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Angel: Warrior of Justice

Chapter 1: Fallen Dragon

On top of a hill kneeling down by a lone grave stood a female tiger. She wore a red tunic and had golden eyes. Tears fell from her face as she rubbed the headstone feeling her own heart breaking. The tombstone had a Dragon on it and these words carved into it.

Here lays Po the Dragon Warrior.

He gave his life to save his home many times.

He was a loyal friend, loving son, and a true hero.

He will be missed dearly.

Tigress traced the words over with her paw as she reread them over and over again. "I can't believe you are really gone Po," she whispered. He died just three days ago one night Po left and was missing without a trace. When Tigress was about to go and search for him a stranger came to the palace. It was a female yellow furred spotted leopard who called herself Nobody. She told the Five and Master Shifu that she was a bounty hunter and her and Po were old friends. Apparently he helped her find the man who killed her parents and they went their separate ways when they turned 18. Yet, Po said if she ever needed any help to call him and he would help her. That fateful night she called him and Po disappeared without so much as a note and then this Nobody gave Tigress the worst news in history. During this mission to catch a bandit Po was killed in a fire and Nobody brought his sack as proof. When the sack was at her feet Tigress became enraged. She yelled at Nobody to leave saying Po's death was her fault and even threatened to kill Nobody if the girl did not leave at once. After that they told Mr. Ping who apparently remembered Nobody and said her real name was Sandra. He wept over Po's death and during the funeral his shop was closed. It had only been two days since Po's death but Tigress still thought it was all a bad dream. Any minute now she would wake up and see her precious panda safe and sound sleeping peacefully in his room. But that never happened and a tear fell from her face. "I love you Po," Tigress said shedding tears as she kissed her paw and placed it on the headstone. She placed a white tiger lily on the ground and turned to leave. Just then she heard a crunch noise and saw a leopard and her body was fueled with anger for she thought it was Sandra. "You, how dare you set foot here get out now!" Tigress roared and leapt at the leopard. To her surprise it was not Sandra but a male leopard.

"Whoa please don't kill me I only came to pay my respects," the male leopard said in a terrified voice. Tigress looked at him and noticed he was a few inches taller than her and had more muscle. His eyes however were jaded and reminded her of Po.

"Forgive me I thought you were someone else," Tigress muttered as she released him. The male leopard wore a black tunic and rubbed the back of his head.

"I feel sorry for whoever you thought I was," he said. Tigress just looked away and folded her arms. He walked passed her to the grave of Po and placed a lotus blossom on the grave.

"You knew the Dragon Warrior?" Tigress asked wondering how Po knew this person.

"Well I knew of him and I just thought I would come and pay my respects," the male leopard said smiling sadly. "Did you know him well?" he asked her.

"We were in love," Tigress said sadly. "And I never got a chance to say goodbye," Tigress said as she turned her back to him fighting tears.

"Sorry for your loss you must have loved him a lot," he said.

"I really did he made my world so much brighter and made me a better person," she said.

"Well I bet he loved you more than life itself," he told her. "By the way my name is Angel, mind if you give me yours?" Angel asked.

"Tigress, Master Tigress," Tigress said coolly.

Angel bowed to her and said", It was a pleasure to meet you Master Tigress. This Po person must have been one lucky guy," he said smiling. Then he silently left Tigress alone. Angel looked back to make sure he wasn't being followed and went into the woods. He met up with another leopard only female. She was a few inches shorter with less muscle. Wearing a brown tunic and one eye was a deep blue and the other a light brown.

"Are you insane, you could have blown your cover," she snapped.

"Sorry Sandra, but I had to see Tigress just to see how she was," Angel said in an apologetic tone.

"Po, she thinks you're dead how do you think she is feeling?" Sandra asked putting her paws on her hips.

"Okay you are right it was stupid. No more seeing my friends or family until we find Scorpio," Po vowed.

"Good boy," Sandra said smiling.

"So, have you heard anything around the village where the fights are being held?" Po asked her.

"I have a clue it is a shop located in the farthest part of the Valley of Peace. You heard of Uncle Joe's weapons Shop?" Sandra asked.

"Yeah I heard of it so is that where the fights are?" Po asked.

"Only one way to find out according to some old fighters or investors the password is Swordfish. If we tell the owner that word and it is right. Then we are in and if not back to square one. We never been this close before Po so we have to be extremely cautious and watch our backs at all times," Sandra said.

"Just remember my name is Angel and we won't get killed. Now are you sure he doesn't know you survived?" Po asked.

"Positive as far as he knows a bounty hunter killed his right hand man with the help of the Dragon Warrior. Now the Dragon Warrior is dead and the bounty hunter is long gone so our plan is working so far," Sandra told him

"Alright then let's go find this Uncle Joe's Weapon Shop and see if we can get into the Fights," Po said.

"Good idea Angel let's roll," Sandra said. Po took one last look at the Jade Palace for it was just a few feet away. He saw Tigress going to the Peach Tree and meditating but he saw her crying. He wanted to turn back into his true form and rush to her side. Hug and kiss her tight as he explained the full story and beg her for forgiveness. But if he did that then he would be putting her in grave danger. Right now Angel had to continue where Po left off and hopefully he would live long enough to beg her and the rest of his family for forgiveness.

"Ti, I hope you can forgive me and I pray I will see you again but as Po instead of Angel. Love you Kitten and be safe," he said as a tear fell from his face. He turned around and followed Sandra into the village to find this weapon shop.

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