Previously: they got a glimpse of their opponent, and as Mukuro requested, they all have show off contest. But, they need to move location since they don't want to destroy Yamamoto's house.

On the way to their new location Naru told them that the first and second game will be on the same day which is the next Saturday. They can't wait for the day to come sooner…


Chapter 5: Our Power

Tsuna's POV

Naru-chan's house is actually pretty close; it's not even reaching five miles from Yamamoto's. But considering their limited time, with Naru's busy with something and has to leave before 6 p.m. (and it's already 4 p.m.), she insisted them to use the car.

"Oh right, the first and the second game will be next Saturday, Good Luck, Juudaime! Help Boss win this thing!" The clone said cheerfully.

"Two games in a day?" I asked her, confirming.

"Yes, usually the winner of the first game will have an advantage for the second game. So, if one plays it well, they can get two victories in a row."

"I never thought that winning some games will be my first official mission after officially become the Vongola Guardian," Gokudera-kun grumbled, a thoughtful look on his face.

"I know how you feel, my first order after I was created is to assist her in pulling prank on her mentor," she shrugged her shoulders, glancing a second to Gokudera who sits beside her. I myself sit at the back, since Lambo wants to sleep, he must be exhausted. But, he's really quiet today. Come to think of it, he actually had his eyes on Naru, all the time. Hie! He got a crush on her?!

I'm still mulling over the idea, then suddenly the clone that driving their car froze, her eyes wide as if just realizing that she forget something. She slowed the car a little; I look at her in concern.

"Tsunayoshi-kun, Hayato-kun, and Lambo-kun, I think Boss forget to mention something or she didn't think at all," the clone said, her eyes never leaving the street, we're half-way there now.

"What is it, Naru-san?" It seems like I can't call her Naru–chan, knowing she's just clone, even so, how do I know she's a clone?

"Boss' mother is home and so is Little Boss," she said as if that explains anything. But Gokudera-kun got there before me.

"So? What's happening when they're at home? Isn't she happy? And who's Little Boss? I know 'Boss' is the real you," Gokudera-kun said snippily.

"Oh, Boss' happy don't worry. It's just that Kushina-sama is very fascinated by Japanese costumes, especially in art and clothing. And anyone who visits the house had to wears kimono as long as they stay at the house," she explained to us, my face must have showed horror even if I didn't mean to because she smiled, trying to comfort us. Why kimono? The last time I wear such outfit was few years ago in a festival, and it had low-class material that made my skin itchy all over. Since then, I avoided wearing kimono.

"She can't do that to Juudaime if he doesn't want to," Gokudera-kun said heatedly.

"It's okay Gokudera-kun, we're just going to use it for an hour or so," I tried to console him, but I need to asked her the other question.

"So, who is Little Boss?"

"Ah, I forgot. He's Boss' baby brother, about six years old."

"Huh? Shouldn't is about 40 to 50 years old?" my silver haired friend asked. Leave Gokudera-kun to remember these detail that Naru-chan has a brother about as old as Dino-san; but he's right. I would never guess that Namikaze would want another son in their not-really-prime age. As if reading my thought when she glances at my direction through the rear mirror she answered my silent question.

"Dei-kun was adopted, you know. Mr. and Mrs. Namikaze's still at their youth…"


"Oops, I shouldn't say that. Please pretend I didn't say it," she pleads. Of course we'll be surprised, they looks like real brother and sister, all blond and blue eyes. Not to mention pretty, er, easy on the eyes.

But once again Gokudera-kun prove that his observation skill's not something to scoff at, "Then what? When you dispel, she'll know your treachery," and he smirks at her.

"My… you're right. Just don't tell the other. Because this is company's secret as well," she pleads again, giving me those…huh? Do her eyes always that blue, big and glassy?

"Tch. Fine." I'm really surprised that Gokudera-kun is the one to give up first, and not me. Heh?

