Monsters of the Wilds

Author's Notes: So not much to say here, seeing as this is still a light hearted piece and not a sprawling epic, though I feel like I might be tempting fate by making that claim. Couple of real life issues are about to be resolved, and hopefully once they are I'll be able to return to the good old days when I could sit down and push out ten pages an hour without interruption.

Ah, you don't realize you miss it until it's gone...

Anyway, little bit of plot development, little bit of humor, mostly a chance to show off my humanized versions of the Heavenly Knights. Bit of light reading all around here.

Though the scene with Erubetie kind of made me giggle a little. I have the impression that writing her is gonna be fun.

*Story Start*

Chapter Eight

Lee Go Seul hummed to herself as she made her way to school. Well, she tried to hum, but that was quickly interrupted with a tiny 'oof!' as she misjudged the distance between herself and the curb. It was a common mistake for her, at least in this situation.

When you were carrying that many weapons, it was difficult to manage all the metal and your limbs, much less see what was right in front of you!

"Maybe I should get a duffle bag or something?" she noted to herself, feeling silly to talk with no one around. "It would make things much simpler…"

Still, Go Seul resumed her humming a short bit after she gathered the enormous wooden case she stored her swords in. After all, she was in a good mood so humming was natural.

She was fitting in well in her school, after all. She was making all kinds of friends, and one of them was even a boy! Not only that, but she had managed to make her debut at the Wilds as well, and was doing well in her club.

Go Seul didn't like to think of herself as a simple girl. It just felt a little demeaning to call yourself simple. But she had no problem of thinking of herself as 'uncomplicated'. Uncomplicated was a fine way of putting it. She was going to school. She was meeting people and getting her classwork finished. She was having fun training with her sister and her friends. Maybe it wasn't the grandest or most ambitious way of living, but she was only fifteen, and just a freshman in high school.

What was wrong with being unambitious at this point in life?

Still, she had to admit to herself, still humming even as she pursed her lips. Even if she was just fine with the way things were going, she wouldn't mind it if maybe something exciting happened.

Like maybe if she ran into those Hellgondo students sometime!

It was so mysterious, the way her friend Jae Gu knew such dangerous people. And that they got along so well, despite how different they were. And Jae Gu was even dating one of them! His girlfriend, Alice, Go Seul thought her name was, was so pretty too! Even if it was a bit odd, they seemed to get along really well.

Which raised a question for Go Seul, actually.

Just what was the deal with Jae Gu and that one girl, the one she had fought before. What was her name? It was strange… Erubetie, that was it!

Now that Go Seul knew that it wasn't a matter of bullying, and that not only were they friends but that Erubetie actually considered Jae Gu to be stronger than her, she found the mystery of the strange smell to be just that much more mysterious. Just what did they get up to, Jae Gu and Erubetie, to cause such a foul odor to hang around both of them?

It was so peculiar that she could remember it distinctly, that ditchwater smell. In fact, she could remember it so distinctly that it was as though it was right in front of her…

And then her swords shifted enough so that she could see where she was walking, and she realized that the bearer of the smell really was right in front of her.

"Hmm?" Go Seul perked, shifting her weapons so she could get a better look as she caught sight of Erubetie, the girl's distinct hair and outfit revealing her presence even though she could only see the girl from behind and she was nearly a block ahead.

Wait, if she was that far ahead, just how bad did the delinquent smell up close if she could still identify her all the way back here!

Still, Go Seol's curiosity was sparked, and she slowed down, ducking behind a light pole as best she could with both her arms full and her glasses sliding on her nose.

Maybe now was the chance to figure out the mystery of the odd smell, Go Seul decided to herself, perking at the thought. After all, she had been thinking about finding something exciting to indulge in, and here was an adventure just waiting to happen.

School could wait for a bit. This would probably be way more fun!

*Scene Break*

Jae Gu couldn't help but wonder just how he had gotten into this situation. After all, it wasn't like he deliberately went out of his way to seek female companionship. In fact, considering that he was a borderline misogynist it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that he actively attempted to avoid the other gender as much as possible.

Well, even he could admit that he wasn't very good at avoiding women. Considering the fact that just about anyone he could assign the title 'friend' to was almost invariably a woman, and that he had a girlfriend, and most of the girls he actually considered friends could also have the title 'friends with benefits' it could be said that Jae Gu was actually very bad at avoiding women.

