"That's it," Dean said softly as he closed the trunk of the grey Camry on the last of his belongings. He looked at Seth who was staring out at the water. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Seth smiled sweetly. His face was a mix of sad and hope. "Come up here."

Ambrose joined his partner on top of the boat. "Pretty day." He looked at the water like Seth did and then to Seth. He leaned over and kissed his boyfriend's cheek. "You ready?" He tugged gently at Seth's arm.

Inside, Ambrose handed Punk the key to the front door. They'd made a rental agreement with Thomas as guardian of the property. Even Seth felt like Punk had cleaned up his act for good.

"You guys be safe." Punk was going to miss his friends. He shook hands with Seth and hugged him lightly. He turned to Dean and embraced him tightly, clapping him hard on the back. "Give em hell, Ambrose."

"You bet." Dean shook Punk's hand. "Take care of my boat." They hugged quickly once again and then the guys headed to the Ambrose house for lunch. Both watched their little home disappear into the rearview.

At the table with Thomas and Lilian,

Seth ate quietly while Dean chirped about the route they'd be taking and where they were stopping to rest. Thomas offered road tips as he had also studied a map of their trip. He and Dean seemed wrapped up in their own odd little "Ambrose" conversation about gas mileage and traffic. They were both very detail-oriented.

"Sweetheart, you seem quiet. Are you okay?" Lilian asked Seth as the two Ambrose men continued debating routes to Philly.

"I'm just, ya know, sad about leaving you guys and Don and TBPW." He took a sip of iced tea. "And my parents, I just got close with them again and now I'm moving far away." He smiled then. "But I want this so bad. We both want it so bad."

"You're going to be huge stars," Lilian gushed. She had no idea if that was true but she wanted to see them happy. "Your parents are coming to see you off, right, Seth?"

"Yeah," He looked at his cell phone and noticed they'd be there soon. He looked forward to seeing them and hoped they'd visit Philly and come to some of his matches.

Later in the afternoon

Dean looked at the time. "Guess we should roll." He noticed Thomas frown. "I'm sorry, grandad. But we wanted to get half way before midnight."

"Why didn't you just leave early in the morning?" Thomas argued.

"Because we like sleeping in and we're more awake at night." He explained. "It's the nightshift hours, we're stuck on them." He knew Thomas was just stalling. Dean made a gesture he normally wouldn't and went and embraced Thomas. "Grandad, what will I do without you?" He hugged his grandfather tightly.

"You'll succeed, of course," Thomas reassured his grandson as tears welled in his eyes. He patted Dean's back.

"Thank you," Dean told him softly. Having gotten close to Thomas was one of the best things that had ever happened to him. The other was just across the room. He smiled fondly at Seth who was talking with his parents. "Seth?"

"We need to go, yeah?" He turned to his parents. "Are you guys going to come up to Philly soon?" His parents assured him they would. He embraced them tightly.

"Now let's keep this to a minimum of tears," Thomas announced, laughing. "Come here, son." He held out his arms for Seth. "You two, be safe. Dean, you call me when you stop tonight. Stay at a good hotel. Don't go to a Motel 6 or something just to save a buck. You need good sleep on a good bed. Have you checked the oil in the cars? That back tire on the black car seemed a little low ..."

"Grandad!" Dean interrupted, laughing. "We'll be safe. The cars are fine. I promise I'll call." He grinned broadly at his overly-concerned grandfather.

"Alright," Thomas gave in. "You managed to get yourself this far in life. I think you can handle this next step." He smiled lovingly at his namesake and blood.

Moving day was not as tearful as everyone feared. Their families stood in the driveway and watched the grey Camry pull out with the black one behind it and the guys began their journey of over a thousand miles. That was, by far, the shortest part of their journey as they began down this new road together.

They left Tampa behind and by night fall had traveled half the distance and stopped near the Virginia and North Carolina borders. They chose a Sheraton hotel but the more economical Four Points brand. Dean called Thomas and his grandfather approved the hotel choice and wished them a goodnight.

