First Creepypasta try. Seeing as how there was no Oliver and Company Creepypastas, I typed my own. I hope you guys like it and enjoy it. If you guys like it enough, I might make this into a chapter story rather than a one-shot. But, I'll leave that up to you guys. Let me know in a review if you wish for this to be a chapter story or be left alone as a one-shot. XD.



t had been a few months since I came to live with Jenny after what happened with Dodger and the gang a while ago. I missed them a lot but I got to see them every now and again, so that was nice. Right now, I was sitting on the bed, waiting for Jenny to get back from school so we could play and have some fun.

"Maybe I can go see Dodger while I wait for Jenny to get home. I'll be back before she even knows I'm gone!"

I jumped off the bed and went down the stairs and went over to the door and went through the little "doggy" or "kitty" door so I could get out. I ran to where my friends/ The air felt a bit weird as I walked into the place. It was the mess...More than it normaly was. I looked around.

"Guys? Hello?"

There was no answer from anyone.. Only quiet.. I started to get creeped out and went to leave, but a voice stopped me.

"Hello kid."

I stopped as I knew that voice. It was Dodger! The dog that showed me the ropes of the city, the one I looked up to.. I turned around.

"Dadger it's good to-" I stopped as I looked at him. His eyes were black and bloody, his fur was all dirty and bloody. He didn't look like the dog I came to know can care about.. "W-what happened to you?"

"Nothing kid.." he said, walking towards me. "Just got in a little... fight is all."

"But you're hurt! You need to get help!"

"Help? Ha! No-one wanted to help me after what happened.. Everyone left me, which is why I stayed here.. Alone.. I waited for you to come Oliver, so we could play and have fun like you want to.. Do you want to now?"

"Umm... S-sure.."

He grinned and the pounced on me. I yowled in shock and fear. I stared up into his black and bloody eyes shaking.

"D-Dodger what are you doing?"

"Play a little game with you, kid. Soon, you'll be like me.. And we can play together forever and ever.."

He then began to bit and tear away my flesh and fur. I cried out in pain trying to get away from him, but he kept a good grip on me. I laid on my side, blooding to death as he stood over me. Some fur and flesh was missing from my side and tail, one ear was ripped.. I stared up at him weakly. He smirked down at me.

"Night-night kid.. See you soon.." he said.

Everything then went black.