Somehow my curious side gets the better of me, "Does Reborn know about this?" I asked, recalling the information he told us the night before, just after he told us about the mission, about her and the event with Dino-san as well. Heck, I don't even know if Reborn know that I am about to meet the mysterious woman called Mrs. Kushina Namikaze, let alone about the little boy she called Little Boss.

"Reborn-kun might know them in person, but I don't think he know their connection to the Leaf. Seven to eight years ago we were not that close to Vongola, yet. And, add Dino-san incident that occur just few weeks before, the Vongola was practically spying on us, their supposed ally. We knew that puppet army was too much shocked for the Vongola because you just knew us to be some very successful merchant, not some people with power like Mafia they are," she stooped to take a breath and continue.

"After they knew about Sasori, who was Deidara's boyfriend, thus, from our side, the Vongola became wary of us but still maintain the alliance because we're their best supplier. But as the Vongola were wary of the Leaf, we were too, wary of them. So, any information about the Leaf inner circle was considered an SS-rank secret, everyone was very tight-lipped about it. And of course, we couldn't hide the common info about the inner circle of the Leaf that already spreading, like who's the current President and the possible heirs of the company; only Kushina-sama's identity that the Vongola couldn't get their hands on," she finished.

"How could you guard the information from the Vongola?" Hayato-kun asked her. I'm too, curious about the answer.

She smirks, her eyes don't leave the street ahead, "We have our ways. Just like you guys have your ways guarding your secret."

And as if I can read her mind I know she wanted to say, 'And unfortunately for you, we also have our ways to learn some of your secrets.' Where that thought come from? It's happening more often lately, ever since Naru-chan invades my not really peaceful life. Sometimes this scared me, but it gives me some insight on what might happen and help me not to freak out too much.

"But let's not worry about that. The Vongola that wary about us in the past has probably died. Nono himself never mind us much, it's just his advisor that nagged him about how secretly dangerous we are," she smiled at us.

"Well, aren't you?" Gokudera-kun remarked sarcastically.

And surprisingly I'm not surprise when she said, "You have a point."

"Why are you telling us this? Wouldn't Naru-chan be mad?"

"What can she do? Mad at herself?" she chuckled, giving me a wink.

I can only smile sheepishly, it must be weird to have this clones do as they please and only to have yourself to blame because they are…well, you. What am I thinking, again?

Few moments later we already parked to a huge front yard with lush green grass and some stones and fountain as landscape decoration; we've arrived and with that huge traditional Japanese Mansion looming before us, I forgot to ask about Naru-chan's little brother.


Yamamoto's POV

Wow, I just see the front house and already amazed, the front yards looks like very well maintained the fountain looks cool too, and the traditional Japanese Mansion is like a setting from a movie that set in the edo-era. I have to shake my head for not noticing such building in Namimori, and I have lived my 16 years old life here. I was a bit surprised though, recalling Naru-san's outfit for the past two days I thought her house would be like a modern studio type apartment or a penthouse if she lived with her family. Ma, she's so unpredictable. Wonder what does her family like.

"Ne, Naru-san, seeing Tsuna's family plays mafia, does your family play role too?"

"What do you mean Takeshi-kun?" she asked me, getting out of the car and turn towards me.

"Mm, maybe your father is secretly a, what do you call it again? …Um, Master, and your mother is a deadly swordsman, er, swordswoman, something like that," I joked, but my words stunned her.

She blinks blankly at first, and then she takes a deep breath and looks me with amazement (?), "Do you have Hyper Intuition too, Takeshi-kun? Because you can't be more right."

"Really? What's hyper intuition again?" the kid has mentioned that, I just can't seem to remember what it was, so I just tilt my head, showing my cluelessness.

Ryohei-senpai must have heard what we're talking because he suddenly stands next to us, "What an extreme family you have, Namikaze!" he yelled, beaming at her.

Just now, the last car, the one Hibari ride, parked beside the other. And only Hibari that gets out of the car, we all must have a question look on our face, (except Naru-san of course, since she's glaring at the prefect), because he then looks at us and said, "She talked too much."

