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Act I: Marriage

Chapter 1: King's decision

Caelum, in the morning.

Tsuna moves on the cupboard trying to find a less uncomfortable position. He was there for hours, secretly observing the meeting with the leaders of the most powerful nations. He wasn't doing this with bad intentions, it's just that he hated not knowing what happened on the meetings since his cousin never took him or talked about it later. Eventually he developed the habit of listening from behind walls or cabinet doors and it had given him an ear sensitive to low sounds. He spied the breach again and saw his cousin, Giotto, standing in front of the others.

-And that's why we should make an alliance. - Giotto speaks gravely, he had blond hair that defied gravity strangely always getting stuck up, and a face that could be considered even common: square, with a thin mouth and almond shaped eyes, but it was the color of his eyes that drew attention, a soft orange not found in any other family.

-And what do you offer in exchange for the alliance? - Another voice asks with a slight tone of mockery - Anytime I could offer my strength to Millefiore.

-You wouldn't do that. You know as well as we that ally with the Mad King will only harm us. - Another voice speaks - Is there something that interests you beyond military support and better routes and conditions for trade?

-Agreements are forgotten with the same ease with which they are made. - Tsuna leaning trying to see who was talking, but sees only a pair of hands with dark gloves - But wedding would be a firm commitment and a vote of confidence between the countries.

Tsuna had given a small gasp when heard the word 'wedding' and hold his breath fearing of being heard. He tilted his head a little seeing his cousin's serious face. There were a lot of murmurs, mostly in protest. Giotto took some deep breathes before asking the men in front of him to calm down. They discussed this idea a little more, the number of people against decreases gradually until all seemed to be in favor. Giotto, realizing being cornered, had no choice but to accept the decision of the other twelve. So they started discussing who should marry who.

Tsuna was astonished to see that they discussed this as discuss land ownership. I mean, they were deciding the life of people! Was there not even an iota of consideration?

-And what about the young Tsuna? - it speaks again the voice had suggested that marriage - He and my daughter are almost the same age. - Giotto frowns his eyebrows slightly, others immediately fell silent; Tsuna hold his breath again.

-I don't think that Tsuna could marry you daughter. - another voice spoke, this one had a light accent - For all we know, she is a girl of fragile health. As second in line to assume the throne, he would need a strong and beautiful lady. - Tsuna almost sighed with relieve, almost. - My younger sister is also young and like all Soleil's young lady is known for her beauty, talent and cheerfulness.

-So… - Giotto took a deep breath - I would feel honored if your sister could be the wife of my cousin.

-It's s an honor for us, Majesty. - the voice answered.

-If I remember right, Nebula and Caligo always maintained trade relations. - another voice speaks with a cheerful tone - Why not join also with the wedding?

-If this is the desire of your Majesty, then my family will accept this responsibility. - a stern voice speaks in the background.

-Alaude and his family have always been allies of my kingdom and is a friend I have in high esteem. - Giotto turned his stare to the back of the room - Any objections?

-No, your Majesty.

-So I guess it's all decided. - he said - As previously mentioned, it is better they do not know yet. They come to the palace of the Vongola family to know each other before being informed of the future spouse and will be under the tutelage of private tutors. If there is nothing else to be discussed, I will give this meeting closed.

After a long series of farewells and bows, the door closes. Tsuna waits, counting to 100 before leaving his hiding place, but is surprised to see Giotto standing at the door staring at him.

-So that was where you were. - the blond let out a long sigh as he rubbed his hair.

-W- What does that mean? - he asks with a slightly trembling voice - You said you would never allow political marriage! So why accept what they said?! Why you did not do anything?! - the last sentence raising his voice while struggling to hold back tears. Giotto stares his cousin's orange eyes.

-Tsu ... - he begins, but is interrupted by a knock on the door and one of the maids walks into the room.

-Your Majesty, Lord Asari wants to talk to you a moment.

-Please. - starts the blonde staring at the maid with a small smile - Tell him ...

-That your Majesty is already underway. - Tsuna interrupting his cousin. - I'll go to my room, by your leave majesty. - he bowed harshly and leave the room at a rapid pace.

