Hey guys I was doing shit on Omegle and I came up with this epic little story so enjoy. The story is based off a real chat I had with some random stranger.

Chat Log

By: thecrazierone

Cartman was getting very board on a Friday night so he did what most kids do when they are board. He went online and chatted with random strangers.

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

The message showed up on his screen and Cartman typed what he always did when he entered a chat room

You: Sup, the name's Cartman.

The stranger began to type a response as it said on Cartman's screen.

Stranger: Cartman? Dude, how did you manage to learn how to use a keyboard when your fat fingers are too big to use the keys?

Who the hell was this asshole telling him he was fat. Cartman wasn't fat he was just big boned not fat. then it hit Cartman. It had to be the Jew who else would say such an untrue lie!

You: Jew?

The stranger began to write back.

Stranger: How did you even know!? Are you psychic somehow?

Hah so it was Kyle he knew it all along stupid Jew gave it all away. But, like Cartman was going to tell him.

You: Like I'm going to tell you Jew!

Kyle began to type back.

Stranger: Be quiet. And, dude, you know I'm pretty much completely disillusioned by you calling me that.

Disi-what? Cartman was too lazy at the time to look it up on the internet... stupid Jew and his big ass vocabulary.

You: What the fuck does disillusioned mean?

A few minutes went by and there was no response. Had Kyle just walled away, no he would have closed the chat if he did.

You: Jew?

Kyle then began to type.

Stranger: Oh, sorry. I forgot your fat brain can't hold the meaning of words over five letters long. It means it doesn't bother me anymore when you say that.

Did he just call me stupid? That fucking Jew is so pissed off right now. Hmm... how to make him super pissed off. Then, Cartman came up with an idea an started typing.

You: Kyle I really think you need to get that sand out of your vagina. It's making you really cranky.

Hah the Jew was so fucking mad right now.

Stranger: I've told you once, and I'll tell you again! I don't have sand in my vagina!

Hah stupid Jew I knew he'd be pissed off!

You: Oh are you PMSing then Kyle?

Kyle was typing now, wounder what he's going to say?

Stranger: Hey! I'm not the moron who thought I hit puberty when I got my period!

Stranger: ...Eventually.

What that made no sense, but if he told Kyle that he may look stupid. Catman thought a bit before responding.

You: Whatever Jew.

Kyle's typing again.

Stranger: Look, what are you even doing up so late at night? Isn't your curfew like 8:30?

Fuck him I don't a curfew Cartman lives by no rules he doesn't respect authority he is authority. Now what will piss off Kyle even more. Ah I know.

You: What's got you so mad Jew, did your little hippy boyfriend break up with you?

Hah he's going to be so pissed.

Stranger: What!? Boyfriend!? I don't have a boyfriend, fatass!

Denial he is so in denial. Or maybe they broke up or something like that.

You: Aww so he did break break up with you. Don't worry Jew, your little hippy bitch will go back to you soon, he's to pussy to do anything with out you.

Hah insult him and his gay ass friend.

Stranger: I am not! Gay! You fat fuck!

He is so in the closet.

You: You keep telling your self that Kyle.

Kyle's typing again I wounder why he doesn't just leave all ready.

Stranger: Seriously, I'm not gay. I feel like /you/ are gay because of how damn often you bring it up!

Me gay? Eww Jew wishes. He dreams he could have all this.

You: Eww Jew I'm not gay!

Kyle's tying again.

Stranger: I bet you are! And you're just so damn closeted about it!

What the fuck Jew!

You: Fuck you Jew!

Oh shit I shouldn't have said that god damn it.

Stranger: See!? Hah! You want to fuck me! You're gay!

More like the other way around Jew.

You: Whatever Jew.

You: Keep dreaming.

Hah the tables are turning now Jew!

Stranger: Ew! I don't want that!

Lying he's so fucking lying. But, he more gay for his one friend then me.

You: Kyle your so gay for your stupid hippy friend it's obvious.

He's typing.

Stranger: Who do you keep calling a hippy?

How the fuck does he not know who the hippy is! Stupid ass Jew!

You: Stan duh

Kyle's typing again.

Stranger: Stan isn't a hippy!

Stranger: And he isn't my boyfriend, what the Hell?

Wow the Jew is so clueless.

You: Dude you and Stan are totally fucking each other.

You: Which is really gay.

He's typing again.

Stranger: Wha- what!?

Stranger: We are /not/ fucking each other!

Wo, pussies aren't even fucking just wow.

You: Well if your too pussy to fuck each other, then your at least making out right?

He didn't respond.

You: Jew?

Is he there?

Stranger:Why...why in the Hell are you even bringing something like that up, you dick!? W-why would it matter to you?

I need to come up with something quick hmm. Aha I got it!

You: I made a bet with Kenny that you guys were making out in secret cuz your too pussy to come out of the closet.

Hope he falls for it.

Stranger: Look! It's none of your damn business you asshole.

I'll take that as a yes.

You: SO you two are making out! Hah Kenny owns me five bucks!

I knew it!

Stranger: Shut UP, FATMAN!

Fatman? What the fuck is wrong with Jew?

You: Wow Jew running out of ideas much. I mean fatman? Really?

How the hell does he come up with this shit?

Stranger: W-will you just shut up? Ugh. It's bad enough you and Kenny are making bets about us behind our backs.

Stranger: Not that I'm very surprised.

So he fell for the Kenny lie stupid Jew.

You: So just to confirm you and Stan are making out but you haven't fucked yet?

Wounder if he'll tell me. Nah he's a dumb Jew but he's not that dumb.

Stranger: It's none of your God damn business, but yes! We are!

Did he just admit out loud that's he's a fag for his hippy friend? No fucking way!

You: ...

You: Holy Shit.

You: I totally did not expect this.

I am totally just going to keep this to my self. Not!

Stranger: ...Fuck.

Stranger: Ignore I said that!

Big mistake Jew.

You: ...

You: It seams I have the upper hand Jew.

How can I blackmail the little Jew now?

Stranger: Cartman

Stranger: You have to promise me.

Stranger: You cannot say a /thing/ about this.

I don't bargain Jew.

You: Hmmm why should I do that Jew?

Stranger has disconnected.

God damn it Stupid fucking Jew but I've got him now stupid Jew.

Grr,I had to rewrite this because of the guide lines it took I while trying to find out how to re write it while keeping if pretty much the same. I will have another chapter soon don't worry.