When he put it like that in his head, it actually put his present circumstances into perspective.

"Just what are you planning on doing with Piggy?" Dal Dal demanded of him, pouting up at him from where she had actively latched onto his arm. She managed to maintain that position even as the two of them walked through the Wilds, the hallway full of after school activity as the students made their way to whatever club they were a part of. The constant looks and giggles, combined with the occasional flash and click of a phone taking a picture of him made him uncomfortable, but he had dealt with that kind of behavior before.

The fact that none of them had tried to attack him made the experience a lot easier to deal with than the last time he had visited his girlfriend at her school. Hellgondo students could be just as gossipy and violent as Wilds students, but they were also a lot less restrained about certain things.

"What do you mean, 'what am I planning to do'?" Jae Gu asked the shorter girl attached to him as he walked. "You just showed up at the last bell and grabbed me," he continued, reiterating the situation as he had experienced it. "Then you said I should blow off some kind of date with Moon Young Sunbae to take you on a picnic. I have no idea what you think is going on."

"You shouldn't lie," Dal Dal scolded him, scowling cutely, in her ever so humble opinion anyway, up at him. "I heard you yesterday. You and that pig are planning on going on some kind of date after school! As your future girlfriend, I can't stand by and let you cheat like that."

"I'm not sure what you think is going to happen," Jae Gu told her, affixing her with a somewhat perplexed look. "Both with the date, and this 'future girlfriend' bit. But I think you have the wrong idea about a lot of different things."

"There's no need to be shy," Dal Dal assured him. She made sure that she kept her pout up, even though inside she was doing a credible imitation of the Cheshire Cat's grin. This was just like in the manha, the cute girl and her boyfriend chatting after school. Oh, how enjoyable her high school life had become! Jae Gu was even warming up to it, she could feel it. After all, if he really did mind her presence, surely he would have asked her to let go by now? It wasn't like he was just used to clingy girls and had learned how to ignore them completely to the point where he almost didn't notice their presence.

That would be ridiculous.

"Would you let go please?" Jae Gu muttered, though he sounded halfhearted at best with the request. "You're acting like Alma Elma."

"That slut?" Dal Dal growled, her face twisting in a scowl, though she made sure to ignore the first part of the statement so she could both focus on scorning her newest admirer as well as continue to increase the skinship between her and her future man. "Don't compare me to her like that!"

"Well, it is a bit different," Jae Gu acknowledged as his gaze honed in on his destination. "You haven't tried to touch me anywhere inappropriate yet, so that counts for something…"

"Wait," Dal Dal couldn't help but feel that there was something inherently wrong with that confession as she looked up at Jae Gu in confusion. "Tried to touch you…"

"Oi," A new voice interrupted Dal Dal's thoughts before they could reach their conclusion. Dal Dal looked up, confused, just in time for a pair of gloves to impact her in the face. "Don't you have any shame, Pinky?"

"Piggy," Dal Dal bristled, very much like the cat whose ears she was wearing. "What was that for?" Dal Dal realized suddenly that the gloves were less important than other things she could be condemning her rival for. "And what do you think you're doing, trying to schedule a date with my future man!"

"It's not a date," Moon Young told her dryly, giving the shorter girl a flat look. "And he's not your future man." The boxer sighed, shaking her head as she did so. "Do you even know the meaning of 'restraint'?"

"Not when it comes to love!" Dal Dal proclaimed, releasing her hold on Jae Gu and folding her arms in a triumphant pose. "Now back off! I won't be letting you try to sneak any lovey-dovey time in by yourself with my Jae Gu!"

"It's not lovey-dovey time," Moon Young snapped back, fighting back an embarrassed blush at Dal Dal's implications. She hurriedly pointed to a corner of the room as she continued. "And we're not even alone!"

"Oh," Jae Gu brightened slightly and smiled as he followed Moon Young's gesture to discover who else was present. "In Gyi Sunbae! You came too?"

Jae Gu was happy that she had come, even though he had originally meant for this session to just be with him and Moon Young. He waved slightly to the other girl who was sitting quietly on a bench to the side, her bag in her lap.

'He's waving at me!' In Gyi's inner maiden declared, fanning herself frantically as she tried to cool herself down before she overheated. 'What do I do, what do I do, what do I do!'

Externally, In Gyi simply gave her underclassman a cool look, before glancing to the side in a cold manner which allowed her hair to cover up the slight blush that she couldn't stop from forming.

