Hello everyone~! This story is a collaboration with Dogsrule~! She writes for Lovi, Luddy, Fran, Mattie, and Kiku, while I write for Feli, Toni, Gil, and Al~! We share the work for everyone else~! We hope you like this story! (Which, by the way, was her idea~! It's freaking awesome! XD))

"Are we seriously going to this damn place…..?" A dark-haired teen with a hair curl sticking up to the right side grumbled as he started up at the building in front of him. "And it's too damn close to the full moon now. We'll both be fucking sick tomorrow... How the hell are we going to explain that? Stupido nonno for being a dumbass."

Another boy, who looked almost exactly like the boy next to him but with lighter hair and a curl on the left side of his head, groaned softly. "Fratello... I'm so hungry..." he said, his stomach growling loudly. "Why didn't Nonno let us eat this morning? Is it because we would smell like bloody meat on our first day?"

The first boy facepalmed and groaned. "Why the hell would we smell like that? The only damn reason he didn't let us was because we're about to be late on our first damn day! He gave us money to buy something instead!" Then he calmed down and said, "But… You have that damn potion with you for lunch right….? The last damn thing we need is you fucking losing it tomorrow night. I already got mine in my backpack."

"Si~! Nonno gave it to me this morning so I wouldn't forget it. I put it in my bag~!" The boy was silent for a moment, then spoke. "Hey, Lovino? Is it just me, or does the school smell... strange?" he asked.

Lovino stopped and blinked before turning to look at the school and smelling the air near it. "Sì… It does…. Wonder why the hell that is…." Then he shrugged and said, "Well, we can't worry about that shit now, Feliciano. We better get in there. Aren't we supposed to meet some bastards in there and they give us a tour or something?"

"Veh~! Oh yeah~! Andiamo, fratello~!" Feliciano chirped, taking his brother's hand and yanking him into the building, ignoring the curses Lovino spat at him.

"You wouldn't believe just how gorgeous she was~! And her blood was just so delicious~!" A blond boy with long hair dramatically said as he pressed his fingers to his lips. "Oh how I wish I could see her again~!

The blonde male was smacked across the back of his head by the albino next to him. "Geez, Francis! You want the entire school to know what we are?" he hissed. His crimson colored eyes flashed in irritation.

"Oh Gilbert~! Calm down. No one is around to hear us," a cheerful Spanish voice said as the boy wrapped his arms around his injured friend. "Franny isn't going to get us caught~!" He nuzzled the blonde lightly, his curly brown hair tickling the Frenchman's neck.

Francis whimpered and clung onto Antonio (but still managed to get his hand under the Spaniard's shirt). "So mean… I was only commenting on her beauty…. There's nothing wrong with that! A-And we've already been going to this school for a while and no one has figured it out yet!"

Another, more stoic, blond with his hair greased back coughed to the all of their attention. "As much as I hate to admit it, but bruder has a point. We can't be too careful. AND we still need to plan for tomorrow night for when we go out." Then he stood up and gestured for the Spaniard to follow him. "Come on Antonio. We're supposed to show two new students around today. Apparently, they just moved to this town along with their grandfather."

"Oh right! I totally forgot~!" Antonio said, disentangling himself from his friend and following after Ludwig. "See you later guys!" he called over his shoulder, disappearing with Ludwig down the hall.

"We'll see you soon~!" Francis called after them and blew them a kiss. "Be sure to tell us ALL about them at lunch today~!"

After he finally pulled himself free, Lovino looked around the empty hallway and scoffed. "Figures. The bastards aren't showing up. Guess I'll just go get some damn food from the cafeteria then." He grumbled and started to walk off.

"A-Ah! Fratello! Aspetta! What if you get lost? Please just wait with me a little longer!" Feliciano cried, once again grabbing his twin's hand and holding him in place. "I don't wanna be alone!"

Lovino stopped and groaned. "Fine dammit. I won't leave. Just don't fucking cry again." Then he blinked and looked up. "Someone's coming."

Feliciano turned to look down the hall, his sensitive ears picking up footsteps. "V-Veh..." he said softly, moving back a few steps.

Lovino stepped in front of Feliciano and growled, baring his teeth a little.

"Do you see them yet?" A deep, German accented voice said a little ways down the hallway.

"I can see someone..." a Spanish voice answered. "Only one though. Unless the other is hiding..."

"F-Fratello," Feliciano whispered. "T-They smell weird." The younger boy was obviously frightened by these newcomers.

"N-No shit…. J-Just don't say anything dammit. They might be normal and we'll look like freaks," Lovino growled back at him and kept his glare on the newcomers.

The large blond walked up to them (but not too close) and said, "Er… Hallo. We're here to show you around school. You're the new students transferring here today correct?"

