Chapter 1


I can't believe I missed taking Loki. I just wasn't fast enough. You'd think being son of Zeus AND a Dragon Rider, I would be able to fly from The states to Germany within seconds, but no. now I'm stuck trailing behind S.H.I.E.L.D's little flying vehicle, not wanting to drop in un announced and get blasted by Iron man's lasers. I was contemplating doing just this when lighting flickered across the sky. I turned my head in all direction, looking for the source, for as I didn't cause it. That's when a human figure appeared on top of the helicopter-jet thingy. It looked up, right at me, but it couldn't possibly see me, it was too dark. Then the back of the helijet opened up, the man, for I assume it was a man, jumped inside, grabbed someone, it looked like Loki, then flew out. That was strange, as far as I know, only Jason and I can actually fly, and that looked nothing like Jason, he also seemed to be using some sort of Hammer thing to help him fly. Iron man soon followed, I was about to follow when Captain America jumped out after him, using a Parachute to land. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I decided I would wait Until the perfect moment to drop in. And so I wait.

I watch as Iron man and this lighting hammer dude fight it out. It was actually kind of funny to watch. Metal versus lightning. Then Captain America turns up, that was my que. I call lightning to me, having it strike me, and some thunder, then I dive for the ground, flipping right side up and hardening the air at my feet just as I landed. I stood up from my kneeling position and said

"not that it wasn't fun watching you fight and all, but you should really stop, Loki could be getting away as we speak" the lightning dude said

"and who are you to be telling us this, Mortal?"

"I very much would like to know myself" said the Captain.

"David Shuter RazacRazer, demigod Son of Zeus, Dragon Rider, and you?" I turn to the Lightning man.

"Thor, god of lightning and Thunder" my jaw drops

"you mean.. Not just the greek gods, but ALL gods are real, Holy Zeus.." Iron man spoke up

"I still don't get why you're here, but I still haven't finished with you Hammer man" Thor raised his Hammer

"it would be a smart choice to drop it, metal man" Captain spoke up

"stop! It would be a bad idea to fight, Thor, Drop the hammer" Iron man said,

"don't tell him that, he loves his Hammer" Thor went to attack Iron man

"I warned you" he said, I ripped Kveykva from it's sheath, the black blade almost invisible in the night, and jump forward and blocked Thor's attack, thunder boomed as they collided, lightning arked between them and flew up into the sky. Iron man said

"I don't need a kid to defend me" he turned his laser hand on me. I hardened the air in front of my free hand to intercept the beam of energy, it blocked it, but shattered in the process. I claw my hand and electricity arks in the palm and point it at him

"for the record, I'm 22" I say and then shoot lighting at him, hoping to fry his circuts. I step forward as he steps back, his hands out trying to block the lightning, or at least that's what I thought, actually he was charging his laser. I was about to dodge it when something hard, Thor's hammer, hit me. I flew forward, landing face first into the dirt. I got back up and charged at Thor, my sword raised. That's when some guy my age appeared out of nothingness, pointed a stick at me and yelled

"EXPELLIRAMUS" Kveykva flew out my hand. I didn't even think and pointed my hand at him, using the winds to send him flying backwards. I then used my wind powers to lift a giant rock and send it flying straight into Iron man, that's when I heard a twig snap to my right. I call Kveykva to my hand and turn, to find Percy running towards us, Riptide raised

"Percy?!" I yell and run towards him, he smiles and yells back

"David!" we stop in front of each other

"what are you doing here?" we both ask

"I got a preemption while meditating back in Alegesia, I'm here to help stop Loki"

"same, except Chiron told me to come" I nod and say

"I'll take Thor, you take Iron Man" he nods and we charge, but before we could attack our marks, a dragon somewhere above us roars.

