Hey guys another chapter :) Now I decided that the chapters don't relate to each other ok. So last time Kyle said he was gay for Stan this time were pretending that chat never happened. . It you guys don't like this idea I can change it and make it one big plot deleting this chapter. Just let me know what you think. I really have no idea what to do this was originally going to be a one-shot but people love it so much. Again this is inspired by a real chat I had.

The next Chapter

I yawned in my bed room, chatting with random strangers on the internet. So far no one held my interest for very long. They were all A.) Hippy, Jews B.) or really boring. I sat back and click onto another chat. It loaded and the screen popped as soon as it found some one to chat with.

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

I typed out my regular greeting.

You: Sup, the name's Cartman.

The stranger began to type something out.

Stranger: Ya I no fat ass.

Kyle. It had to be that stupid Jew. I began to type out his response.

You: Jew?

Said Jew began to type out his response.

Stranger: Stop calling me that

Stranger: !

Hm, the Jew seemed to be extra pissed off today, I am going to take total advantage of this.

You: Jew

Kyle typed his response.

Stranger: Fat ass

I am getting sick of the fat ass comments he was not fat! Just big boned!

You: Jew

Again Kyle typed out a response.

Stranger: Fat ass go eat some cheesy poofs

Did he just insult me and my beloved Cheesy Poofs? That is the last straw Jew.

You: Fuck you Kyle!

Kyle probably thinks he's so funny.

Stranger: HA you wish!

The Jew did not just go there, he was going to pay some how.

You: Eww Jew that's gross

Stupid Jew.

Stranger: grrr

What was the grrr about?

You: Whatever Jew!

No response.

You: Jew?

No response again.

You: Jew where the fuck did you go?

Finally the Jew reacts.

Stranger: Ignoring you

Stranger: fatty

He's ignoring me. This will not last long if I have anything to say about it.

You: Don't call me fat you fucking Jew!

He's typing something.

Stranger: Don't call me a fucking Jew fat ass!

Kyle must have a lot of sand stuck in his vagina.

You: Jews

You: play stupid games

You: Jews

You: That's why their lame

Hah he's probably so pissed.

Stranger: ya cuz fat kids can't play

No more fucking fat jokes. God, how I hated the fat jokes


God, why could the Jew not get that through his god damn head!

Stranger: Look it's the fat and the furious

Fucking Jew! I am starting to get pissed off.

You: Whatever at least I don't have a bitch for a mom.

Hah that was a good one! I lean back in my chair. Waiting for Kyle's response.

Stranger: Hey my mom's not a bitch

Song time!

You: Kyle's mom's a bitch

You: she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world

Wounder what the Jew will do now?

Stranger: Cartman's mom's a whore

He can not just go and insult my mom that fucking Jew.

You: Fuck you Jew!

Stupid Jew.

Stranger: You just want to Fuck me don't you?

What fuck Kyle no, never just the thought of Kyle makes me want to puke.

You: No that's gross Kyle!

Stranger: Yea I no fat rolls everywhere eww

God damn it no more fucking fat jokes!

You: I'm not fat, I'm just big boned

When will Kyle get that!

Stranger: That's just what your whore mom says to you to get you to shut up!

God damn it stupid fucking Jew!

You: My mom's not a whore!

Kyle's began to type some more.

Stranger: Really? Remember what Chef had with your mom's pic on the front.

God damn Jew that was not my mom it was just some look a like.

You: Whatever Jew go make out with your hippy boyfriend for all I care.

Kyle began to type.

Stranger: I'm noy gay!

Stranger: I net your gay fat-ass no girl would ever want to get with you.

Jew is totally in the closet.

You: Yea keep telling your self that Kyle

Stranger: Fine I don't have a boyfriend happy fat ass

Did he just admit he was gay? I knew the Jew was stupid, but I didn't think he was this stupid. But, Kenny owns me ten bucks, candy store watch out here comes Cartman!

You: So you are gay! Hah Kenny owns me ten bucks

Stupid gay Jew why the hell did he tell me?

Stranger: Shut your fat face! Don't tell anyone!

Of course I'm going to tell some one you stupid Jew!

You: Why did you tell me Jew?

He didn't respond for a minute, I could tell that the Jew was thinking.

Stranger: Shut up fat ass.

That's not a fucking answer Kyle!

You: Why did you tell me Jew?

Kyle responds quicker this time.

Stranger: I don't know.

What does he mean he "doesn't know?" Wounder if Jew boy has a little gay crush?

You: So you got a little gay crush Jew?

What the fuck is up with all the pauses between answers seriously?

Stranger: No...

Wow, I thought Jew would be totally gay for his "Super Best Friend" more like "Super Boy Friend"

You: not your little hippy boyfriend?

Stranger: I'm not dating fat ass!

Yep I totally believe that.

You: Whatever Jew!

Another pause.

Stranger: So are you dating anyone?

Like I'm telling him!

You: I'm not telling you.

Stranger: Whatever fat ass

God damn it Jew don't call me fat!

You: Don't call me fat you fucking Jew!

He doesn't answer, where the fuck does he keep going to?

You: Jew where the fuck did you go?

Finally he responds. Hold on a second why do I want to talk to him? Whatever.

Stranger: I'm right here, are you fat and blind

I'm not fucking at or blind!

You: I'm not blind.

He's typing.

Stranger: But you are fat.

Stupid fucking Jew I'm not Fat!

You: Fuck you Jew.

Why am I say that so much, meh whatever.

Stranger: You wish fatty

More like he wishes. Kyle can only dream of having my sweet body all to his own. Even if that happened then I would be on top. Eww get that picture out of my head! Kyle's probably using his Jew magic to make me think these things, so he can get a boyfriend.

You: More like you wish gay Jew.

Stranger: Eww Fuck no fat ass.

Stranger: Go fuck Kenny

Kenny? Hell no he would get his poor germs all over me.

You: Eww no Kyle.

Stranger: See you at school Cartman

Stranger: And you better no tell anyone fat ass

Stranger has disconnected

Cartman leaned back maybe he would keep this to him self. It would make great blackmail for later.