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The Marriage Project

Chapter 16

Third Person

Austin stared at her sleeping face, plastered on the bus window instead of resting on his shoulder, not that he would have minded if she decided to go with the latter. He found it funny how innocent she looked when she was asleep, an hour earlier she was anything but. He could still taste her lip- gloss and feel her lips moving over his. Temptation wasn't something he was exactly familiar with until he met her.

He was Austin Moon.

Girls couldn't resist him.

They fell at his feet.

And would do anything he asked of them with just a snap of his fingers.

All except one.

This one actually, shook her head pityingly at any girl under his arm, rolled her eyes and continued walking on in the sidelines.

She caught his eye.

Who was this brown haired girl and why didn't she find him attractive? Her actions, he never truly understood. But they definitely did land her a spot at the back of his mind. Although he didn't think much about her due to having a new distraction every three weeks he certainly did spare her some of his thoughts occasionally.

And this was before he officially met her.

Then they were partnered for this project. Yeah she seemed normal at first (not that she wasn't after he got to know her better) but he pinned her as a shy, only-cares-about-her-grades type of girl, at first. Being the flirtatious guy he obviously was he tried some of his charm on her, getting ready for the ongoing cycle of flirt date and ditch, when she rolled her eyes at him. She had a backbone after all. And it was this, her witty remarks and her sassiness which intrigued him. Never having met a girl like her, he stuck around. It kept going like this. And the more he advanced to have something happen between them the more she resisted.

Until this trip.

And that's where it all clicked.

They were their closest during this trip, in his opinion. They fought, they cuddled (although he might have suffered some seriously painful rib bruising from her kicks, it was still worth it). Finally, they kissed. More than once. And she initiated two of them!

He chuckled at the thought and looked over at her.

He liked kissing her. The way she responded to him was different. Every time he touched her she responded one way or another. It's like she knew exactly what to do to him to turn him on. Like she knew what he liked. Kissing her came to be one of his top favorite activities. He only wished he knew what it meant to her.

He really couldn't say that after this project he would go back to just thinking about her occasionally while she continued running around school like the little wallflower she attempted to be.

Nope. Too late to turn back.

He was attracted to her from before the beginning, he realized. And now that they had kissed. And he liked it, he would continue to pursue her. He was determined to.

Without thinking about it his hand reached over to shake her tense shoulder.

Thinking back about their experiences at the hotel...They never did finish playing twenty-one questions did they?

Would they ever finish?

"Ally." he whispered.

She stirred, shaking her head before murmuring a few nothing's.

He tried again, pushing against her shoulder with more force while making her name come out of his mouth with a louder tone.

Two weary brown eyes stared back at him. "What?" came out her hoarse voice, he almost didn't recognize it. She pushed herself up. No longer leaning on the window she threw her hair up in a ponytail.

He stared as she tightened it before moving her head slightly, every tiny move made her hair swish back and forth, he noted. "I'm bored."

She stared back at him, an emotionless look on her face. "So you woke me up because you were bored?" she concluded.

He seemed at a loss for words, not sure how to respond. "Pretty much." He watched her eyes drift to his lips before quickly coming back up to meet his gaze. He held back a smirk, gaining his confidence back. Does this mean she enjoyed kissing him as much as he did?

She rolled her eyes before turning her head to look out the window, she pulled out her iPod along with her earphones before plugging them into her ears and closing her eyes. Her attempt at relaxing didn't last too long as someone had pulled out her right earphone.

Austin's puppy dog eyes stared at her cautiously. "Ally, please talk to me."

"Isn't that what I'm doing-"

"I mean really talk to me. For once I actually don't want to bicker with you." he interrupted.

Her silence was enough to answer one of the questions that had been lingering about in his head. She didn't want to talk about their kiss. Well, too bad, because he was ready to and was determined to get her to talk to him about it.

The awkward silence was still filling the air by the time he came out of his thoughts.

Since she wouldn't talk to him directly, he'd just have to figure out another strategy.

And he already had one up his sleeve.