"What's it to YOU, bastard?" Lovino shot back and still kept Feliciano from view.

"Are you guys Lovino and Feliciano Vargas?" the brunette asked, spotting Feliciano's small form behind Lovino. "You don't have to be scared of us, chico. We won't hurt you. We're just going to show you around."

Slowly, Feliciano peeked out from behind his brother. The moment his gaze landed on the blonde, his eyes shot wide open and he stared stupidly.

Lovino didn't notice his brother's expression as he continued to glare and crossed his arms. "Damn…. I guess you are the bastards who are going to show us this damn place. But hurry up will you? I don't want to put up with a couple of bastards for too damn long."

The blond blinked as looked back at Feliciano with a confused expression on his face. "Er… Is something wrong? Do you need to go to the nurse's room?"

"He's fine dammit! Mind your own damn business you bastard!" Lovino growled at him. "Now will you just go get this damn tour shit over with already?!"

Antonio laughed. "Alright. I'm Antonio and I'm supposed to show Lovino around. We have all the same classes which is why I was picked. Which of you is Lovino?" he asked.

Feliciano could not rip his gaze from the attractive blonde. Something about him was just so... inviting...

Lovino slowly held up his hand and glared at Antonio. "Me, bastard. But what do you mean by 'all the same classes'?"

Ludwig walked over to Feliciano and said, "Er… Well... I guess that makes you Feliciano, ja? We have all the same classes as well."

"Veh..." Feliciano whispered.

"I mean that we have the same schedule. Every class you have, I do to," Antonio explained cheerfully.

"Ugh… Just what I need… A dumbass bastard in my every damn class….." Lovino grumbled then started down the hallway. "Well hurry up then! Let's get this over with!"

When the two were gone, Ludwig turned to Feliciano and said, "Er…. Well… My name is Ludwig and I'll be showing you the school today. Are you ready to go?"


"Finally, it's lunchtime…" Lovino grumbled to himself. "I was waiting all fucking DAY for it!" Then he froze when he glanced at a clock and muttered, "S-Shit…" before reaching into his backpack and pulling out a sports bottle and starting to drink from it.

Antonio glanced at the Italian curiously. "You alright, Lovi?" he asked.

Before Lovino could answer, the door to their classroom burst open, making everyone turn to see who it was. "FRATELLO!" Feliciano sobbed, running in and throwing himself on Lovino. "T-They stole it! A mean b-boy from my class stole it out of my bag and won't give it back!" he wailed.

"WHAT?!" Lovino roared and capped his own bottle. "WHO?! I'll beat the shit out of them! Where are they?!"

"I-I don't know! H-He had a mask on!" Feliciano cried.

Antonio stood up. "I know who you're talking about. That's Sadiq Adan," he said. "I can help you get back what he took if you like."

"R-Really?" Feliciano sniffled.

"NO!" Lovino shouted and started to the door. "I'LL take care of it! That asshole's going to pay for this!"

But before he could leave, the door opened up as Ludwig walked in carrying the bottle. Walking over to Feliciano, he held it out and said, "Here. I got it back for you. Don't worry. Sadiq is in trouble for it."

Feliciano pounced on Ludwig, hugging him tightly. "Veh! Grazie mille, Ludwig!" he said.

Lovino growled and yanked Feliciano away from the German. "There! You got it dammit! Let's hurry up and go to lunch already!" Then he started dragging him down the hallway.

Ludwig hung back for a minute and turned to Antonio. "Antonio? Does something seem… 'strange' about them to you…?" he asked quietly so the two Italians wouldn't overhear him.

"Strange how?" Antonio asked. "They certainly aren't normal by any means, but if you mean more like... our strange, then you'll have to be more specific."

Ludwig bit his lip as he thought about it. "Er… They're 'our' strange in a way… But different. I think we should keep a close eye on the two of them. Feliciano seemed to be very scared when that bottle got taken away. A little bit TOO scared." Then he started to walk again and followed the twins down the hall.

"Lovi has a bottle too. He kept watching the clock and when it hit a certain time he grabbed it out of his bag and started drinking it. He looked a little panicked," Antonio commented thoughtfully, following after Ludwig.

"So he did it too… I see…." Ludwig muttered then and started at Antonio. "But 'Lovi'?"

"Lovino. I call him Lovi 'cuz it's cute like him~!" Antonio said matter-of-factly. "Should we ask what's in the bottles to make them have that kind of reaction to it being taken away?"

Ludwig nodded and quickened his pace to catch up to the twins. "Ja… We really should."

In the hall, Feliciano unscrewed the cap from the bottle and took a drink. "That was really bad, fratello," he said as they moved down the hall. "I was so scared. I tried to get it back myself but I couldn't."

