~~~~You Are Always On My Mind~~~~

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~~~~Chapter Nineteen: Message In A Bottle~~~~

~~....several reports of shooting stars over Kent late last evening...~~

~~...a strange influx of owls was spotted over Surrey last night...~~

~~...a sudden burst of fireworks was seen in the air over Leeds yesterday evening...~~

~~...people dressed in robes and pointed hats were seen dancing in Wales...~~

~~...escaped convict Sirius Black was declared innocent yesterday by the K.C.C...~~

~~...Witches and Wizards? All Hallow's Eve comes early this year apparently!...~~~

~~...religious leaders are saying it's an omen, the Messiah is to return...~~

Minerva McGonagall only shook her head in wonder as she sorted through the myriad amounts of Muggle newspapers that had been delivered to the school early this morning. Just like sixteen years ago the wizarding world was being foolish, even though there really was much to celebrate. 'This is going beyond foolish now, Albus, honestly...the Messiah?' she said in huff as she read the last newsclipping.

'Oh do come now, Minerva, we've had little to celebrate for such a long time now. Let the Muggles have their words, it does no harm and will be forgotten soon enough. At least Sirius got his public apology in the Muggle world, that should ease his mind,' Albus said chuckling as he too picked up a few of the papers. 'No words from the Daily Prophet yet? How unusual.'

Minerva snorted and searched through the stacks of papers, pulled out one almost at the bottom and tossed it to Albus. 'Oh they've written their two Knuts worth, damn that Skeeter woman. A pest if there ever was one,' she said disparagingly.

Albus looked over the paper and nodded in agreement, then gave a little sigh and leaned back in his chair. 'Well it could have been much worse I suppose.'

'Worse? What planet are you living on, Albus? Now the whole bloody world knows about Harry and Draco, not to mention Severus, Remus and Sirius! I thought we all agreed that was private information for the time being,' she said exasperated. 'Not to mention how she went out of her way to publish the whole story behind Draco's divorce decree, you do know Lucius Malfoy will be at our necks now for that one.'

At that precise moment a large grey spotted owl flew in through Albus Dumbledore's window and dropped a post on top of the rather large pile of newspapers. Before either of them could even move though it swept back out in a hurry, anxious obviously to be anywhere but Albus's office at the moment. Minerva only huffed again, whilst Albus picked up the post and gave a small chuckle.

'Well speak of the devil, Minerva, it's from the man himself. I wonder what he wants hmm?' Albus said thoughtfully and opened the sealed crest on the back scanning the contents. 'Well, well, isn't this a change of events now.'

'Well? What it is, Albus? What does that man want now?' Minerva said.

'Read this, seems Lucius has decided to come down in the world a bit,' Albus grinned, then handed Minerva the parchment.

~~I'll make this short and to the point Dumbledore. Tell Draco a sum of ten million Galleons will be placed in his Gringotts vault provided he stays as far from that damned woman and all the presses as possible. I will deposit an additional ten million Galleons if Draco will make a formal statement to Fudge, clearing me of any charges that might be brought against me in the future involving any activities with certain a party. I am willing to leave the country for now with my wife as long as Draco is willing to do this for me, and I also willing to leave him and his...boyfriend...alone without threat. Don't get me wrong, I do not want him back in my home or in name, but I dare say I might have problems convincing the Ministry to let me be without his help. Let me know his decision as soon as possible, the Ministry has a hearing for me in two days time. LM~~

'Twenty million Galleons? With all the money that man has, he has the nerve to only offer twenty million Galleons? Blast that man!' Minerva sniffed and handed back the parchment.

'I dare say Draco might find it agreeable, however that is his decision. Is everyone still in the infirmary then yet?' Albus asked now.

Minerva nodded. 'Thank goodness none of them were truly injured last night, only a few minor misplaced hexes and curses. Nothing irreversible at anyrate,' she said with a happy sigh.

'Yes, it's a good thing they were well prepared for this. Now we can have peace again, and this time hopefully for more than ten years,' Albus said.

Minerva gave him a sharp look at that sentiment. 'You don't think he'll come back again, do you?'