It was past ten o'clock at night, and even having said repeatedly that he would not dinner, some maids still insisted on calling him to ask if he wanted anything. Tsuna sat in bed staring into the darkness of the room. He had always been afraid of the dark, but sitting there was a little comforting.

Marriage! He was going to marry! And with a complete stranger! Even being a coward with no talent he had hopes to find the woman of his life with his own forces (sounded a bit like a fairy tale, but it cost dreaming?).

He lies down in bed putting his head in the pillow. Never felt so helpless or lower. His life, as well as that of others, was being decided on behalf of an alliance of war. What could he do? Escape was not a bad idea, but he sucked at running and climbing (or any other sport), not to mention that he knew just a few of Caelum cities or neighboring kingdoms and certainly wouldn't last a long time alone. He could attempt suicide, but just imagining it he felt scared and gave up.

Hearing a knock at the door, probably a maid again trying to serve him dinner, he shouted back

-Go away! - he pulled a blanket until completely covered, a habit he developed as a child.

He hears the door open and close, seeing the light of a candle through the fabric coming closer to the bed. The light stop next to the bed as well and a soft sound against the wood was heard.

-Tsu. - Giotto called softly - You don't came down for dinner.

-I wasn't hungry. - he replied hugging the pillow, feeling the bed sink beside him when Giotto sat on the mattress.

-You're a terrible liar. - he felt his cousin's hand touch his shoulder under the sheet - I'm really sorry Tsu, I didn't want the discussion to end that way.

-If they are really your allies, why they not just joined you?

-It's complicated. - the blonde sighs - A marriage between nobles of different nations also serves as a guarantee that does not happen an internal conflict.

-I know that. - Tsuna said more softly.

-I'm sorry. - he heard Giotto sigh again. They stay in silence for a few minutes before Tsuna spoke.

-I don't even know her. - the brunet had a trembling voice.

-She has your age and is extremely kind.

-She will not like me.

-Why did you think that? -the blonde asked with a slightly arched eyebrow and a small smile, knowing how his cousin had always been insecure.

-I can't do anything right. I'm suck at sports, fighting or even to learn what they try to teach me. - he downs the blanket to make his eyes seen. - How can you like someone that is laughed by the maids?

-I like you. - he moved away the bangs of the brunet's eyes - I'm sure she will like you either.

-That doesn't make any senses. - The blond chuckled and Tsuna smiled a little.

-Don't worry Tsu, everything will be resolved in its own time. Moreover, you will have a great new teacher.

Tsuna has to control the urge to roll his eyes. This must be the thirtieth teacher Giotto calls in less than a year. Almost all give up when notice the lack of qualities and the difficulty to learn the simplest things, naturals from the boy. The brunet sighs lowering the sheet to uncover his head. His cousin would not give up getting a good teacher for him and assuring him a good education, but honestly he hadn't much hope. Giotto lies down on the bed, resting his head on his folded arm.



-And if she still doesn't like me? - the blonde laughed briefly before rubbing the hair of the younger boy.

-Don't worry Tsu. - he saw the older close his eyes - After the war is over you can choose whether to stay married or not.

-Gio. - he called again


-I'm the youngest and will marry first. - Giotto blinks a couple of times while the phrase settled.

-Yeah? - the blond smiles - Because of your insolence, you'll be punished with my secret technique.

Anticipating the cousin's attack, Tsuna tried to get out of bed, but he was too slow and Giotto grabbed him. When he felt the hands of his cousin in his belly Tsuna couldn't help but burst out laughing, while trying to get rid of the blonde that was so clumsily trying to hold him.

-I yield, I yield. - Tsuna pushed his cousin away, but ends up falling from bed. He sat on the floor amid laughter.

-Now that you've improved your mood, what about something to eat? - the blonde gives a small smile, but Tsuna could see that beyond the face usually cheerful, there was concern in his cousin's eyes.

-I'm not hungry - the truth is that thinks about the wedding still gives him nauseas.

-Yeah? So you will not be strong enough to resist my secret technique number two. - Giotto grabs a pillow and with a 'haya!' hit Tsuna in the ribs.