"Hold me." Seth pouted sweetly. He lay on the bed wearing only boxer-briefs with his hair still wet from the shower.

"Hold you?" Dean teased and climbed towards Rollins. He noticed that sometimes when Seth was tired, he'd take on a whiny, immature persona. On anyone else, it would have driven Dean crazy. But Seth made it so cute. He put an arm around his boyfriend and leaned close to him.

Ambrose moved to his partner's lips and kissed him softly at first. He felt Seth respond, warming quickly to his advances. Dean continued those kisses and began pushing Rollins' boxer's down. Both were soon naked and pressed close. "Want you so bad," Dean whispered into Seth's ear. His mouth made contact with Rollins neck. God he loved putting his mouth on Seth's hot skin. He pushed his partner onto his back and made his way down that amazing torso and then right to that hard cock. He took it into his mouth and Seth raised his hips without hesitation. Feeling Dean's mouth around him would be a sensation he'd remember for the rest of his life as one of the best damn things in the world. The blond sucked lightly at first and then applied warm pressure, pulling precum from the tip and loving it's consistency in his mouth. Seth's hands found his partner's hair and played with it, running his fingers through and twisted long strands around his fingertips. He held Ambroses' head loosely and pumped up into his mouth. Dean liked the way Seth moved – pushing forward slowly and gently as if being careful not to give more than Dean would allow. He dove down on Rollins' cock, letting the brunette know that he could take it as deep as it would go. Seth moaned and released his partner's head just laying back and loving the attention of that hot mouth going down on him deeply and making him weak with pleasure. What a fucking blowjob his boyfriend could deliver. It only got better with time. While in the middle of this lust and pleasure and dirty excitement, Rollins had the strangest, most unfitting, fleeting thought. "I'll love this man forever." He even shook his head slightly, wondering where the hell that deep thought fit into this moment. He quickly was lost again, pulled in by the action going on at his cock.

"I want you to cum like this," Dean whispered and went back to working his boyfriend. He made slow strokes the length of Seth's erection. He wanted to feel his partner loving it, getting off, feeling bliss. Dean was hard just from pleasuring Seth and he stroked himself with his right fist while bobbing on Seth's cock. He could see Seth's abs tightening and the sounds he made were those of loss of control. Rollins pumped up into his boyfriend's mouth and came with force. He moaned throughout his intense climax. Ambrose stroked his own stiff cock until he came hard, mostly into his hand with some escaping onto the bed. He hoped Sheraton washed with hot water and he grinned to himself.

Later after they'd cleaned up and lay in bed, they talked for hours about their dreams and plans. They needed sleep but were too excited. They talked about being a tag team one day and how they'd have a record-setting title reign. They talked about the nice things they'd buy for themselves and their families – neither wanted too much, their real payoff was being at the top of their chosen profession.

"We're doing this together," Dean whispered softly to a finally sleepy Seth. "I'll be there for you." He kissed his boyfriend's temple.

"I know you are," Seth smiled as his eyes closed. "I love you." He ran his palm across his partner's warm chest and fell asleep with it over Dean's heart.

"Love you, too." Dean played with strands of Seth's hair. "Thank you. You saved me, Seth." He whispered to his sleeping boyfriend. "I thought I was living but I was dead. You brought me to life." He found himself speaking openly as he was, in a sense, alone. He closed his eyes. "Um, God, if you exist, and maybe you don't or I wouldn't have had such a shit childhood." Dean opened an eye to see Seth still sleeping deeply and then closed it. "So, if you are real and I guess I think you are maybe because I'm talking to you. Anyways, thanks for my grandparents and Don. Thanks for Marjorie and Chris. Thanks for wrestling and thanks for keeping me alive." He smiled. "And God, thank you for Seth." He pulled his boyfriend close. "That's all. Goodnight."

And that's all. Goodnight :) Thank you so very much