Disclaimer: I don't own the Hunger Games, just the characters ;)

Hello! I'm DomiHearts, and this is my second story. I had this idea to write about random tributes and their different deaths. Each chapter will feature a different tribute and death. I will not always update this story, because I'm also working on a SYOT which is my first priority.

Iridescent Stone- District 1 Female Tribute of the 1st Annual Hunger Games

Lost. Hungry. Alone. Not a very good combination, it eats you up. Swallowing you whole until you can't breathe. Gasping, just to take another stolen breath in an unforgiving world. That's how I feel. Trapped. Helpless. Alone… I am Iridescent Stone. 18 years old. District 1 citizen. Female tribute in the first ever Hunger Games.

My alliance left me, not even with one measly item, or more importantly food for that matter. Left with nothing. My throat begging for liquid and food to stop my aching stomach. I've been without this for almost a week now, my time slowly ticking away… I know that I can't survive without water for very long now, just a bit more… I'm almost there. My family said I could never win, but I've proven them wrong so far. I've made it to the final 8, watched others like me die, their crimson blood staining the Arena, their killers. I don't want to die. I just wanted to live and find love, get married, and die of old age, but I'm here now and this is what I must now face. Just another bump in the road… well, not quite. Winning means luxuries and fame, losing means certain death.

Limping through these woods leaves me with a burning sensation deep in my ever slimming and bruising body. Will I ever find water? Food? Shelter? A way to win…?


I turn around to the sound of another cannon, another life carried away, ready to be taken by the Capitol. Running, sprinting across trees, jumping over branches, I have to find a way to stay away from the killer, ready to strike again. My breath quickens, my adrenaline races, my heart pounds in my ears as I run. My long brown hair sticks to my damp face. The adrenaline soon fades and I'm left panting, leaning against a large boulder. Head bowed, I'm ready to accept my fate when I spot the sun's first rays. Reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples fill the sky as I've made it through another day. Off in the distance, the most beautiful sight I've seen in awhile, even more beautiful than the Capitol city itself.

A pond.

The water glowing crystal blue, its ripples ever enticing me to drink from it. My knees begin to wobble as I dash to this heavenly place. I fall to my knees, kissing the beautiful soil beneath me. Thank you. I cup my hands, shaking in anticipation, as I bring the cool liquid to my desert dry lips. It runs through my fingers like silk and I save just enough to let it fall over my face. I shovel in as much as my stomach can take, savoring every bead of this precious water. It's too late when I realize the silver taste begin to fill my mouth, blood slowly trickling down the corners of my lips. The water stabs my gums, I fall over and feel my body begin to convulse, my eyes as blue as the water start to roll back into my skull.

I am Iridescent Stone. 18 years old. The first ever female tribute for District 1…