'Whatever I should have done it shouldn't have been that!' she wailed to herself. 'What if he thinks I'm some weird girl!'

Jae Gu wasn't put off by the gesture, and instead just smiled at his Sunbae. He was starting to get used to his cool Sunbae's actions, and even if it was off putting to most he had a better judge of In Gyi's moods by now.

"Tsk," Dal Dal hissed, putting a thumb to her chin as she realized that there was even more unwanted people present. "Even the Queen's here? What kind of date is this?"

"And like I keep saying," Moon Young scowled, "It's not a date at all!" She considered listing all the reasons why what was going on didn't count as any kind of romantic interlude, before sighing to herself. There really wasn't any point catering to the Tae Kwon Doist's misconceptions. "Anyway," she focused back on Jae Gu, giving him a once over. "Are you going to practice like that?"

"Er," Jae Gu gave his school uniform a once over, before shrugging embarrassedly. "Well, I do have a change of clothes for working out, but considering what happened the last time I tried to use a bathroom at school I figured it would probably be best to avoid them until they have a men's room ready."

In Gyi managed to conceal a small embarrassed cough.

"Hmm," Moon Young considered his words carefully, before nodding gravely. If one attempt gone wrong ended with him being slated to fight one of the best fighters in the school on public television, outed him as a former delinquent, and set Hellgondo and Wilds at each other's throats then yeah, maybe it would be best not to tempt fate into making things worse. "Well, you might have a point there. So you're going to exercise like that then?"

"It's fine," Jae Gu admitted, before casually starting to take off his clothes, starting with his tie. Moon Young managed to prevent herself from swallowing harshly, though Dal Dal had less success as she squealed happily. "I can work out in my undershirt, and I do the laundry every night anyway. I'll just have to make sure to clean my uniform extra thoroughly."

"Y-yeah," Moon Young agreed, watching nervously as he pulled off his dress shirt, revealing his bare arms and the slightly faded muscle tee that he had on beneath his uniform. "W-well," she coughed, and realized she was blushing slightly. "Let's take a look at you then…"

"What are you doing, Piggy?" Dal Dal screeched as Moon Young started to squeeze at Jae Gu's upper arms and shoulders. The young man seemed curious about the older girl's actions, but didn't protest.

"Checking his muscles," the boxer admitted shamelessly, pursing her lips as she probed his body. "Trying to get a judge of where he is physically." As the daughter of a former boxer who now owned a professional gym, Moon Young was familiar with just how to act as a personal trainer as well as a fighter herself. "I need to know what I'm starting with."

"Starting with?" Dal Dal echoed suspiciously crossing her arms as Moon Young continued to shamelessly feel up her future man. "What is going on here?"

"Well," Jae Gu began, also blushing slightly as Moon Young continued to touch him. "I asked Moon Young Sunbae to show me the basics of professional fighting. I don't think I really know enough about the rules to really get in a ring right now…"

"In the ring?" In Gyi prompted, sitting up straighter as she turned her full attention on the younger man. She was even interested enough to stop muttering death curses at the boxer as she continued to run her hands all up and down her Jae Gu. "I thought you…"

"Well," Jae Gu admitted slowly, understanding what the Queen was referring to. "I know that I don't really want to fight anymore," he admitted giving In Gyi a brief look out of the corner of his eye. "And I try not to get involved in street fights. But someone pointed out that professional fighting isn't like that. It's safer, and less likely to get me injured or in trouble. And if you're good at it, you can even use it as a job. If it won't hurt me, and it might be able to help my brother and sister, and if I'm already kind of good at fighting, it might not be a bad idea to try it. And since I'm already registered for the Wilds League…"

"So Jae Gu asked me yesterday to give him some training, not just physically but on protocol and stuff," Moon Young finished for him, pursing her lips slightly. Should she take advantage of the situation to run her hands over his abs, or should she keep this professional? With a deep breath, she decided not to violate her pride as a trainer and fighter by giving in to childish groping impulses.

Not now anyway. Maybe later. When it was just the two of them alone…

"Who needs training on protocol?" Dal Dal wondered out loud, glaring at Moon Young as the boxer finally pulled back, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as she studied Jae Gu critically. "It's just a match. You probably start it just the same as with street fights, right? How different could it be?"

