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Arthur's breath hitches at Alfred's question and he drops the wet cloth. He didn't even know the teen had been listening to him when he said that. He hears a hiss come from Alfred and he realizes that when he dropped the wet cloth it landed right on his colony's naked crotch. He quickly grabs the cloth up and tries to act as if Alfred's question doesn't bother him, "Sorry about that, love. I didn't mean to go butterfingers on you."

The Brit continues where he left off as he swipes Alfred's thigh with the cloth, but he still doesn't answer the younger blond's question, "Aren't ya gonna answer my question, Arthur? What did ya mean by not wanting my first time to be like yours?"

Arthur lets out a loud sigh as he moves the cloth to begin cleaning his colony's other thigh, "Alfred, must we talk about that now?"

The blue eyed teen shrugs, "Why not talk about it now? We aren't doing anything and I wanna know."

"You know, it's not polite to ask about other people's sex lives." He tosses the cloth at Alfred and when the teen gives him a confused look he explains, "Clean the rest of 'yourself'. I wouldn't want you to get all excited again."

"Oh." Alfred sits up and begins cleaning himself with the cloth, but he never falters in talking about their previous discussion, "It's not impolite if you brought it up first. If ya didn't want me asking about it then you shouldn't have said anything."

The island nation snatches the cloth away from his colony before leaving the bed to return the cloth to the bathroom. He supposed Alfred was right about that. He should have just kept his mouth shut, but it was too late now. The words had already been said and now the younger was curious. Arthur figures he can't blame the teen for wanting to know. He knew he'd be curious if someone said that, but he just didn't want to discuss it at the moment. The Briton returns to the bed and lies down beside Alfred before covering them both with the blanket, "Let's talk about this tomorrow, love." He gives the blue eyed boy a smile, "How does that sound?"

Alfred frowns and crosses his arms over his chest like a little kid, "But, you just said that if we were gonna progress in our relationship then we had to be honest."

"Since when do you listen to everything I say?!" He sits up with the blanket still covering his lap to look at his pouting colony. He lets out an agitated sigh as he pinches the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, "Fine, but don't think that just because you know the reason for me not having sex with you it will change that."

The younger blond nods eagerly as his pout falls away, "Okay…oh, was it a girl or a guy…oh, oh…was it a human or another country?!"

The Englishman's green eyes widen at his colony's quick-fire questions, "Alfred, please! Calm down and allow me to tell the story at my own pace. Considering it's not one I want to tell to begin with then it seems as if you could be a bit more patient."

Alfred lowers his gaze to the mattress at his lover's chastising tone and notices how the Brit's fingers tightly grip the blanket that's covering them both, "Sorry…did they force you into it? Is that why you don't wanna talk about it?"

"Alfred!" The teenager's blue gaze flashes back up to him as he reprimands the curious colony once again, "If you interrupt by blurting out something like that again then you won't get to hear the story at all. Do you understand?"

The younger blond nods with an apologetic expression on his face, "Yeah, I understand…sorry."

Arthur takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out as he releases his tight grip on the blanket, "But, to answer your previous questions my first lover was a male and a country and no I was not forced. I very much wanted to participate." A light pink blush spreads across the island nation's cheeks as he continues his tale, "I was just like you back then. I was young and full of hormones and I thought that everything would be fine if he would just have sex with me."

Alfred notices the far off look in his British lover's eyes and doesn't interrupt him as he continues speaking, "He and I were somewhat friends growing up, but he was a tad bit older than me making us see things differently from time-to-time. These differences made us argue all the time." Arthur lets out a sigh as his memories come flooding back into his mind, "When I was a kid I would have told someone they were bonkers if they told me I'd want to have sex with him one day, but just like your feelings for me changed so did my feelings for him." He looks at Alfred to make sure he's still paying attention and once he's assured the younger is still listening, he continues, "I couldn't bring myself to tell him how I was feeling for a long time. I was too embarrassed by the way he affected me and just like you I began taking things into my own hands…literally."