'No, Voldemort will not return again, that you can be sure of, Minerva. It was confirmed that he was present in body and spirit last night when he died this time. We both know however that peace never does last too long does it. Where one evil falls, another eventually is born, that's the way of the world my dear woman. In my lifetime I have fought two major wars against evil, and I do grow weary sometimes knowing that is the way it is,' Albus said softly.

Minerva's eyes soften now as she looked at her friend. She knew that she was feeling every bit of her seventy plus years, and Albus was over double that in age, and had seen perhaps too much in that time. He now looked as tired as he probably felt, and she wondered what was going to happen now. 'Albus?' she said quietly.


'You're leaving...aren't you,' she said. It wasn't a question, she just knew.

Albus sighed and stood up, going over to pet Fawkes though he was about to have his burning day again, so his plumage wasn't in full blossom. 'I'm old, Minerva, much as I hate to admit that fact, I am old. I have been at this school longer than you are alive, as a student, a teacher and as Headmaster. A hundred and forty some years my dear is a long, long time, and I admit my bones are weary. It is time to move on...and leave the world now in the hands of the younger generation I think,' he said reflectively.

'I don't want to be Headmistress, Albus, I'll tell you that now. I have neither the energy nor the patience any longer to do that job,' she said firmly.

Albus chuckled and nodded at her, watching as another feather fell from his beautiful bird. 'I didn't think you would, Minerva. I have been giving this thought for quite sometime actually, now however I can do what I couldn't before. Now it is the right time, and now I think the person I have in mind is ready to do the job, albeit against his better wishes,' he mused.

Minerva thought that over for a moment, wondering who Albus had in mind to take over such a task as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Shaking her head several people came to mind, but from the look in Albus's eyes, he wasn't going to say much more on the issue yet. 'Whomever you do choose, Albus, I'm sure you have your reasons for doing so. Though I'm afraid no one shall ever stack up to you, Albus Dumbledore,' she said softly and smiled at her friend.

Albus smiled back and came over to pat her on the hand. 'Don't think like that, Minerva. Consider it a learning experience, for everyone who will be involved eh? Now, let's get up to the infirmary and see how our young friends are doing shall we?' he said jovially and headed out the door of his office.

Minerva watched him go a moment, and a single tear slid down her cheek that she had been trying not to shed till just then. 'I'm going to miss you, you old coot. You know that don't you,' she said softly, then she too left the room.

Fawkes watched as his owner of so long left the room, the woman just after him. He felt the shift in the air, he knew how tired his owner really was. He'd been this owner's pet for a hundred and twenty years now, and had been through much with him. Now he would be passed on to a new owner, he knew it was time for that, but he already knew who it was to be, and had approved of this new person as well. Perhaps it was symbolic that Fawkes had chosen this day to be his burning day, for just as he too would now reemerge from the ashes and start yet again a new life, so too would his new owner.

Meanwhile in the infirmary a piece of parchment was now being handed to young Draco Snape, and he read and reread it several times before even saying a word. Really he wasn't sure what to say or think of it, or what to do. The first read through he had been just angry, the second time in pure shock, and the third time he scanned it through he was simply struck dumb. Harry however, realising something was amiss, took the parchment from his lover and read it as well, pretty much going through the same range of emotions before handing it to Severus to read.

As Severus, then Remus, and finally Sirius read the post, Draco finally came out of his shock. 'Well, that was...er...unexpected...I think,' he said slowly.

'More like typical if you ask me,' Severus said scathingly. 'Thinks he can buy his way out of everything. I say let the git rot in Azkaban for what he did to you, Draco.'

'I'm in agreement with you on this one, Sev. Let the wanker rot,' Sirius said thickly, whilst scratching at the medicine that was covering a burn on his neck from a hex he hadn't avoided.

'Stop scratching, Siri, you'll only make it worse,' Remus said swatting away his lovers hand irritably. 'Obviously you're all thinking like Gryffindors at the moment, surprisingly even you, Severus.'

'What the hell does that mean, Remus? And I'll have you know it's impossible to actually think when you're head's been stuffed up by a Confoundus Charm!' Severus muttered petulantly.

'Oh stop fussing, Severus, you should have ducked quicker that's all,' Harry said with a grin. 'Honestly, I've thrown that same curse out you a hundred times, and you always managed to avoid it till last night. To busy thinking about shagging or something?' he giggled.

