes focused on the darkness in almost a tonic state.

A sudden thud and strangled gasp sounded from the darkness. Silence engulfed them once again. One moment passed. Pete slowly stepped up next to HG his tesla at the ready and aimed right into the heart of the dark alley. A second moment passed. With a last glace back at his partner, who'd slowly pulled herself up from the ground and retrieved her weapon, Pete stepped to the edge of the light his head cocked to the left in almost an attempt to see into the darkness. Just as he opened his mouth to speak their suspect appeared from the darkness and fell to his feet with a loud almost lifeless thud. The suddenly icy feeling of fear and dread snaked its way through Pete's body as he glanced down at their lighting fast suspect who was now rendered what Pete hoped was unconscious and not dead. In the back of his mind he sensed Myka slowly stepping up to stand between him and HG with her Tesla raised in defense. Helena hadn't moved an inch but merely drop her head to glare almost angrily into the darkness.

"Really Helena I would have thought that after being bronzed for over a century your senses would be far better than this," came a humorous husky voice from the darkness. Helena's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in surprise, frantically her eyes swept the darkness for the source of the voice she hadn't heard in 120 some years. Slowly in almost a menacing style a tall and slightly rugged woman dressed in a soft leather motorcycle jacket and faded blue jeans stepped into the light just in front of Pete, a sincere smile graced her hardened lips as she locked eyes with the older English woman. "And you don't look a day over 30, love." The woman laughed before sending HG a dashing smile causing the woman to snap out of her shocked daze and slowly walk towards the taller woman. Helena's eyes slowly travelling up the individual's body until they locked on the woman's dashing greens, a delighted smile broke out on her face before she threw her arms around the figure in a tight hug.

"You bloody loon," Helena whispered, only loud enough for them, into the woman's ear as she held her tight. The taller individual smiled happily and returned the embrace, pulling Helena close to her and placing a loving kiss to the side Helena's head.

Myka watched in trained attention to the new comer's behavior as well as Helena's as she stepped up next to her partner, Pete shot Myka his signature 'I got a bad vibe' look before focusing his attention on the duo in front of him. Something didn't seem right to Myka and she wasn't about to just dismiss it. She gripped her tesla tighter and focused her sights down the barrel of her weapon, every fiber of be being ready to fire a lethal shot if needed, if there was one wrong move this woman was fried…literally. "Helena, wh-" She began slowly but was quickly cut off by the other woman.

"It's alright, Myka she's harmless." Helena stated breathlessly as she stepped back from the dark figure. Slowly Helena's gaze never leaving the new comer's bright green eyes, her left hand carefully raising to touch the woman's cheek. "Are you-" Helena began with a breathless whisper only loud enough for the other woman to hear.

With a soft smile and tender laugh the taller woman raised her hand to grasp Helena's tightly and whispered back just as quietly, "Yes my sweet I'm really here." Helena dropped her gaze, embarrassment flushing her cheeks and a light chuckle leaving her lips. Of course the woman had to really be there she'd just had her arms around her.

Behind them the two secret service agents watched completely bewildered and still totally on edge about the new comer. "Uh HG you wanna fill in the blanks here?" Pete stated from behind his raised tesla. He threw Myka a worried glance who returned it with a mere nod of her head. It was clearly spoken between them: once false move and this woman was tesla toast.

Next to him Myka stood carefully analyzing this new woman. She stood slightly taller than Pete but only maybe an inch or two taller than her, however she almost towered over Helena. Her jet black hair slicked up into a messy mohawk, her emerald green eyes were almost glowing in the low light. The woman was clearly very masculine and she oozed an air of power and charm. Her stance was protective yet relaxed as she stood next to Helena. Myka could clearly tell why Helena would be friends with a woman like her.

"I think that it would be best, Hel to explain to your friends who I am. I know it's been a long time since I was teslaed but I do recall that it's not pleasant even for my kind." The dark woman responded with a light laugh as she eyed the two secret service agents.

Helena took a deep breath, dropped her gaze from the bright eyes of her old friend, and released the hand she was holding. Taking a small step back she placed her tesla in the waist band of her jeans and turned to face her colleagues. "Peter. Myka. I would like to introduce you to Luthan Osric, one of the original vampires."

"Most people call me Luca however," The woman stated as she stepped closer to the two agents he hand held out in a gesture to shake the agents' hands.

Pete stood shock still, his eyes wide, his mouth handing open, and his brain stuck on processing the word 'vampire'. "Comea say vamp whatta? D-did you just say vampire? You're kidding right? HG the joker right?" He shuddered out as he tightened his grip on his tesla and aimed it directed at Luca. Could things get any weirder?

Luca grinned at Peter almost devilishly, it was very tempting to mess with this young man; to possibly dart with inhuman speed behind him or possibly just flash her glowing eyes and razor sharp fangs with a growl. She wondered for a moment if he'd squeal like a girl or just hide behind the Myka woman. "I'm afraid she's far from joking, dear boy. But no worries I'm harmless. Scouts honor." Luca said as she held up her hand in the traditional Scouts promise.

"Hold on. I need to process this. Vampires don't exist." Pete reasoned his head shaking in disbelief as he waved his tesla at Luca.

