A/N:Hi this is my first fan fiction .R/R I hope you like !Sorry it's so short FFN likes to eat words.

Katniss' pov

Today is not going to be a good day.I can feel it."Get up brainless".I hear Johanna say.I know it's probably not wise of me to make her mad but what the hell someone has to feel my pain right.I groan and throw the blanket back over my head.'What the hell Jo!"I is going to be the worst day of my life,can't she just let me stay in bed .

"You have to get over him, it'll be hard,I know but still you have to try,Marvel isn't that hot anyway."Marvel,stupid son of a dickard,was my first.I did not give him my virginity,at least I still have that,but he was everything else my first crush,my first kiss,my first love,and my first heartbreak."Oh God Johanna I told you never to say his name again"Even though it's been four months since he broke up with me,ever since then I've guarded myself and my heart.

I can't seem to get him out of my mind,and today of all days is not helping very much with that our supposed to be two year anniversary."C'mon Katniss we're gonna be late for school",she says pulling me out of bed."I don't care let me die here".I know it's a little over dramatic but hey,if not me then who shall I be,and me,I'm known for dramatics."You want to see blondie blue eyes don't you?",Jo's got me there.

I've only seen him once and that was at a bakery named Mellark's Pastries. I didn't even get his name.I only over heard him saying that he was transferring from Ravenwood Academy to Panem High. From the moment his eyes met mine,I couldn't look eyes are just so blue and full of life that you would be stupid not to love him. God Katniss,what the hell!There you go with that freaking word .I loathe the person who came up with the word that has me barely even alive,but Jo says she has a feeling that Blondie blue eyes can change all that.