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Epilogue- December 9th, 2021 8:27AM

I can't help but feel somewhat sad as I load the last box into the Tundra. I know I'll be back in Alaska eventually. Everyone Annie and I know and love are here. Still, it's depressing knowing I'm never coming back here after a long day of work. I still can't help but feel excited though. Annie and I are moving to a beach in Florida. I have been saving up since I got out of the hospital over a year ago. Grandma Mags also left me a huge inheritance in her will. Over five million dollars were given to me. I was saving it for a special occasion like this.

Annie is crying as she hugs the Hawthornes, trying to awkwardly hug Johanna around her swollen belly, and hugging the newlywed Mellarks. "Y'all have to come down for Christmas to see the new house. We will probably have bought one by then." Annie doesn't know I bought us a two story house on the beach with a waterfall river rock fountain instead of a fireplace and stairs with an aquarium. Everyone else knows I bought the house, but have been keeping it a secret. The house with the location and renovations and furnishings were about one million dollars. I happily paid it. Only I know about the fortune my grandmother gave me.

When we have all said our goodbyes, Gale gets into the truck and drives Annie and me to the airport. He helps us check our boxes in. "It has been a blast, Gale."

Gale shrugs. "Why are you saying goodbye? You know as well as I do you two, Johanna and I, and Katniss and Peeta are going to Skype every night." He pauses and laughs. "You are also going to come up when Eloise is born."

Annie looks confused. "I thought y'all were having a boy? I thought y'all were going to name him Toby?"

Gale laughs. "We decided to not find out the gender. We're going to let me name her if it is a girl and let Johanna name him if it is a boy." Annie hugs Gale goodbye and he heads out.

Once we are good to go, we learn our flight has been delayed. I sigh. It means I have to wait that much longer to propose to Annie. I have one arm wrapped around Annie and the other in my pocket, messing with the little velvet box in my pocket. Somehow, I know she is going to say yes.

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