Ah, he must had hit the clone and made it dispel. What a waste of chakra, it's a good thing he can drive though. The other clones that drove us here then dispel themselves. Naru-san closed her eyes, maybe to sorting the memories, maybe to hide the headache, who knows?

She turned to the Uchiha, silently passing information, I know because then the Uchiha also have a similar (almost) guilty look as Naru.

"I'm sorry for not informing you earlier, but you'll have to wear a more traditional outfit as long as you stay here, don't worry though the outfit would be kimono at worst," Itachi said, sounding not sorry at all. But then again why should they be sorry? Wearing kimono is cool. I can't help but grinning, I'll look like samurai.

"It's okay; it will be cool, Uchiha-san," I said, the grin stay on my face. And he just smirked at my enthusiasm.

The other look a bit surprised, except Tsuna and Hayato, but maybe after seeing the house they understand. How could they not? They house's practically screaming "I'm the house of the Nobles, be presentable when you meet them!"

Yep, something like that.

Tsuna smiles at me, Gokudera scowled at me, Ryohei-senpai gives me a thumb ups, Chrome and Hibari just look at me and Lambo is still sleeping, so, he wouldn't know.

As we enter the house I can see some people wandering in the house, I guess they're servants, because they use the same outfit, and doing some chores, like sweeping, moving boxes, carrying laundry maybe to the wash room, and placing some artifacts for wall decoration, eh? So far I've seen ten servants, just how rich is Namikaze? But, seeing the house inside really amaze me, it's like we really in a movie setting, from the outside the house is like four storeys tall, and there are a lot of things made of woods, like overly furnished house. We stop in front of a door, Naru slides it open and gesturing us to enter. There, in the middle of the room is five other servants, one of them wears a different coloring. While the other I've seen so far use the color of white in their traditional outfit, she wears black. And she's so pretty. No more than Naru-san though. The servants hold two big fancy boxes each. A white dressed servant comes to the Uchiha and gesture them to follow him, another comes to Naru-san, and the blond then grabs Chrome's hand and urge our illusionist to follow her. They all leave through different doors. Next, a servant comes to Ryohei-senpai and Hibari, and then the other comes to Gokudera and Tsuna.

I am the last with Lambo and the black dressed pretty servant. "My name is Haku, please follow me, Yamamoto-sama, Lambo-sama," she said.

"Sure, Haku-san."

I pick up Lambo from the floor, still dazed. I don't know what's wrong with him but he's so quiet today. She leads me to a sparsely furnished room, a changing room, I suppose. But then it hit me, I can't help the blush that slowly tinting my cheeks, here a pretty girl will help me changing. Gulp. She opens the boxes; both of them contain cool looking yukata and kimono.

"Haku-san, a-are you sure? It's n-not a-appropriate, I-I mean…" I can't even finish my sentence, because she chuckles softly cutting me off guard.

"Yamamoto-sama, don't worry, I'm a boy," she, err, he smiled at me, then addressing Lambo, "Now, Lambo-sama, come here, I'll give you a candy if you wears this outfit."

"W-What?" I can't help but splutters at he-, erm, him. He is so girly, and those chuckles, I can mistake it for giggles. Another strange thing, Lambo just nodded at him and let him dressed him in a light green yukata with a styled leaf pattern.

"Alright then," I smile at him in return. Well, it's not his fault to be born pretty.

Just as he said, after dressing Lambo with the outfit he gives him a big grape-vanilla lollipop. He then turns towards me, help me remove my uniform and strip me to my boxer, it's a bit awkward, since this is my first time someone help me dressing, is this the life of royalty feels like? My attention turns towards the pretty boy again he holds the first layer, and help me wear it and the next thought the outer navy-blue robe that has the same pattern as Lambo's, the styled leaf.

"Ne, Haku-san, can I ask you something?" I asked him; somehow I can hide my eagerness to ask.

"Of course, Yamamoto-sama."

"Was Naru-chan protecting the house with illusion before? Because for the sixteen years of my life in Namimori I never, well realize that there's a huge mansion here."

