"God bless Andrea," said Maggie as the women went through the contents of the box. The box had come from Woodbury and was marked 'For the Ladies'. Carol, Maggie, Beth and Michonne opened it to find a mother lode of birth control and clothing. "Oh, my God," said Carol, pulling out a red lace bra with holes where the nipples should be. "Awesome," breathed Beth at a bra and matching panties in delicate pink. "A widowmaker!" exclaimed Maggie when she saw a package of black lace and hose. Michonne poked around the box and quickly shoved something in her pocket. "Tyreese sees it first," she said wickedly, sauntering out the door with a smile.

They laughed together thinking about the irony of sexy clothes in the drab prison. "I want an anniversary," insisted Beth. The other women looked at her. She replied, "An anniversary is something special. Something you take time for. I just want Merle to myself for a night. Maybe two. No watch, no clearing out cellblocks. Just me and him," she said wistfully looking at her new outfit.

The other two women looked at each other. An anniversary was something special but who knew the date in this day and age? Maggie grinned, "I guess an anniversary is what you make it, not something that happens at some predetermined date." Carol grinned back. "You're right Maggie. Any day can be an anniversary!" Beth agreed. "Why can't tomorrow or the next day or the next be our anniversaries?"

The women laughed. "What would I do for an anniversary?" Carol mused out loud. Suddenly the answer came to her and she held her hands in front of her red face laughing. "What is it?" asked Maggie. Carol tried to compose herself. "Daryl's leather jacket," she said. "Imagine me wearing that and not much else!" Beth gasped. "And Merle's vest. With only my panties and a bra?" Maggie clucked at her. "Gross!" she said.

Beth looked at her reproachfully. "He's basically your brother now Maggie," she said. "And he makes me happy. Over and over again. In the same night..." she said breathily. Maggie shook her head to get the image of Merle touching her sister out of her head.

"Glen is so sensitive," Maggie said. "He always cares about what I want. We always have to get things done pretty fast so usually it's me taking the lead and calling the shots. Not that I mind being charge," she confided.

Carol giggled. "Once Daryl's turned on it's pretty much over," she said," looking up shyly. "I mean he feels so good we both..." she trailed off. The women looked at each other. "I think we have a pact," said Maggie triumphantly, "shall we set a day for our anniversaries?" The women all laughed. "I can't imagine anything better," said Carol, hugging both of them.


Daryl looked around the warden's office. "What's all this for?" he asked. Carol pulled him farther inside and said, "Our anniversary, silly". The corner of his mouth twitched. "And how do you know it's our anniversary?" he asked. She faced him and placed a soft kiss on his lips. "Because I say it is," she said. "Because I want it to be." He snorted and placed his arms around her waist. They stood for some time kissing and holding each other. He lifted his head to scan the room and his eyes fell on the bed.

"Nice big bed," he said, not able to hide his wicked smile. She ran her hands up his chest. "Why don't you go get comfortable in it? I've got to do a little something." His eyebrows raised and he regarded her for a minute then he squeezed her ass and walked to the bed. He kicked his boots off and settled on the mattress with a sigh.

Carol walked to the closet and opened the door so it blocked Daryl's view. She took off her clothes with trembling hands and put on the red bra and panties that she had stashed there. God, they were so sexy! She then donned Daryl's black leather biker jacket and fluffed her hair. I can't believe I'm doing this. God I hope he likes it or I'm going to feel like a colossal ass.

She took a deep breath then walked out from behind the door. Daryl was sitting propped up on the pillows, his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. She smiled because it was so rare to see him relax. She almost hated to disturb him. She walked to the desk and gingerly rested her ass against it. She leaned back on her straight arms and crossed her legs and hoped she looked sexy.

"Happy anniversary," she said softly, putting on a half smile that she knew was sexy. Daryl's eyes opened and when he saw her he sat bolt upright on the bed. He gaped at her. "What the fuck?" he said in wonder. He made a move to stand up and she said teasingly, "No. You have to stay there." He swallowed and sat back down, never taking his eyes off her. She stood up slowly and walked along the length of the desk, trailing her finger on the desktop. She leaned back against it when she reached the other side and looked at him. He hadn't moved and he hadn't taken his eyes off of her. She saw the pulse beating in his neck.