"How about we play twenty-one questions again?" he suggested.

Ally shrugged only to nod her head seconds later. Playing that stupid game was better than talking about the kisses they had shared. And she wasn't sure if she was prepared to be put on the spot and get interrogated because knowing him, he was always after one thing and if they were answers he was after, he would find a way to get them.

"Great." he grinned. "I'll go first."

She sighed. "Fine."

She saw his eyes hold some kind of victorious glint in them.

"Are you attracted to me?" he fired, unconsciously leaning closer to her smaller frame. "Don't lie. We both know I'll figure out the truth eventually."

Ally turned her head sharply towards his direction, shocked. What?! She forced a laugh along with a snort. "You already know the answer to that question, but, I wouldn't mind repeating it in hopes of crushing you ego. I mean sure it won't completely destroy it but one baby step at a time right?" she replied, praying she pulled off the confident act nicely.

He hummed, setting a lightly playful gaze on her, fighting away at a smirk. So that's how they were going to play... "That's an interesting answer. Unfortunately for you, your actions from earlier say otherwise, therefore no, I am not offended. In fact, I'm more confident than ever."

She blushed at him bringing back the memories from earlier, not even attempting at denying his statement like she would have. The events from earlier demonstrated a side from her she wasn't familiar with. "I'll go next." she quipped, raising an eyebrow before her Bambi eyes looked up, deep in thought about what to ask him.

"Take your time." replied Austin, his tone dripping with sarcasm after a few minutes of watching her ponder. He wasn't complaining though. It was adorable watching her eyes roam the room after eventually getting tired of staring up at the ceiling. "Okay you know what I'll go again because you're just stalling now."

Ally's eyes flashed with exasperation. "I'm not stalling!" she cried out.

"Right." trailed off the blonde with the same tone he used before. "Anyways, here I go, oh something tells me you are going to love this one; why did you kiss me?"

Fighting off the blood rushing to her pale cheeks was pointless. She gulped. She knew exactly why she did it. But she couldn't let him know that. She couldn't be falling for him. She wasn't. Or, at least she should have been. That line was getting blurrier the more she spent time with him. "Why did you kiss me?!" Ally fired back accusingly in response, crossing her arms.

"What are you talking about?"

Her famous emotionless expression came back to take it's rightful place in decorating her features. "Come on Austin. You're smarter than that. Why did you kiss me that night in the hotel while I was sleeping?"

Austin stared at her, gone was his playful aura, now disbelief covered his facial features. "You don't need me to tell you that one. You're intelligent. I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out, sweetheart." he retorted, sounding angrier by the second. He didn't know what he was growing mad about, maybe it could possibly be over the fact that she just wouldn't open up to him because she was just that damn stubborn. Or maybe because he had finally figured out what he felt for her and she hadn't, or just didn't feel the same way for him.

Ally's already intense glare sharpened at his voice. "I haven't figured it out for your information." she snapped. "I might have made my pretty little assumptions but in the end I tore them all down because I figured they were impossible."

Austin's body absentmindedly slid closer to Ally's smaller frame, their chests close to touching. "And what are your pretty little assumptions, huh?" his voice taking on an accusing tone.

The small girl's powerful glare only hardened. "You don't need to know-"

Austin's features slightly softened, but his tough exterior remained intact. "Did it honestly ever cross your mind that maybe I-"

A gasp interrupted his following sentence.

He looked for the person who gasped expecting to find a pair of eyes surrounded by mascara or eye lines or whatever girls wore these days only to come into contact with icy blue eyes which belonged to none other than Dez. Surprised, Austin turned his head; observing everyone who had just experienced their conversation. His eyes scanned the room once more before looking back at the girl sitting next to him and shaking his head. "Never mind," he murmured. He took a deep breath and slouched his body, setting his vision on the bus roof instead.

Trish's head peeked at them from the bus seat in front of them, mouthing words Ally couldn't determine.

One single thought kept nagging at her throughout what was left of their bus ride, what was Austin trying to tell her?

Ally searched for her father's car the minute they had all arrived at Marino High.