"Really Peter? You work in a place of endless wonder, a place where miracles happen, where the impossible becomes possible and you can't accept that vampires and werewolves exist? Surely the Warehouse has shown you that the world is not as it would seem and that the unbelievable becomes believable." Helena stated while throwing Peter sarcastic glare and crossing her arms over her chest.

Peter's face turned white and his mouth opened and closed a few times. "W-Werewolves exist too?!" He screeched out. "Wow, I'm gonna have to have an Underworld marathon when we get home." He said with sudden excitement.

Luca groaned in annoyance, "Those movies have it all wrong." Helena barely contained her laugh, how she missed listening to Luca rant about how most people and writers had the history of vampirism completely wrong. With a genuinely amused smile on her face she'd listen for hours over a few pints at the local pub as Luca ranted about how mortals had everything about vampires wrong and would give Helena personal history lessons about her kind. Yes, Luca would admit that vampires were soulless blood drinking demons inhabiting human bodies but a vampire's purpose was not always to kill sometimes they were no different than mortals... until it came to the drinking of the blood of the living.

"How do we know you're really a vampire?" Myka questioned evenly, an air of disbelief apparent in her voice.

Helena glanced back at Luca with an apologetic smiled, her fellow agents could be quite intelligent at times but other times they were quite daft so she shouldn't be surprised that this is one of those times. How much more evidence would they need, Luca had effectively rendered their lighting fast suspect unconscious and completely forgotten about at their feet which was something neither one of them could do without some sort of an artifact. She heard Luca sigh heavily and roll her eyes which caused Helena to laugh in her head, why would a vampire sigh like that they don't breathe it was purely for dramatic effect. With a slightly disgruntled sigh of her own and not taking her eyes off Pete and Myka, Helena lifted her right leg up and smoothly pulled her boot knife from its sheathe at her calf. She held the knife out to her vampire counterpart as Luca rolled the left sleeve of her leather jacket up to exposed the cool milky skin of her left forearm.

Gently Luca took the knife from Helena causing the two agents to quickly tense up and step towards her with teslas once again at the ready. "Relax and just watch," Luca said in annoyance and with her green eyes glowing inhumanly. Pete and Myka's gaze dropped to the knife that Luca brought down to press against her porcelain skin. Carefully she slid the razor sharp blade across her forearm causing the deep crimson blood to spill from her arm and drip on to the pavement. Myka held back grimace as she watched the bright red blood stain paper white skin and drip heavily onto the wet ground. Pete merely looked horrified and like he was holding back his dinner with a gag. The vampire pulled the knife back from her arm and handed it back to Helena, her eyes not once leaving the two secret service agents. "If I was human and did this my wound would not…well just watch." Luca stated in amusement a flirtatious smile gracing her lips. The agents watched stunned as the wide and long wound healed until it was nothing more than a small scabbed over red scratch. Their eyes quickly flashed up to Luca's then over to Helena's, who had an amused smile on her lips that matched Luca's.

Pete suddenly snapped his fingers and shook his head to clear the memory of blood from his eyes, "What did you mean by original vampire?" His tesla fell to his side and he looked between the two women in complete confusion.

"The original vampire bloodline," Myka said hoarsely as she stepped towards Helena and Luca. She quickly sized the vampire up her tesla never moving from its target on the center of Luca's chest. Now she really didn't trust this new stranger. She knew enough about vampires, myth or not, to know that they were very dangerous. Inhumanely strong and fast, extremely high tuned senses they, the ability to charm anyone to their death, and of course the insatiable desire for human blood. "The folklore always went that in the 5th century there was a noble family in an unknown kingdom who's odd behavior come nightfall spurred the fear of the night especially when bodies began popping up through the kingdom. Many in the kingdom referred to them as night-walkers or hellions due to their preference in being active only at night and well being quite mischievous.

For a few centuries the family bloodline lived in peace and ultimate power over the kingdom until, as the story goes, it was discovered that one of the sons was the child of another vampire. A vampire that was once human and sired by the noble's wife before she bared his child. A rift in the family was created by the two brothers; this then created two different bloodlines. War ensued and many, human and vampire, died. The folklore to it can be quite in depth depending on what you read about it, the stories are never the same. Actually there's too many stories to know which is truth. Frankly I don't think anyone actually knows the story." Myka explained eerily.

Luca grinned darkly, "A book worm I see. I'm flattered you seem to know a lot about my clan."

Myka watched Luca carefully. "I only know some of the folklore there's still so much to learn about it. And considering that until this moment I believed it was nothing more than folklore I never really invested time in researching vampires," Her words dripped of sarcasm and intrigue at the same time. She slowly began to lower her tesla but did not lower her guard when it came to the dark stranger.

The vampire laughed softly, her face changed and she graced Myka with a soft smile. "I won't hold it against you. However as much fun as it is to talk about my history there are much more pressing matters at hand." She said as she turned to face Helena with determination.

"The ring is back," Helena stated evenly.

"Of course darling and this time it mustn't end up anywhere but the Warehouse. Miguel is much closre to it this time than he was before." Luca stated gravely.

Helena looked away from Luca and towards her fellow agents with a devilish grin. "Rightly-ho then."