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As the days and weeks go on the two blonds continue in their usual manner of fooling around but not actually having intercourse. After a few months, the Briton learned a lot about Alfred that didn't have anything to do with their intimate activities. Arthur quickly learned that Alfred wasn't actually the dumb blond he pretended to be all the time. He also learned a lot about his colony's love for his half-brother Matthew and that the teen really missed his brother. The Englishman found himself wanting Matthew to come over for a visit to make Alfred happy and sent a letter to Francis about accompanying Matthew to come on the trip. He'd actually received a letter back saying the two of them would arrive in two weeks time, but Arthur didn't tell his colony. He wanted Alfred to be surprised when Francis and Matthew arrived.

About a week before Francis and Matthew were scheduled to arrive, Arthur finds himself in bed with Alfred. The Briton has his arm around his colony and the teen has his head resting on Arthur's chest. The two blonds had eaten supper and retreated to the Englishman's bedroom just like always, but tonight Alfred had cuddled up next to his older lover and hadn't said a word about fooling around. The Briton decided to just go along with the younger's plan, but silently began to wonder what was going through his colony's head. Finally, the island nation speaks up and breaks the comfortable silence of the bedroom, "Well, what do you want us to do tonight, love? We can do anything you like."

Alfred snuggles impossibly closer to Arthur's body and lets out a content sigh, "Can we just stay like this? I just want you to hold me like this right now. Is that okay?"

"Of course that's okay." The British man kisses the top of the teenager's blond head and squeezes him tighter, "We don't have to always fool around if you don't want to."

The bedroom once again resumes its quiet state and the two men remain relaxed and comfortable on the bed. It wasn't like Alfred to only want to cuddle, but if that's what he wanted to do then who was Arthur to deny him. The Briton closes his green eyes in the silence of the bedroom and begins to drift off to sleep until he hears his colony's voice, "Arthur?"

The Englishman opens his emerald colored eyes slowly before acknowledging Alfred's voice, "What is it, love?"

Arthur feels Alfred's chest expand as the colony takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out before speaking again, "I love you."

The island nation's heart begins beating at a faster pace after hearing his young lover's words, but Arthur didn't want to get too excited. The words 'I love you' could have many different connotations when it came to Alfred, "I know that, Alfred. You used to tell me that all the time when you were little. I love you too."

Alfred lets out an aggravated growl and wiggles himself free of his British lover's arms as he sits up, "No, I don't mean it like that! Of course, I love you. I always have, but this is different!" The teenager's face begins to turn pink under the moonlight shining in through the window, "I'm in love with you!"

After hearing these words, Arthur feels as if his heart might actually beat a hole in his chest and flop out onto the bed sheets. The older blond sits up to better face his blushing colony, "Alfred, I…"

"I'm in love with you and I have been for a while, but I just didn't know that's what it was supposed to feel like." A desperate expression plays across Alfred's face as if he's not sure how to get the right words out of his mouth, "At first, I just wanted to do dirty things with you, but now I just want you and if we do dirty things then that's fine, but that's not all I want anymore." The teen lets out a loud rush of air in the form of a relieved sigh before falling forward and wrapping his arms around Arthur in a tight embrace, "I love you, Arthur! I love you!"

The Briton is slow to return the embrace due to his utter shock with Alfred's confession, but finally his trembling arms find their way around his colony's body, "I…I feel the same way, love. I've felt that way even before you burst into my bedroom and tried to ravage me."

Alfred lifts his face from the crook of Arthur's neck once again revealing his blue eyes, "Really? Why didn't you ever say anything before?"

"Because, I wanted you to come to the realization of your feelings all on your own." He places the palm of his hand on Alfred's cheek and gently caresses his lover's cheek bone with his thumb, "I didn't want to sway your feelings with my feelings. This is the whole reason why I didn't want us to have sex right away." He gives his colony a small smile before continuing, "I thought I loved the man that I lost my virginity to, but in actuality it was just lust and that doesn't mean I regret what I did, it just means that my first time would have been more special if he and I had been in a real relationship and loved each other."

A very happy smile graces the teenager's features before he speaks, "Will you say it then? Will you tell me you love me?"

"You know I will, love." The island nation brings his other hand up to cup Alfred's other cheek, "I love you." Arthur then presses his forehead to his colony's forehead and smiles, "I love you with all my heart."

Alfred breaks contact with his British lover's forehead and smashes their lips happily against Arthur's lips. The older blond immediately begins kissing his colony back until their tongues are wrestling together inside their mouths. When the heated kiss ends, Arthur discovers that Alfred had found his way into the Englishman's lap. The older blond removes his hands from the teenager's face and grabs Alfred's hands in his own before giving his colony a serious look, "We can…go further…if that's what you want, love."

