Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Sometimes doing even one simple race in Mario Kart can get you influenced. And also wanting to do something with Garfield.

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

"Really now?" Garfield yawned as he read the script while having some lasagna, shaking his head as he was feeling lazy while sitting on top of a coniferous tree with Petey Piranha. "Because I don't need to put my mind to acknowledge that I love lasagna." He then nearly fell off, landing in the water as he was quick to dash right back up the tree.

Though Garfield didn't head these words of wisdom, this is what Toadette had in mind as she was racing against Dry Bowser in the Koopa Cape, with Silver The Hedgehog and Petey Piranha cheering both on from on top of the artificial blue shell. As both Toadette and Dry Bowser were in the river section on the second lap, with Toadette riding on the Bit Bike while Dry Bowser was using the Honeycoupe vehicle. As Toadette used two mushrooms to catch up to Dry Bowser, the skeletal reptile looked behind him as he smirked.

"Hope you like shells," Dry Bowser commented with a sly smirk as he fired a regular green Koopa Troopa shell behind him, with it hitting Toadette.

Toadette screamed as she tumbled for a bit, performing a stand still mini turbo as he went into the underwater pipe, following Dry Bowser as they went through the underwater current, avoiding the green electricity. Exiting the pipe, Toadette grabbed an item box after performing a trick, with Dry Bowser drifting around the water that pushed into the salty sea. The third lap was underway, and Toadette had a star in her possession, holding it for the right moment as Dry Bowser chucked several yellow banana peels back at her.

"You're gonna have to use more than yummy bananas to stop me!" Toadette exclaimed as she easily drifted around the dropped peels.

Going into the river section, Dry Bowser stayed on the water current while Toadette performed a trick in the air after going off the wooden ramp, taking the grassy shortcut as she got in front of Dry Bowser. As a result, Dry Bowser tossed a fake red colored Item Box at Toadette, who then activated her star as she zipped ahead into the underwater tunnel. By the time they reached the end, Toadette reached the finish line first, celebrating as she bounced with joy, with Dry Bowser shaking his head as he came up afterwards. Silver and Petey ran onto the coastal part of the track to congratulate Toadette for her victory, with Dry Bowser folding his skeletal arms as he smirked, impressed with Toadette's driving skills.

Overall, a great end to an excellent race between a mushroom and a skeleton.