The Briton can tell that Alfred is just bursting to interject with a million questions, but Arthur grabs his colony's hand and lightly squeezes it silently telling him to be patient as he picks-up with the story, "Eventually, my methods of 'self-love' just weren't enough and I plucked up my courage to tell him how I was feeling." The green eyed nation lets out a sigh as he remembers the day he approached the object of his fantasies, "I told him how I felt and the things I wanted to do and as I stood there waiting for his response I was sure he was going to laugh at me and tell me not to waste his time, but he didn't do or say any of those things."

"What did he say?!" The teenager finally lets his excitement with the story get the best of him as he blurts out his question, but he just as quickly covers his mouth with his hand, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt."

Arthur chuckles softly as he strokes Alfred's cheek with the back of his hand, "That's quite alright, love, but try to refrain from asking questions until the end, okay?"

The blond teen leans into the touch with a smile, "Okay, Arthur."

"Now, as I was saying." The Brit's green eyes shift up as he gathers his thoughts once more, "He didn't laugh and he actually told me he'd been thinking the same things and that he'd wanted to do all those things with me too." A shaky laugh leaves the Englishman's mouth before speaking his next words, "I thought that we'd hang out or discuss things a bit first, but he was ready to show me a god time right away." Arthur's blush deepens and he avoids looking at Alfred, "We had sex that same day and it was amazing. It hurt a bit at the beginning, but I was expecting that and after the initial pain it was wonderful. I'd never felt so good and his hands were everywhere as if no part of me could be left untouched."

Alfred notices how distant his lover's green eyes seem and after several minutes of silence, the colony speaks up, "I don't understand. If it all felt so good then why wouldn't you want my first time to be that way?"

The European nation looks at Alfred again with a frown on his face, "I do want your first time to feel amazing, but it's afterward that I don't want you to experience."

"Why not?" The colony's blue eyes show his puzzlement with Arthur's words, "What happened?"

Arthur lets out a sigh as he once again turns his face away from the younger man, "When we were finished he held me and kissed me and told me numerous times how amazing I was and that I wasn't as boring as he thought. I thought that things were finally going my way and that all the things I'd been thinking about for months were happening just the way I thought they should." The Englishman brings his hands together and absentmindedly twiddles his thumbs, "I fell asleep thinking that everything was right in my life, but when I woke up the next morning he wasn't there. I thought that maybe he was using the bathroom or somewhere else in the house, but when he never came back to bed I started to worry." The older blond lets out a frustrated sigh, "I looked all around and he wasn't there. I waited for a bit longer, but he never came back and there wasn't a note so I just…left."

Alfred notices the hurt look on his new lover's face and he can only imagine how terrible it must have felt to be left alone after such as amazing night of passion, "What did you do after that?"

"I didn't really know what to do. I was young and naïve." He shakes his head as if in disbelief of his younger self's actions, "I was confused and wondered if I'd done something wrong and then I thought that maybe it was just a one time thing. I even started wondering if I loved him like I thought I did or if I just liked what he'd done to my body and then I wondered what type of relationship we were in if we were even in a relationship at all." The hurt expression once again appears on Arthur's features as he continues, "I didn't speak to him for a least a week and when we did speak again neither of us brought that morning after up in our conversations. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem like a whiny, little girl."

The teenage colony's confused look returns, "So you two never talked about it…ever?" The Briton shakes his head as Alfred begins his next question, "Well, did you guys do it again?"

"Oh, we did it again…multiple times through the years and it was as if that morning after never happened, but…" The Englishman's frown returns as he finally looks at Alfred again, "But, one day he approached me and told me he'd been…sleeping with other people and that he had been for quite a while. I was furious and told him that wasn't fair, but he quickly informed me that I never requested we be exclusive and I couldn't argue with that." Arthur lets out a heavy sigh as he finishes his tale, "He said we could still see each other, but I declined. I eventually got over it and found other people. We even became somewhat friends again." His frown finally turns into a smile as he cups his colony's face in his hands, "I want you to be sure…with no doubts when we have sex together. I don't want you to wonder if you made a mistake. Do you understand, Alfred?"

Alfred gulps as Arthur's warm, calloused hands rest on his cheeks. He wanted to lean in and kiss the Brit, but instead he nods his head, "Yeah, I understand."

"Good." The older blond slides his hands down to rest on Alfred's shoulders, "Are you comfortable or do you need something to sleep in?"

