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Okay, here is chapter 10 for all you people who wanted to know what Alfred and Matthew were doing while Arthur and Francis were arguing. I feel as if this chapter is missing something or that it's too short, but I just can't figure out what I need to do about it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I hope everyone (who celebrates it) has a happy and safe Halloween!

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The Briton places the tea tray on the small living room table and gives the older blond a stern look before turning his gaze to the teenagers on the couch, "Alfred, I think you and Matthew should go upstairs and get your brother settled in your room. Then the two of you can have a nice, long brotherly chat."

The two colonies had just picked up their tea cups when Arthur commands them to depart to Alfred's bedroom. Alfred gives his lover a confused look, "But, we just got our tea."

"Then take it upstairs." He gives the two younger blonds a sweet smile, but his stiff posture gives away his apparent annoyance with something or more accurately someone, "Don't you want to spend quality time with Matthew?"

Alfred nods as he and Matthew stand up, "But, I thought I wasn't allowed to eat and drink upstairs?"

The island nation resists the urge to yell and breathes silently through his nose, "Just this once won't hurt, but you and Matthew be careful not to spill, okay?"

The teens nod in agreement before making their way to the staircase and soon disappear into the upstairs portion of the house.

The boys continue to sip their tea as they walk down the hall to Alfred's bedroom. Once they make it to the bedroom Alfred turns to look at his brother, "Arthur sure was being weird downstairs don't you think?"

Matthew nods, "Yeah, I guess so."

The slightly older teen shrugs, "Hmm, I wonder why he's so upset?"

Matthew shrugs as well before Alfred finally opens his bedroom door. As soon as the door is opened the smell of stale air hits their noses. Matthew coughs and scrunches up his nose as the two walk into the bedroom.

The younger blond's violet gaze scans the room in disgust, "Alfred, your bedroom looks terrible!" He runs his finger over the dresser only to have it covered in dust when he removes his finger from the piece of furniture, "There's dust everywhere and your bed looks like you haven't slept there in months." He looks up at the ceiling to see a few spider webs built in the corners and dust moats floating in the sunlight coming through the window, "I thought you and Arthur were cleaning up here when Francis and I arrived?"

"Cleaning?" A puzzled expression appears on Alfred's face, "We weren't cleaning…I mean…we weren't cleaning this room." Alfred almost wants to slap himself for not remembering his promise to Arthur, "We were cleaning Arthur's bedroom and um…this room was next."

Matthew looks at him suspiciously, "That still doesn't explain why your room looks like it's been uninhabited for the past few months?" He can't help but notice his brother's stumped look and presses on, "Is there something you need to tell me, Al?"

A nervous laugh escapes Alfred's throat as he unconsciously rubs the back of his neck, "Something to tell you…w-what do ya mean, Mattie?"

Matthew puts his tea cup on the dusty dresser and crosses his arms over his chest as he gives his brother a stern look, "Why haven't you been sleeping in here?"

"Um…well…" The blue eyed teen swallows the nervous lump in his throat. He didn't really know what to tell Matthew except the truth and the deal he made with Arthur had been broken anyway. He said he wouldn't tell as long as Arthur kept Francis from groping him, but the Frenchman had already felt him up. That meant that he could tell Matthew about losing his virginity…right?

Matthew taps his foot impatiently on the floor, "I'm waiting for an answer, Al."

Alfred takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out before attempting to answer his brother's question, "What if I told you that I haven't been sleeping here for a few months?"

An annoyed expression appears on the younger teen's face, "I would believe you, Al. That's what I've been telling you…it looks like you haven't slept in here." He let out an exasperated sigh, "My question is why haven't you been sleeping in here?" When Matthew notices his brother's blank expression he rolls his eyes, "Are you scared that there's a ghost in here or something?"

"What?! No way, Mattie! I would know if there was a ghost in here." Alfred frowns at Matthew's assumption, "I'm trying to be serious!"

Matthew flops down onto the bed making dust fly everywhere causing them both to sneeze, "I'm being serious too, Al. If you haven't been sleeping in here then tell me why and where."

The older colony places his tea cup on the dresser as well and takes a seat beside his brother on the bed, "Well, it's because I've been sleeping in someone else's bed."

"That doesn't make sense." Matthew pauses to think for a moment and finally nods his head, "There are only three beds here." He counts off on his fingers as he speaks, "Your bed, Arthur's bed, and the guest bed and I know Arthur isn't letting you go spend the night with someone else every night for months."

Alfred pouts when he realizes that Matthew isn't going to get the full picture without actually being told the whole story, "How would you feel if I said I was sleeping in Arthur's bed…with him in there too?" He waggle his eyebrows in what he hoped was a suggestive manner, but Matthew just stares at him with a worried look on his face.

"Why would you be doing that?" His worried expression changes to a confused one, "Aren't you a little old to be sleeping in bed with Arthur?"

Alfred lets out a frustrated sigh, "Not exactly."

Matthew shakes his head in annoyance with his brother's beating around the bush, "And, I guess next you're going to tell me that you and Arthur are having sex or something?"