"Well, unless the first rule that Moon Young is going to go over is to always make sure your book bag is zipped up properly so that if you use it as a club you don't accidently spill all your school supplies then I guess it's going to be a little different," Jae Gu pointed out and Dal Dal blinked at the oddly specific example.

"Really?" the short girl couldn't help but ask, unsure if her Jae Gu was being serious or not.

"Nothing takes the fight out of an enemy like a science text book to the head," Jae Gu nodded sagely.

"Huh," Dal Dal rubbed her chin contemplatively. "So there is a practical use for those things…"

"Also, key rings make for great projectile weapons, as long as you aim for the face," Jae Gu went on. "And if you absolutely have to throw someone at a wall, aim for the glass parts. It makes for a great combo. Oh, and if you can sneak up behind someone on a staircase…"

"Yeah, I get the impression that we're going to be starting at the ground floor for these lessons," Moon Young interrupted, a little disturbed by the number of downright vicious tactics that Jae Gu was used to. "Well, on the plus side your muscles are good. A little weird, but good."

"Weird?" In Gyi prompted, running her eye over the boy in order to enjoy the view, er, appreciate the diagnosis!

"Yeah," Moon Young nodded, puzzling through her evaluation. "Most fighters have pretty specialized muscles. They spend most of their time training to do specific moves after all. You have those, Jae Gu," she admitted, "but the rest of your body is in pretty good shape too."

"Maybe because of my part time job?" the boy suggested, pursing his lips at the conclusion. Moon Young hummed at that.

"You might be on to something," she admitted. "Most fighters only spend their time training for fights. If you have a normal labor intensive job, that would generalize pretty well too."

"Well, that's good to know, but what does it mean for professional fighting?" Jae Gu ventured, putting away his muscle distribution as the trivia it appeared to be.

"It means that we won't have to focus too much on physical conditioning," Moon Young explained. She gestured around the small gym that they had taken residence in. "A lot of these equipment is just to get the fighter in shape. If you're already in good condition we can focus on matches themselves. So," she continued moving on with the planned lessons. "Just how much do you know about a professional match?"

"Er," Jae Gu began to rub his head embarrassedly, glancing to the side. "Um, they're broken in to rounds, and you're not supposed to hit the other person until the bell rings?" He tried to recall any other elements of a match that he might have caught out of the corner of his eye on the television while preparing breakfast for his siblings. "Oh, don't they have pretty girls in skimpy clothing holding up signs with numbers or something in between?"

He was treated to a rather blank stare from all three of his Sunbae at that, and Jae Gu got the distinct impression that he was embarrassing himself in some way. Alice had a lot of fun evoking that sensation at times, so he was rather familiar with it.

"Okay," Moon Young finally concluded. "Let's start from the beginning."

*Scene Break*

Go Seul had decided that when it came to following someone discreetly without them noticing you than having an arm full of swords and spears was probably not the best choice of gear. She grunted again as she tried to peer out from behind a corner and ended up catching one of her cases against the edge, leveraging herself out in the open briefly before she caught sight of the newspaper box nearby and took advantage of it so she could crouch, nominally out of sight if an outsider observer ignored all the boxes and sticks poking up from behind the silhouette.

Go Seul could recognize that she was being a bit silly at this point, but her curiosity had driven her to follow Erubetie for most of the day, and there was no reason to stop now just because she was embarrassing herself.

When she had started her stalking episode, she had been curious as to just what a delinquent got up to during the day. She had heard stories and seen delinquents acting up on dramas and stuff, but did they really do things like skipping school, smoking in abandoned buildings, lounging in from of convenience stores, and mugging middle schoolers for cigarette money?

She had to find out! It was for science, er, research into the lifestyle of her only male classmate!

When Erubetie had walked right past the gate to Hellgondo High, Go Seul had nodded to herself happily. Myth that all delinquents skipped school was confirmed!

However, it was what Erubetie skipped to do which slowly spawned and ever growing confusion and heightened sense of curiosity.

First, the other girl had gone to the park. Not to harass joggers, but so that she could start picking up litter after having pulled a garbage bag out of one of her pockets.

Then, after she had finished the park, the delinquent had gone to a convenience store, but rather than lounging around smoking, she had planted a tree in the small plot of undeveloped land next to it.

After that, she had started walking up and down the streets of the town. However, rather than mugging innocent school kids, she had been sowing grass seeds and then putting down protective screening on all the open squares that the city had set up in regular intervals so that they could have trees lining the roads.

