6. Shut Up

She'd been on it for almost an hour. Talking trivially. Blabbing. Ranting. Conversing loudly. Clamoring. Oh, whatever the term was, the bottom line was she was so noisy!

"Geez! I really felt bad about the game last night! They would have been able to get to the championship if they'd scored that last shot!"

A sigh escaped from him, sea-green eyes scanning the words written on the book. 'Right. It would've been nice if they won. But seriously, aren't you tired of talking yet?'

"So I've heard that the red-haired idiot is planning to court my twin. Hah! I am going to talk to him later."

He flipped a page of the book. 'Poor guy. Is charmed by a girl who has hot-headed siblings. But no really, when will you stop talking?

"Yeah, I kicked their faces! They had it coming!"

He snorted. Their classmates, who'd noticed his action, assumed that it was only because of what he'd read.

'You have no plan of zipping your mouth soon, huh?'

"Hey freaking idiot! Don't fucking touch my things! Damn it!"

Three. 'So vulgar.'

"Ugh! Yes, I was just in a foul mood yesterday!"

Two. 'Uh, that explains why you didn't greet me yesterday... but whatever.'

Her laugh rung on his ears. "You should have seen his face! Priceless! Hahaha!"

One. 'Oh, that's the last straw!'

All heads turned on his direction, as he slammed the book on his desk. A hush came over the room. It stayed like that for a moment, until she decided to break the silence.

"What's wrong with you, pretty boy?" She asked, amusement on her voice.

He glared, unhappy on the way she'd called him. "Do you realize that you were so noisy, Kurosaki? I couldn't concentrate on reading my book."

"And, do you realize that this is a free country?" she retorted, "I'm free to do anything that I wanna do. And, since our instructor is not here today, I'll talk as long as I want."

"Just shut up. Or else..."

"Or else what, Hitsugaya-sama?" She taunted, striding towards him. She sat on his desk and leaned close to his face. "What are you gonna do to poor li'l Karin?" She grinned while their classmates snickered at her antic. They all knew that Karin loved to tease their top student because she had a thing for him. She always thought that he was damn adorable, being the serious and short-tempered guy he was. Everyone on their class knew about her attraction to Hitsugaya Toushirou. Everyone, but the dense genius himself.

Toushirou ground his teeth, still glaring at her. But, Karin didn't waver.

All of a sudden, Toushirou smirked, making Karin confuse at the quick change of his mood.

"If you can't shut up on your own, then let me help you," he said, leaning close to her ear. "One more word, Kurosaki. One more word, and I am going..."

Karin gulped, waiting for his next words. God, his voice was so husky and sexy!

"...to kiss you. That—" He intentionally brushed his lips on her ear, "—will surely shut you up."

He pulled away to look at her reaction. Oh, the rosy hue on her face was so lovely!

"You d—"

Karin wasn't already able to continue what she was saying because, true to his words, Toushirou covered her mouth with his.

Wolf-whistles and giggles filled the room. Toushirou knew that PDA was never a good idea, but hell to that! He was already kissing the girl that he'd always wanted to kiss!

Pulling away from her, he leaned back to his seat and casually started reading his book again as if he hadn't just kissed the girl that he liked.

Karin licked her lips, staring at him, and hummed in appreciation.

Maybe it wasn't really a bad idea if she'd talk too much, especially if he'd always be around to shut her up.