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There was a along, awkward silence where both males just looked at each other, trying to catch their breath.

"Cas, are you fucking around right now? Because that's seriously not even funny," Dean declared, glaring at the angel and rolling out from under him. A hot pink blush flared over his cheeks as he pushed off from his bed and stood up to look at his angel.

The raven-haired beauty was just sitting there with his hands in his lap, glaring at the ground where Dean stood.

"What's your problem?" the brunette asked, picking his boxers up off the floor.

"What would you think if I impregnated you, Dean?" he asked quietly. Dean's blush earlier had nothing on the one that was blossoming over his cheeks now.

He just shook his head. He turned to the direction of the bathroom.

"I want a straight answer, Dean." Dean was already in the bathroom turning the shower on.

Castiel appeared in the doorway, almost giving Dean a heart attack in doing so. Dean gave the angel incredulous eyes and scoffed. "Hell no! What? Are you expecting me, a full-grown human male to just gather some spontaneous interest in becoming pregnant? The fuck, Cas?"

The angel frowned. "You're not taking it as well as I had expected," he noted, chewing on his lower lip.

"Look, Cas. I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going to lie down. Alone." He stressed that last part.

"Dean, but we're—"

"Exactly. I know. I want to—I just want to pretend that for one night I did not adopt an angel, I did not become attracted to him, and he never fucked me. That the said angel coincidentally didn't forgot to mention the little matter that it has suddenly become a matter that I may or may not be able to reproduce," Dean huffed out.

"You're mad," Castiel asserted.

"I'm livid!" Dean returned, turning around now to glare at the angel. He took a deep breath and shut his eyes. "I'm going to take a shower now."


Once Dean got out of the shower, Castiel had surprised Dean with half-assed cooked eggs. Dean had loved them, even if they were showered with a little too much salt.

Chuck had also decided to call. Castiel came over to Dean on the couch and curled around him. The brunette man wasn't sure if it was to snuggle or to try and catch what his old mentor was saying.

"He's healthy?" Chuck asked nervously. Like usual.

Dean sucked in a big breath of accomplished air. "He's perfectly healthy," he said, eying the angel that had cocked his head slightly to the side. "I'm actually glad you called," Dean added, his tone getting a little lower.

"Why—why's that?"

"Well, Chuck, you sort of seemed to have left out the part where it's possible for an angel to get a male human pregnant."

Chuck sounded like he was gasping for breath. "You're pregnant!?" He started screaming bloody murder and Dean had to shout to get his attention back.

"No, no! Chuck shut the hell up, okay? I'm not pregnant," the man said with a small huff of embarrassment. Castiel chirped and hugged him from behind.

"Wait—you two fucked? Err he fucked you? Excuse my French, of course."

Well that was one way to put it. "Despite myself, yeah, it happened." As long as he controlled his emotions, he knew that Chuck's laughter wouldn't bother him.

"Are you mad because you expected me to give you a How To: Not Get Pregnant from my Adopted Angel?" he laughed more. "Look, okay. I'm sorry, but even if I did give you that little introduction, you probably would've ran the other way screaming."

"But you knew this?" Dean asked. Castiel was playing with his freckled toes.

Chuck sighed. "Being a reserve moderator for angels and demons is pretty demanding. I had to go through a lot of schooling to get this job; so yes, I knew. This is the very first case, though, ever that an angel bonded with a human non-platonically."

Dean chewed on the inside of his cheek.

"I bet Angelic Behaviors didn't tell you that, huh?" he asked, chuckling nervously.

Yeah, I've heard that joke one too many times, Dean though, glancing down at Castiel. Michael came into the room then, trotting up to the two curled up on the couch. The angel lent his hand out and the cat climbed up to nuzzle his way into Dean's lap. At least they aren't fighting anymore.

Chuck asked a few more questions about Castiel's wings and his behavior since the bonding, but Dean responded positively. He thanked the brunette man for his time and then hung up.

He turned to look at Castiel. "Do you want to go see Sam?" Castiel glared in response, as if to say, are you fucking kidding? I just want to stay here with you. But the angel picked up on Dean's emotions—he wanted to go see his brother and possibly speak about what happened.

So in turn, the angel had agreed he would come if he didn't have to wear the collar, he would take the car. Dean brought the collar just in case.

Sam didn't live that far away, just around twenty minutes away with traffic. Castiel was a good contender with the car it seemed—despite his large wings that flooded the car with black feathers (and due to the fact that he hadn't been groomed properly in over 24 hours, they were starting to fall out), he was happy to look out the window at the gray clouds and the rain streaking the glass.

Since he was being good, Dean rolled down the window for him. Although Castiel was the dominant in bed (and whatever sort of relationship thing they had going on), Dean was still his master.


"Yeah, his name's Gabriel. He's a higher order angel, too. Just like you, Cas," Sam said fondly, smiling at Dean's angel.