"Well that bastard would've paid for it later with you ripping his damn throat out because he was too damn stupido for his own good," Lovino scoffed and took another swig from his own bottle and made a disgusted face. "Ugh… I hate the taste of this shit."

"Si... We should see if we can find a way to make it taste yummier... Oh! Do you think we could make it taste like pasta?" Feliciano asked excitedly.

Lovino rolled his eyes. "It won't fucking work if we add anything to it remember?" Then he glanced back for a second and said, "But shut up about that before one of those bastards hear you."

Feliciano's face fell as he took another drink, repressing a shudder. "Oh yeah. I forgot..." he said miserably.

"Er… I have a quick question…" Ludwig said when he and Antonio reached the two. "What exactly is inside those bottles?"

"It's a damn vitamin our Nonno forces down our throats once a month," Lovino quickly said. "Now leave me alone, bastardo. I want to hurry up and get some damn lunch already." Then he took another quick swig and tried to hide his shudder at the taste.

"It doesn't seem like it tastes very good," Antonio said, noticing the shiver.

"It doesn't... But Nonno won't let us put anything in it to make it yummy," Feliciano said, taking a sip from his bottle.

"Will you stop fucking bothering us about shit like that?! Leave us alone!" Lovino growled then dragged Feliciano through the doors and straight into the cafeteria line for food.

"That was…. very strange…" Ludwig muttered as he watched the two leave.

"Si," Antonio agreed.

"Hey Toni! Bruder! Get your asses over here!" a certain albino called, standing up on his seat and waving his arms to get their attention.

Ludwig sighed and walked over to the table with Antonio.

As soon as the two sat down, Francis immediately asked, "So…. How are the new students? Are they cute~?"

Antonio nodded, smiling. "Si. I think so. Lovi is a very interesting person to be around. What do you think of Feliciano, Ludwig?" he asked.

Before Ludwig could answer, Francis cut in and said, with a perverted smile on his face, "Oh… Do I sense l'mour happening~? You seem quite taken for only just meeting."

Ludwig sighed and said. "Well... I supposed he's alright. But… They do seem strange though. Quite a bit like OUR strange..."

"Our strange, huh? Well, they don't look like blood drinkers... Unless that's what's in those bottles I keep seeing them drink from. Did you guys smell anything? " Gilbert asked, his face turning serious for once.

"No. I didn't smell blood. Lovi claimed it's a vitamin their Abuelo has them take once a month," Antonio said, glancing back at the twins who were paying and leaving the line.

"How about we discover how 'strange' these guys are then?" Gilbert suggested with a smirk, standing up and walking towards them.

Ludwig tried to call after him but the albino was already gone.

Lovino blinked and stared at the albino boy walking up to him and Feliciano. "What the hell do YOU want, bastardo?" He snapped.

"Since you boys are new here, the Awesome Me has decided to invite you two to sit with us," Gilbert said, motioning towards the table.

Feliciano looked over at the table and spotted Ludwig. Instantly, his entire face lit up and he nodded. "Si~! We'll sit with you~! You're really nice~!" he chirped.

Gilbert smirked. "I know," he said, leading Feliciano back to the table and leaving Lovino to follow.

Lovino growled and followed after his brother then flopped down at the table and glared at all of its occupants. "Why the hell are you bastards so damn interested in us anyway?" He spat.

"Oh come now~," Francis purred. "We're just trying to be nice." Then he turned to Antonio and Ludwig and winked. "But you WERE right~ They ARE cute!"

"Shut up you perverted creep!" Lovino yelled at him and balled his fists.

"Veh~! Ciao, Luddy~!" Feliciano said, sitting beside the younger German. "Grazie mille again for getting my bottle back from Sadiq~!"

Ludwig stared down at him. "Er… You're welcome. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your grandfather because you didn't take your vitamin."

"Why the hell aren't any of you bastards eating?" Lovino spoke up and asked when he noticed that the only two trays on the table were just Feliciano's and his. "All of you bastards can't just be sick or some other shit like that."

Antonio shook his head. "We aren't sick. The cafeteria food is just gross so we don't like to eat here," he said, smiling.

"Better than the vitamin~!" Feliciano chirped, taking another drink from his bottle.

Lovino still looked a bit skeptically but took a bite of the food and said, "Stop talking about that damn vitamin, Feliciano. It's none of their damn business."

Ludwig quirked an eyebrow at the comment and glanced at Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis. "Er… So… Where did you both come from? How was your last school?"

"Once again, NONE of your damn business. Now let us just fucking eat so we can go back to class and FINALLY get out of this damn building for the day and get away from all of you bastards..." Lovino growled then went back to eating.

"Fratello! Be nice!" Feliciano cried, shocked at Lovino's behavior. He turned to the four and spoke. "Veh, we moved here from Italy to stay with our Nonno. Our old school was a lot of fun and I miss it," he said wistfully, taking a few more bites.