'This isn't what I was expecting at all…' Go Seul hummed to herself, staring after Erubetie with wide, shining eyes. 'She keeps doing such kind things. Could it be… Could it be that she's actually a nice person?'

She had such high expectations for delinquents, too. They had seemed so cool, if shady, when they had first shown up at Wilds. And when Erubetie had fought, she had been so strong too! Taking down two girls at once, defending herself against Go Seul so easily despite the fact that she knew she was strong. And now, here Erubetie was, going around doing so much to make the world a better place.

Maybe she had been wrong, to think bad about Erubetie. Maybe she was actually a good person, someone that was just misunderstood, someone who was truly a saint among squalor. Maybe…

"What do you think you're doing?" Go Seul was interrupted in her growing admiration of the poor misunderstood delinquent Queen of Slimes by the voice of the Queen herself. She perked, poking her head up from above the newsbox so she could see who the other girl was addressing.

"Eh?" a young man in a school uniform that Go Seul didn't recognize grunted. Erubetie had moved to stand in front of him and another boy, probably his friend Go Seul rationalized. The two had a lazy and disrespectful look to them, their shirts un-tucked and ties loosened as they slouched. "What the hell you want?"

"I said, what do you think you're doing?" Erubetie repeated, her contralto low and unchanging as she confronted the two. She lifted an arm with languid grace to point behind the two. Go Seul followed the gesture to see an empty coffee can rolling across the ground behind the two. "Do you think you can just get away with littering?"

'Littering?' Go Seul repeated, starting to comprehend the situation. It seemed that one of the two other delinquent looking boys had probably thrown their empty can away when he was finished, and now Erubetie was confronting them as the agent of goodness and justice that she truly was in order to help preserve the peace and beauty of the city!

"Littering?" the first boy scoffed, and the second one laughed. "Do we look like we care about some stupid crap like that?"

"Heh," the second one agreed. He took his own can, some kind of soda, and theatrically tilted it up to drain the rest of its content. Then, he deliberately lifted it at arm's length away before releasing it. Go Seul could hear the clang from where she was hiding. "Oops."

"Pick those up," Erubetie ordered them softly.

"Or what?" The first boy leered, taking in the swimsuited girl with an obvious leer. "What are you going to do about…"

He was cut off as Erubetie reached out casually, grabbed his wrist, and twisted. He gave a strangled cry as she forced him to spin until he was facing the ground, his arm high and twisted above him as she forced it up.

"The hell are you…" the second boy yelped, reacting as his friend was deadlocked right in front of him by trying to throw a sloppy punch at the girl. She reacted, and he soon found himself in the exact same position as his friend, the two of them groaning and crying out as she cruelly manipulated their limbs.

"Pick them up," Erubetie ordered, "and then throw them away."

"You crazy bitch!" the first boy shouted, and then he let out a high pitched moan.

"That was one," Erubetie told them, and Go Seul managed to catch sight of the way the Queen of slimes had bent the boy's finger. "You have nine more. That gives you nine seconds to pick it up."

"Fine, fine!" the boy screamed, scrambling with his free hand to grab the coffee can that had rolled almost out of his reach. His friend similarly picked up his can. "Just stop! I'll do it."

Go Seul watched, blinking as he jaw dropped as Erubetie than maneuvered the two of them so they could duck walk still bent over by their arms to the row of garbage cans and recycling bins. The two boys fumbled, before finally putting the garbage into one of the bins.

"There, you crazy bitch, now let us go…. Ahhhh!" the boy started to beg, before another high pitched scream erupted as Erubetie dislocated another of his fingers.

"That's the general waste bin," she declared ominously. "And those cans were recyclable."

"Are you fucking kidding…" the second boy declared, before he cried out as well.

"Er…" Go Seul mumbled as she watched Erubetie start to administer terribly disproportional punishment to the two for the crime of littering. "Maybe she's not that nice of a person after all," she concluded.

*Scene Break*

Moon Young stretched with a contented sigh as she made her way home.

'That had gone pretty well, actually,' she decided as she made her way up the stairs. Her family business, a gym and professional trainer for boxing, was on the eight floor of a business complex, so she had a lot of stairs to make use of. Sometimes she would take her workout outside of the gym and use the stairs for jogging purposes, but for now she took them at a more leisurely pace.