There's a full body mirror in front of me, so I can see his troubled expression behind my back. But, eventually he answered.

"Would you believe me, if I said that this house was built overnight?"

"Eh? Sure. That would explain those boxes that being moved, like you're just moving here and still in the process of unpacking," I said with a shrug. He looked surprised with my thoughtless answer, but I said what's going on my head, so yeah… "But, really?"

"Your simple mind really amazes me, Yamamoto-sama. Yes, as amusing as it was to lie, no, I'm not lying. A Jounin under Namikaze-sama has this abitlity to manipulate earth element and water element resulting in him can manipulate woods element, if you look closely this house's mostly woods," he explained, looking at me from the mirror. I just nodded, "So, with this ability, he build this big house in a matter of minutes." I'll ask Naru later.

"Yes, that's the right conclusion."

"Hey, what's with this pattern, Haku-san? Styled leafs and the white swirl on my back?" I just notice the swirl symbol though.

"The styled Leafs is the symbol of the Leaf Company, and the swirl is the symbol of Uzumaki-house," he explained.

"Hey, pretty boy give Lambo-sama more Candies!" Lambo suddenly demanded.

"Hm, the effects already wearing out," the dubbed pretty boy muttered.

"What do you mean?"

"Lambo-sama was under genjutsu, illusion, and the effect is wearing out. I think Sasuke-sama casted them. Here, Lambo-sama," he explained while handing another lollipop and few extras.

"Why would he do that?" I ask in a slight alarm.

"So that we could discus with no much fuss of course," a voice said from the outside, Sasuke's I assumed.

I go out of the room since Haku's done dressing me up to meet the younger Uchiha wears a simple navy-blue yukata with the fan symbol at his back. Itachi's there too, with a maroon kimono, man, he really looks older with that outfit.

Nothing really new to me looking at the other wearing yukata or kimono, since I've seen them at the last festival, only Hayato that looks awkward walking with his red yukata. The real surprise comes with the appearance of Naru and Chrome. Chrome wears a light pink yukata with sakura pattern, her hair's done in an elegant bun at the top of her head, ma, she can be cute when she wants to. Naru wears yukata with the color of sunset, and has the swirling pattern; her blond hair's flowing down her back. I'm sure my cheeks' have pink blush now, since they're warm. But looking at the others they're not any better, haha.

Even the stoic Uchihas.

And Kyoya, yes, that Kyoya-freakin'-Hibari.


Hayato's POV

Man, this outfit is troublesome. I look weird. The good thing is this yukata was made with the finest silk, I can tell. So, it's comfortable enough. Juudaime, as expected looks good in his light blue yukata with those styled leafs pattern. That turf-top comes out in a lime green kimono with the same pattern; actually all of us here have the same pattern. Hibari too, wears a dark purple kimono with black colored pattern; his pale skin really noticeable in that dark color. The uchiha, not surprisingly wear dark color, man, are they emo or something? Then, Baseball-nut comes out with a flailing Stupid-Cow, demanding more candy. And just like the others earlier, the servant that dressed them up vanished from the room. Then, the girls… I double take; stunned. Their ability to look good, exceed my expectation. Hey, why am I blushing?! Then the sudden sound of the door being slides open bring me to earth.

"Oh My God, Look at you! All of you can beat any bishounen and bisojou models anytime!" An annoyingly excited voice yelled from the door.

As I turn to shout at the bastard, I was caught off guard by the most beautiful adult I've ever seen, well, except Juudaime's mother, of course. The woman wears rich purple kimono that makes her violet orbs more noticeable. Her hair's so long they reach her knees and has the color of blood; she appears to be in her late twenties. What the hell? What kind of skin care does she take? If she's the blond's mother… what a pool of genes this family has? All of this exotic and bright color's not usual. Yeah, said the boy with silver hair, but turf top also has the same coloring as his, even when lawn-head's hair is bordering to white. Pff. Like an old man.

"Everyone, this is my mother, Kushina Uzumaki, and Mom, this are my team, from the Vongola."

