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Hello, I'm back with the fic I originally intended to write when I posted my latest GerIta fic. My writer's block is partially gone, but still being a little bitch and won't fully go away. Hence, the reason for this first chapter being so short. I will do by best to make the subsequent chapters be more lengthy. Anyway, I have a few things to say before this fic is read:

I'm not a very good American and I do not know half as much as I should know about how my country achieved its independence, but just so you know...in 1607 the first British settlement was established and in 1776 America declared independence from Britian. The Revolutionary War didn't end until 1783. Now, I've said all that to say this, I have no idea in what year this fic takes place, but America is still a colony under British rule. That means that this fic takes place sometime before 1776 and I'm placing America as being between the ages of 16-18. Take your pick of whatever age creeps you out less whenever he and England start boning.

Now, don't flame me for my terrible lack of knowledge in my American history. None of this story is supposed to be historically accurate and I just wrote it for fun. Also, I've been out of High School for 10 years so cut me some slack on the U.S. History aspect of all this.

Okay, I am shutting up! Go read and let me know how it was.

Alfred F. Jones, the personification of North America, didn't quite realize when his feelings for Arthur Kirkland, the personification of Great Britain, had changed from brotherly to…carnal. The young colony couldn't pinpoint the exact moment he started getting turned on by everything the green eyed nation did even if he was offered a limitless amount of money. He woke up one morning and it felt like a light switch had been flipped in his body and from that moment on he couldn't stop thinking naughty, filthy thoughts about his 'older brother'/caretaker.

His thoughts were the reason why the young teenage colony was currently locked in his bedroom with his pants forgotten across the room and his hand furiously working his leaking arousal. He had no reason to think that Arthur's earlier words were sexy and there really was nothing remotely sexy about his statement, but when the blond nation had looked dead at him and told him to 'get cleaned up while I prepare dinner' all Alfred could concentrate on was the commanding tone in the older man's voice. He didn't actually register what Arthur's words meant because all he was looking at was the European nation's lips as he spoke. Alfred just nodded his agreement to Arthur's words and raced up to his bedroom where he quickly dropped his pants and made himself comfortable on the bed.

The blue eyed teenager found himself masturbating more often than ever before and he wasn't quite sure if it was because Arthur was really that sexy or because he was young or both, but at the moment he didn't really care. All he cared about was the feeling of his hand sliding up and down his shaft as he imagined it was Arthur's hand. The young colony lets out a throaty groan and then quickly remembers that the object of his fantasies was just downstairs and Alfred knew he would die of embarrassment if Arthur found out he was the younger's masturbatory model. Alfred bites his bottom lip in an attempt to keep his sounds quiet as he gathers some of his own fluid from his weeping cock on the fingers of the hand not busy pumping his length.

Alfred closes his blue eyes as he guides his slickened fingers to his entrance and slowly inserts two fingers into his already clenching hole. He wiggles his fingers a bit at first before pushing them shallowly inside him. He spreads his legs a bit further and pumps his cock at a faster pace as he plunges his fingers deeper into himself. He can feel his hole sucking his fingers further inside as he attempts to add a third finger. When all three fingers are sliding frantically in and out of him and his other hand continues to stroke his cock, he suddenly slams his fingers against his sweet spot making his eyes open wide. He can't stop the loud moan from escaping his throat, "Mmm, Arthur…(gasp) don't stop…don't…(moan) stop!"

The teenage colony can feel his orgasm fast approaching and doesn't realize how long he'd been locked in his bedroom until he hears an unexpected knock on his door. His breath catches in his throat and he stops the movement of both his hands as he tries to make his voice sound steady, "W-what is it?"

On the other side of the bedroom door, Arthur tries the knob to discover that the door is locked. His little colony had been retreating to the bedroom a lot more often behind a locked door and Arthur wasn't too old to realize what the teenage boy was doing, but he feigned ignorance for Alfred's sake, "Alfred, are you alright, lad? You sound out of breath."

Alfred gulps as he reluctantly pulls his fingers from his still twitching hole, "I'm fine…um, did you want something?"

"I just wanted to inform you that dinner is ready." Arthur releases the door knob and places his hands on his hips, "Finish washing up and come eat before it gets cold."

The blue eyed boy frowns as he glances down at his wilting erection. Now, he'd have to wait until after dinner to cum. A whole dinner with Arthur right across from him and he was fully loaded! He lets out a quiet whimper at his plight, "I'll be down in a minute. I just need to wash my hands."

"Very well, but don't be long, Alfred." The Englishman doesn't wait for a reply and retreats to the dining room where he sets the table as he awaits the younger man's appearance. After several minutes, Alfred finally emerges from his bedroom and enters the dining room to see Arthur already seated at the table. The young colony takes in a quiet breath and slowly lets it back out before taking his seat across from the Brit. When Alfred sits down the green eyed nation looks up from his empty plate and smiles at the younger man, "It's about time, Alfred. I was beginning to think I was going to have to start without you."

"Sorry, I was…busy and didn't realize how late it had gotten." The blond boy's cheeks redden as he recalls just exactly what he was 'busy' with, but Arthur acts as if he doesn't notice the reddish tint on his young colony's face.

