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The Cunning Linguists of Cell Block C

Merle paced in the pre-dawn light outside of Daryl's cell. He smirked when he heard Carol's muffled screams from beyond the blankets hung in the front of the cell. Little brother's layin' the pipe good, makin' up fer lost time I guess thought Merle proudly. Beth had made the same sounds last night only she had done it twice. One day you'll catch up brother chuckled Merle to himself. A few minutes later Daryl slouched out of the cell with uncombed hair. Merle clapped him on the back and they went down the stairs. "Want som'n ta eat before we go?" asked Merle. Daryl smirked, "Already ate me some fine breakfast." Merle frowned at him then it dawned on him what Daryl meant.

"Boy, didn't I teach ya that only pussies eat pussy?" growled Merle. Daryl blew in Merle's face and replied, "Pfft. I eat that shit every day," and walked out the door. Merle followed in shock, the clean smell of Carol's pussy in his nose. No gash was gonna make Merle Dixon kneel, that was a fact. And when the hell did Daryl become such a fuckin' freak?

Daryl shot him a sidelong look. "Bet ya a carton a cigarettes and a bottle a whiskey - ya try it with Beth and ya won't be able ta keep ya face outta there," he challenged as they walked into the prison yard. Merle snorted and Daryl pointed at him. "And I'll know if ya keep doin' it on the sly 'cause the women all talk and they don't leave nothin' out."


Carol stared off into space as she rubbed the bar soap into Daryl's stained shirt, a soft smile on her face. Maggie laughed at her from over her washtub. "Musta been good!" she joked. Carol snapped back to the present and blushed, laughing. "It was," she admitted. Maggie stood up straight, stretching her back. "Do tell Carol! I want details." Beth scolded her from the rinse tank. "Maggie! It's none of your business!" Maggie laughed. "Come on Carol, I'll tell if you will. It's not as though we don't all hear each other….you too BETH!" Beth blushed. She and Merle really did try to keep it down. Well she did anyway. But when he starts saying dirty things in my ear… Now Beth was staring off into space with a smile. Caint get enough a Merle's cock can ya sugar? she recalled his scratchy voice and she shivered as her nipples hardened.

Carol rubbed the shirt against the washboard. "Well this morning Daryl was just a little hungry before he left to hunt. I'd say he ate pretty well!" Carol blushed hard as Maggie dissolved into laughter. "Oh you lucky lady!" said Maggie. "I can't EVEN keep quiet when Glenn goes down, we have to do it in the tower and I still have to put his shirt in my mouth!" The two women laughed while Beth looked between them with a frown. She had clearly missed something. "What does Daryl being hungry have to do with sex? And what's Glenn getting down?" she asked. When the two women gaped at her she felt even stupider than she knew she looked. She looked down at the washtub and tried not to cry.

"Oh sweetie. Oh sweetie, " cooed Maggie as she came over to Beth and hugged her. "I'm so sorry. It's 'going down' not 'getting down'. But doesn't Merle ever…? I mean I'd think he'd be the first one to…?" Beth looked at her sister and at Carol who had her hand over her mouth. "To do what?" asked Beth. Maggie rubbed Beth's arms with her hands. "Bethy, do you ever use your mouth on him, you know his…dick?" Beth nodded solemnly. "He loves it," she said. "Though I'm not sure I really know how to do it right." Maggie waited, looking at her and Beth returned her gaze blankly. Maggie continued, "Honey doesn't he do it to you?" Beth's chin drew towards her neck in surprise. "Down there?!" she asked in surprise. "No. I didn't even know people did that!"

"That's what we're talking about," said Carol softly. "I guess some women might not like it but most of us love it. And from what I've seen and heard most guys love doing it. Daryl sure does." Beth frowned again. "But how…?" she trailed off. Maggie squeezed Beth's arms. "With his tongue honey. Just over and over again on your sweet spot down there until you cum. It's soft and warm and wonderful. Glenn puts his finger in deep while he's doing it and it sends me right through the roof!"

"Oh," said Beth, suddenly disappointed. "I guess we don't do that." She was quiet for the rest of the day. Why would Merle deny her such pleasure when she did everything she knew of for him? He has to know about it, he knows a lot about sex she thought. She watched his mouth while he inhaled his dinner and tried to imagine it 'down there'. What would it feel like?


The next night Merle's head was buried in her breasts and her fingers were combing through his short hair. Merle was slurping and moaning, there was no doubt that titty time was definitely his favorite time of day. Beth bit her lip and began to move back so that his lips trailed her navel and then her bush. Her breath became shallow, he's almost there. His nose buried in her soft pubic hair and she pushed his head a little lower. She squeaked in surprise when Merle's teeth sank into her creamy inner thigh and she writhed in anticipation.