All said and done, the meeting with Jae Gu had been rather satisfactory for her. They had only had an hour before he had had to make his way back to his job. His boss had been willing to give him more time off, true, but Jae Gu had admitted to needing the funds too much to take off any more than that one hour.

It must be hard to train for an upcoming match while simultaneously taking care of your family, Moon Young realized as she climbed. In a way, it sort of made her feel bad about her life. She trained, yeah, but she did that as a hobby, for fun. When she finished her school she could come home, take her time, do her homework, and then practice some mitts and occasionally help out with the family business. It almost made her feel like she was living a life of leisure or something.

Well, at least it was nowhere near as bad as the lifestyle Queen lived, Moon Young decided.

Still, even as she made it to her floor and let herself in to the gym she decided not to worry too much about it. It wasn't her fault that circumstances were the way they were. Maybe she could give Jae Gu a hand at work sometime, just to help out? Deciding to ask him about that tomorrow, she let herself into the gym.

"I'm back," she called out to her dad. She looked around, catching sight of her father by the punching bags. He was talking with someone who was just out of sight behind the bag, probably a gym member, or at least a potential one.

"Welcome home, Moon Young," her dad called, smiling broadly at her. Despite the fact that she had just returned, he started to waive her over. "Now get over here and give me a hand with this new customer!"

Moon Young sighed, palming her forehead as her father gruffly usurped her post school free time. As a professional boxer, her dad sometimes had her help out with the younger crowd, partly as a trainer and partly as a publicity example of the effectiveness of their training methods.

'Well,' Moon Young thought to herself as she pasted a professional smile on and made her way to where her father was waiting for her. 'I was just thinking about how I had it too easy. Maybe this was fate?'

"Like I was saying," her father, Lee Moon Gwang, continued, turning back to the potential customer. "Our gym has all the modern facilities, and we have several experienced trainers. I myself was Asia's welterweight champion before I retired. We pride ourselves on our training skills here."

"Very good," Moon Young heard the voice of the unseen potential customer, and for a reason she couldn't quite objectify it sounded familiar; familiar, and strangely ominous… Moon Young stiffened as she realized that she recognized the voice. "So far the credentials of your gym are impressive."

"No way," Moon Young gaped, darting to her father's side so she could get a good view of the speaker and prove to herself that no, the universe really wasn't that twisted and cruel. The action let her make out that yes, it really was Granberia of the Heavenly Knights talking to her father, and proved that if there was a god, he really was a twisted jerk. "You!"

"Oh?" Granberia stood up straighter as she caught sight of the girl she had been in a match with just a few days ago. "You again?"

"Oh?" Moon Gwang glanced between the two, realizing that they knew each other. Judging from their reactions, they probably weren't very friendly either. Cautiously, he tried to get a feel for the situation. "I take it you two are familiar with each other?"

"Dad," Moon Young hissed, putting a hand up so she could whisper to her dad frantically. "She's a delinquent! She's in a gang with a bunch of other crazy girls! We can't have someone like that in here!"

"A gang, hmmm," Moon Gwang paused, rubbing his chin. Finally, he turned to Granberia, who was still watching them sternly. "So, have I mentioned the discounts we give to membership for referrals? For every one of your friends that join, it's twenty percent off of a month's dues!"

"Dad!" Moon Young gaped at her father as he continued trying to convince the Queen of Dragons to join his gym. "What are you doing?"

"Never underestimate the need for money, foolish girl," he growled at her in a whisper that was comically ineffectual at not being heard by Granberia, pounding Moon Young on the back in a show of companionship which was meant to get his daughter to be quiet and not scare away the customer. "If she has a gang, than she can just draw in some of the tougher customers, and we might get more members to join!"

"But…" Moon Young cried piteously, only to be interrupted by the delinquent in question.

"This is your gym, then?" the biker asked, focusing on Moon Young with an intense look that made her a little uncomfortable.

"Er, yeah," Moon Young admitted, rubbing her head nervously. 'She wasn't about to attack her, or stake out her gym so she could jump her alone to finish their fight or anything, was she?' Moon Young wondered frantically.

"Then I'd like to join, sir," Granberia declared immediately, turning back to Moon Gwang.

"Excellent!" the older man crowed happily. "Let's go ahead and get started on the paperwork."

"Huh?" Moon Young stared, not quite sure what had just happened, but somehow sure that this was only going to complicate her immediate future.