"'Nonno'? Is that Italian for grandpa?" Gilbert asked, feigning ignorance. "Why do you live with him and not your parents?"

A loud crash turned their attention back to Feliciano, who had just dropped his tray on the ground. "..." He was silent as he quickly scooped it up and rushed off to throw his trash away, not meeting any of their gazes.

Lovino shot them all a dark angry glare while his eyes seemed to flash bright gold for a second before he got up and quickly followed after his twin.

"You shouldn't have asked them that, bruder…." Ludwig sighed.

"Hmm… I wonder what happened to their parents…." Francis muttered, a serious look on his face for once. "Maybe they died in a car accident?"

"I dunno. Feliciano looked so sad... Lovino just looked angry. Did you guys see his eyes too?" Gilbert asked.

Antonio nodded. "Si. They turned gold for a moment. Speaking of eyes, Ludwig, have you seen Feliciano open his at all today other than this morning?" he asked.

Ludwig shook his head no. "Nein. Not from what I've seen. I think we'll still have to keep a close eye on those two…."

"Ja. You're right, Ludwig. Something is definitely up with those two."

The next day, Lovino stood in front of the school and glared up at it, partially annoyed at the building and also annoyed at the nauseated feeling in his stomach. "Ugh… Can we just go home for today?"

"Why did Nonno make us go...? Didn't he remember what day it was?" Feliciano asked. He to was feeling sick and didn't want to be at the school that day.

"Because it would look too fucking suspicious for us to skip school on the second day we're here AND on the day of a full moon. That's why," Lovino snapped back. "Fuck Nonno for still making us go…"

Feliciano sighed. "Maybe we can just hide in the Nurse's office like last time?" he suggested.

"Guess we can try that…" Lovino muttered then turned to leave but bumped into someone's chest. "! W-What the hell?!"

"Lovi~! Hola~!" Antonio said cheerfully. "What are you and Feli going to try? Are you guys going to prank someone?"

"Why the hell would we doing that?" Lovino spat. "Now get out of my way you-!" Then he cut off as he held his hand up to his mouth and shoved Antonio away before running to the nearest bathroom.

"H-Hey! Lovino!" Antonio called, going after him, leaving Feliciano alone.

The little Italian stumbled down the hall and crashed into someone's back. He lifted his head and murmured, "Ludwig...?"

Ludwig blinked then turned and looked down at him. "Feliciano….? Are you alright? You don't look very good. Are you feeling sick?"

Feliciano pressed his burning forehead against Ludwig's shirt. "I feel sick..." he murmured.

Ludwig used one hand to feel Feliciano's forehead while his other one held the Italian up. "You have a fever. I'm taking you home." Then he gently picked Feliciano up and walked to the door.

"A-Aspetta... Fratello... is in the bathroom... with Antonio..." Feliciano mumbled, glancing back at the door to the boy's room.

Meanwhile, Lovino collapsed down next to the toilet after he was done throwing up into it. "D-Dammit….." he panted and wiped his mouth.

He felt a warm hand on his back, rubbing soothing circles. "Are you alright, Lovino? Do you need to go home?" Antonio asked gently.

Lovino shook his head no and glared up at Antonio with his face colored by a slight fever. "H-Hell no, you bastard… I'm fine dammit…"

Antonio shook his head. "No, you aren't. I'm taking you home," he said. He gently scooped Lovino into his arms and stood up, walking towards the door.

Lovino groaned and went to struggle but was stopped by the dizzy feeling in his head. "N-No…"

Ludwig stopped and looked up just in time for Antonio and Lovino to come out of the bathroom. "There's your bruder and Antonio is taking him home as well. Come on. We need to get you back to your grandfather." Then without another word walked out the doors and started heading down the path away from the school.

Feliciano relaxed in Ludwig's arms, satisfied that his brother was alright, and fell into a fevered sleep.

Antonio saw Ludwig holding Feliciano. "Lovi, si. We're taking you both home. You guys are way to sick to be at school right now. Don't worry. When you guys get better, you can come back," he said, following the German.

Lovino slowly shook his head no, but like Feliciano slowly fell into a fevered sleep.

Ludwig went to turn down the path but stopped. "Er… Antonio? Do you have any idea where their house even IS….?"

Antonio glanced down at the Italian in his arms then back at Ludwig. "No, but if we run, I think we can find it quickly. They're asleep so they won't see," he said. He bent his knees and made sure he was holding Lovino tightly and securely. "Ready?"

Ludwig adjusted Feliciano into a better grip and glanced around them. Seeing that the coast was clear, he nodded. "Ja. Let's go." Then he took off running, Antonio close behind.