Master And His Kitten

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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]

The Beginning

A young man around twenty was walking down Privet Drive at night. He would have never come to muggle London, but he had felt great pain over the last week. He didn't know why and had waited for his mother to come home from Egypt to ask her about it. She was a curse breaker and she was sent to Egypt and had been in a pyramid breaking ALL the curses on her own and he had no way of contacting her for a while. Then that morning he felt the pain get really bad and followed his instinct. He quickly purchased a port-key from France to Britain and he found himself here.

His instincts lead him to Privet Drive. He stood in front of the Dursley's house catching the scent of blood coming from a garbage can. He looked inside and reeled back in horror. In the garbage can was a young child around the age of two. The child was beaten badly and had multiple cuts and bruises. He carefully grabbed the child and apparated to his friend's house.

His friend was in the living room when one of his house elves told him that someone had apparated outside his house. He told the house elf, Tippy, to bring the person in. He was surprised that it was Lucas Davet. What surprised him more was the fact that he was panicking and carrying a small, bloody and beaten child.

"Lucas what happened?" He asked as he summoned medical potions to him.

"I don't know Severus. I told you about the pain I felt over the last week, right?" At the nod he received as he was instructed to lay the child down on the transfigured medical table he continued. "Well this morning it was really intense and something made me come here to Britain. I was on Privet Drive when the scent of blood caught my attention. The smell was coming from a garbage can." Severus looked up at him horrified. "Yes, what you are thinking is correct. This young child was stuffed into a garbage can. I took him out as carefully as I could and came to you."

Severus nodded and scanned him after getting his oversized clothes off. They watched in horror as a scroll appeared and kept growing as it listed what was wrong with him. The scroll stopped when it hit the floor. Severus grabbed it and read out loud what it said.

Harry James Potter age 4



Broken ribs -4

Broken arm -Left

Right arm healed wrong

Broken ankle -Right

Concussions -2

Small cuts -159

Large cuts -56

Stab wound to the stomach

Words carved into back -3

Whip wounds -17

Burns -left hand 2, right arm 1, right hand 4

Rape -tares-500

Bruises -200

Internal bruises -30

Internal bleeding -Stomach

Block on magic -Caster Dumbledore, Potions Dumbledore

Loyalty Potions -Giver Dumbledore

Inheritance Blocks -Caster Dumbledore

Love Potions -Giver Dumbledore

Compulsion Spells -Caster Dumbledore

Compulsion Potions -Giver Dumbledore

Severus and Lucas looked at each other in horror. The boy-who-lived was being abused. He was in danger of dying. Severus quickly got to work healing the boy. Even though he hated the boy's father didn't mean he deserved this, no child deserved this.