"Do you like it so far?" she asked, the corners of her mouth turned up seductively. "Turn around," he said in a husky voice. She slowly pushed herself off of the desk and turned on the balls of her feet. She leaned down with exaggerated slowness and placed her elbows on the table. She cocked one hip and looked over her shoulder. Daryl was pulling his shirt off while trying not to take his eyes off her. When she shifted the biker jacket moved forward and the dangling belt brushed her leg. She smiled wickedly and grasped the belt. She bit her bottom lip and slapped her ass softly with it. She was rewarded with a strangled grunt from Daryl. This is going to be fun, she thought.


Glen squinted from the tower. He saw Michonne checking the gate below. "Why the hell is Michonne down there? She knows that we have watch tonight," he called over his shoulder to Maggie. Maggie's voice floated out from inside the tower. "Because I asked her to cover us for an hour." Glen shook his head. "Why?" he called as he walked through the door. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. Maggie stood before him in a black lace bra and matching panties, black garter belt and black thigh high stockings. On top of her head was his favorite baseball cap. She smiled at him. "I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your hat, I was a little chilly." Glen looked her up and down and wondered if he was dreaming.

He moved closer and slowly walked all the way around her, running a single finger over the lace of her bra then around the lace of her panties. He stopped behind her and leaned in as close as he could without touching her. He put his mouth next to her ear and growled softly, "Get on your hands and knees now." Maggie moaned and did exactly what she was told.


Beth was glad to back in Woodbury. She wasn't ashamed about enjoying the creature comforts in life. Andrea let them have the governor's apartment for the night while Merle helped her with security logistics. When Beth confided in her the surprise she had in store for Merle, Andrea's eyes sparkled. "Wait here," she said and returned a few minutes later with a shoebox. She handed it to Beth who looked inside. "How do I use these?" asked Beth and Andrea gave her a short and enjoyable lesson.

When Merle got in they had dinner in the apartment. Afterwards Beth brought out a bottle of bourbon and a cigar and smiled at him brightly. "Tonight's our anniversary," she stated as she set them down in front of him. He cocked his head, "How's that now sugar?" She straddled him on the stuffed chair and put her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes and said, "Because I want it to be so I say it is." She planted a kiss on his lips that started out chaste and became heated in a hurry. She pulled back and smiled. "Awright then," he said approvingly.

"I didn't get ya nothin darlin'," he continued, his eyes dropping to the V of her shirt. She smiled and said, "I think what I have planned will cover both of us." Merle grinned at her and lit his cigar chuckling. She curled in his lap and they sat in silence as he enjoyed his treats. He lifted his glass and held it towards her. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "More for me," he sighed happily. Now if it was root beer I would drink every last drop, she thought.

When the cigar was mostly gone she suggested he make himself comfortable on the bed and she excused herself. She turned most of the lights out except for those around the bed and walked to the bathroom. In the bathroom she put on eyeliner and lipstick and shook her hair loose. She bent over to fluff it up and arranged it with her fingers into what she thought a wild girl might wear. She put on the new lace pale pink bra and panties. They were so pretty! The bra had a bow in the middle and the panties had matching bows on the hips. She put Merle's black leather vest on over it and checked herself in the mirror. The very bottom of her ass peeked out from the back of the vest. Pretty sexy she thought to herself.

She opened the shoebox to look at the pumps Andrea had loaned her. The shiny black leather reflected her face as she took in the 4-inch heels. She was going to rock these shoes. She thought of the music videos her father had forbidden her to watch. She had watched them any way and had a good idea how to be vampy.

She cautiously opened the bathroom door and took a deep breath. She had to make it from the bathroom to the bed without breaking an ankle. She slowly put one foot in front of the other, loosening her hips like Andrea had showed her. She kept her eyes on Merle as she approached the bed. He had his shirt off and was looking at a hunting magazine. She salivated as she took in his powerful shoulders and boxer's body. He looked up and squinted, Beth was just outside the range of the light. There's something goin on, he thought.