That actually earned him a glare from Severus, though everyone else only rolled their eyes and laughed. 'Oh yes, very funny, ha ha. I wasn't thinking about shagging for you're information, but of something totally different,' he mumbled.

'And...that would be...?' Draco said with a twinkle in his eyes.

'Mind your business, Draco. I'm still your guardian and I can send you to your room you know,' Severus grumbled, though he really wasn't angry and Draco only laughed because he knew Severus would never do that.

'I still want to know what you meant though, Remus? What are we missing?' Harry asked now.

'Very simple really, surprised no one else sees it,' Remus said smugly. 'Lucius is desperate, he knows he's going down, and Draco's testimony is the only thing that can save him. Why settle for twenty million...when you can ask for whatever you want? Go for what you deserve, Merlin knows he's worth far more than forty million Galleons.'

Everyone in the room forgot their troubles for the moment and stared at Remus in shock, then a grin appeared on everyone's face, especially on Draco's. 'By the Gods, Remus, you're right! Lucius is worth far more than that, I should know too, I've seen his books and what's at Gringotts. He's got no less than three vaults under his name...that's brilliant!' Draco said beaming now.

Remus snorted. 'Maybe I should have been a Slytherin hmm?' he chuckled now.

'You sure as hell are thinking like one these days, Moony, give you that,' Sirius said laughing now. 'Guess you're counterpart rubbed off on you after all eh?'

At the mention of that Severus, Remus and Sirius seemed to stop dead in their tracks at whatever they would say next. 'Oh by Merlin, we forgot completely to tell them!' Severus said with a groan now.

'Tell who what?' Harry asked curiously.

'Tell you what we found, that's what!' Sirius said excitedly now, forgetting how itchy he was even.

'Who had it last? Was it you, Severus?' Remus said excitedly now.

Severus shook his head. 'I thought you had it?'

'Nope, I have it, wait...oh darn...where did I put it?' Sirius said now fumbling round for his robes. 'Aha! Here it is!' he said pulling something out of one of the inside pockets and holding it tightly in his hand.

'Ah, so you did get it, I wondered on that. However I will warn you that if you do decide to do this, it could be irreversible this time,' Albus said giving Sirius a stern gaze.

Sirius nodded. 'We know, we all know that, but it's what was wanted, so the note said,' he said firmly.

'What is it?' Draco said now and he and Harry stepped in closer to where Sirius was.

Sirius looked round at everyone in the room, a strange look on his face. 'As you all know, six months ago the past came back to haunt us. Not just the past, but the past of another world, and when the past left us, nothing was ever the same.'

'We know that, Sirius, tell us what we don't know!,' Harry said groaning.

Remus shook his head and got up from the bed he was lying on about to walk over to where Sirius was when he got stopped short by a very authoritative voice from the next room. 'REMUS JOSEPH LUPIN I BETTER NOT FIND YOU ARE A FOOT OUT THAT BED! YOU ARE ALREADY IN HOT WATER WITH ME FOR GOING LAST NIGHT AND ENDANGERING ALL FOUR OF YOUR LIVES!' Poppy Pomfrey yelled out.

Remus blanched and quickly got back in the bed, muttering a few words under his breath. 'Does she have a built in radar detector or something? Honestly, women can be such a nightmare!' he pouted and ignored everyone for the moment.

Severus and Sirius however just stared at Remus with a strange look on their faces, until Severus finally broke the all too quiet silence. 'Err...Remy? Umm...what did ahh...what she mean by that?' he asked in an odd tone of voice.

'What did who mean by what?' Remus said looking up now at Severus confused for a moment, then turned back to Sirius. 'Well? You going to do this or not?' he said all huffy again.

Sirius however just stared at his lover, suspicion in his mind. 'Reeeemus...all right mate, spill it. Why are you in such a pissy mood lately? What's up with you? And what did Poppy mean?' he demanded.

Remus only glared at Sirius and crossed his arms over his chest. 'Does a werewolf need a reason to be in a bad mood? Do I need permission to be cranky now?' he muttered.

'Damn right you do, Remus, when the full moon isn't for two more weeks, and when it involves what I think it might. I know I've been a bit distracted lately, but that potion you've been taking the past few weeks...that wasn't a strengthening potion for your transformations...was it,' Severus said accusingly now.

