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"Goodnight Pony. Night Darry." I can make out Soda's smile in the dark as he drifts off.

"Get some sleep Ponyboy, we'll still be here in the morning." Darry's voice is heavy with sleep and it's not very long until his breathing slows and evens.

I look out to the stars twinkling outside the window. Their light illuminates the room, coating everything in a bright white blanket. The moon sits high in the sky, smiling down at the Earth. I play with the hem of my shirt as a yawn escapes. Leaning back against the bed, I close my eyes. Sleep creeps up on me until something slams out in the hallway. Stupid nurses. There's lots of hushed yelling before the silence fades back in.

I turn back to the night sky, all tiredness gone. A burst of light runs across the dark. A shooting star. What was that saying Mom would say when we saw one? I close my eyes, a memory flooding through.

We were outside one night. I was four, almost five. I leaned back into her as I sat on the porch railing. The night breeze whistled through the trees, the stars brightening everything. A streak shot through the clear sky, a shimmering trail following in its path.

"Did you see that Ponyboy?" her voice was warm against my ear. The smell of her perfume- of flowers- swirled around me.

I close my eyes, the one thing I want obvious in my mind.

I nodded, marveling in the star's afterglow.

"That was a shooting star; you have to make a wish now."

I had closed my eyes, thinking of something to wish for.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight." I whispered in the quiet hospital room. I leaned against the bed, almost feeling the silky material of her nightgown pressing reassuringly into my back.

"Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight." She finished.

Suddenly, the wish came to me and I shut my eyes extra hard. I moved my lips along with the statement, concluding with a yawn.

"What'd you wish for baby?"

"I wished that you and Daddy will stay with me, Sodapop, and Darry forever." I threw my arms around her neck happily as she carried me back into the warmth of the house.

"I wished that everything'll be back to normal. That this was all just one big scary dream. You and Dad are still alive, Johnny and Dallas are still here, I don't have cancer. That I'll be back home, waking up from Soda and Darry tickling the life out of me soon."

"What'd you say Pone?" a smooth voice, husky with sleep, breaks into my mind.

"Nothing Soda, I just can't sleep." I lie.

"Okay, well, keep trying." his breathing turns quiet within minutes.

I flick a smile back toward the 'Man in the Moon' and lay my head against the pillow. The dark veil of sleep covers over me, a heart-breakingly sweet dream taking place.

A bright green field surrounds me. The sky is just as- if not more- blue as Dallas' eyes. A couple puffy white clouds roll through. The whole setting is very light and cheery. I look out in front of me, squinting against the sun.

"Pony!" I know that voice. It clicks and I'm filled with shock.

No way. It's not possible.

I'm tackled into a hug before I get the chance to turn around. The arms wrap around me tightly, stronger and more confident than before he died.

"C'mon, man, lay off 'im a little." the New York accent chuckles. As soon as it hits my ear, I just about throw myself at the blonde.

Johnny sheepishly lets me go, shaking his bangs to cover his eyes. His scar is gone, along with all other cuts and bruises. His dark eyes are bright, not as scared and hurt as the previous ones I've seen. Dally stands back a little like he owns the place, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. Good old Dally. Same as always.

I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out so I'm stuck staring at the two like a fish gasping for air.

"Shut your mouth kid, it's just us." Dal flips his collar up, a smile playing at the corners of his lips.

"It- It's good to see you guys." I stutter out, shaking off the shock.

A smile plants itself against my face and- even though I know he'll kill me- I run up to Dally and wrap my arms around his waist, stuffing my face into his shirt. I breathe in the familiar mix of cologne and cigarette smoke.

"What the hell?" his voice sounds almost appalled.

I let go, backing up slowly, ready to bolt if he's pissed. His blue flames aren't as high as they used to be, some compassion and caring floating through them.

"You tell anyone about that and I'll fucking skin you." I smile and he gives me an incredulous look.

"What was that look for?" I cock an eyebrow.

"You're a weird kid, Pony." He laughs loud, tossing his head back.

I turn to Johnny and return the earlier hug. "Why are you guys here?"

"We wanted to see you. Your mom and dad told us to come too. Said you needed to see us."

Sitting down, I breathe in the smell of freshly cut grass, mumbling a quick, "I'm scared."

"We all are." Johnny's voice is quiet beside me.

"But you guys know what'll happen." I frown, fiddling with the green blades.

"Just cause we're dead and in heaven don't mean we can see into the future. We're not psychics, idiot." Dally's eyes soften a little but he doesn't shed the old shell of hatred.

"We don't know anything. We're just as much in it as you are Ponyboy." Johnny says.

"What ever happened with that Bob Sheldon? He up here too?" I try to change the subject. I'd rather not talk about my death. Especially like it'll happen soon.

"Yeah. He's awful scary though. Sure don't like me, that's for sure. I bet he'd kill me if I wasn't already dead. Y'know, for revenge."

I choke back a noise that tries to escape my throat. I almost forgot they were dead. It's like they're right here next to me. Alive.

The whole scene gets blurred for a second, a "Pony, wake up." filling my ears. No. Not yet. Please.

"You gotta go, Pone." Johnny smiles sadly.

"I don't wanna. I want to stay with you guys." I shake my head, balling the grass in my fist as if it'll keep me planted to the ground.

"We'll see ya later, kid." Dal walks over, ruffling my hair.


"Keep fighting Ponyboy. Everything'll be okay. I promise." Johnny's voice echoes out, the bright blue skies being replaced by an off-white hospital ceiling.

Soda smiles happily, already grabbing the phone at my side to call for breakfast. Darry stretches in his makeshift bed, rolling his eyes with a laugh as he hears Sodapop talking to the nurses downstairs.

"Order enough food there?" he asks when Soda hangs up.

He sticks his tongue out at Darry, pretending to get shot when Dare fakes his hands as a gun.

"I've been shot!" he yells dramatically.

"Hush Soda, there's people sleeping still." Darry laughs.

I sure hope you're right Johnny. I'd hate to have to leave them. It was amazing seeing you two again, can't wait until next time.

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