"How long have they been racing?" A red robed Shy Guy asked Funky Kong, the two completely different racers being on the deck of one of the white boats circling around the Koopa Cape as they noticed Dry Bowser and Toadette zipping around the beach themed side of the coastal race course, the two racers using different vehicles that popped up in place of their previous vessels.

"A long time for sure, yo. I can't fault them for wanting to keep on racing around here." Funky stated as he was making some coconut juice. "I loved doing time trials here. The different parts made it easy to race around in."

"So I hear..." The Shy Guy murmured as he saw Dry Bowser and Toadette head down the waterfall leading into the giant green warp pipe.

"Want to slow down?" Dry Bowser asked Toadette while in his Piranha Prowler car as they were driving in the water, the underwater tube removed for renovations.

"No way!" Toadette giggled as she stuck her tongue out at Dry Bowser playfully, zipping off on her Magikruiser bike as Dry Bowser followed her, with them exiting the water as they were back in the coastal part of the race track.

And all was well... until suddenly Jon Arbuckle decided to rip off his shirt for no reason, with him sitting on a bench with Garfield.

"So what's up, Jon? Feeling something tickling you again?" Garfield asked as he was eating lasagna.

"I just feel the need to feel the breeze!" Jon exclaimed joyfully as he jumped off the bench and headed to the nearest tree, climbing it as he tood on it and embraced the sea breeze of the Koopa Cape.