"I'm okay." Alfred watches the Briton snuggle down into the bed and he follows suit. He then feels Arthur's body press against his back before the older man's arms wrap around him. The young colony felt safe lying in Arthur's bed surrounded by Arthur's warmth, but he can't stop the nagging question in his brain from being spoken by his lips, "Who was he?"

"He who?" He knew exactly who Alfred was talking about, but he was tired of discussing the owner of his V card for one night.

The younger blond can feel how hard and fast Arthur's heart is beating and how stiff the Brit's body feels against him, but his curiosity won't let him leave the subject alone, "The country that took you virginity?"

"Alfred, I'd really rather we didn't talk about this anymore." He lets out a weary breath against his colony's neck, "Besides, it shouldn't be hard to figure out if you really think about it. Now, can we get some sleep?"

"Um, yeah…sorry." Alfred wracks his brain for several minutes trying to think who it could be, but he's just too tired to really concentrate, "Hey, Arthur?"

"What is it now, love?"

"I'm sorry that I made you upset." The blue eyed boy bites his bottom lip before speaking again, "I know that you probably didn't wanna talk about him and I won't ask any more questions about him."

The island nation tightens his embrace on Alfred as he kisses the back of his colony's neck, "It's okay, love. That's all in the past and it doesn't matter anymore."

"You looked like it mattered while you were talking about it." A tingle shoots down Alfred's spine as he feels his lover's lips on his neck, "I think that was a dick move to see other people behind your back." His voice takes on a worried tone as he speaks his next words, "Um, do I have to specify that I don't want you to be with anyone but me?"

The British nation chuckles, "Of course not, love. I would never hurt you like that and it's sweet of you to be concerned about me, but I'm a big boy now and I think I'll be okay." He closes his eyes and enjoys the warmth of Alfred's body, "Get some sleep, Alfred."

"Okay." Alfred knows the Briton is asleep when he hears the deep breathing behind him and as much as he would have loved to lie awake, turn around, and watch Arthur sleep, he finds that he's much too sleepy himself and closes his eyes for the night.

When Arthur wakes the next morning, he feels terrible. Even though he'd gone right to sleep after his talk with Alfred his dreams gave him no peace. He had non-stop dreams…more like nightmares of Francis. He knew there was a reason why he didn't want to discuss the French man right before bed, but what was done was done. The Briton massages his temples for a few minutes to try and relieve the building headache he'd acquired from dreaming of Francis yapping away about how dull and boring he was compared to his marvelous French looks. He hated Francis and his long hair, "Stupid Francis."

The British nation turns his head to the side and takes in his colony's sleeping face and it helps to rid his mind of his ex-lover. Arthur stares at Alfred several minutes before sitting up and swinging his legs over the bed to place his feet on the floor. He stands up and makes his way to the bathroom to get cleaned up before the teenager wakes up. When the Brit returns to the bedroom he notices that Alfred is still asleep lying on his stomach with the blanket kicked completely off his body. Arthur can't help but glance at the nicely toned butt standing out in plain sight, "Hmm, nice arse…very nice."

When the green eyed nation is done ogling his colony's 'assets' he leans over the bed just enough to grab Alfred's shoulder to gently shake the younger blond awake, "Alfred, it's time to wake up." He shakes his colony with more force when the boy doesn't wake up, "It's time to wash up and start the day, love."

After several more rough shakes, the teen finally opens his blue eyes and gives Arthur a confused look before remembering why he's in a different bed. He groans before smashing his face into the pillow and giving the Englishman a muffled reply, "Five more minutes."

"You don't need five more minutes. I've already let you sleep an hour later than usual." He shakes Alfred again and ruffles his colony's already bed mused hair, "Get out of bed and wash up."

The younger eventually lifts his face from the confines of the pillow and yawns before rolling over and sitting up. Arthur can't help but notice the obvious morning wood his colony is sporting and turns away from his nude lover, "Well, I'll leave you to your washing up. You can use my bathroom or yours whichever you prefer and while you're doing that I'll prepare our breakfast."