She closed her eyes and tipped her head back ready for a new experience then opened them back up in surprise when he entered her. He pulled her over onto her side and fucked her with long smooth strokes until she felt the heat pouring out of her body and she convulsed in pleasure. Once she finished he pulled out and presented his cock to her. It was glistening with her juices and he guided her head to it hissing, "Fuck yes," as she sucked the head then took all of him into her mouth. "Fuck yes little girl, suck it," he moaned and his hips moved jerkily as he came. "Swallow that shit, that's my good girl. Yer such a good fuck." Merle closed his eyes and stroked her hair as she swallowed and his stomach muscles twitched as her head bobbed up and down to clean him.

She frowned as he collapsed next to her, already snoring. This didn't seem fair at all.


Beth awoke the next morning with Merle's hard on pressed into her back. He was grunting softly trying to maneuver himself down to get it between her legs so she helped him by scooting up a bit. She patiently allowed a few dry thrusts to get him in then relaxed back against him as he grunted triumphantly. "Merle," she said as he tried to establish a rhythm. "Hm," he replied as he adjusted her ass so he could get a better angle. She moved her ass a little bit to help him and she felt the head of his cock hit her very special place. She closed her eyes for a second to savor it then found her resolve. "Why won't you go down on me?" she asked.

Merle spit out a mouthful of ponytail. "The fuck ya askin' that for?" he asked, a little short of breath with his efforts. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. "You've never done it to me. Last night I tried to get you to and you wouldn't." Merle closed his eyes for a second. "We gotta talk about this now?" he asked. She continued to look at him over her shoulder and replied, "Seems like the perfect time to me, unless you'd like to discuss it with my dad sitting next to us at dinner." Merle ceased movement and sighed. "Cause I don't like it," he said.

"What don't you like?" she asked. Merle sighed. "Ate some skank out once that had the clap. Smelled like dead fish and it was like eatin' cottage cheese. Messy as hell too." Beth was silent for a moment. "Do I smell bad?" she asked meekly, unconsciously shrinking against him. Unless it was a spur of the moment thing she always scrubbed herself with soap and water and brushed her teeth before they coupled. "Nah," he replied. He loved the smell of her pussy as he was fucking her. She gulped. "I taste bad? It doesn't seem to bother you when you suck my fingers after I've….been down there."

"Ya taste good," he sighed, rubbing an itch on his forehead against her ponytail. This morning was not going like he'd hoped. She tensed against him and she worried her lip between her teeth. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but she was starting to get a bad feeling. She swallowed carefully, "I do it for you. A lot. Even when I don't particularly want to I do it because it makes you so happy. Even when you've been inside me first. And I have no problem with the taste or the smell." We've all become immune to unpleasant smells by now she thought ruefully. Merle's cock softened and he fell out of her.

"That's different," he said gruffly. "Man don't do that shit." Beth's throat swelled shut as she put two and two together. Since the beginning he had called all the shots in bed and everywhere else. I'm the woman - I have to serve him. The realization took her breath away. It had nothing to do with sex at all. It was how he regarded her. How he regarded them. "Because I'm no different than any of the others," she choked out loud. Skanks. Whores. Bitches. That's how he had described the other women he'd been with. And he'll use the same words about me when he moves to the next one. She sat up suddenly and refused to look at him as she put her clothes on. She bit her lips to try to stem the hot tears of humiliation and walked carefully out of the cell with straight shoulders. She needed to get to Maggie but she would be damned if he would see her run.

Merle glared at her back. He felt deep in his gut that he had crossed a line and he wasn't sure he would be allowed back.


She had been angry with him before and he had always been able to get back in her good graces using the signature Merle Dixon charm but this was a completely different situation. There were no raised voices, no objects thrown, no sullen glances or bitter retorts. Beth was shattered by the realization that in Merle's mind they had never been equals. She struggled to wrap her mind around it. She spent time crying in Maggie's lap but when Maggie questioned her she wouldn't answer. Maggie was a good enough sister that she didn't push Beth, instead she just comforted her and hoped whatever had happened between the two lovers would pass. It didn't stop Maggie from throwing daggers all day at Merle with her eyes.

The rest of the time Beth tried her best to appear normal around everyone but they all knew something was deeply wrong between her and Merle. He paced on the fringes of the group agitated while she appeared sad and lost in lonely thought. She didn't seem to notice him at all and that night she served him dinner without looking at his face and slept in her own bunk next to Hershel's cell. Normally shy and unassuming, she pressed even deeper into the shadows and cried the light out of her blue eyes.


Merle hurt. He hurt fucking bad. When she had voiced it aloud a piece of understanding had fallen into place for him. He had never thought about it before, never realized that his attitude really had nothing to do with sex. His attitude ahd degraded every woman he'd ever slept with and most importantly he had degraded the one person who gave him something to live for in this world. He shocked himself with that revelation. Six months ago that person would have been Daryl and now it was Beth. When he saw her eyes the next morning it pulled his heart out and when he saw Officer Friendly put his hands on Beth's face then pull her into a hug outside of the cells he wanted to kick his own ass. Whatever Friendly had asked her she had shaken her head no and dropped her eyes again. Merle felt like he was seeing his life with new eyes and the sight made him feel like a real asshole. He knew the ball was in his court to either change himself or end the relationship.