"That's exactly what I was gonna say!" The blue eyed boy smiles and bounces enthusiastically on the bed at his brother having finally figured it out, "That's what I wanted to tell you, Mattie! I wanted to tell you that I wasn't a virgin anymore!"

The slightly younger teen gives Alfred a disbelieving look before speaking in an irritated tone, "Stop messing around, Alfred. I know that's not true! You are scared of something in this room aren't you and you're sleeping in Arthur's room so you won't have to sleep alone." Matthew glares angrily at his brother's supposed lie, "I can't believe you made up that losing your virginity story. Now just tell me the truth, Al."

Alfred's lips poke out in a pout as hears Matthew's disbelieving words, "But, Mattie, that is the truth. I really did lose my virginity to Arthur." His cheeks turn red and he drops his gaze to the mattress, "In fact, it was just last night." When Matthew doesn't respond, Alfred chances a glance at his brother's face before continuing to speak, "Arthur didn't want me to say anything and I wasn't going to, but the deal was that he would keep Francis from groping me if I didn't say anything. When Arthur went to get the tea Francis totally squeezed my butt so…"

"You're actually telling the truth." Matthew's angry expression changes to one of confusion, "Did this just happen suddenly?"

"No, in fact, I thought it was never gonna happen." Alfred blushes a bit as he fully looks at his brother again, "We've been…doing other stuff for a few months and we finally went all the way last night."

Matthew shifts a bit uncomfortably on the bed as he tries to formulate his next question, "Um…what was it like?"

The older teen's blue eyes widen at his brother's question, "You mean you're still a virgin?!"

Matthew frowns and slumps his shoulders, "You say that like it's a bad thing or that you're surprised or something."

"I just thought that…" He shakes his head as he lets out a chuckle, "I mean you live with Francis…so I thought you would have lost your virginity for sure."

Matthew's frown turns into an expression of anger, "You say that like I don't have any say in the matter. I could have lost my virginity by now I just…I just chose to keep it for the time being."

"Dude, whatever." A superior smile forms on the slightly older teen's mouth, "I'll be Francis is getting it somewhere else."

The violet eyed colony pouts at his brother's demeaning words, "He is not! He wants to have sex with me and we could have on several occasions, but I just…didn't want to."

A look of realization spreads across Alfred's face at Matthew's words, "Have you and Francis…done stuff?"

Matthew's cheeks flame bright red at Alfred's question, but he adamantly nods his head, "Yeah, we've done a few things, but just not sex."

Alfred's nose wrinkles in repulsion as he tries not to think about Francis touching his brother in a sexual way, "Eww, that's gross, Mattie."

The younger blond's eyes widen from the shock of Alfred's words, "It isn't gross." He shoves Alfred lightly and the blue eyed boy shifts a bit on the bed from the force of it, "It's not any different than you and Arthur doing stuff."

Even though Alfred knew Matthew's logic made sense, he still thought it was more disgusting than he and Arthur being sexual, but considering Matthew looked like he was about to cry the older boy lets his thoughts go unsaid, "Well, don't you like it when you guys do that stuff, Mattie?"

Matthew's cheeks continue to glow red, but he timidly nods his head before lowering his gaze to the mattress, "Yes, I do, but what are you getting at, Al?"

"Well, I'm just wondering why if you like it and he wants to have sex with you then why haven't you had sex yet?" He gives his brother a genuinely curious look when Matthew looks up from the mattress again.

"I just…" His cheeks redden even more if possible and he stubbornly crosses his arms over his chest, "I don't want to talk about this anymore, Al."

Alfred lets out a sigh and scoots closer to Matthew on the bed, "If it's because you're scared then I understand. When me and Arthur finally did it I was pretty scared."

"Really?" The younger teen shakes his head in disbelief, "I don't believe you, Alfred. You've never been afraid of anything…except for ghosts."

Alfred chuckles softly before speaking again, "Yeah, but this was different cause I'd never done anything like that before and Arthur is more experienced than me and I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough." He gives his brother a smile, "But, everything turned out okay."

Matthew returns the older blond's smile with one of his own, "I guess I am a little scared, but it's not because of my inexperience." He lets out a shaky sigh, "It's because I'm afraid it will hurt." He gives Alfred a curious look, "Does it hurt?"

Alfred contemplates his words for a moment and then a mischievous sparkle lights up his blue eyes, "It's like this huge tree trunk that tries to fit into a rabbit hole. It hurts like hell, but that's what you do for the one you love." He sees Matthew's horrified face and tries to continue without laughing, "That's just how it is when you're a grown up."

"How is that supposed to make me feel better?!" He stands up and makes as much distance between him and Alfred as he can, "And, I am a grown up!"

Alfred sprawls out on the bed now that Matthew isn't occupying part of it, "Nah uh, Cause grown ups aren't virgins like you." He puts his hands behind his head and lets out a sigh, "You'll get there one day, Mattie. Yep, one day you'll be all grown up just like me and you won't be a little virgin baby anymore."

Matthew crosses his arms angrily over his chest as he turns away from Alfred, "You don't have to lose your virginity to be a grown up and you aren't even that much older than me!"