If possible, the woman's eyes become more sparkling with excitement. Her grin become more blinding and suddenly I have the urge to run away from here. But, Juudaime and the others are bowing to her, so instead of runaway, I copy them.

"My, very polite too, what adorable teammates you got here, dear. SAI!"

Within second a pale-sick looking boy with emo attributes (dark hair, dark emotionless eyes, paper-white skin) appears in front of her, she then whisper something to him. She then turns to us once again.

"Please enjoy your time here. By the way, sweetheart, your other friends are with little Naruto-chan at the back yard now. See you later!" then she left us leaving the pale boy with us.

"So, this is Sai, my mother's personal photographer, thus, he'll be taking picture here and there, you may ignore him," she said with a defeated sigh.

And we did just that, ignore the emo turned paparazzi. But, even if we don't ignore it's not as if he's present to chat to. Apparently, he use some ink manipulation with his chakra that enable him to animate his drawing and use them to trail us and snap photos. What an annoying technique. So far I can detect ten small animals with camera around us, some flying, crawling, and sticking to the walls.

Ignoring those things, I think about another matter, the other friends said earlier. Who the hell are they? Vongola's ally or Leaf's?

My question gets it's answer not a second later by the appearance of Dino, that flew through the window, actually not really flying, more like he was getting thrown inside from the assumed backyard. Juudaime and Yamamoto help him stand. And ask him typical question like 'are you okay' and 'what happen?' which answered with 'I'm fine Little Bro' the nerve he call Juudaime like that, Grr. The Cavallone boss is also wearing the Japanese outfit, a darker shade of orange yukata with the same styled leaf pattern.

"So, what bring you guys here?" the blond Cavallone ask us.

"Actually, Naru invites us here. What are you doing here anyway?" I ask him in return.

"Reborn." Ah, so maybe Reborn-san now, knows of their connection.

"Who throw you here though?" the Baseball-nut asks.

This question makes the blond boy looks flustered and with an embarrassed cough he says, "Naru's little bro. he's such a cute little thing that I didn't even consider him to have a power to repel me here."

The blond girl raised an eye brow and asks him with a suspicious tone, "What were you doing with my bro, Dino-kun?"

"W-We w-were just playing tag with Reborn and Naruto-kun," he manages to stammer.

"Reborn's here too?" Juudaime asks.

"Yes, he's the one that drag me here. Man, Naru-san your mother's really beautiful."

The blond girl just answer with a nonchalant, "I know."

"Let's extremely move to the backyard I want to see Naru's little bro that can extremely threw Dino to the extremely third floor!"

"Let's go Senpai!"

"Yeah! Lambo-sama will challenge him!"

How could they be so excited? Juudaime just smile at them, what a kind hearted Boss we have! His patience really amazes me.

We're just going to the door when Naru stop Juudaime, "Tsuna-kun, do you mind to show me your flying ability?"

"No, I don't mind Naru-chan," Juudaime agreed with a smile. Naru then open the door to the outside directly above the backyard. Juudaime wears his mittens, swallowed two pills, and then his appearance changed. Flames erupts from the gloves and Juudaime's fore head, his irises turn into an orange shade, and by positioning his palms horizontal to the floor, he start rising from the floor level.

COOL... As expected from Vongola Juudaime.

The Uchiha and the blond clearly impressed. Then Juudaime use the flames to easily fight the gravitation. But then the blond girl has the nerve to ask, "Do you mind flying me down?" and without waiting for an answer she launch herself at Juudaime who catch her easily then proceed to get out and down.

"How DARE YOU! YOU WHISKERS!" I shout at her and she just stuck her tongue out to my direction.


My mistakes, I forget that she is in the arms of Juudaime, and with a horror I see all those dynamites fly towards them, "NO, JUUDAIME!"

"Water Release: Water Wall!"

Suddenly a wall of water rise from the ground, shielding the two from the exploding dynamites. She must have told Juudaime, because he doesn't stop from flying to the ground.

