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Merit Phoenix- District 10 Male Tribute of the 72nd Annual Hunger Games

The sky is painted a brilliant gold; the sun is about to set and its sits just beyond the equator of the Earth. They shoot beams of color, majestic purples, radiant blues, serene pinks, subtle oranges, and soft reds. The rays' accent the sky which is a gleaming gold, in which it will fade and turn dark… soon after… the evil will roam. I am Merit Phoenix. 18 years old. District 10 Tribute of the 72nd Annual Hunger Games.

I stand just on the outskirts of the Arena, taking in the beauty of life before it will be taken from me. Never could I have imagined being here, along twenty- three others and fight to get out alive. To stand before my district and forced to kill to get back, damaged and a killer. Sometimes it just feels like I'm in a dream, like I'm floating. Just watching as some other kid takes my place instead and fights for a fate being tested, but I always wake up to the sound of screams and blasted cannons that never stop. They seem endless even though twenty- three will sound in a weeks' time. The dead's cries and screams never go away though, every time I close my eyes I am greeted by blood red images and in full color are the tributes, fear clouded in their eyes and voices deranged as they live their final moments. Life had always been good to me, family, friends, good health, and well off compared to most in District 10. Things took a downward spiral once reaping day came however. Not that everything went downhill that day, it was just a matter of time before the bounty of fruit rots…

Justice Building- Reaping Day

I sit and wait as friends and family come to say goodbye, their voices hoarse and grief stricken. The tears shed in that room will never amount to the tears of blood shed every year in the Arena. The fears and worries for me would never compare to what the twenty-four tributes feel as their lives are cut short. I am one of the lucky ones, to have so much love and support from loved ones while others fall ill to corruption and mother nature.

I place my elbows on my knees and hunch over as my parents leave, my mother's voice wicked and high with worry. I feel the tears begin to sting the corners of my eyes, pleading to escape and expose the weakness inside. I sniff and quickly rub my eyes, never exposing the things that could break anyone's persona. The door creaks softly and slowly opens to a beautiful brunette with dazzling hazel eyes that match my own. Her eyelids brim with tears as she runs into my arms and sobs, her voice that chimes like bells now shatters and breaks like glass. I hold her within my hard earned working frame, muscles from ranch work on the family farm and cuts that bleed with never ending suffering from all. She sobs and holds a hand over her stomach. My eyes widen as I gently push her away to see her fingertips drawing small circles over her flat abdomen.

"I was going to tell you after the reaping," she chokes. She sighs and lifts her head to mine. Her eyes strain and fall to the wooden floor. "I'm pregnant…"

My breath hitches and my heart stops as I look down to her stomach again. Her abdomen would soon swell and burst with new life. Baby full of innocence lost to the damaged and corrupted Capitol we live within now. I caress her cheek and nudge her chin so she can meet my eyes. "It was just that one time…"

"That's all it takes Merit." She sits at the wooden chair not far from me and rests her hands on her cheek, leaning all her weight on the table top. "What would you like to name him or her, just in ca-"

"I will get home to you, Leila. I'll get home to you and our baby."

She shakes her head and buries her hands in her face. "Anything could happen," she whispers looking back up again to the ticking clock. "Just please… what names…"

"For a girl Juliet, and for a boy… Levi." She nods and smiles, my heart bursts with joy as she laughs, her sadness gone for now. "What's so funny?"

"I was thinking of those names too…" I take my hand in hers and face her towards me and kiss her. She soon begins to kiss back; the kiss is beautiful, yet tragic. As I kiss her I begin to feel tiny droplets fall onto my cheek and fall further and further down until it hits the wood that lies under our feet. I kiss her until I can't breathe, until it feels like my lungs will burst and implode. I come up for air and I smile as she does too. Our noses touch and we both smile as she traces her fingertips over my chest.

"I love you Merit."

"I love you too." I bring my head to her stomach. "And you too." She giggles as I kiss her stomach and slowly inch myself up to meet her eyes. A peacekeeper barges in and grabs her, the love of my life and picks her up over his shoulder. She screams for me, but I know there would be no use. Instead I mouth 'I love you'. The door slams and once again I am alone to wallow in pity and worry of the life at stake. Mine…

I sigh looking off as the final ray of light shines brightest for a second and quickly dissipates. The sky slowly dims with darkness with tiny specks of silver light, our hope. I begin to turn back when an arrow shoots through the air and lodges itself within my chest. I fall to my knees, wheezing as the arrow soaks in my blood. I bring a trembling hand to my chest and carefully touch the sleek black arrow, it's end pointed and hard as diamond. I look off into the brush to see a crouched figure, bronze hair flowling with the chilling air. Her eyes open, a icy blue and darken as she whips up another aiming straight at my heart. I inhale sharply and think of my unborn child, living the rest of their life without a father. She releases the arrow and it pierces my heart. I grasp my chest and feel warm sticky liquid soak through my fingers and collapse to the ground. The last thing I see are the gleaming silver stars that float among the sea of darkness, they swirl and collide, forever in the darkness…

I am Merit Phoenix. 18 years old. District 10 tribute of the 72nd Annual Hunger Games…


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