Remus turned and looked at his other lover, then suddenly he sighed deeply and shook his head dejectedly. 'No...it wasn't, Severus. Are you angry?'

'Angry? Oh for the love of Salazar...I'm only upset that didn't tell us sooner you silly git!' Severus said practically beaming now. 'When?'

'Wait...so...it is...that?' Sirius said beaming himself now, though he looked halfway ready to pass out.

'All right, someone tell us what's going on here? Why are we always the last to know when something really important is going to happen?' Harry said glancing angrily at his godfather, then to Severus and finally at Remus.

'Yeah, what's going on?' Draco demanded.

'Err...well...that is,' Remus said blushing slightly now and looking at Albus and Minerva and blushing harder even. 'You see...I've umm...been taking a potion lately...and well it's relatively new actually...' he began but Severus cut him off.

'New?! Hell, Remy it's still in the testing stage! You really took a chance you know, not that I'm angry but, still you should have told me so I could have charted the results,' he said.

'I was going to tell you, but at first I really didn't think it would work and all, and when it did I didn't want to be subjected to a bunch of poking and prodding. Then all of this came up so suddenly...well I didn't want it to be more of a distraction,' he said sheepishly.

'He's right, we never would have let him go last night if we'd known. But...are you sure it's three of them? Is that possible?' Sirius said in awe now.

Remus blushed again and nodded. 'I'm sure, well I am now anyway,' he chuckled. Turning to Harry, Draco, Albus and Minerva he said now, 'Well...I hope you won't mind there's going to be a few new err...additions...to the castle dungeons in ahh...oh...roughly...a month and half...give or take,' he said looking now like an overripe tomato.

Minerva and Albus were beaming now, and nodding at Remus, Sirius and Severus happily. 'Oh that's wonderful news, Remus! Congratulations!' Minerva said and went over and hugged all three men.

'Yes quite a happy announcement all told. I'm sure they will be not bother at all, and the staff will be more than happy to help raise them. In fact, it only confirms something I too will be announcing shortly, involving all of you. I know now I've made the right decisions,' Albus said smiling.

'Wait...you mean...you're pregnant?' Draco said incredulously and turned to stare at Remus.

Remus nodded happily. 'Yes, Draco, I am. I just found out a few days before we left for London so it's not like I've had much time to think a lot on it yet. Now though, with Voldemort gone...and peace returning...now I'll be glad to have children.'

'Oh wow! Remus that's great! But...why only another month and half? I thought it takes nine months to have a baby?' Harry asked confused.

Remus chuckled and nodded his head. 'For humans, yes it does take nine months. I'm in essence at the moment, a wolf however, and bound by those birthing laws. From what Poppy tells me they're in pup or cub form at the moment, not human. Wolves you see only need two months to birth a child, and I'm already two weeks pregnant now. The fertility potion Severus has been improving on ...obviously...err...works very well,' he said with a loving smile at Severus.

'Well of course it should, I am a Potion Master I do believe. If it didn't work I'd have been highly surprised,' Severus said grinning broadly and looking at his lover with such love in his eyes. 'Which I suppose makes now the perfect time to ask...if...that is...oh I'm not very good at this but...Remus, Sirius...will...will you both marry me?' he asked quietly, then hesitantly looked at Remus, then Sirius.

'So that's why you've been so distracted lately, Sev?' Sirius said laughing now and then got up and went over to kiss Severus on the lips. 'If you think I'd say no, you'd have to be a fool, Severus Snape, and I know you're not one,' he said quietly.

'Oh, Padfoot,' Severus sighed happily and kissed him back, pulling him into his arms as Sirius sat down on the bed next to him. Then both of them looked at Remus questioningly. 'Moony?' he said now, hesitant again.

Remus looked at his two lovers together, a warmth coursing through him, then he laughed and nodded his head, giving them both looks of pure raw passion and love. 'As if I could say no to the both of you? Just get used to catering to my every whim for the next month and half!' he giggled.

Everyone in the room laughed now, and another round of congratulations was given. 'Harry, if it's all right with these other two rogues, I would like the you to be the children's godfather. Will you take that responsibility?' Remus asked seriously now and looked over at the two boys.