"Enough!" yelled Eragon from Saphira's back. I look up

"Eragon? Saphira? Let me guess, you followed me through the rift." I say. Saphira lands and Eragon jumps off. He walks over and claps me on the shoulder

"of course, friend, you didn't expect me to let you leave into more danger without following to help? We've been through too much for me to do that." I smile then contact Saphira with my mind

"well met, Saphira Brightscales" she touches my brow with her nose

"well met indeed David RazacRazer" I then turn to the others

"Eragon is right, earth is in danger, we need to swallow our differences, and in some cases, our pride" I stare pointedly at Thor and Iron man. "Now we should all introduce ourselves properly, I'm David Shuter RazacRazer, son of Zeus, god of the sky and dragon Rider" I then nod at Percy

"Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, god of earthquakes and water." then Thor says

"Thor, God of lightning and Thunder, prince of Asgard"

"Captain America, at least that's what everyone calls me, the first true superhero, according to some."

"Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man the coolest and most stylish Superhero known to man" I roll my eyes, then the guy who disarmed me said

"Harry Potter, the chosen one, the boy who lived, wizard" my jaw dropped, I said

"you mean, THE Harry Potter, oh my gods, your real?! You're my inspiration!" I smiled slightly, he smiled back

"glad to be of service" then Eragon said

"Eragon Shadeslayer , Dragon rider, more like leader of the new generation of riders"Saphira then opened her mind to everyone, causing all but Percy, myself and eragon to jump, and said

"Saphira Brightscales, Dragon of Eragon, well met humans" I smile and say

"well now that we're all friendly, maybe we should go get Loki and get the heck out of here, we likely caused a lot of attention." Cap said

"agreed, everyone except Eragon and Saphira should get on our plane, then we can sort this out on the helicarrier. I'll radio Natasha now." he turns away from us and contacts her. I clap Thor on the shoulder.

"You and me are quite alike, both Demigod's, yet you're a god as well, and we both have the same lightning powers" he nods

"we could be quite a team indeed David, I just wonder how all these different gods can exist. I thought I was the only god of thunder, but apparently this Zeus is too, I wonder how many there are." I shrug

"beats me, but if there are they must be lazy because they haven't interfered once in any global problem, now how about you show me where Loki is so we can go" he nodded then smiled slightly

"if you can keep up" he twirled his hammer then used it's momentum to shoot into the sky

"it's on!" I laugh then rise up on the winds, then use them to propel me forward. Unfortunately, I was already tired from flying all the way to Germany, then tailing S.H.I.E.L.D, then the fight, so I didn't beat Thor there. Luckily, Loki was still there. I sized him up

"So this is the famous Loki, I got to admit, I expected more" Thor Warned

"don't underestimate him, if he has the power to come back from the dead, he can certainly beat you in a fight." I laugh

"but of course" I grab Loki's arm and take off towards the helijet.

When we get to the Helicarrier, I meet the last of our new A team, The doctor, or as some call him, the Hulk.

"Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D David, Percy, Eragon, Harry, and Saphira. I'm sure you will make a great addition to our team." said Nick Furry when we exited out helijet. The Doctor puts out a hand

"welcome" he said as we shake, that's when I actually see, her, the hottest girl I had ever met, Natasha, or black widow, as some called her. I smile at her, she gives me a small smile, but turns her attention back to Furry

"Loki is in the back Sir" she said. He nods and takes Thor and a few other Agents to secure Loki. I walk up and lean against the helijet beside her.

"So, you come here often?" she laughs

"you know I'm at least 10 years older than you, and have probably seen more action than you."

'Well I've been fighting since I was like 11 or something, and how old are you?"

"Late 20's"

"22" she rolled her eyes

"this isn't the time to be hitting on each other, stick to saving the world, maybe after.." she winked then walked off. Percy walked up and punched my arm

"what about Meghan"

"she has to concentrate on her training, so we agreed to end it for now."

"Training for what?"

"Long story" he nods. I stood up straight and said "I got to talk to Stark, I'll be back in a bit" I walked over to Tony, who's face part of the his helmet was retracted so we could see his face.

"Listen, Tony, I have something to ask you.."