He made up his mind as he watched Beth standing in place looking at the floor in infinite sadness. Merle strode to her and stopped in front of her. She saw by the shoes and the cuffs of his pants that it was him. "Need ta talk to ya," said Merle. Beth shook her head no and turned her head away from him. She felt drugged, she wanted to lie down and cover herself with a blanket until Jude woke up. She was too hurt to cry or get mad or really to do anything but cover her face with her hands. What is there to say when you find the happiest part of your life is a lie?

Merle studied her shoulders and the graceful hands that covered her face. He had broken this precious thing and somehow it mattered in this world. It mattered to him. He leaned back against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor, his arms on his knees. He stared ahead as he talked. "Our mama was purty like you. Had a gentle voice and a smile that'd light up the room. Liked to laugh," he said. "That's what I remember anyway when I think back to when life was good. She had Cherokee in 'er, long dark hair and brown eyes. 'Swere Daryl got his looks from. Me, I'm all my pa." Beth didn't give any indication that she had heard him. He regarded her then pursed his lips and continued, "Daryl came more'n ten years after me so he never saw her like that. By then she was used up, drunk, Pa beat the shit outta her and me. She went and burnt 'erself up in the house one day and then it was just us in that little house. I was a teenager, pissed off and drugged up and I hated that motherfucker that raised us. Told him he'd kilt her as sure as if he pulled a trigger on 'er and that one day I'd even the score."

Beth remained motionless and Merle grimaced. "Started gettin' me some regular tail, got my own bike, started dealin' to pay fer my own habits. Pretty soon I was in and out of the juvie system. When I was seventeen I saw the writin' on the wall, knew in a year it was prison or the military so I enlisted. Left baby brother on his own to take the licks I shoulda been protectin' him from but I knew if I went back I'd kill that cocksucker. Made it a year and a half before gettin' the boot outta the army, fell right back inta the same ole life. Went from job to job, dealin', fightin', gettin' drunk and gettin' laid every night. Never made no real friends, never had nothin' to do with women besides a quick fuck er two. Stayed close ta little brother though….never lived more than an hour away. Went ta jail every once in a while, was in prison once too. I'd get out, find a new place to crash and start all over again. Didn't need nothin' but a meth pipe, some ass and plenty a whiskey. Nothin' could touch me. Then one day the dead started walkin' and I'm chained to a rooftop."

Beth shifted slightly and her head tipped down. If this was his idea of a pep talk it wasn't working. He crossed his arms and shifted against the wall. "Lost my hand, went through hell ta find my brother. Killed innocent people to survive life with a lunatic. Finally came across my brother only ta find he had a wife, a new family- and I'll be damned if it wasn't one that made him happy insteada miserable. Tried like hell ta get him ta leave but he picked y'all over me. First thing that's hurt since losin' our ma." He chuckled grimly. "Decided if I want ta stay with him I had ta play nice so here I am tryin' ta be a model citizen, then the sweetist lil thing I ever saw comes ta me scared one night and next thing I know I got me a full time woman."

Beth's heart seared at the memory of the violent storms that night, the lightning and thunder that had terrified her, and running blindly out of her cell and into the arms of the man she'd been yearning for. Merle had held her while she shook and muffled her cries by crushing his mouth over hers. Weeks later she had gifted him with her innocence and her heart.

He regarded her and pursed his lips in thought. "I thought I knew what hurt felt like, thought I was protected. Thought there weren't nobody could hurt me besides Daryl. But then you walked outta my cell and I found out what real hurt was. I'm livin' it and I don't like it. And what makes it hurt the worst is knowin' I caused it." His lip curled in frustration and he stared ahead, awaiting her decision.

Beth uncovered her face to look at him. She had only caught glimpses of him with his guard down before but now he was completely open, his eyes unshielded and his face grim. She saw the pain in him and crouched down to see him at eye level. He engulfed her and she pressed her face into him, clutching at his shirt. "Ya comin' back?" he asked, and she nodded silently. He sighed and shut his eyes and they held each other until Daryl called for Merle to go on watch.


It was dawn and time to hunt. Daryl paced restlessly, smirking when he looked at the unopened cigarettes and whiskey on his bunk. He snorted sarcastically when he heard Beth's breathless pants from the other end of the perch. He was going to give Merle hell. Merle showed up a few minutes later with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. 'Mornin brotha,' he said jauntily. 'Runnin' late, had ta get me some breakfast."

"Didn't think ya liked breakfast," said Daryl smugly as they moved down the stairs. Merle looked at him in consternation. "Fuck ya talkin' about boy? I allas told ya eatin' pussy'd make a man outta ya. Good ta see yer finally listenin'."

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