How I Know

By Ariel-D

Description: Karura's thoughts upon her husband. Fluff. Drabble.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Kishimoto's and Shonen Jump's. No profit is being made.

A/N: I named Yondaime Hirohiko. 300-word drabble. Companion piece to "Here with Me."

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They say a Kazekage's loyalty is to his village first, his family second, and his friends third. I'm told often that my husband belongs first to Suna and second to me. That all considerations — even the decision to have children — must be filtered through the village's needs first.

Hirohiko does a good job of sacrificing all he has for the village, it's true. But I know I don't rate second in his heart.

Sometimes the signs are simple: the way he makes time to eat dinner with me, even if he has to return to the office afterwards; the way he curls up on the couch with me when he finally comes home at night; and the fact he makes love to me even when I know he's the one who's tired and suffering from a headache. Also, there is the way he makes love to me, so gently, with love.

Tiny gestures tell me how he thinks of me. He orders my favorite foods — shrimp yakisoba and the dragon sushi roll — for takeout. He buys me lovely scarves in reds or pinks for impromptu presents because he knows how I love them. Also, when we go to bed, he spoons me, his arm wrapped around me.

Larger gestures include things typical to our culture, like presents and dinner on birthdays and anniversaries. Everyone tends to take these things for granted, but with a man as busy as my husband, I can't afford to. Still, when we married, he promised me that he'd never love anyone or anything else above me. He got down on his knees and said it, in our hotel room that night. He took my hands, met my gaze, and spoke his heart.

And watching his behavior as time passes, I know he told the truth.