Of course he wasn't there. Running around Sonic Boom probably distracted him so much he forgot to pick up his one and only daughter.

The stares most girl's had been giving her since they got off the bus felt like little knives prickling lightly at her skin. Austin's almost confession had unfortunately returned the limelight to her.

Dez and Austin sat on a bench not too far from her. She raised her eyebrows at both the serious look on their faces. After all, seeing the great Austin Moon without that wolfish smirk of his not taking over his handsome features was a rare occasion.

Ally shifts her gaze to the moaning girl hauling her luggage behind her. Trish. "Ugh, sitting next to Dez is probably the hardest thing I've had to do in my entire life."

Ally hummed and shrugged. Attempting to make any conversation was out the window seeing as she wasn't exactly in the mood to do that, and even if she was, her mind would drift off so many times she wouldn't have heard anything anyways.

Trish clearly didn't take the hint. "So, that thing that happened on the bus was... Interesting?" her voice carried a high pitch near the end. "I almost smacked Dez across the face for interrupting you and Austin just when it was about to get good."

Ally's head snapped towards Trish's direction, confusion placed on her face. "What do you mean? And gosh it was so embarrassing having everyone stare at us, I never wished to disappeared way more than in that moment."

The shorter of the two snorted. "Yeah, clearly. You were shrinking so much into your seat you were practically blending into it."

"You can't blame a girl for trying." muttered Ally, humorlessly through her teeth.

Trish's glorious look was immediately wiped off her face at seeing how irritated Ally was becoming. And the brunette couldn't agree more with that statement. The last thing she needed was to have someone rub in how pathetic she probably looked.

The Latina looked sheepish. "Sorry." she used the same tone her facial features were presenting. "But, anyways, it kind of surprises me how Austin would just confess his love for you in the bus." her tone took on disgust at saying the word. "I'd thought he would've done something more romantic seeing as how he kept insisting that we watch some old chick flick back at the hotel. Oh, and he listens to a lot of cheesy romantic music, his phone play list could be used for a Valentine's Day commercial."

Ally stared at Trish surprised, her eyes practically turned to spaceships. "Wait, when did you go through his phone?"

The saucy girl shrugged in response. "He just left it laying round in your hotel room so I decided to go through it." she stared at her best friend with a shameful look on her face. "I'm serious though Ally, he's got all of Taylor Swift's albums synched in there." she shudders.

Ally Dawson was never the nosey type. In fact, she hated nosey people which was odd considering her best friend was Trish and that girl stuck her nose in anywhere if it called for her attention. So she didn't understand why Trish going through Austin's phone mattered so much.

"Oh. Um, well, did you find anything else...?", at the confused look Trish was sending her way Ally shrugged, nonchalant, "You know like embarrassing pictures or-"

"No I didn't find his nudes if that's what you're to say."

The brunette's mouth dropped down to the floor. "That isn't what I meant!" she protested. She was thankful he didn't actually take pictures of intimate parts of his body because knowing her best friend, she would've discussed every single detail of them whether Ally wanted to or not.

Trish's features suddenly lit up like a light bulb. "Oh oh oh!" she piped. "I almost forgot, he has this picture of you as his lock screen, although it's not exactly flattering."

Ally's eyes nearly popped put of her sockets. "What?!"

"I don't know, I think you're both laying down... Anyways, he's holding his phone above both your faces and he's grinning and you're sleeping but your mouth is open and you might have been snoring from the looks of it."

He had a picture of them both as his lock screen.

Why did her chest feel funny? She didn't like him. Nope. She was angry. Or, atleast she should be angry at him for taking a picture of her while she was sleeping and setting it up on his phone for everyone that grabbed his to see, and it didn't help that she in a horrible state in the picture.

No wonder he always chuckled and glanced at her every time he clicked his phone on.

Her father's old beat up car pulled up in front of her. She looked back at the bench Austin and Dez were sitting on. Gone. Bidding Trish a goodbye she got in the old car.

That fluttery feeling still lingered in her chest, and she didn't know what to do.

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