'Oh, Remus, of course I will!' Harry said happily, and got up to hug Remus, Sirius and Severus.

'This is going to be great! I'm going to have brothers...well sort of...' Draco said beaming.

'That's right, they will be you're brothers, no sort of about it, Draco. You are our 'son' now, even if not by blood,' Severus said smiling at Draco. 'Ah but wait...the day is not done yet now is it. We still have a few more surprises. Sirius? You ready yet?'

'Oh, that's right! Almost forgot about that,' Sirius said shaking his head. Handing something to Albus now he said, 'Would you do the honours, Albus?'

Albus cleared away a small section of the room, then stopped a moment and looked back at those assembled. 'You are 100% sure this is what they want?' he asked.

Sirius, Severus and Remus nodded. 'Proof positive sure, Albus. The note it came with was very clear. It is what they want,' Severus said firmly.

'Very well then, it shall be done,' Albus said.

He then put something the object in the centre of the floor of the space he'd cleared away. He then took out his wand and tapped it to the object, whispering a few words in a language no one else in the room understood. After he was done he moved back away from the space he'd cleared, and a strange ripple of energy now was flowing through the room. Tiny tendrils of a grey mist began to seep from the small pink clay object, and wrap themselves round everyone in the room. Strange whispers of voices from a time long past could be heard, and a feeling of peace and tranquility enveloped everyone. Moments later a blinding flash of light filled the room, and five people were now standing in the spot where the small object had been.

'Hey, it worked?' the first person said in shock and looked round the room in awe.

'Of course it worked, don't be daft! We told you it would work, next time have a little faith won't you?' the second person in the group said with a huge grin.

'So you weren't lying about it all, you really did go somewheres else!' the third person, a woman, said with an awed gaze at where she was.

'Ugg, you never believe anything until you see it, do you woman. I, of course, believed them,' a fourth person said chuckling, though it only earned him a smack on the arm. 'OWW! Godric, you hit hard!'

'Ha, that's women for you! Give me a man anyday!' the fifth person said laughing, then he turned with a start realising that he, along with the others were being stared at. 'Whoa, you mates haven't aged a day have you?' the man said laughing and walked over to where the others were at.

'Err...O-Orion...? Is...is that...you?' Sirius said now staring at the person that used to be a teenager, but was now somewhere in his mid-twenties.

Orion grinned and nodded. 'In the flesh mate, though I dare say a few explanations are in order eh? Hope you don't mind but ahh...we brought along some guests...' he said pointing at two of the five people.

'So we see,' Albus said stepping into the conversation now, aware of some tension building in the room. 'Perhaps some tea, and some discussions, yes that sounds quite nice, don't you agree, Minerva?'

Minerva nodded and sat down with a thud in one of the infirmary chairs, not taking her eyes off two of the five person group. 'Yes...tea...very nice...' she said slowly, and she wasn't the only one in shock.

'Err..yeah...well umm...right. Explanations then,' Silvius said brightly, and went over and pulled out a chair for himself, the others doing the same. When they were all seated he looked at his old friends and said, 'Well, it all began the day we got back home, and we'd found out exactly how long we'd really been gone.'

Romulus nodded and picked up the story. 'Turns out that for every month we would have spent in this world...a whole year went by in our world. So for the two weeks were here, it was six months gone back home.'

'Needless to say when we returned a lot had happened. Rom's dad, and Sil's dad both had already joined up with Voldie, who whilst we were gone did rise fully to power, and war had broken out in a very short time. Mrs. Lupin died in the first wave of attacks, angry at her husband because he had joined Voldemort and also because he refused to let her stay in Egypt in the hopes Romy would come home one day,' Orion said sadly.

'When we got back of course no one was there waiting on us, so we had to make our own way home. We found our way to Cairo and used the Floo Network back to London, but it was all changed. Diagon Alley...was gone basically. The Leaky Cauldron was empty, and hadn't look used in months. We decided to first go to James's house using the Local Floo Network, only...Godric's Hollow was in shambles, only parts of the house still stood. We found out that James's parents had also been killed in the first wave of attacks,' Silvius said sadly.

