Twilight's P.O.V

I got up slowly and started walking back to my home, where I could be alone suddenly a heard a light poof and instantly knew who it was.

"Oh my hello Twilight, isn't it a lovely day?"

I closed my eyes and walked past him pretending not to notice.

"Come now Twilight Sparkle you've got to get into the spirit of things, after all this is your new home!"

I heard him say but I merely looked at Ponyville and said sadly.

"Not anymore..."

I began to walk off but he suddenly stopped me.

"Wait don't go..yet." Discord said as he stood in front of me.


"I have..a job for you.."

I looked at him unsure if I should even listen to him but I just stood saying nothing.

"...Alright... What is it...?" I asked.

"I want you to be my queen.."

My eyes widened as my heart started to beat faster and faster.

"Y-you want me to be your queen? ...But why me?"

"I will treat you better than your so called friends." Discord said with a smile.

I narrowed my eyes at him because this had to be a lie!...right?

"How do I know you're not lying to me?" I said with a hint of anger in my voice.

I saw him smirk which made me angrier but he suddenly snapped his talons together and a book appeared in his lion paw.

"Twilight..all of them hate you and they all lie..but I would never lie."

He then held up the book and my eyes widened as I soon realize that was Star Swirl The Bearded book.

"Is this what you want the most powerful magic is in this book. all you have to do is be my queen.."

"! ... That book! Where did you...!" I yelled but discord interrupted me.

"oh..he gave it to me long ago..when I ruled now it can be yours don't you want it?" Discord asked as he looked at me.

I thought about it...about how my friends and I went through everything bad... I flinched as I remembered my "Friends" leaving me.

"They never cared about you ever.. they became your..friends to get rid of Nightmare Moon."

"They did...? ..." a few tears rolled down my cheek "I guess you're right..."

I don't know if this is the right choice...but if I do become his queen I can become the most powerful unicorn in Equestria...I'm so confused...What should I do?!

Hey Everypony! I sorta realized my friend lied to me about coming up with this story I figured it out he got it from a roleplayer on YouTube! Since I roleplay as well (CuteSweetieBelle)Also she had a link to my story on her channel! I talk to her and I was pissed off my friend lied to me but she apologized and all the credit goes to Discorded Twilight & mlpdiscord2012!