An old man walked through a forest. He was known as Son Gohan. He was a martial artist taught by the Turtle Hermit. As Gohan walked through the forest, he saw what looked like a meteor hit the ground near his house. When he arrived at home, he saw what the meteor was. It was a silver grey pod with a red see through circle that served as a window for whatever's inside it. A hatch slowly opened at the front of the pod. Once the hatch door reached the ground, a creature stepped out. It was mainly a greyish white with tan colored under arms and thighs. A tan tail with a brown tip came from out the back. It had summer sky blue eyes, and matching color plates on the shoulders, scalp, and solar plexus. A white bone like structure circled around the scalp with an opening for a light brown face with parts of it looking tan. The areas in question were on the outer edges of the eyes going straight down and ending at the circumference of the face opening. It had two black horns that jutted out from the sides of the head and black lips. The creature had armor with shoulder pads jutting out from the side and a gadget that covered the left ear and had a lime green see through screen that covered the left eye. It didn't seem to notice Gohan as it scanned the area. Gohan was surprised when he heard it speak English.

"Perfect!" said the creature. It took off the armor and eyepiece and put them in the pod. "All I have to do is not be seen by the indigenous life on this planet and." It turned around and saw Gohan staring at it. "…how long have you been there?" asked the creature.

"Since you came out of the pod" said Gohan. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to this planet to decide my future" said the creature. "My brothers and father said that all races need to be subjugated to gain peace while my late mother and my sister said the opposite. I came here to see what kind of path I should follow."

"I see" said Gohan. "Deciding between what two parents call the truth is a task that will split you in two if you're not careful."

"I know" said the creature. "Even if I choose a path, I don't have the strength to back it up."

"I could teach you martial arts" said Gohan.

"You could?" asked the creature. "Thank you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Frost. I'm an Ice-jin prince."

"My name is Son Gohan" said Gohan. "I'm a member of the human race." The two shook hands and headed to Gohan's cottage.