'Since it was end of June when we got back, we couldn't get to the school, so we went then to Pete's house instead. We found James and Lily there too, they were hiding out there, and boy were they shocked to see us, tell you that much,' Orion said with a chuckle.

'We finally convinced them we were who we said we were, even showing them the pictures we were able to take back in our robes of all of you. They couldn't deny it then, and well, we went from there,' Romulus said.

'That was now six years ago now to us, only six months to all of you. Six years we've been at war, six years of running and hiding. Peter lost his life three years ago, stupidly too, wrong place at the wrong time. He was trying to sneak into Diagon Alley and nick some supplies for us, but a Death Eater got him before he could run,' Orion said sadly. 'We still miss him, wish you all had gotten to know Petey, he was a great guy...at least in our world he was. I know what he did in this world, but I assure you he was good till the very end in our world.'

'Hold up, you mean...you knew what happened here? And you didn't say anything to us?' Harry said stunned now.

'Err...yeah, we knew. I overheard a conversation between Ron and Hermione in the library a day or two before we left. They didn't know I was there, sorry if it's a bad thing...but...well it didn't really affect us in our world anyway as you can see. We really didn't think it would matter if we knew or not,' Silvius said quietly.

'Sil's right, it didn't matter, not in the least. We were at war for six years and...well...the war is pretty much over now anyway,' Orion said heavily and gazed to the floor.

'What do you mean it's over? What happened?' Draco asked, a bad feeling hitting him.

'We...the side of Light...lost in our world, Draco. He...Voldemort...is too powerful. There is no Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort killed him four years back. There's also no Harry Potter in our world to fight him you see...or at least...not anymore...' Romulus said sighing, then glanced sadly at the two people sitting near him.

'I don't understand, how's that possible?' Harry asked puzzled now.

'In our world, Harry...you didn't survive. You were killed...by Voldemort, along with your grandparents, Lily's parents that is, who were watching you for the day whilst Lily and Jamie were at the Ministry making plans for the next strike. That was last year for us, you've err...rather our Harry...has been dead a year now,' Orion said quietly.

'Oh,' was all Harry could say.

'Now do you understand how important you were to us last night, Harry? Without you and Draco, and the love you share for each other, we never could have accomplished what we did,' Albus said softly and gave Harry and Draco a reassuring smile.

'I guess, I never really thought that it was that important...though it doesn't matter now, it's over and done with. Our Voldemort's gone so you know. We, Draco and I that is...we killed him last night,' Harry said.

'Oh, Harry, that's...that's great! Really, I wish...well, I'm really glad. Now you'll be free again, no more torments right?' Silvius said giving Harry a comforting smile.

'Yeah, Draco and I are getting married in July, and...Sirius, Remus and Severus are getting married. Oh, and Remus is pregnant!' Harry said smiling happily again.

'You too? That's great, Remus!' Romulus said beaming at his counterpart.

'Wait, you're pregnant too?' Draco asked Romulus startled.

Romulus laughed and shook his head, then pointed to the woman in the group, and then at Silvius. 'Nope, but they are though! Sil's having triplets...we think anyway...and she's having a girl!' he beamed.

'A-a g-girl?' Harry stammered and looked at the woman who was blushing and nodded. 'Whoa...so...umm...oh...' he said saddened now as he realised what that meant.

'Harry, we know this is odd for you, but well, they lost a son...and you lost your parents. We hoped that maybe, well, that maybe you could work it out together, be a family again...sort of...in a way that is. We've spent six years researching how to get back here, or to even just get a message across to you all, anything to let you know what was going on. We succeeded finally, but not before it was almost too late. If they had stayed behind, if we all had stayed behind, face it...we'd be dead. We can't hold out against him much longer in our world, and we all wanted was a better life for ourselves, and our children...no matter what the cost,' Romulus said quietly.

The woman spoke now, and gave Harry a small smile. 'We don't want to replace you're real parent's, Harry, but we know that if our Harry had lived...he'd probably have grown up to be just like you. The boys have told James and me so much about you that I do feel like we know you already, and we'd both like to know more. I realize we're only six years older then you which might difficult, and you don't have to call us 'mum' or 'dad' or anything, we don't ask that even of you. We just hope you'll get a chance to see what you're parents might have been like had they lived too, in us that is. And umm...have a sister...of sorts,' she said blushing now.

