30 Kisses with the One Piece Girls For The Shinobi


Naruto x Various


Story Start


He was waiting for his contact in this seedy establishment. It wasn't his sort of place; it stunk of booze, stale nuts, and various lotions. He could hardly turn his head without seeing some form of debauchery. As he waited, the sound of a murmured, a growing commotion drew his attention to the stage.

Her rich sultry voice had drawn his attention. He sat there lingering at the table. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The beauty was tall, in her twenties with long blue hair and black eyes. Her outfit was a lustrous long white dress with some pink details on it, along with a yellow headpiece with a red gem piece at the front.

The men around him were letting loose wolfish whistles and tossing sweaty coins like lust driven boys. Naruto had more composure then that, mainly due to the fact that so many strong women helped influence his life. Though that wasn't to say his sensei's Jiraiya influence didn't rub off on him as well.

The woman moved like a swan, graceful, and her movements flowing like a river. Those relaxing movements made him forget today's losses and wounds. For the moment he could forget about hunting those monsters that attacked his home.

He watched as her hips sway and she licked her lips. For a moment he was confused until she realized her gaze was for him. It was as if she could read his desire. He wants her and she knows it. Every man here wants her. She steps of the stage and makes her way closer to him. His eyes draw her closer, those chilling cerulean blue orbs. His eyes were admiring her beauty and grace and not merely her form.

To her those eyes meant something. A reminder. A reminder that not all men were like the seedy patrons of this bar and that there was a whole world out there. The look in his eyes was genuine and she needs this. Even if its for tonight. To be reminded she's not just an object of lust but an artist down on her luck.

Naruto watched as the woman made her way to his table. He almost stopped breathing when her soft hand brushed through his spiked hair. When he felt her press something into his hand his heart leapt. Then she was gone, her written word blazed in his mind. "Meet me later"

Later that night they sat together in his hotel room. And to both their surprise they had found much to talk about. She was so different than just the mysterious sexy dancer.

She was a vibrant woman who simply wanted to travel and dance. It was her art and simply something she loved to do. Though because of her youth and beauty she was so kidnapped and enslaved and as a result she was sold to the owner of this bar.

He understood and sympathized with the woman. The same people, associate of those who attacked his home village and kidnapped several of his people. These same people who he was hunting seemed to be ruining lives everywhere.

It wouldn't be the first time he would act so impulsively. There were some things that didn't change. And with a simple invitation he asked the dancer Pascia to come with him. And with that the establishment found itself nearly collapsed on via explosive notes. The town that made its money with a black market slave trade soon found itself in disarray and panic.

And in that chaos they slipped away to his ship. For his journey was far from done. In his arms now rested a grateful and now free dancer. As their lips connected it signified the beginning of another adventure.