I made up some names and I put together the story of the whole Games in this creative way. Dandelion is a teenage Capital citizen who intently watches the 74th Games. Watch as they unfold. I was suffering writers block with Johanna's story, so I put together this. :) Enjoy! The death order is from the book, but I took some elements from the movie. And, anyone who reads this? If you like my writing, do you mind voting on the poll on my page to see which story I'll do next? I don't know which want I want to do. ;p

"It's here!" My younger brother, Chip, ran through the house, his tiny feet hitting the carpet with quick, little thuds. "Mom! Dad! Danni! The Reaping is on!"

I dashed out of my room, eager to watch. It was the 74th Games, and I was extra excited because it was the first year I could bet. I had just turned seventeen and was now officially able to choose which tribute I liked best and thought would survive longest. I planned to sponsor one as long as they live. Maybe even two. I'd been saving money just for this occasion and now had more than a thousand dollars.

Throwing myself on the couch, I turned the TV up just as my mom started to say something. "Shush! It's on!"

Ross Flickerman- the host of the Games and the brother of the interviewer, Caesar- appeared, a bright smile on his face. He was in the middle of his sentence, saying, "...I was amazed! This tributes are a tough bunch. I can't wait to see these Games! They're sure to be a good one!"

Chip, who had sat down beside me, scooted to the edge of his seat. I was already there on mine.

"Let's start with District 1, shall we?"

The stage appeared, the green-colored escort on top, holding the microphone. Flanking her were to giant glass bowls. The woman was just finishing her speech and then said, "Let's do ladies first, shall we?"

I crossed my fingers. District 1 was one of my favorite districts and their male tributes were always adorable. The girls were always beautiful but deadly and I envied that.

"Lace R-" The escort couldn't even finish. A blonde girl was yelling out, shoving people aside. "I volunteer!"

"We have a volunteer! What's your name?"

The girl, who was very beautiful, smiled. "Glimmer Carrington."

"Sounds farmilar..."
"Yes, because my uncle was a victor. Plaid Carrington."

"Oh, I recall him! Victor of the 47th Games, correct?"

"Yeah. I plan to follow in his footsteps."

"Alright. I give you your female tribute, Glimmer Carrington!"
Glimmer was followed by a handsome but not-so-cute volunteer named Marvel who eagerly took the place of a small boy named Denim. I didn't like how arrogant he was, though normally I find that attractive in a male.

Ross appeared, grinning. "Well that Glimmer's a beauty! And that boy; he's a strong one. I got my money on both of them. But these next two. Wow. See for yourself."

We were shown a slender, red haired man with a oddly shaved beard. He was very short and I laughed at his adorableness.

"Boys first." He called in a high pitch voice and I stifled back giggles. Then he pulled a slip out. "Briar Smith."

"I volunteer," a rather sexy voice called. I instantly decided I liked this tribute. From the crowd emerged a beautiful boy with blonde hair and peircing blue eyes. "I, Cato Bronell, volunteer as tribute for the 74th Hunger Games."

He mounted the stage and shook hands with the short man, towering over him. The escort nodded at him and turned back to the stage. "Ladies next."


"I volunteer as tribute!" An angry-sounding voice yelled out. A small girl who looked a bit mentally disturbed jumped on the stage and looked at Cato as if saying, "I dare you to challenge me."

"What's your name?"
"Clove Reeves."

"I present your tributes, Cato Bronell and Clove Reeves!"

Ross appeared again as the tributes tensely gripped hands. "Well, those two are really something special. They have my bets. Now here are then next tributes."

I watched the two tributes, Electra and Xavier, be called up by the neon-green escort. Ross commented they looked like a smart bunch. Then Arabella and Cooper came up from 4, to which Ross noted Arabella's strong appearance and Cooper's young innocence. Then Lynch and Malia from 5 came, followed by a weak pair from 6 I didn't pay much attention to, though I heard their names; Hyde and Tally. I felt a pang of sadness for the later, who was at the sweet age of 14, though she'd never reach any older.