Before Alfred can even respond his British lover is out the door and his footsteps can be heard retreating down the stairs. The blue eyed colony then looks down to see the erection he knew would be there because it was there every morning, "So we meet again." He props himself up on the bed and reaches for his cock when he remembers what Arthur said yesterday morning. Alfred lets his hand fall to the bed as he tries to think about what to do. Arthur had said that if he wanted to meet him in his bedroom then he had to do all his chores, eat all his meals without incident, and not pleasure himself. Did that still stand for today? The young colony lets out a sigh as he gets out of bed. He wasn't going to take any chances even if he did have to enter the dining room showing off his boner.

Alfred washes up and dresses with some difficulty due to his morning problem, but once he was ready to descend the stairs he was only half-hard. Luckily, when he enters the dining room the Englishman is still in the kitchen and unable to see the still slightly visible bulge in his pants. The younger blond sits down just in time as Arthur enters the dining room with their breakfast. The European nation places Alfred's plate down in front of him before taking his own seat and sliding his plate toward him, "Did you sleep well, love?"

"Yeah." Alfred nods, "Your bed is softer than mine." The blue eyed teen takes a few bites of his meal and takes a quick sip of his drink before speaking again, "Hey, Arthur?"

The Briton's green eyes look up from his own plate to focus on Alfred, "Yes, what is it, Alfred?"

"Um, I was wondering if the rules still applied for today?" He holds Arthur's gaze waiting for an answer to his question as he grips his fork tightly. He felt like he was about to explode from not being able to jerk off before breakfast like usual and if Arthur told him his withholding had been for nothing then he might just cry like a baby.

The island nation's bushy eyebrows come together in confusion, "Rules? What rules?"

Alfred lets out a loud rush of air as he breaks eyes contact with his older lover, "You know, the rules that determine whether I get to come to your bedroom tonight or not."

Arthur hadn't thought about making his rules and Alfred's nightly visits a regular thing, but it was a good idea. It gave his colony incentive to do his chores and cut down on the teen's excessive masturbating so why not take advantage of the situation he created? Finally, the Englishman nods, "Well, I suppose those rules still apply."

A look of excited relief washes over Alfred's features and he becomes extremely proud of himself for having the restraint to keep from wanking when he first woke up, "I'll be sure to get all my chores done then."

The blue eyed colony quickly returns to his breakfast and begins practically inhaling his meal. Arthur watches for a moment before speaking up, "Alfred, slow down. The food isn't going to walk off your plate."

"Sorry." The younger man takes a long gulp of his drink before picking up his fork again, "I'm just really hungry."

The Briton only nods and continues watching as Alfred eats his breakfast until a thought suddenly comes to mind, "Alfred?"

"Hm?" The blond teen looks up from his plate and swallows the food in his mouth before speaking, "What's the matter?"

Arthur takes a sip of his own drink before beginning his question, "It's just that, this morning in the bedroom when I woke you up…I couldn't help but notice that you had…um…"

"Morning wood."

The Englishman's face turns a light shade of pink at Alfred's unembarrassed proclamation, but he only nods in agreement, "I was going to use a more tactful word, but that is what I was referring to." Arthur lets out a sigh before getting back on topic, "So are you telling me that you didn't…take care of that before you came down for breakfast?"

"Well, I was gonna take care of it, but then I stopped because I didn't know if the rules applied for today or not." He meets Arthur's eyes with a blush across his cheeks as well, "So, anyway, I decided that I'd better not do anything in case the rules still applied because I didn't wanna mess everything up."

A devious smile spreads across the British man's face as Alfred finishes his explanation, "What a good boy you are. I should reward you for not being impulsive and actually thinking things through for once."

"Really?!" The teen's eyes widen and shine with pride, "You really think I did good?!"

"Oh, yes." Arthur puts his fork down and looks Alfred directly in the eyes, "You did so good that just this once I'm going to let you take care of your problem and it won't even count against you."

Alfred stares at his lover for a moment not really sure if he should believe the Briton or not. After several minutes, the colony responds, "So, you're telling me that I can wank right now and I can still come to your bedroom tonight just like last night?"

The English nation nods, "That's correct." He takes a sip of his drink as he waits for his colony's response.

