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(Master to Kitten, Kitten to Master)


[Kitten speech]



They all stared in shock as Layla disappeared. After a few minutes they all turned and looked at Harry. Harry looked at them back offended. They always looked at him, although usually it was his fault. This time it wasn't him.

"It wasn't me."

"Ah, opps!" Neville exclaimed nervously as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Neville!" Many were shocked at the fact that for once it was him and not Harry.

"See I told you it wasn't me." Harry grumbled.

"Shush Harry." Fay said and looked at Neville. "What happened dear?"

"I wished that Harry didn't have to deal with Layla today. She was ruining the mood and the day and I wanted her gone."

"I love you." Harry grinned as he hugged him.

"I see." Fay said. "It seems that your wish was so strong that your magic made it come true. I will have to inform her family." She left to go do so.

Fay quickly floo-called her parents. They were surprised to see her and could only wonder what their foolish daughter had done this time. They really hoped that it was something she or at least they could fix and the Davets would forgive but given her past actions towards the family they were doubtful.

"What did she do this time?" Lord Dreamer asked.

"Today is the boy's birthday and your grandson was invited. She came along to escort him."

"I see. She wasn't supposed to. If his mum or his dad couldn't then either my husband or myself were supposed to. We made that clear to our son and his wife."

"I know. Adam told me that she stunned his mum and took him here a couple minutes ago."

Both Dreamers became very upset. "I see. I will go check on her then before coming over."

"Of course. Now all she had done was glare at Harry but I knew she was up to something. Unfortunately, when blowing out their candles Neville wished that Harry didn't have to deal with her on his birthday. She disappeared right before our eyes soon after."

They looked at her in shock. "I see. Thank you for telling us. I will go look for her."

"You're welcome. I will see you soon Lady Dreamer."

"See you soon Lady Davet." The call ended there and she returned to the party.

She told Adam what was going on. He nodded in understanding. He didn't really like his aunt anyway. He was happy that nobody blamed him for her craziness.

"Alright everyone time for cake."

"Yay~" Many of the children and some of the adult exclaimed happily.

"Here you are sweetie." She handed Harry a slice of cake. "Who wants marble cake?"

Lucas, Severus, Sirius, and Augusta were some to have his cake. Nevile and the others ate the chocolate cake. It was split down the middle who had which cake. As soon as they were done the house elves cleaned up.

Once all the food was gone it was time for presents. Neville had given Harry his present first since he had already received his gift from Harry. Neville was, as usual, nervous as he gave it to him.

"I hope you like it."

Harry opened his gift and smiled. It was a charm bracelet. There was a black cat, green fairy wings, a potion vial, a pyramid, a gold wand, a black dog, a sand wolf, and a silver heart with a light purple L on it.

"The cat is Nick, wings are you, potion vial is Severus, pyramid is Fay, wand is Alexandre, dog is Sirius, wolf is Remus, and the heart is Lucas, right?"


"I love it."

"I'm glad. I wasn't sure since it's not as good as yours."

"Of course it is Nev."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is. You gave me something that will help me at school. Now I will have a piece of my family around when I'm at school. That is just as good as my present to you. I truly love it. Thank you."


"Yes really."

"You're welcome."

Harry smiled at his best friend as he put the bracelet on. He kissed his cheek. They then went on to open more presents. Lucas gave them his gifts to them. Neville opened his first.

It was a book. The book was on rare magical plants. It had been written by a flower fairy. The best part of the book was that you could smell and feel the plants that were illustrated in the book. Neville hugged Lucas.

"This is amazing Lucas. Thank you."

Lucas hugged him back. "You're welcome. I had already gotten you this book when Harry asked for my help so I figured there was no harm in giving it to you."

"It's great."

"I know."

Neville laughed before looking at Harry. "Your turn Ry!"

Harry nodded and unwrapped his gift from his mate. He stared at it in shock. The contents really surprised him but he loved it.

It was a locket. It was gold and in the shape of a cat. Harry picked it up and saw the engraving on the one side that said: Harry J. Potter-Davet mate of Lucas C. Davet. The eyes of the cat were emerald green. He opened it to see a picture of him and Lucas on one side and on the other a picture of the rest of his family.


"I wanted to get you something that would help you when you missed us as well as something to let everyone know to keep their filthy hands off."

"It's beautiful."

"I'm glad that you like it."

"Possessive much?" Severus drawled out. A wicked smirk was on his face.

