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Peeta's Pov

I can't believe she called off the date. I can't believe she called of the fucking date. She didn't even tell me why. She just called it off and then hung up.

I dial her number repeatedly but it keeps going to the busy signal. What did I do to deserve this?

I sigh and then slump down in her doorstep. Oh did I mention that I'm in front of her house, with two bouquets of flowers. Dandelions since there her favorite, and then I got Prim Primroses for obvious reasons.

I had come earlier than planned so that we could've spent more time together before I took her to the restaurant where I had made dinner reservations. It was all going to be so perfect.

First I was going to take her to 'The Blur Lagoon' which is a fancy restaurant overlooking the sea. After dinner I was going to take her to a deserted field, where I set up a target with a bow and some arrows because after a long talk with Prim, I know that she has a knack for archery.

After that I was going to end our date in a meadow. I know that besides her protests, she has a soft spot for flowers, which is one of the many reasons why she is so attached to Prim and Rue. That is why I brought her the flowers, not as some cheesy gesture that you only see in movies.

I don't know how long I sit there, but it's awhile before I hear their front door open and tiny feet patter towards me.


Katniss Pov

I sit in my car as I break down and cry. I don't know why I called off the date. I really like him and I thought that we could've gone somewhere. I just really thought that he would've known about Finnick and Glimmer because he's Finnick's best friend.

Now here I am with tear stained cheeks, wishing that I never called it off. I have considered calling him back and telling him that I didn't mean it, but I broke my phone. That and I am pretty sure that he wouldn't take me back.

I have to go or else I'm gonna be in big trouble. So ttyl.