"Okay, see ya later then." The younger blond stands up from the dining table to head to his bedroom, but he's suddenly stopped by a firm grip on his wrist. He turns back around to give Arthur a puzzled look, "Hey! What's the big idea? I thought you said I could go take care of business."

An evil gleam glitters in the island nation's green eyes, "I said you could toss off, but I never said you could go anywhere." He releases Alfred's wrist and gestures toward the dining chair with a nod of his head, "Sit down, love." The older nation licks his lips seductively, "I want to watch."

Alfred reluctantly resumes sitting in his chair with a tense expression on his face, "Are you serious?"

"I'm being dead serious." The devious expression remains on the Brit's face, "There's no need to look that nervous. I won't make fun of you, but I may decide to join in before it's over."

The teenage colony gulps loudly, "There's plenty of reason for me to be nervous. I've never had anyone watch me before."

Arthur chuckles at his colony's words, "Well, I should hope not." He scoots his chair out and makes himself comfortable as if waiting for the show, "You don't have to do it, but if you go to your bedroom then don't even think about coming to my bedroom tonight. It doesn't count against you only if you do it here and let me watch."

"But, we're in the dining room." His cheeks blush a deep red, "We eat in here."

The Briton gives Alfred's comment a smirk, "It's my dining room and I'll be sure to get it nice and clean before lunch." When the blue eyed boy continues to look unsure about the turn of events, Arthur speaks again, "I'll tell you what…if you do this for me and let me watch then tonight I'll do something for you that you want to try."

Alfred is quiet for a long moment and the Englishman allows him to contemplate his options. Finally, the younger blond lets out a decisive sigh, "Anything I wanna try?"

"Anything but actual intercourse." He looks straight into Alfred's blue eyes, "Whatever you want."

The blond colony is still extremely nervous about masturbating in front of Arthur, but his boner is still pressing painfully against his pants and he decides that if they're going to be lovers then he might as well get over his nervousness now, "Okay, I'll let you watch, but no backing out tonight no matter what I want."

"Knock yourself out, love." He winks playfully at his colony, "I'm not afraid." The British nation nods as a gesture for the teen to begin, "Whenever you're ready, love."

Alfred takes in a deep breath as he unbuckles his belt and lets the air slowly out of his lungs as he unbuttons his pants until the front falls open. He reaches into his pants with trembling hands to pull his already rock hard cock from his pants. Arthur watches with hungry eyes and takes quick notice of the fact that his colony isn't wearing any underwear and that makes his own cock twitch a bit in his pants. Alfred doesn't miss the lustful gleam in his older lover's green eyes nor does he miss the way the Brit's tongue peaks out to slide along his slightly parted lips.

The young colony takes one last look at Arthur's face before closing his eyes as he runs his thumb across the already damp head of his cock. He lets out a sigh as he lets his hand slide down his shaft to begin a slow up and down motion spreading the sticky fluid along his length. Alfred takes his free hand and pulls his pants a little further down his hips to allow for more room to pleasure himself. With the hem of his pants now out of the way, he raises his hips up lifting his ass from the dining room chair to create more friction against his hand, "Mmm, ah…Arthur, (moan) help me…(groan) please, touch me!"

The island nation watches intently as his colony's hand strokes up and down on his impressive cock as the pre-cum leaks out like a fountain. Arthur finds himself lifting his own hips in time with Alfred's hips as the blue eyed boy moans out the Brit's name desperately, "You seem to be having a satisfying time all on your own, love." Arthur palms his own throbbing cock through his pants as he watches a line of saliva slide down the blond teen's chin, "Do you have any idea how incredibly sexy you look? I'm so hard right now. Don't stop, love."

Alfred opens his eyes to glance at Arthur and immediately notices the prominent bulge in the Englishman's pants making a shiver of desire shoot down his spine, "A-Arthur, please…(moan) I-I need you!" A light sheen of sweat breaks out on the teen's forehead as he continues to pump his swelling prick, "Ah! I w-want you!"

Arthur watches a few seconds longer before unbuckling his own belt and undoing the buttons on his pants, "Yes don't stop now, Alfred. You're making me so hot."