Alfred gulps loudly and looks directly into Arthur's green eyes, "You mean…we can…make love?"

The Briton nods, "But, only if that's what you really want. We can do that whenever you're ready."

"I…I want to, but…" The younger blond shifts in his lover's lap as a hot pink blush spreads across his face, "Will it hurt?"

Arthur releases his colony's hands and soothingly runs his hands up and down Alfred's arms, "I'm not going to lie to you, Alfred. It will hurt, but only for a bit and we can stop at any time you want."

The blue eyed boy thinks about Arthur's words for a few minutes before nodding his head, "Okay, I wanna do it." He gives the Brit a nervous smile, "I trust you, Arthur."

The older blond leans in and tenderly kisses his lover on the lips as if to reassure him that everything would turn out all right. When Arthur pulls back from the kiss, he slips his hands underneath Alfred's sleeping shirt and pulls the article of clothing over his colony's head as the teen lifts his arms up helpfully. As soon as the shirt is thrown across the bedroom, Alfred begins trying to remove Arthur's shirt as well. Soon, with a little help from the British nation, both of them are shirtless and only wearing their underwear.

From his position on Arthur's lap, Alfred can feel his older lover's erection pressing through the thin fabric of the underwear making the teen shiver at the thought of where that hard flesh would be in a moment. Alfred reaches his trembling hands out to slide his fingers into Arthur's hair as he brings their lips together once again. The younger blond confidently slides his tongue into the Briton's mouth making them both groan. Alfred might have been nervous about taking it to the next step, but he'd gotten rather skilled at kissing and didn't mind taking the lead. As the kiss continues, Arthur wraps his arms around his colony and massages the skin of Alfred's back with his fingertips allowing his hands to make their way down the younger's back. Alfred's tongue continues to twist with Arthur's as the heated kiss becomes more needy and the Briton's hand soon finds its way into the back of the blond teen's underwear. He squeezes one of the plump cheeks and hears a moan from his colony before sliding his finger down the cleft of his lover's ass. Arthur can feel Alfred's body stiffen, but the kiss goes on and the Englishman delves farther down until his finger is sliding along the teenager's already quivering entrance.

Alfred breaks the kiss immediately and lets out a surprised gasp, "Arthur…"

"Shhh, I'm not going to go in without lubrication." The island nation moves his lips to the blue eyed teen's neck to lay a few kisses there before speaking again, "This is just foreplay."

The blond colony nods and Arthur's finger begins moving against the sensitive skin of his hole again as his lips resume the task of kissing the soft skin of Alfred's neck. The Briton sucks and nibbles the side of his lover's neck a little longer before sliding his mouth up to his colony's ear to nibble there as well. While all this is going on, Arthur's finger never ceases to tease the puckered skin of the teen's opening. Alfred moans and sighs out his pleasure as Arthur moves his lips to the other side of his neck and mimics the same movements on that side. The younger blond had been turned on the second he and Arthur had begun kissing, but now he was hotter than he'd ever been and the Briton's teasing finger was beginning to make him impatient to have Arthur inside him, "Mmm, Arthur…I-I want…(groan) I want you."

The European nation stops kissing Alfred's neck and removes his hand from the younger's underwear to give him an understanding look, "Then lie down on your back for me, love."

Alfred nods as he releases his hold on the British man's shoulders and climbs off his lap to lay down as he was told. The teen lays back and lets out a nervous sigh. He'd never been more nervous than he was right now, but he knew Arthur would be as gentle as possible not to mention he'd been dreaming about Arthur taking his virginity for a long time and he wasn't going to back down now. He soon feels the Englishman's body rest on top of his with his legs on either side of Alfred's hips.

Arthur looks down at his colony's nervous face and tries to give him a comforting smile, "Are you sure this is what you really want to do, Alfred?"

"Y-yeah." The younger blond brings his hands to rest on Arthur's thighs where he caresses the skin there with his palms, "I-I'm just a little nervous."

The island nation nods his understanding and once again lowers his lips to Alfred's neck to kiss his way to his colony's throat. He can feel the teen's Adam's apple bobbing nervously under the skin as he continue to mouth his way along the younger's chest until he comes to his lover's already hardening nipple. The Briton smirks to himself as he runs his tongue around the edge of the pink skin. He hears his colony moan and soon feels Alfred's hands in his hair. Arthur takes his colony's hands in his hair as a sign that Alfred approved of what he was doing and the Brit circles the teen's nipple a few more times before taking the stiff flesh into his mouth and sucking lightly.