The two boys are quiet for moment with Alfred chuckling to himself and Matthew silently fuming until Alfred gets out of bed and stands up, "I'm gonna take the tea cups to the kitchen."

"I hope you fall down the stairs!"

"You don't mean that, Mattie." Alfred picks up his and Matthew's empty tea cups and leaves the bedroom. Alfred makes it about half way down the stairs when he hears Arthur and Francis talking. He knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he stops his descent on the stairs to listen.

"The cat is out of the bag now, Angleterre." The Frenchman makes his way across the room to stand in front of Arthur, "And what exactly do you mean by 'relationship'?"

Alfred grips the tea cups tightly in his hands as he hears Francis' words. Could Arthur be telling the Frenchman about their relationship?"

Francis' voice speaks out again, "Is this not just a sexual relationship?"

Finally, Alfred hears Arthur's response, "Well…uh…you see the night we made love we…sort of…confessed our feelings for each other." The blond teen can't see Francis' face, but his expression must have pissed Arthur off, "Everyone in the World isn't just looking for a good shag like you! I love Alfred and he loves me too…and there's nothing wrong with that!"

The blue eyed colony allows himself to smile when he hears Arthur's words. So Arthur really meant it last night when he said he loved him. Sadly, Francis' words erase his warm and fuzzy feelings, "Oh, it's fine for now, but he's still so young. What if he gets bored with you and gets tired of following you around? Are you willing to just let him go if that happens/"

Alfred's eyebrows come together in confusion with the Frenchman's words. Why would he ever want to leave Arthur and where would he go? The young colony watches as Arthur scowls with his next sentence, "You don't know everything, Francis. Just because you got bored with me and thought it was okay to sleep with other people while still sleeping with me that doesn't mean everyone has such low moral standards as you have!"

Alfred feels his heart constrict tightly for a moment as Arthur's words register in his brain. Francis was Arthur's first time! Why hadn't he figured it out before and why didn't Arthur just tell him the truth about it the night he asked?! He once again hears Francis' voice, "Are you still going on about that?" Alfred watches as Francis pats Arthur on the cheek, "The sex was good, non?"

Alfred can't stop the gasp that leaves his mouth at discovering who Arthur's first lover is and decides he just can't listen anymore. He retreats quickly up the stairs and barges back into the bedroom. He closes the door behind him and slides down the door to sink onto the floor. The tea cups roll out of his grasp as he hugs his arms around his knees.

Matthew, who had been lying on the bed, sits up when he hears the door slam, "Alfred, I thought you went to take the tea cups to the kitchen?" His violet eyes slowly leave the tea cups and rest on his brother, "Al, what's wrong?"

The older teen looks up at his worried brother's face, "Did you know that Arthur and Francis have had sex together?"

Matthew stands up from the bed and makes his way to Alfred where he sit down beside him on the floor, "Yeah, I've known that for a while." He places a hand on Alfred's shoulder, "You didn't know?"

Alfred shakes his head, "I heard the story of Arthur's first time, but he wouldn't tell me who it was." He looks at Matthew with a pitiful look on his face, "Did Francis tell you about it, Mattie?"

"Yeah, the last time we were here I asked if they had ever been more than friends and on the way home he told me the whole story." Matthew notices Alfred's forlorn face and tries to make him feel better, "Why does it make you so upset, Al? You knew Arthur wasn't a virgin and he and Francis have been friends for a long time."

The blue eyed colony lets out a long sigh before responding to his brother's inquiry, "I'm not upset because he slept with Francis. I'm upset because he didn't want me to know who it was." He gives Matthew a questioning look, "Why do you think he wanted to keep it a secret?"

Matthew shrugs, "Maybe he was embarrassed because of what Francis did to him."

"Francis told you that he cheated on Arthur?!" Alfred looks at his brother with a shocked expression, "I thought that maybe he would have omitted that part when he told the story."

The younger blond chuckles softly, "Francis may be a bit of a perv, but he isn't a liar. He told me the whole story and said that he wished things had turned out better between him and Arthur." He gives Alfred a smile, "I think Arthur didn't tell you because it makes him feel vulnerable and he's very prideful. He probably just didn't want you to look down on him and he also probably didn't want you to have any animosity toward Francis since we come to visit every-so-often."

Alfred gives Matthew a very weak smile, "Do you really think that's the only reason why? You don't think it's because he doesn't trust me?"

"If Arthur didn't trust you then I doubt he would have even told you the story at all." Matthew grabs Alfred's hand and the two boys stand up, "You really love him don't you? I thought you were just horny, but only someone in love would be so concerned about whether or not the person they were sleeping with trusted them or not."

Alfred nods, "Yeah, he told me he loved me and he even told Francis that we were in love down stairs."

"I hope it all works out for you and him." Matthew smiles again finally making Alfred smile too, "Don't be too hard on him, Al. I think he really must love you because no one can put up with you like he can."

Before Alfred can give his brother a retort they hear yelling coming from downstairs. The older teen looks at Matthew with a worried expression on his face, "Do you smell smoke?"

Matthew nods and the teens quickly make their way down the stairs to see what the two older men have gotten into.


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