The younger blond picks up the pace of his stroking, but just knowing that Arthur is watching makes it extremely difficult to cum. He wanted to cum…oh, how he wanted to cum, but with Arthur so close all his body wanted was for the European nation to make him cum. He watches the older man expose his cock and stroke it a few times before Alfred closes his eyes. Maybe if he didn't look at the Brit he'd finally be able to cum. The young colony is so preoccupied with reaching his own release that he doesn't realize the Briton had moved until he feels Arthur's warmth settle on his lap.

Alfred's blue eyes flash open in surprise and takes in the flushed face of his lover. Arthur's legs are on either side of him and Alfred can feel the Briton's heated, naked cock brushing against his own, "A-Arthur…what…what are you doing?!"

"I thought I told you I may join in before it was all over." He places his hands on either side of his colony's face, "Is this a problem, love?" The younger blond shakes his head right before Arthur smashes his lips down against Alfred's lips.

Alfred can hardly concentrate on the kiss due to the fact that Arthur is slowly rolling his hips down to grind his erection against his own making him moan and groan into the island nation's mouth. When the kiss ends, Alfred gives his lover a curious look, "W-what are ya…gonna do this time?"

Arthur gives the teen another sly smile before responding, "Don't worry, you'll like it." Without another word the Englishman reaches between their bodies and takes hold of both their weeping cocks in his hand before moving said hand along both shafts simultaneously. Both men let out sounds of pleasure as Arthur's calloused hand slides up and down their slick members.

The blue eyed teenager swallows loudly before letting out a loud moan, "Th-this feels weird, but…(groan) but it feels…so good!"

"See…I-I (moan) told you you'd like…it." The Briton pumps his hand along his and Alfred's cocks feeling the way his colony's warm flesh feels against his own and with his free hand he grabs his young lover's hand to guide it down between them. Arthur notices the puzzled expression on the teen's face and tries to explain between gasps and pants for breath, "Y-your hand is…bigger than…(gasp) than mine…not to mention…you'll need to…(moan) to learn how to pleasure me and…and not always be…the one…(groan) getting pleasured."

The young blond colony wraps his hand around his own cock as well as Arthur's cock just as the Brit had been doing and with an encouraging look from his lover he hesitantly begins pumping his fist along the rigid flesh. It doesn't take long for Alfred to figure out a rhythm that suits them both, "Arthur, I…I'm gonna…(moan) cum soon."

"Already?" The island nation reaches his own hand down to slide his fingertips along both slippery, sensitive heads making them both cry out their ecstasy.

Alfred clenches his eyes shut as a shudder wracks his body, "You…seem to forget that…that I was jerking myself for ten…(gasp) minutes before you…before you joined me." The younger man lets out another blissful cry as Arthur slides his fingernail into the slit of his colony's cock head.

"Then…go faster…I won't break." He leans in and kisses the side of Alfred's neck before speaking again, "Jerk it as hard…as you would…(groan) if you were…alone."

Alfred nods as he obeys Arthur's orders and begins stroking his and the older nation's cock at a desperate pace, "I…I can't…hold it! I'm gonna…cum!"

With a few more tugs the young colony cums between them with a satisfied moan splattering both their shirts with his release and it leaks down his hand, their cocks, and their pants. The island nation climaxes soon after witnessing his colony's own orgasm making his cum mix with Alfred's and causing an even bigger mess to their apparel. The two blond's could care less about their messy clothes as their bodies go slack and they attempt to catch their breath.

Arthur recovers first and removes himself from Alfred's lap, "Well, that was fun, but I'd say we need a change of clothes."

Alfred remains slumped in the dining chair with his limp cock still exposed, "Ya think?"

The green eyed country chuckles as he grabs his young lover's hands and helps him up from the chair, "Come on, love. Let's get changed and get started on those chores."

Alfred groans, but stands up at Arthur's insistence, "Okay, but I'm gonna need a big lunch to recover from all this."

The older blond smiles, "As soon as I clean the breakfast dishes and sanitize the dining room I'll begin lunch."

Alfred nods and turns away from his lover to exit the dining room, but before he can get very far he feels a playful swat on his behind. He turns to see Arthur staring at him mischievously, "What was that for?"

"Do I have to have a reason?" The Englishman gives his colony a wink and before Alfred can respond Arthur has already begun clearing the table.


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