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"


"Sorry mere."

"Sorry Fay."

Neither one sounded very sorry. Many laughed as Fay shook her head in exasperation. Boys indeed.

"Can you put this on me?" Harry asked Lucas.


"Now I am purrfect." He giggled and kissed his cheek.

Fay was the next to hand them their gift. Each received a leather bound journal. Harry's was black with a purple cat etched onto it. His name was at the bottom in emerald green lettering. Neville's was brown with forest green fairy wings and his name it sapphire blue at the bottom.

"Thanks mum." She hugged him.

"You're welcome."

Neville was next to me hugged as he too thanked her. He was like a third child to her so it wasn't that big of a deal. She was overjoyed that they both loved their gifts. Augusta stood and gave them her gifts.

"Harry could you wait to open yours?"

Harry shrugged. "Yeah."

Neville unwrapped his present. Inside was a gold pocket watch with the Longbottom crest engraved on it. Neville looked at his gran.

"It belonged to your grandfather. He died after your parents had been attacked. He had given it to him when he was eleven so I thought it was only right for you to have it."

"Thanks gran." He hugged her tightly. "Can we go see them later?"

"Of course. Your turn Harry."

The young neko nodded and opened his gift. His was also a pocket watch but his was silver instead and had the Potter crest. He looked at the women in confusion.

"As you know Alice was your godmother. Your parents had given me this when they went into hiding incase you were attacked. I figured that it was time for you to have it. You have the Potter heir ring already I know but-" She was cut off by Harry hugging her.

"Thank you."

"You are welcome dear."

"Here you brats go." Severus handed them their gifts. "Just because I won't be teaching you doesn't mean I will allow you to fail potions."

They both unwrapped a potion journal for each of them as well as advanced potion kits. He made them promise to use them under the supervision of a potion master. They hugged the dark haired man who patted them on the head.

"Thanks Severus."

"Thank you."

"You both are very welcome."

Sirius was next but he only handed Neville a gift. "I want to give your gift from me in private."


Neville unwrapped his gift. Inside was a baby book. Neville looked confused and opened it. He found that it was his baby book.

"It turns out your parents left it at the Potters. I had gone there to see what had been damaged when I found this. I was having it fixed since some of it had gotten burned."

Neville teared up as he hugged the man. "Thank you." He breathed out.

"You are most welcome."

Many turned away to let Neville have his moment. Once he had calmed down Remus gave them their gifts. Harry unwrapped his to find some new cat toys. Harry grinned at the werewolf.

"Thanks uncle Remy."

"Not a problem kitten."

Neville had gotten some new seeds from the muggle world. Neville hugged him.

"Thank you."

"Of course. What is a great greenhouse without muggle plants."


Alex and Nick had gotten them a joint gift. They both unwrapped it. It was a computer that ran on magic. Alex was the one to explain.

"In the last year the academy has integrated computers into the school. It is a neater and faster way of doing essays as well as looking things up. They found that it helped to reduce stress. The printer will come tomorrow."

"Thanks you too."

"You're welcome. Later on Nick will show you both how to use it."


They opened the rest of their gifts. They thanked each and everyone that gave them one. There was one gift that they didn't open and had been destroyed. Layla had snuck a gift for Harry in and no one was please.

Her mum was very angry. She had cursed a hair clip and gave it to an 11 year old. The curse would activate whenever Harry was aroused and cause him pain. Oh she was so going to get it when her father finally found her.

They played some more games before their friends began to leave. Luckily they were all going to the academy or went to the sister school for non-magical creatures. That meant they could see each other throughout the year.

Once everyone was gone Sirius gave Harry his gift. "This is for you."

He unwrapped it to find a ring box with the Black family crest on it. "Thanks." He opened the lid and gasped. "This is the Black family heir ring."

"Yes it is."


"I'm infertile Harry. I will never be able to have children."

"You could-"

"After so many years in Azkaban I am not fit to raise a child."

"What about Nymphadora Tonks?"

"Her mum and I agreed on this. You are my heir."

Harry smiled and hugged his godfather. "Okay. Thank you."

Sirius took the ring out of the box. It was gold with a black diamond in the middle. It was surrounded by amethysts. Engraved on the black diamond was the family crest. He put it on Harry's hand and it merged with the Potter heir ring. It was now a burnt gold with a black diamond center and two rubies on either side. The Potter and Black crest was engraved on the black diamond.

"I love you kitten."

"I love you too uncle Siri."