Surprisingly, the water technique was cast by a midget on the ground and not Naru herself. We all then jump down. A funny thing happen when Itachi carries Chrome bridal style, the moment he lands, the girl on his arms is no longer a girl but a very amused Mukuro. Sadly, Itachi keep his arms at their place and not throwing the damned illusionist to the ground. Instead, his eyes transforms into a pair of red orbs with three elongated tomoes swirling around the pupils, and with that eyes he stares dead on Mukuro's mismatched eyes.


And as fast as that, Mukuro's body goes limp. But before Juudaime starts to panic, the blond girl holds her hand preventing us from interfering.

"Don't worry, Itachi just ''visit'' him in his mindscape," she explains.

The Uchiha then put Mukuro's body on the ground gently. A second later, he wakes up and Chrome replace him. She looks fine, just a bit confused maybe. I thought to visit someone's mindscape you need more than one second.

"How do you feel Chrome-san?" Itachi ask her, there's a bit concern in his voice.

"I'm fine, thank you." The newly comeback Chrome said.

Itachi then help her stand up. The other then move their attention elsewhere, namely a certain Sun Arcobaleno and a six years old blond boy. This must be 'Little Boss'. Eh? He's just two or three inches taller than Stupid-cow. The brat has the same shade of blond hair as Naru albeit much spikier and shorter than hers. His almond shaped eyes have the same coloring as his mother just a shade lighter and are those ripples? Yeah they are like ripples but they are rings that circling the pupils. What a strange eyes... are those Blood Limits too? Then why does Naru doesn't have them?

The little brat also posses the same whiskered cheeks as his sister; and here I thought they were tattoos.

"That's impressive technique, Fishcake," Reborn complimented. Well, that was rare.

"That was almost like my defensive form, you're great, kid." Takeshi said to the brat, crouching down to his level and grinning like a loon. "So, who are you?"

I feel like I want to introduce my palm to my face, hard. But I tone down the urge. That idiot.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and someday I'll be a Master, Dattebayo!" the brat yelled. Why every brat I came across does has to be a loud mouthed one?

"You're one EXTREME KID, I LIKE YOU!" Lawn-head shouted just as loudly. And pat the boy on the back and make him flying across the ground, creating a distance between our group and him.


Their loudness must have ticked Reborn, because I hear a gunshot. As if in slow motion, I see Reborn raised his gun and shoot. The bullet flies annoyingly slow to the intended target, the small blond. From the corner of my right eye, I can see Dino let out a shout of panic, Juudaime still from his landing point started to turn towards the kid and use the flame to boost his movement, Chrome reach her hands forward as if trying to warn the kid, Ryohei and Yamamoto are on the other side of the blond their speed won't reach in time, they're all slow, even the Uchiha and Naru. Her face's showing so much horror I can help but cringe. If I block the bullet with un-lit dynamites they'll just get blown up. What should I do? The brat's just six years old for fuck sake!

Then the blond kid raises his right hand on the direction of the bullet. I don't know why is doing that but, his face shows no panic. I just hope he has a trick up his sleeve.

Oh, and he does have because the bullet stop, like FREAKING STOP few inches before his outstretched hand and fly backwards, moving away from the kid.

After that, there are blurs, moving blurs. And suddenly, there are four people surrounding Reborn-san. They all wear dark gray (bordering to black) colored clothing and wear white mask with linings resembles some animals, I can recognize rabbit and cat, I'm not sure about the other two. Without a word they escort Reborn inside the house.

"Oh my, Fishcake, don't scare me like that!" Naru chided the kid, hugging him and smothering the brat with attention.

"I'm fine, Ne-chan, really..." then she picks him up, and walk inside the house; the brat flashing a grin at us, that cheeky brat...


Third person's POV

She come back a minute later with an oddly satisfied look. "My mom holds Leon as hostage for the rest of the day, for shooting that bullet."

"Alright. Let's get it started. Tsunayoshi-kun, you may start showing off."

