Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Troublrmaker's Comeback

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Chapter 1: The Comeback of The Troublemaker

From the rooftop Reborn eyed the newcomer outside the Namimori Senior High School ground warily. The said person is a blonde girl, maybe at the age of 16 or 17. She seemed familiar. His object of observation is wearing a sleeveless black shirt, an orange short that end mid-thigh and a pair of black boots. As accessories she wore an orange loosened tie around her neck and a white girly looking wrist-watch. Her long bright blonde hair is done in two twin pigtails. All in all she's good-looking.

Reborn grabbed Leon, which in turn transformmed into a binocular. Setting it in front of his eyes, the world strongest hitman took a good look at the blond girl's face. Upon seeing the whiskers like scars on each of her cheeks, he sighed. Of all time, she had to appear now. He wondered if Dino still remember her; she is, after all, the reason the Cavallone Boss was pushed to the limits. This is definitely interesting, and maybe Tsuna is going to have another life or death trial.

'What are you going to pull now, eh Naru Namikaze?' The fedora wearing baby smirks. But then his eyes widened, remembering something important. From the time he met her the first time, she hadn't age a day. All the same blond teen, while Dino is already 22. This thought slightly disturbed him; he is missing something here.


Meanwhile on the outside wall of the school ground, Naru Namikaze was fully aware of the arcobaleno presence; the stares the baby gave, send shivers to her spine. She leaned her body on the wall, with her back against it. In her head, she thought some ways to make the new Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada, grant her request. A smile curled on her pinkish lips. The Juudaime apparently is a student of Reborn, an arcobaleno who loyally serve under the Ninth Boss of Vongola, and he's two years younger than her. She crossed her hands under her chest, pronouncing the rather impressive size. And occasionally glancing at her wrist watch.

She's already got an approval on her request from Vongola Nono himself. But she doesn't think that the hitman that's currently observing her already know, if so, he should greet her already, before bringing her to the Decimo for her request of a favor. The Vongola Nono himself made her request as a final mission for Tsunayoshi, before The Don passing his title to the teenage boy. Now, all she has to do is to wait for the Vongola Heir.


Reborn lowered his binocular to answer his ringing phone. But his eyes never leave the girly figure outside.

'Nono's calling him, what would it be?' with that thought he tap the phone's screen and bring it to his ear.

"Hello, Ninth."

"Naru Namikaze? Yes, she's here."

"I see… what do you want me to do about it?"

"Okay, but you owe me one."

"Hn." With that the communication is cut. The baby's smirking and with a blink vanish from his spot.


Ten more minutes and Tsunayoshi Sawada will get out of this building… sigh. That was the umpteenth sigh for the last fifteen minutes. And she's starting to regret her decision on going early, maybe this is why Kakashi is so fond of his tardiness. Because waiting like this is more taxing than an hour keep up with Lee in his martial art training.

Five more minutes…

Naru's already tapping her foot impatiently. Just few more minutes, she can bear with it. Oh how she wished to at least bring her PSP with her, at least a game or two can kill her boredom quite nicely.

Few more seconds…



The storm guardian sighs in relief. After bearing with the boredom called school he now can go and visit his Juudaime. Usually, he'll just ditch his classes in order to visit the Vongola Heir whenever the brunette boy is absent, but, the last time he did that Juudaime was disappointed in him. So, today he bears it. As usual the Baseball-freak tailed him to the Sawada house hold. But before they can reach the gate out of the school ground a pretty blond girl greets them, wait… blond? She's not Japanese.

"Hello, Gokudera-san, Yamamoto-san, my name is Naru Namikaze." The blond girl greeted; smiling, to be honest she is pretty cute. But, for a foreigner like her in this school only means business, not just merely greet middle-school students like them, Gokudera thought.

"What do you want, woman?" he asked.

A nerve twitched and the smile on the girl seems to be a little strained.

"Ma, ma, don't be so rude, 'Dera… Hi, can I help you?" the Rain guardian addressed the blond girl with a smile on his own.

'Well, at least one of them is sensible,' Naru thought. She then faced the black haired boy. Her smile isn't strained anymore.

"Yes, mm, do you know where Sawada-san is, Gramps said that usually he goes home with you two."

"What do you want with the Tenth?!" Hayato growled, "Wait… 'Gramps'?"

The girl only rolled her eyes and waved her hand off offhandedly at Hayato's sudden alarm. "No need to be so alarmed, Gokudera-san, I'm here to ask a favor. And Yes, I have connection with the Kyudaime, so, I'm not here to assassinate your Juudaime."

Takeshi also seemed alarmed, but still politely smiling. "Ah, Tsuna is absent today, got cold or something, and it's been two days now."

"I see, would you please tell me where his house is?"

"Why don't come with us? We're heading there as well."

"What the hell baseball-idiot! She can be lying for all we know!" the storm guardian seethed.

"Ma, I guess you're right. Sorry.." the baseball player said sheepishly.

The blond sigh, "I understand, but what can I do for you to trust me?"

Suddenly Gokudera grins mischievously and said,

"If you can get an approval from the Head of Disciplinary Committee and make him coming with you, it would be okay."

The girl instantly brightened, her sky-blue eyes lit up in hope and Takeshi suddenly feels bad for her, typical Hayato. "I take that since you know about us, you must know about him as well."

"Ah, yes, I know him. The Ninth gave me some kind of unofficial Vongola Tenth Generation profile. Well, I better get going, see you there." With that the blond girl speeds up to the school building to find the Cloud guardian.

"You're mean 'Dera. She can be bitten to death and can't make it there."

"I don't care, beside, if she can make it, at least she's trustworthy."

"Heh, guess you're right..."

And off the two boys went to the Sawada household. Yamamoto only hopes that the girl can live through it. She seemed nice, and not to mention pretty. Not every day you can meet someone as exotic as her. Blond hair, blue eyes, slightly tanned skin and those whiskers like marks only add the cuteness, wonders if it's real.


Naru stops in front of Hibari's office; she takes a calming breath and knocks on the door. The door opened and reveals a boy with unusual hair-style. Naru looks taken aback, the unofficial profile the Ninth gave her doesn't have pictures, but, she's sure this male is not Kyoya Hibari.

"Can I help you, Miss?"

"Um, I need an audience with Hibari-san."

"Oh, he's inside, wait." The teen closed the door, maybe to ask permission of the Skylark. Moments later, the door's re-opened.

"Okay, come in." Kusakabe steps aside to let the pretty blond girl get inside.

Hibari raised his head from the paper he currently reading, his eyes landed on the newcomer. His eyes widened as well as the girl.

"Kyo-kun?" Naru asked in surprise, but the happy tone is hardly missed.



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