Alfred lets out a soft moan and closes his blue eyes as he tightens his grip on Arthur's hair. He didn't want the Englishman's mouth to go anywhere unless it was moving to his other nipple. It felt so good that Alfred could feel his stiff cock hardening even more than it already was, "Ah! Arthur…(gasp) th-that feels so…so good."

The island nation continues his pleasure assault on his lover's nipple by nibbling softly on the sensitive flesh and when the teen's grip loosens in his hair he moves his mouth to the other nipple. As he sucks the pink nub into his mouth he continues teasing the previous nipple with his fingers causing Alfred to groan even louder. Arthur can feel their clothed erections rubbing together and almost can't believe that soon they would be making love after almost three months of what the Briton considered heavy foreplay. Finally, Arthur deems that his colony's nipples have had enough attention and releases the now reddened flesh from his mouth. He looks down at Alfred and notices the boy's eyes are closed and a pink flush has covered his whole body. This makes Arthur smile as he kisses his way down Alfred's abs until he makes it to the hem of the younger blond's underwear, "I'd say it's about time you got rid of these, love."

Alfred opens his eyes when he hears Arthur's voice and nods his head in agreement, "You too…take yours off too."

The British nation hooks his fingers into the edge of his colony's underwear and smiles as he pulls the article of clothing down the teen's legs, "In time, love. I'll take them off in due time."

Finally, Alfred's underwear is pulled completely off and thrown into the darkness to join their other forgotten clothes. Arthur immediately makes a space between his lover's legs to place his body and takes the teenager's already weeping cock into his hand. He hears his colony moan blissfully as he begins sliding his fist up and down the slick shaft, "I don't think I've ever seen you this excited before, Alfred. Does the idea of me being inside you turn you on this much?"

"Y-yes…I want you." As if in response to his pleas, the young colony bucks his hips up off the mattress to gain more friction against Arthur's hand, "Please, Arthur…(moan) I-I need it!"

The Briton speeds up the movement of his hand as Alfred continues to lift his hips into the motion. As Arthur continues stroking the younger blond's length he decides to ask Alfred a question, "Are you ready for me to prepare you, love?"

Alfred stops bucking his hips up and gives his older lover a confused look, "Prepare? W-what are ya gonna do?"

Arthur slows down the pace of his stroking and gives Alfred a soft smile before answering, "Oh, I've done it to you before. I just didn't tell you that's what it was called." The island nation takes his free hand and presents his colony with three fingers, "I'll need you to get these nice and wet for me. Can you do that, love?"

The blue eyed teen still looks confused for a second, but finally everything clicks together in his brain, "Oh, okay. I-I can do that." Alfred barely registers the feeling of Arthur's hand pumping him slowly as his heart begins to pound. He was becoming more and more nervous the closer things got to the main event, but he was going to prove to Arthur that he could do it.

Having finally made up his mind not to get too scared, Alfred opens his mouth and takes the Brit's fingers inside. Arthur had fingered him plenty of times during the last few months, but he'd always used his own saliva or something else. This was the first time he'd never asked Alfred to do it for him, but the teen supposed this was just as good a way as any to get things wet.

Arthur groans softly as he feels his colony's hot, wet tongue slide along his fingers and soon Alfred is bobbing his head back and forth taking the Brit's fingers in and out of his beautiful mouth. It reminded Arthur so much of the teen blowing him that he couldn't help but become more aroused by the sight, "A-Alfred, that's good enough." Arthur slowly slides his fingers from Alfred's mouth and positions his index finger at the teen's waiting entrance, "Are you ready, love?"

The blond teen nods and spreads his legs a little wider to accommodate Arthur's body resting between them, "I'm ready, but…but go slow, okay? I…I don't wanna rush tonight."

"Of course, love. I wasn't planning on rushing anyway." He sees Alfred smile just before he slips the first finger inside. Arthur always marveled at how tight his colony was even with just one finger inside making chills cover his body at the thought of how hot and snug Alfred would be around his aching cock.

He slides his index finger in and out a few times as he continues to pump the younger man's erection with his other hand. Arthur knew Alfred could handle at least three fingers and soon adds a second finger into the moaning boy. It doesn't take the blue eyed colony long to adjust to two fingers and Arthur quickly finds himself pushing three fingers in and out of Alfred's tight hole. After several failed attempts, the teen lets out a loud cry and Arthur knows that he found his lover's sweet spot. He prods the sensitive area a few more times just to hear Alfred's delicious cries before slipping his fingers out and releasing the younger's cock.