Slowly she stepped into the light and leaned against a pillar, her side to him. She looked over her shoulder at Merle who was motionless. His cheek twitched and he looked at her like a lion stalking a gazelle calf. She intentionally widened her eyes and bit her full bottom lip. "Andrea showed me some dance moves," she said. "Want to see?" She didn't wait for him to answer as she closed her eyes and leaned back into the pillar and slowly bent her knees and moved her ass downwards, then came back up with an arched back and checked him again.

He had moved to the end of the bed so he could see the entire length of her. He sat there now, his only visible movement the rise of his chest and his tongue slowly rolling around his mouth. She stepped away from the pillar and faced him. She parted her legs and slowly rotated her head on her neck. Then she turned her back to him, raising her arms above her head and seductively rotating her hips. She tilted her head back and enjoyed the fluid movement. She could feel the back of the vest moving up and down, alternately revealing then covering the pink panties. It made her hot to know that he was focusing on her pert ass.

She looked back behind her as she separated her legs and slowly began to bend over for him. His neck muscles bulged and his eyes flashed dangerously. She smiled. It always surprised her how fast he could move for a big man. Before she knew it she was being lifted then crushed under him on the bed, his tongue plundering her mouth and a finger in her twat. She emitted a gasp that turned into a moan and suddenly her legs were apart, the crotch of her underwear pushed to one side, and he was inside her. Merle pumped her savagely then he stiffened and groaned. He shuddered with the pleasure of the release and fell on top of her, sweaty and panting. She reveled in the feeling of his full weight on her and smiled at the ceiling. He didn't last thirty seconds she thought triumphantly.

When he recovered he raised his heavy arms to frame her face as kissed her slowly and deeply. She returned his kiss with heat, his warmth was inside her and she wanted satisfaction. He moved down to explore the new bra with his mouth. "I may chew this off," he rasped. "But you keep them shoes on."


Carol was on her side, her legs splayed and her arms reaching behind her to clutch Daryl's hair. He was behind her on his side, his hands on her hips. His thrusts became urgent and he rolled on top of her from behind, driving himself into her. She moved her hands down her sides then behind and underneath her to fondle his balls. "Fuck," he grunted. "FUCK, Carol!" he moaned as he drove relentlessly into her core. She smiled broadly in the dark.


Maggie knelt on the floor in front of Glen, eagerly complying with his curt commands. He gazed down on her. "You say you want it. I don't think you know what you're asking for," he said sternly. "Now take it all," he ordered. He slowly fucked her mouth. "You'll get it when I give it to you," he said. Maggie whimpered in pleasure.


"Did you notice my new tattoo?" asked Beth innocently. He pulled at her lingerie, kissing every inch of exposed skin until he found it. A heart with a lightning bolt going through it. And inside the heart was written, 'Property of Merle'. His teeth sunk into her ass as he moaned then her panties were whisked off and he was inside her again.


"Please Daryl don't stop. Oh God, oh God Daryl!"

"You have my permission to come now Maggie." "Mmmmmmm Jesus, Glen!"

(exasperated) "Merle!" Pause with panting. "I owe ya two sugar. Ya keep them shoes on."


At breakfast the next morning Carol and Maggie glowed with the aura of two thoroughly sexed up women. They smiled lazily at each other and slowly drank their coffee. Daryl's hair stuck out in every direction. He and Glen ate ravenously and asked for second helpings. Both of them shot glances at their women periodically as if to make sure they were still there.

The outside door opened and Beth entered with an armful of her overnight things. "How was Woodbury?" asked Rick. Beth humphed petulantly and stalked through the kitchen and up the stairs without a word. Merle trailed after her looking worn out. Michonne watched Beth flounce away and said, "Mmmm hmmmm," to Tyreese. Tyreese was silently thankful that he worked Michonne good on their anniversary night.

Merle wearily sat next to Daryl and accepted a cup of coffee. When he finished he rubbed his face and yawned. He turned to Daryl and confided, "I may not be good at anniversaries."

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