And they do just that. One by one they explain their respective abilities and talent. Hayato's proficient with dynamites and can actually use them as throwing projectiles with calculated moves; Ryohei's stamina is also very impressive, he can easily rival Lee in his chuunin days; Tsuna's flying pyromaniac, which is impressive not to mention his ability to freeze fire, Itachi wonder I he can do that too with Amaterasu; Takeshi's throwing ball is more feared than his ability with swords as the simple base-ball he threw make a dent on a concrete wall and make it stuck; Mukuro shows his ability to posses people by possessing Hayato and Ryohei; Hibari just tch'd and promptly engage Itachi in a small scale battle. Sasuke actually impressed by Lambo's ability to withstand great amount of electricity shock. It's followed by a chaos though.

"Chidori Nagashi!" Sasuke yells, slamming his hands on the ground and guide the electricity that travel from his palm to Lambo. The Cow-child is electrocuted of course, but he just comes out relatively fine, except that…

*sniff*"To-To...le-ra...te.. HWAAAAA!"

And here comes the Ten Years Old Bazoka, with a puff of pink smoke a fifteen years old Lambo appears in his usual cow-print shirt.

"Who the hell's the pervert?!" Sasuke asked with a disdain, looking at the shirt that serve no purpose to hide the newcomer's chest.

"Yare, yare.. guess my younger self is really a cry baby," he commented. When his gaze land on the younger Uchiha, he does a double take, "Sasuke-nii..." and starts looking around frantically, he finds Itachi and his eyes widened even more, "'Tachi!" And when he find Naru... he practically tackling the girl down, "Naru-neechan please don't leave! Whatever the reason is, I beg you!"

"Get off me, Lambo-kun!"

"I'll be a good boy! I promise!"

"Why did you sound like Tobi now?"

"What happen Lambo?" the next Boss asked his voice full of concerns, seeing the tears animatedly rolling on the boy's cheeks. He needs few moments before he can answer him.

"I-I can't tell you about the future, but, Nee-chan's like the wind, and-" POOF

A sniffling five years old Lambo replace him. Naru gets up from the ground and call it a day, saying that she need to meet an 'spy' that will leak some information about the game next Saturday, and that they're all welcome to stay over for the night. Tsuna and Lambo stay, saying they want to accompany Reborn, Gokudera stays as well, telling he won't leave the Juudaime stay over in a suspicious place with suspicious people. His decision makes Takeshi to stay too. The others then have given a ride home.

They play some card games with the Uchiha, and discuss about their ability some more. Two hours later, the blond girl come back, her face betrays nothing when she announce the information she got.

"We'll be playing Tag - Hide and Seek game, and he my informant said, "this time would be different, Uzumaki"," She said, quoting whoever she met.

"What would be different?"

She sits down with them, "I honestly don't know. It's always be a race though."

"I don't really get it, but hey, we'll face it when the time comes. What else did they told you?" Takeshi asked.

"Nothing, 'it's a surprise' he said. We'll have to formulate a strategy to out-smart the ninja for whatever chalenges. And, have I told you that cloning, body-switching, and transformation techniques are academic level ninja art...And that at this age our opponent will have them mastered..?"

"No, you haven't," Hayato said flatly.

"Well, now you know."

End of 5th Chapter

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2) Unexpected Ally

Summary: Humankind is in the brink of extinction and what left of them is protected by the walls, it's impossible for human to live outside the walls and survive, or so they thought. However, the appearance of man from falling from a gigantic bird, really change that thought. Rated for swearing, cussing, and future gore. Pre-cannon and (might) going AU from there.

Concept: the time-line of this story is 7 years after the 4th Shinobi War ended, means Naruto and Co are around 23-24 years old, and at the same time it's 2 years before the canon SnK start (before the Fall of Wall Maria) means Erwin and Co are 7 years younger than in canon now. It's taking advantage of the incomplete map of the world from Naruto that led me to think that there are more lands beyond the map. Put it together, the Shinobi are in for another existence-threatening-challenge with or without a-possible-Ally who called themselves as the remaining humanity on earth.