Jason and Paisley from 7 were both strong and I immidiatly figured they'd make it past the first day, but I would never place my bets on them. Coil and Thimble from 8 were both weak, despite Thimble's deteremined face, and Logan and Wren were no different, though Wren seemed like someone I would befriend, had we been born in the same place. Jayden and Tawnie from 10 were weak, but the male from 11, Thresh, was more than six foot tall and most definatly was strong and would make it to the final five. The female was just twelve but her silent determination made me not count her out. Finally, a thin girl from 12 named Katniss who volunteered for her small sister who was similar to Rue from 11. Then Peeta, who was strong but looked like he'd already given up.

Ross came on for the thirteenth time. "So. Those last two seem promising. Katniss must have some capability if she thought she stood a better chance than her sister. And Peeta has some muscles on him! Alright, that concludes our reapings. Tune in on Wednesday to see the parade! I can't wait! This is Ross Flickerman, signing out."

The screen flashed with some pictures of the tributes boarding the trains. Some smiled at the camera (Marvel and Glimmer), some scowled (Cato and Clove), and some just stared (Coil and Thimble).

I sat back. Who should I put my money on? I, of course, would have to wait until the training scores because those were the way you trully found who was best. Looks could be decieving, after all.

I liked them all. Cato and Clove probably had my support, though. District 2 tributes almost always got 9's or 10, which were normally the highest between all the participants. I think they were safe bets.

"I like the cat girl," Chip chriped from beside me. I'd forgotten him.


"Yeah. I like her. I bet she'll win."

"Nah, Chip, I don't think so."

"Yeah she will."

"Whatever. I have to go meet Mint at the park. Bye, Chip. Tell Mom and Dad. I'm gone."


As I left, I glanced in the mirror. Those I wasn't as... colorful as some of the other Capital citizens, I was still a lot brighter than the district kids. My hair was black, streaked pink and blue, and my eyes had blue and pink contacts on each eye. My clothes, right now, were a black jacket, black skinny jeans, black combat boots, and black gloves. I like black.

I ran a hand through my short hair, smoothing the long bangs down. If I flattened my hair it would be down to my belly button, but I bunched it up on my head so it was only to a little below my armpit.

I walked out, avoiding people. I accidentally bumped into a woman and she wobbled on her large heels before regaining her balance and scurrying along, piping, "Sorry, dear."

I never understood why everyone else talked so weird. I spoke like a normal person. Well, what I think a normal person would sound like. I sound a lot like the District people. Everyone here looked down on me, but it was okay. I liked being different.

I reached the park and sat. A moment later, Mint came. She was just like them; her hair was the color of her name, her eyelids and lips the same, and her outfit was bright and obnoxious; pink skirt, striped pink tights, a mint colored shirt, and pink shoes. But she thought like me, so we were friends.

"Yo, Mint."

"Hey, Danni."

She sat down beside me. I looked at her. Her face was pale while mine was tan, she was decked out with makeup and I had nothing, and she was short while I was tall. Her hair was short, to her shoulders. While she was just like them, she still was my only friend, and she was really cool.

"Who's your favorite this year?"

She tilted her head. "Hmm. That's hard. Um, probably Cato, 'cause he's hot, and Rue, 'cause she's so cute."

I nodded. "Yeah. I like Clove, too."

"I didn't. She looked like a-"

"Yeah. But she could easily win, so..."


We sat there for a long time, the wind cold against our faces. After a while, she stood. "I gotta go."

"Okay. Bye, Mint."

"Bye, Danni."

I went home soon after, passing by the Bet Station, where you made your bets. It was closed and the square was empty. But on the large score board-like screen next to the small building was all the tributes. Next to their pictures, their name, district, age, height, and weight, along with some empty spaces which no doubt would soon have their training scores and odds. Soon I'd be putting my money on one of them.

Going home, I started to think about the tributes. Soon they'd all be dead. Maybe even Cato, as handsome as he was. I bet the other girls at school were raving about him.

Staring at my feet, I noticed that in the town square, they were replaying the reapings on the large screen beneath the clock. Currently, it was showing Katniss' reaping. I watched as a screaming Primrose was carried away by a handsome, brown headed boy who I supposed was a family friend. Katniss was trying to look strong, but fear radiated off her. I suddenly felt a twinge of remorse. Here, we thought of the Games as a form of entertainment. There, they must consider it a death sentence.

I thought about this until I got home, where I quickly forgot about it and continued on with my life while twenty-three kids just miles away prepared for their deaths.