"That's quite alright, lad." The Englishman lifts the lids off the tops of the dinner pots and steam rises between them, "I'll bet you're hungry. I know I am." He looks up when Alfred hesitates to prepare his own plate, "Is everything alright, Alfred? You aren't getting ill are you?" He squints as he leans in to try and get a better look at the younger's face, "Your face is awfully flushed."

Alfred's blush darkens at Arthur's words and he shakes his head violently from side to side, "No, I'm fine…I'm just a little hot is all." The blue eyed boy begins filling his plate and the older blond lets the subject drop for the time being.

"Okay, I'll take your word for it." Arthur waits patiently for Alfred to fill his plate before filling his own plate and the two of them eat in relative silence for a moment.

Alfred tries to ignore the familiar sensation of his boner returning as he attempts to eat, but he just can't concentrate on eating. He especially can't contain his arousal as he watches Arthur. The older man, of course, enjoys his meal and never realizes his simple act of eating dinner is making the teenage colony come completely undone. Alfred's blue eyes follow his caretaker's fork as it moves from the plate to rest only inches from Arthur's delicious looking mouth where the Briton lightly blows on the food to cool it before pushing it between his lips.

All Alfred could do was stare and fantasize about that mouth. Oh, how he would love for Arthur to lick his nipples and then blow softly on the wet skin just like he was blowing the steam from his food. Then those lips could travel down the teenage boy's body to kiss and lick him all over until those wonderful lips latched around his aching cock and sucked him dry. The younger blond stifles a groan as he palms his erection underneath the table and Alfred almost cums right in his pants at the sight of Arthur's pink tongue sliding out to lick the messy sauce from his lips. The blue eyed colony is once again plunged into his fantasies as he imagines that tongue prodding his entrance and he just can't hold back the soft moan that escapes his lips.

Arthur looks up from his food to gaze at the younger man when he hears this moan, "Alfred, you've barely touched your food." He notices the bright red glow of the younger's cheeks and once again questions him, "If you're ill then there's no use being stubborn about it. Just say so and I'll make you some herbal tea. Then you can go lie down."

Alfred is immediately ashamed of himself for allowing his fantasies to run away with his mind and he struggles to come up with a plausible excuse, "I really am fine." He swallows trying to wet his dry throat, "I'm just not very hungry and I'm kinda tired."

The British nation puts his fork down and crosses his arms over his chest, "Not hungry and tired sound like you're ill to me, Alfred. I don't know why you insist upon…"

The young colony quickly tunes the rest of Arthur's lecture out as he uses all his will power not to stare at those tempting lips as they reprimand him or look into those beautiful emerald colored eyes, "I'm not sick. I just didn't sleep well last night…because of a bad dream." He couldn't tell Arthur that he'd actually spent all night masturbating himself raw to a fantasy of being fucked by the older man, "I'm just tired and that's really all it is." Alfred can feel his cock throbbing in his pants and really needed to finish what he started before dinner, "May I be excused? I promise I'll be better tomorrow."

Arthur frowns at having been interrupted right in the middle of talking, but he nods his head, "I suppose, but if you aren't looking better by tomorrow then I'm going to assume you really are ill."

The younger blond nods in agreement and stands up, but not before 'accidently' knocking his glass to the floor and spilling its liquid content on the floor. He had to cause some sort of distraction to hide the fact that he had a raging hard on, "Oh, my bad! I'll clean it up!"

Arthur's eyes immediately shoot to the mess on the floor, "Alfred, try to be more careful!"

"Sorry, let me clean it up." Before the blue eyed boy can clean up, Arthur waves him away with his hand.

The older man gets down on his knees with a napkin and begins sopping up the mess, "No, I'll do it. You just get to bed."

Alfred doesn't argue as he rushes to his bedroom and once again locks the door. He quickly discards his clothes and resumes his pre-dinner activities on the bed. It doesn't take long for the teenage colony to cum considering how long he'd been denying his orgasm and when the last spurts of his essence are released, he flops down onto the bed. He lets out a sigh and once again feels the shame spread through his body that always over takes him every time he cums while thinking about Arthur.

These kinds of feelings couldn't be normal. He wasn't supposed to feel this way about the person who raised him from a baby and was supposed to be like an older brother to him. That just couldn't possibly be the right way to feel. Not to mention he'd acted like a fool at dinner. He'd have to get a hold on himself if he was ever going to be in the same room with Arthur again. He lets out another sigh as he sits up and wipes his mess away with the bed sheets. He would have to control himself better tomorrow, but he just couldn't figure out how to keep his hormones under control. The one person he should be able to talk to about this was the same person he couldn't talk to without getting aroused and in turn feeling utterly ashamed of himself in the process.

Alfred lets out a frustrated groan and realizes his life is way more complicated than he knows how to deal with.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will attempt to get the next chapter up as soon as I can. I'm not sure how many chapters it will be yet, but I'll let you know when I have an estimate. As always, love ya!

P.S. Some of those dates could have been wrong in my first author's note. If so then I would love for someone to correct me in a polite way.