To all of you who have read, followed anad favorited my stories and very humble Thank-You! Every so often I receive an e-mail from FF telling me that another person has read something of mine. I've been patiently waiting for the muse to surprise me with inspiration but it has not been forthcoming. I hope to continue and complete Spindles story. There is more to come, it's just not coming out too well right now.

First Sparked

"Go on little one, settle in. Take your time, get used to the…"

"Oh my…Did you see that? A most impatient sparkling that one!"

"Yes…she takes after you my love."

The tall mech chuckled and held his bonded mate closer to his frame. Together they watched as their first sparkling was introduced into its hatchling frame. As was normal, they anticipated a brief waiting period for the spark to ignite in the chamber and connect with the rest of the frame. But the golden-white light had other ideas and as soon as it had found itself ensconced within its unclosed spark chamber it flashed brightly and wove itself into its new systems faster than any before had done.

"Well, little one…welcome to the world," the sparklings mech rumbled with laughter. A lighter laugh followed from his mate.

"We will have our servos full with you won't we sweetspark?"

As if in answer, bright green optics lit up and began focusing in and out on its creators on the other side of the hatching shell. Blinking rapidly, the small creature leaned forward, its own servos floating up to brace its frame against the clear wall. Though tiny, its digits were becoming long and tapered as the rest of the frame shifted slightly in form in accordance to its CNA.

"Green optics," the femme remarked. "a very rare occurrence. They have your shape though, love."

"Ah, but the face plates are distinctly yours, and almost as beautiful." The mech gazed down into his lovers' optics. The look was deep, lingering and full of the wisdom that comes from love. She raised her fingers to brush against the warmth of his face plates and smiled.

"What do you see for her Prima?"

"Naught yet, Stormwind," he replied. "Perhaps Primus will grace me with a vision soon."

"Your foresight has never failed love. I pray that whatever is given her, we will always be with her."

Prima only nodded, and then he turned with a start as he heard tapping against the shell wall.

The sparkling was tapping her long slender digits against the walls, then would bring them closer to her face and stare at them in wonder. Optics wide in wonder, she opened her mouth plates to laugh and repeated the tapping, staring a few more times before her enthralled creators.

Stormwind laughed, a high lilting sound, which had first drawn the Primes attention to her.

"What should her designation be Na-mech*?" She leaned her head on his chest.

Prima thought a bit and smiled as his fist-sparked creation returned to tap against the wall of the hatchling shell with her slender appendages. He looked down at his mate and then to his creation.

"Her designation shall be…"

* Na-mech- a term of endearment for ones mech-creator. Femme-na is the term for female creators/carriers. Much the same way humans call their parents daddy and mommy.