Laughing, the brunet grabs another pillow from the bed and hit his cousin with him; the more they hit each other some feathers come out of pillows and dotted the canopy bed, the floor and even in them. They stop suddenly when urgent beats come from the door.

-Your Majesty, I know you're in there. - A firm woman voice said while knocking the door. Well Giotto doesn't look like 'Majesty' with feather all over his pajamas and hair.

-It's the head maid. - Giotto talks in low voice and put a finger over his lips then points to a painting over the fireplace.

-Giotto di Vongola! I don't care if you are the king, if you do not open this door right now you will be severally punish! - she stops knocking the door and they can hear her footsteps when she walked down the corridor, the sound of heels against the marble floor making a loud noise in the sillence.

-Hurry up, before she comes back!

Giotto takes the opportunity and goes to a painting over the fireplace of the Tsuna's room, after fumbling a bit in the right side of the frame it slides a little to the side before opening like a door. The blonde helps Tsuna to climb in the secret passage before following, closing it in time to not get caught by his head maid and as a bonus heard her give a little scream when she saw the situation of the bed.

They laugh before heading down the dark passages holding hand. How many times had done this? A hundred? A thousand? He remembered that Giotto had always guided him by the hand through those dark corridors to escape the wrath of the head maid or steal sweets in the kitchen, groping the stone walls to find the way. Most of the time, the blond took advantage of the passages to escape his work, since only he and Tsuna knew all the paths between the walls of the palace and Tsuna'd hardly go against his cousin.

-The maid leader is going to kill us. - Tsuna said while laughing.

-Nah. - the blonde laughed down while groping a wall in front of him - She'll be angry for a few hours, then just pretend to be innocent.

Tsuna holded a little more firmly the hand of his cousin with a small smile. Giotto had a comforting presence. He never demanded or expected something of Tsuna, he just wanted someone to talk to and have fun, never caring about his lack of talent; it was just the opposite, he encouraged him to try different things to find one that he liked.

Giotto find what he was looking in the wall and with a soft click, it opens up to reveal a large room whose only light was the candlestick on a console next to a four poster bed which could comfortably accommodate three people. They entered the room and Giotto closes the secret door that makes other soft click when return to its original position. Tsuna lies down on the bed pulling the sheets to cover him.

-Don't keep it all. - complained Giotto lying in bed next to him and pulled the sheet to cover him too - Shh, here she comes. - he bited his lip trying to muffle laughter.

-The candlestick. - Tsuna said pointing to the object, the cousin sits on the bed and leans close to the candlestick erasing the flames with a puff then lies down again.

Tsuna covers his head with the soft blanket praying that the head maid woudldn't pull it off. They shut their eyes upon hearing the door open and Tsuna could swear he felt the warmth of the candle when the woman approached the bed to see if they were actually asleep.

-Honestly, doing this whole mess. - she said with a sigh and straightens the blanket, uncovering Tsuna's head and covering Giotto's legs that were left out of the blanket - At least say goodnight. - she took a few feathers that had been stuck to Giotto's hair.

-Good night Nana. - They talk at the same time with minimum smiles. Tsuna heard her blows out the candle and then opens his eyes seeing the woman with long braids and the usual maid's uniform leave the room. He and Giotto looked at each other at the same time and start laughing.

-Tsu. - the blonde starts when they controlled themselves.

-Hmm? - he asks drowsy rubbing his eyes

-Can I ask you a favor? - When he saw the brunet nodding, he continued - I know you've heard all that was said at the meeting so I wanted to ask you something special. - Tsuna faced his cousin with curiosity and suspicion - Don't tell any of the others who will be their future spouse.

-Why? They have the right to know.

-And they will know, but give them some time to get know each other before discover it. And if it's possible, help them to be friends.

-I can try. - he said with narrowed eyes, that wasn't something he was sure of.

-Thanks. - Giotto passed an arm around his cousin and twirled the brown her with eyes closed - You're a good kid Tsu. - he said in a low voice before falling asleep.

Tsuna watches his cousin for a moment before accommodate better his head on the pillow. He wondered how those people forced to marry would react. Will they easily accept or angry? Did some already know? And if some of them do not get along? Maybe it was better not having told his cousin he would try help.

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