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I sat in my normal spot, watching intently. Chip, once more, sat on the floor, looking up from his little trains.

Ross wasn't going to appear until the Bloodbath was over, because it would be too chaotic, switching between the tributes and the commentary. Now, they were showing flashes of each tribute in their launch room, just for a few seconds, and saying their name with it, their district, and their training score appearing in writing. My eye twitched slightly as Katniss appeared and I frowned.

Then the screen flashed to a view above the Cornucopia, slowly rotating. The tributes were rising up, cautiously eying the arena. Some looked sick. Others looked cocky and excited.

Then the countdown. I watched the tribute's faces closely, scanning for fear. I saw a flash of it in Marvel's eyes for a moment as he wondered if he may be one of the exceptions to the idea that Careers always made it past the Bloodbath. More fear in little Cooper of 4's eyes as he noticed Cato staring at him with a malicious look about him.

I blinked, and the gong had sounded, the tributes dashing towards the supplies or heading for the forest with nothing. I watched it unfold on the screen. The first act of violence, which the camera instantly zoomed into, was Katniss and Logan from 9 fighting over a small backpack. To my delight, which kind of scared me to be thinking like that, Clove threw a knife into Logan's back. He coughed up blood, must to Katniss' apparent disgust, and fell to his knees. Katniss stared at him a moment before running off.

Clove wasn't done yet. She wanted two victims. So she sent a knife in the 12 girl's direction, but Katniss used her backpack to shield her, ending up safely in the forest with a knife.

The District 2 girl threw a small fit, huffing and flushing, but then she turned her attention to the Paisley of 7. However, the camera switched to a view of the 10 female, Tawnie, as Marvel sent a spear into her chest. Tawnie gave a huff and then let out her last breath, her large, cow-like brown eyes huge.

Marvel was clearly on a role; now, he was pursuing the Paisley, who was battling with Thresh. Suprisingly, Marvel brought her down, even though she had one of the highest scores. That's exactly why I had been reluctant with Katniss.

Then he looked at Thresh, but the huge boy just shook his head and took off with a backpack. Then the 7 male, Hyde, got in his way, to which Thresh reacted by slashing his throat with a sword. Thresh quickly disappeared into the forest.

I'm sure there was other activity on the field, but the camera really liked Marvel right now. He was out of spears, though he seemed to notice the others peeking out of the Cornucopia, but now he took a knie from Paisley, who lay on the ground motionless, and tackled Coil of 8 as he ran by, stabbing him in the chest repeatedly.

The camera then went to Electra from 3, who was suprisingly tall. Still, her size didn't stop her from beind slashed in the neck by Lynch and his sickle.

Now, the camera went to the ever-beautiful Glimmer, who was currently stabbing Tally from 6. I felt a twinge of sadness as Tally screamed until she breathed her last breath, but I quickly forgot about it as Glimmer stood and ran to the Cornucopia, deciding to ditch the knife she'd used to kill Tally. Inside, she picked up a dagger but then the 6 male, Jason, walked in holding a sword, lifting it over Glimmer's back. Just then, though, Cato walked in and tripped Jason and then slashed him with his scythe.

Glimmer gave him a smile and then called, "Watch out!" Behind Cato, the 5 male, Lynch, was sneeking up behind him with a sickle. The 2 male looked at Glimmer. "You can take care of him." With that he left.

Glimmer gave a sadistic grin and pinned Lynch to a supply crate. She tilted her head to the side, smiling, and dug the knife into his stomach. Lynch cried out. "Oh, does that hurt?" She dug it in deeper and crooned, "Poor, poor Lynchy. Take a nap. You seem tired." Lynch's screams faded as he died. "Good night, Lynchy."

She stood, dusted her knees off, and turned, noticing the 9 female, Wren, hiding behind a crate, facing away from Glimmer. The Career gave another grin and slashed her knife across Wren's back. Then Glimmer stradled her from behind and stabbed into her victim's back several times.

Finally, the last victim; Cooper from 4. He was hiding behind a crate, as Wren had been, and he dashed out, heading for the forest, but Cato himself was hiding behind the Cornucopia itself and stuck his machete out, a grin on his face. Cooper's neck hit it and blood spurted, to my disgust, but the Bloodbath was over now.

I tilted my head and said down to Chip, "Why do you think they killed Cooper when he was supposed to be a Career?"

"He was so small and young. He'd be little use."

Chip was young but quite smart and we often discussed the Games together, him technical, me... untechnical.

"I see."

We were then shown the surviving tributes and what they were doing. First, we saw the Careers, who were attempting to pitch tents, but they were having fun; as Marvel fell to the ground, somehow, while trying to open the package the tent was in, and then fell on Clove, Glimmer cracked up. Cato gave a ghost of a smile and Clove was angry at first but then let out a small laugh. Arabella seemed slightly depressed by Cooper's death but even she giggled. Then, to my suprise, Peeta appeared out of the trees and said, "Hey, guys."

"So he's in the Career pack," I thought aloud. "Hmm."

Next came Xavier from 3, who was fumbling with some weird electronics in his pack while sitting safely in a well lit cave; the light came from a light he'd somehow made out of a laser gun he'd recieved in his pack. I wasn't scientific at all and I understood nothing about inventing, so besides noting his intelligence, I overwrote him as smart but likely to die soon.

Malia came next and I quickly noticed her brilliance. Now she was spying on the Careers, not having a pack, and waiting for them to sleep, since she kept eyeing their food supplies. They had sorted it all out and the 5 girl, who closely resembled a fox, planned to steal some in the night.

Thimble came after, from District 8. She was shivering on the ground in the forest, seeming to be unable to climb a tree. Then I noticed how her foot was twisted weird and I figured that she had tried to climb the tree but had fell and broken or sprained her foot, being forced to just sit there in the open nothing but a tiny pack.

Jayden, the 10 boy with a limp, was, like Xavier, settled down in a cave, lying in a sleeping bag and apparently doing just that; sleeping. After him Thresh was shown, sitting and snacking on beef jerky in the middle of a wheat field. Then Rue was shown, leaning against a tree and stradling it with her jacket wrapped around her and socks on her hands.

Finally, Katniss was wandering through the woods, looking thirsty. She kept licking her lips and her fingers fumbled with the lid of her water bottle.

Then Ross appeared. "What a bloody Bloodbath! That was wonderful! I'm sure now these will be a very Merry Hunger Games! Anyway, here's the statistics."

All of the tributes appeared on a grid, red X's over the deceased ones. Below their information, it said cause of death and who killed them. It was for anyone who had had to use the restroom or something during the Games.

I sighed and turned off the TV as Ross said, "Tune in next time!"

With a mighty yawn, I said, "I'm tired. I'm going to take a nap."

Chip nodded. "Okay. Did the tribute you bet on survive?"


"Who'd you choose?"

I paused as I stood and looked at him slowly. "Katniss."

He smiled, kind of freakily. "Good choice. Sleep well, Danni."

I frowned. "Thanks." With that I entered my room, lay down, and fell asleep.