We come to raise our mugs high,

To true leaders and kings of our kind,

May there be no more a sad sigh,

For their footsteps one day we shall find (Verse 11 of Requiem for Kings)

BagEnd was filled with a flurry of activity. Ori, Bombur, Dori and Dwalin were sent to the market place to buy food stuff. Meanwhile the rest of the dwarves and two hobbits were busy transforming the Hobbit Hole into a more festive atmosphere. Balin told them what Fili, Kili and Thorin would have liked a party to be like and the other reproduced the atmosphere as best as they could. For the first time Bilbo saw the skill and resourcefulness that the children of Mahal possessed. He only then came to truly realize and appreciate the uncanny skill of dwarves. Frodo watched in amazement more than he helped with the preparations. By lunch time the BagEnd was a different place. Table and chairs were moved and aligned differently. Various weapons and maps were brought out and laid in strategic locations. Flowers were brought in and placed in all manner of bowls and vases and some even strewn across the floors. The dwarves and two hobbits ate a light lunch, then Ori, Bombur, Bofur and Bilbo set to cook for the party.

It was late evening when they were done and the dwarves set the table with a rousing song and tossing the wares. Bilbo laughed at Frodo's face which alternated between fear and awe as the priceless plates, silverware and cutlery were thrown through the air and laid carefully on the white tablecloth. Then when everyone was seated, Balin lifted his mug of ale and said solemnly.

"To Thorin, Fili and Kili! Kings Under the Mountain."

"Kings Under the Mountain," they all resounded and then the party began.

Bilbo's ears were all but deaf by the time the meal was over and the wares were cleared up. Bilbo and Frodo followed the dwarves to the living room, where to their surprise several items lay wrapped up in soft cloths.

"What's this?" Bilbo asked then broke into a smile as the dwarves began unwrapping the items to reveal musical instruments.

"You mean they play as well?" frodo asked in an awed voice. Bilbo pulled Frodo down beside him as the Dwarves tuned the instruments.

"Frodo my lad," Bilbo said hugging the child to him, "We are in for a treat."

And a treat it was. The music sent Bilbo back on his adventuring; the joy of being on the open road, the hearty sensation of climbing across the Misty Mountains, and the dark caves of the goblins. The awed joy at the sight of the Lonely Mountain and the fear and determination in facing the dragon. Then the fierce pride of the new Erebor that he had not seen before. Then quite suddenly the music stopped and the dwarves took a collected breath. Then a familiar humming began. Bilbo pores raised as the words of that song that was forever etched in his mind rang out once more.

Far over the Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To find our long forgotten gold.

The pines were roaring on the height,
The winds were moaning in the night.
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light.

When they were done, Bilbo got up and nervously cleared his throat.

"If you don't mind," he said, "I have one I would like to sing for you." The dwarves looked at each other and broke in to grins.

"Alright Master Baggins," Balin said, "Sing it to us." Bilbo bowed and moved to the side of the fireplace.

"It's called Requiem for Kings," Bilbo said and began.

Here we come this day,

To chant the final lay,

That has no end,

For family and friend.

Here we come this time,

To speak of your long climb,

And virtues more precious,

Than any gem luscious,

Here we come now,

To sing of kings to whom all we do bow,

Who held our fealty and hope,

And was our guiding rope,

Here we come today,

To have our say,

And tell the tale,

Of the Kings Under the Mountain and of Dale,

Tonight we speak of,

Loyal hearts and brave darrow,

With light hearts soft,

And great sorrow,

This time here,

We speak of those who were dear,

Of brother, friend and son,

Whose light shall never be gone,

Tonight we speak of kings,

Whose cheers through the halls of Aule rings,

Who stood taller than mountains,

With passion as fiery fountains,

This time we speak of kin,

Who talked and laughed over the din,

Who held us up when we fell,

And would brave tales tell,

We come today,

To share each way,

To remember each face,

And each faces place,

This day we come to remember,

More than a story in fire ember,

More than cold stone,

And cold title alone day

We come to raise our mugs high,

To true leaders and kings of our kind,

May there be no more a sad sigh,

For their footsteps one day we shall find,

Here this day come we,

For kin, for family,

Here this day come we,

For kings and royalty,

Here this day come we,

For happiness, sunshine and loyalty,

Today we sing of hearts bright,

Of your never-ending light,

Here today we sing,

Of our three kings,

Here today we cry,

For with you, we do not lie.

Well here we are at the end of another fanfiction. I hope that everyone enjoyed it. Special thanks goes to:

- Chris: aka ThousandSmiles (she has finally joined the fanfiction family) Also the song/requiem for Kings was written by her and is copywrited thank you. She has even made up a tune for it. So if anyone wants to hear it let me know and we can arrange something. :)

- to my reviewers: without you all none of this would be possible. you all give me inspiration to write. Thanks to: nightmare13, Borys68, run4life and Lady of Myth and Legends.

- To Tolkien for killing the best of the Dwarves. (seriously could you not have left one or two alive?)

-to Peter Jackson; who will also most likely kill the dwarves. Thanks for making them such lovable characters on screen!

till next fanfiction folks! take care.

- ChaosWithImagination. :)