He locks his green eyes with Alfred's blue ones before speaking in a soft voice, "Are you…ready for me, love?"

Alfred's voice trembles slightly as he answers Arthur's inquiry, "I…I think so…I mean, uh…I'm really scared, Arthur."

A concerned frown appears on the Briton's face at his colony's words, "You don't have to be scared, love. I'm going to be as gentle as possible."

"O-okay." Alfred takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out, "I believe you, but isn't it normal to be a little scared?"

"I suppose it is, love." The Englishman gently rubs the soft skin on the inside of Alfred's thighs as he continues talking, "I remember being scared out of my mind my first time, but it's not as scary as you think it is."

"Really?" The younger blond gives Arthur the most trusting look he's ever seen and the Brit just can't stand the thought of hurting his inexperienced lover.

Arthur nods, "You just have to relax and don't clench up. If you clench up it'll hurt both of us, okay?"

The blond boy nods, "Okay, I think I'm ready then."

The island nation gives Alfred a comforting smile as he finally removes his own underwear and reaching into the night stand to grab a small bottle of oil. He shows the tiny vial to his colony before opening it, "This will help things go more smoothly."

Alfred nods once again as he watches Arthur slick his own cock with the oil. The older man lets out a pleasured groan at his own touch and Alfred finds himself feeling guilty for ignoring his lover's needs. The teen sits up and moves Arthur's hand out of the way as he replaces it with his own hand, "Let me help you, Arthur."

The British nation doesn't object as his colony pumps him at a steady pace helping to spread the oil and pre-cum along his length. Arthur was so turned on by this point that he doesn't allow Alfred to play for very long before he stops him, "Al-Alfred…st-stop, love…(moan) I don't want to yet."

The blond boy releases Arthur's cock and lies back on the bed again to await his lover's next move, "Arthur, I love you."

"And I love you." After their love confessions, Arthur spreads his colony's plump cheeks with one hand and guides the head of his cock into Alfred's virgin hole. He hears a pained whimper escape the younger man's mouth and he stops his forward movement, "Are you alright, love?"

Alfred squeezes his eyes shut and grips the bed sheets roughly, "I-I don't know."

"You're clenching, Alfred." The Englishman once again begins stroking the teen's erection trying to soothe him from the pain, "You have to relax. It won't hurt as much if you relax a bit more, okay?"

Alfred opens his eyes again and tries to focus on the feeling of Arthur's hand on his cock and not the throbbing pain in his ass. Finally, the teenager relaxes enough for the Briton to slide completely in, "A-Arthur…it hurts."

"Shhh, love…I know it does and I'm so sorry." The island nation slides his thumb back and forth over the slickened head of his colony's cock to once again try and distract him from the pain, "Just tell me when you're ready to continue, love. We can take as long as you need."

Arthur can feel the younger's legs trembling on either side of him and wished he could do something to ease Alfred's pain. The European country hated hurting his lover and wanted to give the teenager all the time he needed to adjust, but the heat around his cock squeezing him was almost too much. Suddenly, the Brit is pulled from his thoughts when he hears Alfred's voice, "Arthur, how can I know for sure that you really love me?"

The green eyed nation is so taken aback by his colony's question that he stops pleasuring Alfred with his hand and gives him a bewildered expression, "What do you mean by that, love?"

"Well, you don't even like the guy you lost your virginity to, but you thought you loved him." Alfred shifts a bit to try and get used to Arthur being inside him, "What if one day you realize you don't love me and we end up not even being friends?"

Arthur shifts as well and hears a small whine leave the younger's mouth, "I'll never, ever think of you the same way I think of him."

"But, how do you know that?" The sharp pain in Alfred's backside begins to subside as he continues talking, "What if I do something dumb and you end up hating me?"

The Englishman pulls out a little and pushes forward and when he feels Alfred tense up he remains still for a bit longer, "I could never hate you, love." When he sees that this is not the answer his colony is looking for he tries to elaborate, "I'll let you in on a secret, Alfred. If one day, years from now, I tell you that I don't love you, I'm lying."

The blond colony wraps his legs around Arthur's waist and wiggles his hips a bit as he gets more used to the sensation, "How will I know for sure?"

Arthur gives him a loving smile when he finally answers Alfred's question, "You'll know because no matter what my mouth says it's not true. Mouths can tell lies so easily and at delicate times a mouth can't be trusted. Don't go by my eyes either because eyes are almost as big of a liar as the mouth. People say eyes are the window to the soul, but that's not true. Some eyes can close the curtain and never allow you a glance."