Harry didn't know what to say, but tears were now falling from his eyes and suddenly he felt happy, very, very happy. Sniffing back his tears he said, 'I think...I'd like that...an awful lot...' Then before he could stop himself, even though he knew it wasn't his real parents, he threw himself into Lily's arms, feeling like he was a year old child again rather then a seventeen year old man. Everyone in the room smiled as Lily, James and Harry Potter once again became a 'family'. Times in this world were good, and would be for a very long time to come.

Months soon passed, the shock of seeing James and Lily Potter 'alive' again made headlines, though they dealt with it in their own ways. Soon enough three new boy cubs arrived at Hospital Wing only a week before Harry and Draco's own wedding, which still took place on July 31st. Ron was Harry's best man, Silvius was Draco's best man. The cubs scampered round the wedding feast getting into all sorts of trouble, and everyone had a good laugh knowing a new generation of Marauders had indeed arrived. Ron then went off to Russia, Hermione went into the Ministry as planned. Harry and Draco decided to hold off travelling and stayed at Snape Manor, along with Severus, Remus, Sirius, Lily, James, Orion, Silvius and Romulus.

Severus, Remus and Sirius got married at the end of June, before the cubs actually were born, and they ended up each looking like one of their fathers when they finally transformed into human form after the first six months. Two had hair black as night with coal black eyes, one had brown hair with golden brown eyes, and all of them had a streak of grey in their hair. Unfortunately however that meant they were all werewolves, though thanks to the Wolfsbane, that wasn't really going to be much of an issue.

Silvius and Lily had their children within a few days of each other one snowy day in February, right at Hogwarts. Lily gave birth to a girl as she had said she was going to, and Silvius gave birth to boy triplets as well, again they each looked exactly like each one of their fathers. Thankfully however these triplets were not werewolves, to everyone's relief. Remus was back at teaching the DADA position, and before Lily had her daughter she became a helper to Filius Flitwick in Charms. Sirius had taken over as Astronomy Professor due to Professor Sinistra having to leave for unknown reasons right before term started.

Silvius also took over a position in Hogwarts, though until the last moment that had been a well guarded secret as to what he was going to teach, which ended up being potions. Orion and James were left to watch the seven children, which was in no way easy a task, but they managed quite well and had an entire staff to help them. Harry had ended up taking over as flying instructor when Madam Hooch broke her hip one day two days before term had started, and though it was fixed properly she decided to take a well deserved break and left for parts unknown. Draco however decided to do nothing, mainly because he now found himself pregnant, and was due sometime in April or early May. He was content to just help Orion and James watch the kids, and of course spend his nights with his husband in the same room they had been sharing when they were students.

The Headmaster position also had undergone a change, and where once a blue twinkling eyed man had sat at the high table, now a man dressed in elegant robes of silver and green, with coal black eyes sat. Eyes that sparkled brightly, and were full of laughter on most occasions, and was even known that the new Headmaster pulled the occasional prank or two. Professor Severus Snape had taken well to the position as Headmaster, and with Minerva's help, and some parting advice from Albus on how to run things, everything went smoothly. The only reason he still used Snape was because none of the three wanted to give up their last name, and having three last names was really a bit much. As for the children, whoever looked like their father ended up with that particular last name, to make it easier on all.

The years soon passed, children came and went, and peace remained in this new world. At times evil lurked on the horizon, but those at Hogwarts knew that was the way it was destined to be, it would never change, nor would they expect it to. Those from the other world adjusted well into their new world, protecting it, and helping it grow the best they could. They never forgot their world, and always remembered those who fell in the times of war. Fathers, mothers, friends and children were always remembered with a fondness, and no one ever felt replaced.

When the history of this world would be written and learned in the future however, it would show how the side of Light triumphed over evil. The names of Harry and Draco Potter, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore would have their names forever etched in the world. Chocolate Frog cards would be scrambled for with their pictures on it, and books would be written and sold off the shelves faster then they could get on them. And those who still remained teaching and living at Hogwarts would only smile and nod at all of it, knowing that there was really only one thing that mattered more then the fame or the fortunes they'd received. That in the end, they had themselves, their friends and families, and the most important thing of all...just simply...they had love.


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