Although Castiel didn't like anyone even remotely similarly to the way he liked Dean, one person he could definitely tolerate was Sam Winchester.

On the other hand, one person he could not tolerate was Gabriel. Person—angel—whatever.

"Castiel and I were on the same team up in heaven," Gabriel explained. "We were warriors!" he exclaimed.

The taller angel just sighed in annoyance. "Gabriel was and is a lowlife Archangel who relied on everyone to wait on him and fight for him. Gabriel, you were a general whereas I was a foot soldier. We never fought together," Castiel said coldly. Gabe just huffed and crossed his arms over his chest childishly.

"You're no fun, Cassie." He pouted. "Just like I remember."

Dean and Sam exchanged a look. It was interesting to watch two angels converse with each other. It was also very noticeable which angel was the more dominant and which was submissive.

Gabriel crawled into Sam's lap and rubbed his tummy. "I'm hungry, Sammy!" he shouted, mimicking the way Dean had greeted Sam when he entered his apartment.

Sam blushed and pushed the angel from him. "Don't call me that, and okay. I have dinner already made. It's just left overs from when I had that date with Madison last night." He waved his hand as if to show how unimportant it was.

"Madison is a slut!" Gabriel announced. Castiel glowered at him while Dean had a blown look.

"Gee, Gabe, tell it like you mean it," Dean said in a low voice. Sam would not stop blushing.


Castiel had been sent outside with Gabriel while the two brothers spoke. There was a small backyard behind the apartment complex and the people who were there with their pets and such looked at the two sibling angels and straight up stared.

No one actually had the guts to say anything, however, Castiel noted.

After he had finished arguing with Gabriel about some angel politics in heaven before all angels had been expelled from there, Dean had come out, his hands shoved into his jean pockets and nodded at the two.

The raven-haired angel took an extra second staring at his bond-mate. He couldn't resist acknowledging how beautiful he was—his cocked brow, the slim tee accompanied by a down jacket to shield the rain that had stopped for a half hour, not to mention those tight jeans that Castiel just wanted to strip him of and never allow him to wear again.

He got up from the bench and Gabriel soon followed, trotting happily behind his heavenly brother.

"I just gave Sam the 411 about the bonding thing," Dean huffed out.

Cas just stood there squinting at Dean in confusion.

"Sam knows about us," he explained in simpler terms.

"What, your bond?" Gabriel interjected. Castiel rolled his eyes. Dean shot him a look as if to say how the fuck did you know, you little twerp? "I can smell Cas all over you, buddy. You've copulated, hmm, let's see…" Gabriel sniffed Dean, leaning in a little too close for comfort, "two—three times in the last one or two days. Am I right?"

Dean just gulped. "Shut up, smartass," he growled.

"Heeey!" Gabriel whined like a six-year-old. "Why are you both so cold?"

They both ignored him. Castiel intertwined his fingers with Dean's, the two entered Sam's apartment hand in hand.

Dean took off his jacket and the four of them sat down to watch a movie. Dean was actually surprised how easily Sam had taken to Dean's story—he hadn't judged him or made fun of him. Seriously, it is a little bit weird to think about what happened, but Sam had accepted him and Dean really appreciated that about his little brother.

Gabriel bumped his shoulder with Dean purely on accident but the brunette man hissed and jerked back towards Castiel who glared daggers at the smaller angel. "Dude—!"

There wasn't enough time to say anything else because Gabriel had quickly gone to investigate Dean's shoulder. He lifted up the sleeve, and there it was—Castiel's handprint mark he had left on Dean when they had first bonded. It had swollen just a day earlier, all angry and red and puffy, but now it looked almost beautiful.

The Archangel gasped. "Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!" he cried, turning in his seat and yanking up and down on Sam's gray tee.

Sam got a good look at the mark and the brothers met eyes for a split second, taking Sam's mind (and eyes) away from Gabriel for a moment, and just a moment, so that the mischievous little angel could rip up Sam's shirt and show his own little mark—

As it turned out, Gabriel had also left a hand print on Sam. Right over his right pectoral.

"You—you two! You too?" Dean said, looking awfully confused and equally shocked.

Castiel just glowered. "It seems you two will also have to begin wearing condoms," he said in a low voice, suddenly smiling darkly at Sam and Gabriel. The lighter haired angel just smiled widely.

"Nope! I'd gladly be the mother of his child!" He turned to Dean and scoffed. "It's the honorable thing to do, anyways. Gosh, to have a child with a human," he said with a dreamy look in his eyes. Sam was completely baffled, and Dean glared at his little brother.

"Sam? Was there ever something you were going to tell me?"

Sam would have a lot of explaining to do. He knew it, too.

"Oh how the tables have turned," he said with a small smirk. Castiel ensnared his arm around his waist.

A bit of Dean felt righteous.

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