Alfred continues to give him a perplexed look, "Then how will I be able to tell?"

"You'll be able to tell because the heart can't lie. The heart only knows what it feels and eventually the heart will tell you everything you need to know." The Briton leans in and gives Alfred a chaste but loving kiss on the lips, "My heart loves you more than anything and no matter what happens between us my heart can never truly hate you because I love you with all my heart."

When Arthur finishes speaking, he notices a wet trail of tears flowing from his colony's eyes and he wipes them gently away with his finger, "Alfred, why are you crying?"

"Because, I'm so happy that you really love me." The blond teenager wraps his arms around his lover's neck and brings him down for a kiss. When the kiss ends, Alfred gives the Englishman a large smile, "I'm ready now."

Arthur nods as he pulls his hips back slowly almost leaving the young man's body before snapping his hips forward to bury himself inside Alfred's heated passage again. The island nation repeats this a few times and when he doesn't hear any complaints he continues with more force, "A-are you…okay, love?"

"Y-yeah…feels good!" Alfred keeps his arms and legs wrapped tightly around Arthur as he lifts his hips to meet his older lover's thrusts, "Y-you can…(groan) do it…h-harder if…(moan) if ya want!"

Arthur showers his colony's neck and chest with kisses as he complies to the request as he pounds into the teen a little harder, "Mmm, you feel…so good!"

The only response Alfred is able to give are the loud moans and cries leaving his throat as his British lover plunges in and out of him. The friction of Arthur's pulsing cock is almost too much for the inexperienced colony and he bites his lip hard to keep the pleasure from being too intense, but when the Briton nails his sweet spot, he can't contain his sounds of ecstasy, "Ah, yes! There…(moan) more…ah!...faster!"

Arthur complies to his colony's cries and drives into the teen faster, slamming his sweet spot every time, "A-Alfred…(gasp) your lip is…bleeding!"

The younger blond flicks his tongue out long enough to taste his own blood. He must have torn his lip when he bit it earlier, "I…I don't care…j-just don't stop!"

"Well, I…I wasn't…(groan) planning on…stopping." Arthur can feel Alfred's no longer virginal hole fluttering around his cock and he knows it won't be long before his young lover cums.

Alfred grips Arthur's arms in a vice grip as he rocks in rhythm with the Englishman's thrusts, "Sl-slow down, Arthur…I can't…oh!"

"Are you…close, love?" The island nation begins pounding relentlessly into Alfred as the boy's entrance continues to spasm, "You can cum…if…if you're ready…don't hold…back! I…I want you to…cum!"

"But…(groan) it's too…soon!" Alfred's fingernails dig into the skin of Arthur's back as he feels a surge of pleasure wash over his body, "W-What about…you?!"

"Cum for…me, Alfred!" With one final jab to his colony's sweet spot, the younger blond cums between their bodies with a blissful cry as he arches his back off the bed.

Arthur, on the other hand, continues to thrust in and out of his lover until Alfred comes down from his orgasm. The Englishman then pulls out with a wet sound and watches the teen's sated hole continue to twitch as he jerks himself to completion finally spilling his essence onto Alfred's chest and stomach mixing their seed on the young skin. He cries out his colony's name as the last few spurts of his release land on the bed sheets.

The British nation finally works up the strength to lie down beside Alfred on the bed and the younger snuggles in close to Arthur not caring about the mess on their skin. Finally, Arthur breaks the silence of the bedroom with his voice, "How do you feel, love?"

"Tired." Alfred yawns and closes his eyes still not caring about the mess on his skin.

Arthur chuckles softly as he kisses the top of his colony's head, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Alfred yawns again as he shakes his head, "No…well, it hurt a little, but I'm okay now."

"That'll get better you know." The British man rubs his hand up and down Alfred's arm in a comforting gesture, "It won't always hurt like that once you get used to it."

The younger blond only nods in agreement and stays quiet for a long time before speaking up, "Did you mean what you said about loving me with all your heart?"

"Of course I did, love." Arthur sits up, but helps Alfred into a lying position, "Now, get some sleep. I'll get us cleaned up."

Alfred snuggles into the pillow with a smile on his face as Arthur gets out of bed to get a cloth from the bathroom, "Arthur, I love you."

The Englishman gives his colony a warm smile, "I love you too, Alfred. Good night."

When Arthur doesn't hear a reply he assumes Alfred must have fallen asleep. The island nation goes to the bathroom ad returns with a warm, wet cloth. He cleans them both up and joins Alfred in the bed, "Sweet dreams, love."


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